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Okay, on to important business...

Please watch this video to the end.  You've been warned.

Notice that all during the video are shown men and women stating "they need to give the money back and remove that law".   Interestingly, not one soul uttered the fact that those that made that law in the first place have violated the greater law, the Constitution of the United States and ought to be incarcerated and their properties seized to pay off this ridiculous looting I'm seeing here:

Strangely enough, the Constitution of the United States has the property and person protections written into the Law of this Land (*so...bait and switch "education" system then?).
So if they violated the law of the land how is it they still walk freely?  Where is our Nation's Military who also took vows?  (*oh yeah, conveniently displaced over in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, ad nauseaum and infinitum)
  Below are God's warning.

1:10 My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. Don't forget, elsewhere in the Bible God COMMANDS us to visit those of us who are fogetten in the cages of prisons and jails.   Jesus was also an inmate, a violator of the laws, a radical that overthrew money-changers (bankers of the time), and more.

1:11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: The call to "be all you can be" and the reprogramming of the police to succumb to unlawful chain-of-command dictates, Checkpoints, traps, and the ilk...not everyone that is forced through the checkpoints are guilty yet, are they?   (Were you?)

1:12 Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit:  I leave you with if you think that one isn't already happening.

1:13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: "Civil" Assett Forfeiture, Police Auctions through "seizures" and other forms of taking of property and persons;  where the proceeds feed only one entity?  As the government agent in the video above has stated, taking what does not belong to them is "to fund our operation" (of taking what does not belong to them, for one).

1:14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:

1:15 My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:

1:16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.

1:17 Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.
What is a checkpoint (the thing that used to be unlawful when we still had a working Constitutional Law of the Land.   "Civil" Assett Forfeiture, Police Auctions where the proceeds feed only one entity?  As the government agent has stated, taking what does not belong to them is "to fund our operation" (of taking what does not belong to them, for one).

1:18 And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives.

1:19 So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.
-Proverbs  Now where's your line and what are you doing to make sure that we leave this planet in a better condition than when we were born?

Need I remind you as the reader, our Nation is worth saving  Because we live here, if for no other reason, it's worth saving!  The capitalists have shown that they can move anywhere in the international waters, the capitalists simply change their names when they are about to be caught, the capitalists have clearly shown their true coat when they started pulling out of America and relocating their offices overseas (so they are not of us, it's up to us to save U.S.).

Although the claim is that the seizures are to deter or detract from the drug problem, that is so large as to saturate our entire nation, however there is evidence as to who is actually bringing in the drugs via ships and planes past customs with so much manpower and control over customs, in the first place.   This video shows only one side of the unethical "profit".

Can we feel safe here?   Would you want to finance this type of unethical behavior?   If you say yes, then what was your deciding factor in not financing the Mafia?  The Bloods?  Why not?  Combined, those groups have taken less from us

Notice the magic trick contained in the video tells you to look at the police as the disgraceful entity (and that's that...nothing more).   Instinctively we should know to look at the magician's other hand,  the hand that hides the root of the problem.   Do remember, the police are told to do this by another entity.  The police are only guilty of doing evil by sheer reason that someone else told them to do it.
Blaming the police is like blaming the cancer,  not that which gave you the cancer.   Notice how the media has pretty much stamped a stereotypical view of all police to us, with their final closure in the video, we see the words:  "Policing for Profit, Gang of Thieves, Cops Gone Wild" (*as if EVERY cop is guilty of having partook in this type of looting simultaneously, and as if they are doing it of their own accord).  So it is up to us to defend ourselves because apparently there's nobody else that is truly holding our interests dear to them anymore.  Even us old-timers saw this coming (but were unable to "see"); in my generation Programming on tele-vision showed cartoons.  Cartoons are primarily for the young human.  The young human has yet to build up the mental faculties to discern reality and fable.   The young,  by simply falling out of the womb, cannot possibly know right from wrong.  Yet, When media programming began selling cigarettes to the children within those commercials of my generation, nobody dared to hold the monopoly accountable for the countless murders.  I remember Fred Flinstone and Barney, Wilma and Betty all professing that smoking cigarettes was an enjoyable relaxing thing to do; I also remember that the reinforcements to the teens who were being programmed similarly, through such shows as I Love Lucy (pause!) AS a side note: recently Youtube censored that public domain commercial off their site.   Why?  Out of sight, out of mind.  If I murdered your young and your parents alike, I'd probably want to remain anonymous too (hence copyright law).  Youtube wasn't even courageous about it, instead they claim that another monopoly told them to do it (phillip morris), Youtube must have a hotline with Phillip Morris,  the banning was in the manner of less than 60 seconds of something that was on the PUBLIC AIRWAYS which directly places the brainwashing commercial into the PUblick Domain.  This is nothing more than one monopoly subtely working for another.  Banned should no man, woman or child dare see, hear, or contemplate the truth of a matter, another murderous monopoly is again permitted to exist.   There's much more to be said about capitalism, but that topic would surely get this page a bit one-sided and off track. So let's get back to the video...

