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The true story starts out like this:

1.) In 2012, a storm that caused the ceiling and roof to fall left me without a home.

2.) The Federal Agency, F.E.M.A., gave me a check to help, but I was still left with nowhere to go for more than 3 months..

FEMA Documented Proof Document FEMA

3.) My mother offered to help by signing a one-year lease with Theresa Crow for a rental located at 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio and the three of us met on location.
The Real Lease Document Mom's Genuine Lease Page 1

4.) Following my mother's one-year lease, I and the husband of the Lessor came to an agreement that I would resume the new lease under new payment arrangements
New Lease arrangements Documented EvidenceNew Pay Arrangement
New Payment Arrangements Documented EvidenceShows contrary to Court version of Lease

5.) Due to electrical deficiencies and other problems with the rental, I gave notice to vacate about a year later.

6.) However, a few months after I vacated a notice came in the mail that I was being threatened by the Crows for property damage!   I replied that the Crows were fully made aware of each and every disaster that occurred in their property and that I had videos showing the true cause of damages and that I caused no intentional damage (did I scuff the wall when moving my stuff to safety from the waterfall from upstairs is another story for another page).

This is one of many videos that is on the Court Record, yet the Judge denied all evidences and even the occupant within the Clark County Municipal Court, but why? Video shows damages caused by upstairs tenant EvidenceVideo shows where damages came from.  It was the upstairs tenant's plumbing and later an upstairs fire.

6.)  Yet a year after I vacated,  the Crows sued my Mother instead of me!
Wrongful Suit EvidenceSuit Claimed my 70+ year old mother "caused" the damages at the Crow property.

7.) The Courts denied my two written requests to become a party to the case, stating they have the wrong person being sued.  Both were submitted and are on Court Record prior to Pre-Trial.
Motion To Intervene
Request 1 Page 1 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page1  Request 1 Page 2 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page2  Request 1 Page 3 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page 3

Motion To Correct The Record
Request 2 Page 1 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 1  Request 2 Page 2 Document on Court Record  2nd Request Page 2  Request 2 Page 3 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 3

However the Court DID allow a fictitious Lease into the Court Record submitted by the Crows.
Fraudulent Lease Accepted by Court Evidence The Court's Fraudulent Lease Page1which was submitted to the Court by the Crows and permitted in the Court Record.

8.)  Both of my Requests to present evidence and witnesses were Denied by Judge Thomas Trempe of Clark County Municipal Court, given were the following reasons:

Springfield Ohio Scandal? Denied  Clark County Fraud? Denied

9. Having been denied twice by the Clark County Municipal Court prior to Pre-Trial, I appealed to the Appellate Division to request that the decision to deny my becoming a party to the case be overturned and allow me to present evidence to show that the allegations are fraudulent and directed to the wrong party.  

10.)  The Second Appellate Court did not bother to intervene or answer until 5 months A F T E R  the lower Court went ahead with Trial holding my mother un-represented and un-assisted in a Trial which took place 2 months after Pre-Trial.    I would NOT be allowed to present evidences to a case in which I am the obvious correct party to.

To find out how a 70+ year old woman was swindled by an unjust system which appears to be a racket (from my perspective), forcing the downstairs tenant to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant.

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 In case you missed it, Following this Case being brought to court, and more specifically my having published this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0E7vAcGKqY came an onslaught of attacks by Springfield.    Suddenly I was being preyed upon, suddenly Codes wanted to investigate ME!!   Hear the conversation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJtzZu31ii0  (you would think I was a parolee or a racketeer with these kinds of attacks). There's more, such as the root derived from this case:  http://images.clerkofcourts.municipal.co.clark.oh.us/CISWeb/Search.aspx?caseNumber=15CVF02981  and then when I publish the truth we get this sort of crap, where the spectrum Charter cable company takes down my servers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU1wwF7_m0Y  then i get denied a passport : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRIVQFnucvk holy crap there's more!  This drive-by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PJb373W8TE  occurred shortly after I was asked to take down my mailbox (the one that was approved by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE).  That's not all!   The more I look at the sequence of events, the more I realize we have a very poor system in place right now. What if the terrorism is home-grown? Is an international court our only hope?

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