After watching the video linked above, do notice how monopolistic media (which are corporations) are portraying the story of the issue of police seizing cash from the citizenry "legally". One can only muse whether or not the new "legal laws" are the reason that the truckers started assessing costs with the new investment of signs, and posting those signs on thier vehicles stating that the drivers don't carry large amounts of cash (in the hopes that the police will pass them by and find another target;  If you don't know what I'm saying, go visit a truck stop).

But notice how the media PROGRAMMING is portraying this shocking news. It appears that the monopolistic programming is pro-against the police, and the road stops there.  This is another Divide and Capitalize tactic just like the recently regurgitated color divide (where the police were displayed as killing people, which has been going on since the first police man found that he has some power that the "others" do not have.....but did anyone notice the newly racial spree?   I mean it was happening all along but suddenly our media wanted to splash us with hate so that we don't come together to see the greater of evils.  Which begs the question, if you DON'T think you're brainwashed, then ask yourself how many towers fell in NY?  Think about it.   Did you answer incorrectly?  How did you come to "think" it was Two (Twin) Towers that fell that fateful day of decomissioning?   If you don't think you're brainwashed then tell me, how is it we are still hating one another over the slavery issue?  NONE OF US were alive when it was happening!  We are all as one enslaved!  Slavery was brought to you by men with ships.  Did all white men have ships?   Slavery was brought to you by men with money to finance other men to enslave still other men from another nation.  The perks were, free food, see the world, room and board (more food), etc.   NEWS FLASH for those of you so adamant that you are not brainwashed, it is probably the majority of the family trees in this nation that DID NOT HAVE FAMILY TREES THAT EXTEND INTO THE U.S.   I'm second generation, for instance so my family tree was not complicit (and yet I bear the brunt of hate because I'm white.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!).  It's time we all evolve, de-program by throwing those tele-visions into a million pieces (along with the at&t and spectrum deals of offering cheaper internet if we get a bundle package that includes tele-vison.  Those letters are kindling for my firewood stove, thanks.  Send more unsolicited mail my way, please).

The purposeful spin on this particular news affects the mind's ability to reason properly, affects rational discernment of a scenario, therby curtailing any affirmative action from the victimized public.

There's little room for reason when a mind is full of bad programming.  Tele-vision erradication, one step closer to freeing your mind, allowing time for deeper contemplation.   You can't change the world, but you ought to govern your home accordingly lest God puts his  up your .

Where do the officers get their programming from? 
Let's get to the root of the problem, the entire chain-of-command cabal, for instance.

Perhaps you may not have noticed. We're conditioned from birth with a bombardment of useless information, and like a cup, the mind only holds so much crap before it runneth over. With your mind filled with crap, there's no room for reason. It's not that we're brainwashed, we've simply been made to be dumb and easily duped, which appears to be accomplished at several levels. "Schooling" (not just the induction of the police into the classrooms as Officer Friendly), and Media Programming. Indoctrination, accomplished with a preponderance of foolish programming fed to the masses via tele-vision, is the in-putting of useless drama or just plain nonsense, which guarantees that there'll be no geniuses to evolve from us this year. Does a dead seed become a tree? ";-)

Desensitizing with countless cops/courts/the justus-system and the ilk in our programming along with "officer friendly" that was introduced into our schools, the effort to manipulate the minds of the masses is well orchestrated.

The more aggressive, those programmed for other purposes,  are offered sports. Imagine you have 5 minutes granted in which to live and you blew it watching a ball go back and forth, this way, then that way, back and forth, back and forth, you are getting very, very drowsy.....sleepy....useless....awww but hell, what a game huh? ppphhhtttt.......

Notice in the above captioned video also, the issue is directed to cops robbing the nation's citizenry. The media even has the audacity to tout the title as "COPS gone wild" and the sub-title as "GANG of thieves".
In fact, all througout the rather lengthy "news" report, the viewer's attention is directed to those cops only, and not an inch further up the chain-of-command cabal.

I have a problem with this fake news. THE ISSUES may not be FAKE, but the way it is portrayed keeps you focused on the magician's one hand (that holds out the police for our inspection); however, the magician is doing the real trickery with the other hand, the one your attention is not focused upon.


Ask yourself one simple question, to get to the root of the problem, Who do those police work for? And, who do their paymaster's work for?

Eventually you make your way to a corporation. However, the corporation is being de-funded: Are all cities incorporated in the U.S. yet?


If that corporation decides to pull out, where does that leave us? Interestingly, the nation being spoken of in that short book of the Bible, Revelations, speaks of a leadership that is referred to as a "whore" (no kidding). And, like a whore, so does a capitalist sell (herself). After the looting, "the whore" runs off to "the desert place" and burns up the place from whenst she came. (chapter 17 or 18)

However, on a myopic level, the Nation's off-the-hook rampant debtclock racing into the wrong direction (as witnessed in the live link above), the term "mismanagemet" isn't a term that comes remotely close to what appears to be happening here in the States in 2017.

How is it, for instance, that Russia (the country we supposedly toppled/out-spent) recovered so damn well and are only a few hundred billion in debt? "WE" are magically made over $20 Trillion in debt now!

Find out when the Nation began to fall and you'll find the cause ("study to show yourself as a workment that needeth not to be ashamed")

Do you think we're going to bounce back from this incredible debt? The cash wasn't even real in the first place, but when do you suppose might be a good damn time to worry about the present state of our economy? Forty Trillion? 100 Million Trillion? Do you suppose that maybe you're standard of living might also be getting rolled back to reflect our rampant debtclock deficit?

Back in 2007, contained on the net to this day, is something I wrote (most of which I wish would just disappear); within the writ is expressed my worry as the nation was nearing a $7 Trillion dollar debt (at that time, 2007).


A lot more happened than you want to know about (the truth will make you fall a part for a spell).

Still, for those of you regurgitating all over your offspring of the tenets such as, "Oh well, what can I do?" and "Who cares"; if that's the best you can do with your existence, then what is apathy and what is ignorance if not "I don't know and don't care"?

Nothing new or novel is created until someone creates it, and right now your Nation is dissolving despite the media's silence.

Shouldn't we be conjuring up a plan to save our homeland, or do we simply wait till the dirty rug under our feet is pulled?

It's not that they're pulling out that is going to ruin us, it's what they're leaving behind (and I think we're not going to smell good in fire).

EVERYTHING has a shelf-life.
With nuclear silos all over America and with them now becoming unstable, where do you suppose that dump site for old nuclear bombs might be?
Hell it's too costly and dangerous to move them. At one time I was censored off of Google (okay, it was like 5 times, but who's counting? Anyway, back then I reasoned with myself that it was actually the earth that had the shelf-life and that it was the earth that was becoming destabilized. It was with this that the consideration was to remove the number one consumers off the planet to save the rest of the world that might be in the plan. However, something tells me that this earth will remain until God damn well deems it is time for it to go, and not those that are such champions at leadership here.


How would you feel as a child if your parent stole from you repeatedly? How would you feel if that same parent held you a prisoner ? What would be your state of mind if your parent lied often to you? As a government to its masses, so is a parent to the child.

Escape if you can, I'm pretty sure it's too late to fix the whore now. The wheels of the capitalists are far to rich thanks to our having financed them by buying all their plastic temporary crap, and those wheels are turning so fast that the most we might hope for now is to delay the inevitable.
Our faith was in the wrong establishment. The establishment was an illusion.

RIP Great America, too bad becoming a model nation wasn't on the to-do list. We all laid down. Those that didn't, were demonized by the press with their askew programming and killed by the employees (that were "just doing their jobs").

On a Darker Note

I wonder why all the recent events are taking place against me now (for daring to use something we were indoctrinated to believe was a freedom)?

For instance,

Clark County - You are not free to present evidence in a Court of "law" - Court Record=Evidence

Your mom is next!

Sure, you have 2018 those freedoms are almost invisible and will not come freely.  Notice the next video.   I'll stop back to this webpage to expound in greater detail what that really is all about.

German Township - You are not free to to be free even on your own property

Passport Agency - You are not free to travel

Spectrum, a.k.a Charter Group, etc. - Monopoly is free to Tamper and destroy personal property without recourse.

You are not free to have an ubiased appeal process.  Court Racket?

Time Warner - Monopoly is free to illegally blacklist citizens (no judiciary necessary, the monopoly IS the judiciary and needs no jury present)

I don't even know what more I can possibly say about this next one


Monopoly Censorship - You are not free to post However the monopolies are enjoying that freedom just fine.

The Public is not free to engage in the policing process of their own neighborhoods and must rely on small personal websites such as Stolen in Ohio to hear about what is happening in our communities (lest we open our eyes and see our nakedness)?   Transparency of Government ought to be more than just a word tossed around.

Monopoly is free to break agreements, break the law, and damage our property without recourse!

This is a 2016 video

Wait till you hear what the electric monopoly did today, Feb. 16, 2018!  Devilish, not only did they break our agreement, the law, but also damaged my recovery drive! 
  Firstly let me make the announcement of what occurred here and why the Ohio Edison Electric Monopoly cut the power line to the house.
1.) In 2016 the Ohio Edison electric monopoly came here and tried to sneak in the digital meter to replace my analog meter.
2.) I stated I did not want the digital meter and further stated the Administrative Law is clear, they ONLY are free to deliver the electricity AND NOTHING MORE BEYOND THAT ELECTRICITY.
3.) So they left.
4.) The very next day, again they tried to sneak in the digital meter *IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DIGITIAL, FIND OUT! (or just consider how Bush wasn't elected in either election using digital voting).
5.) I recorded the communications between myself and the Ohio Edison employee via video and audio as I read the LAW to them from my laptop.  The agent called his supervisor and they stated I was right and that they would leave me alone.   THEY SAID THEY WOULD LEAVE ME ALONE !
6.) Today, FEBRUARY 16, 2018 I am on video surveillance as I was performing a 78 (68?) Hour recovery for a visitor's hard drive that was dead and barely hanging on long enough for me to get as many non-corrupted files from the drive when all of a sudden the ELECTRICITY suddenly TURNED OFF!
7.) Then the power came on a minute later.   WTF!  NO WARNING!   I heard noise outside and went to inspect and saw the monopoly was walking away with my lawful analog meter in his hands!  I saw they had put the digital meter on the building despite our former agreement!!!
8.) This monopoly has just damaged all my recovery work sneakily. Imagine if we damaged the operations of monopoly.....think about that fully for a minute, tamper with their profiteering/racketeering and you'll be under a mountain of litigation as they use the courts (that they own).


Monopoly morphing at will,  their interests are the neo-government in 2017-2018

Do you feel safer now with less choices at the monopoly board?  In reality it is just the illusion of choices now.   By its definition, monopoly cannot be Democratic and therefore ought to be dismantled in an abrupt manner.  Seize their properties, nationalize for worker-ownership of the corporations, pay off the debt our nation has been flung into, and let this Nation become the model Nation of the World (like we should be, like we want to be)!  Instead what do the monopoly powers via the bought-out polity do here?  Desperately they dredge up (and CREATE) the racial divide and tell us Iraq is our enemy, no it's Iran, wait a minute it's Libya, It's Kuwait, omigod it's the Mexicans, it's Russia, it's Afghanistan, it's...  
Snap out of it people, our problem is from within.
End of story.

This is our Nation's jeopardy, when one group is allowed to exist without "checks and balances", we have no Democracy.   Through myopic mismanagement and outright looting, this is the road we are on:

Is it apparent yet?  When do you suppose might be a good time to become concerned, when we are $40Trillion in debt?  Russia and China are ALREADY discussing dropping the dollar!!   If we can only afford the cheapest of crap now, what do you suppose we'll do when China drops the dollar and is out of our commerce?  They're the only ones crazy enough to sell to a country that is broke and unable to pay its debts!

Changing to a Different Topic

The Dangerous Machine

In case you missed it, Following this Case being brought to court, and more specifically my having published this video: came an onslaught of attacks by Springfield polity.    Suddenly I was being preyed upon, suddenly Codes wanted to investigate ME!!   Hear the conversation:  (you would think I was a parolee or on some sort of supervision with these kinds of attacks).
There's more, such as the spectrum Charter cable company takes down my servers and arrogantly admit to it:
There's more, then i get denied a passport :
There's more, this drive-by:  (occurred shortly after I was asked to take down my mailbox, the one that was approved by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE.   Later run-down under police escort). 
There's more!
And the more I look at the sequence of events, the more I realize we have a very poor system in place right now.
What if the terrorism is home-grown?
Is an international court our only hope?

Since the commencement plans of decommisioning our nation, long before the crimes of 9-11, the capitalists have propagated through the media PROGRAMMING a recent influx of fears, lies, uncertainty, injustice, division, and the ilk.
Are these the fruits of the Spirit spoken of in our Bible?
Surely, we can do better than this!
How the hell can we ever become a model nation for the world to emulate when we've allowed the few to go unchecked and are now rogue?

I'd like to put my two-cents worth of ideas down toward an effort to find a way to turn the debtclock around.

However it would probably require winning our military back home (kind of crafty how they are neatly displaced overseas, isn't it?).

My ideas might not be so popular to those that have lived all these years better than the rest of our citizenry. However, even if my ideas didn't work, it's with ideas that the next person that thinks upon the issue might create and hone the answer to reverse this path our Nation is on. Despite the new laws, that even mere discussion is deemed "Terroristic", we have two choices.

Do nothing (as we have been) and wait for the end.  Tick Tock.   Or NATIONALIZE the monopolies before they take down more than just a few towers and 3 thousand of our comrades (the steel of which was cut up neatly and SOLD to china...those that were murdered actually were employees and visitors in those towers).

I'm thinking that to recoup this debt perhaps it's time to seize all the properties of the families that aided and abetted this looting. And moreso, the incarceration of every one of those in a position to affect a positive change, and didn't.

What did you expect for two cents, a magic carpet?  Let them reside in those myriad of prisons they had us build for them (for us)!

A final word from the Author

Since I'm not actually staying with a common theme here, this is my assessment of mid-Revelations. The following may be incorrect, but I would like to spout it out just in case I'm right (and too charred to brag about it later).

In the bible, after the whore ("a" government) runs off to the desert place with child in hand (military? small group of elites?), it is stated that the group (that the whore takes with her) is hunted down by the rest of the world and killed (unlike us Americans, the rest of the world appears to be better informed and they know what she did); The group loses pitifully. In fact, it is stated that it would have been better had she (and her small group) died in the fire with us.

Now that the missiles have been found to have a shelf life and are becoming unstable...there's only one thing on a capitalist's mind, self preservation and profit. Liquidate and pull out. She will reason with herself that the number one consumers will be off the planet (that's us, if you weren't cognitive of that factoid), she might even tell our overseas troops that the "terrorists" did this to us and that the world will somehow be better off without us.

Her reasoning is whacked. But anyway, after the group is smitten, there is said to be 7 years of peace on earth (now that the number one "peacekeepers" are off the planet....go figure, huh?).

HOWEVER, I believe the peace that the remaining survivors on this planet will be due more from the fear and realization that the blasts that burned us up pushes the earth out of its orbit and into the radiation belt that surrounds our outer atmosphere.

The bible goes on to say that in that day men will get sores and describes other characteristics such as what rises from the blast which ironically is quite insightful since there weren't nuclear weapons when the Bible was written.

So there is a nuclear belt (3 nuclear belts according to some media outlets), which surround the earth (probably to protect God from us), and once the earth is pushed out of keel by the blasts, our earth enters into that radiation. I think that additionally to the earth losing it's natural orbit, that due to the enormity of the blast will also cause the earth to alter its ability to spin on its axis in a normal fashion, thereby losing its proper seasons.  The bible refers to this as the "shortening of days" so my guess is that we will be spinning faster (as in out of control).

Who the hell is rushing this script anyway? Talk about myopia.
Now for some last ditch effort toward good news; the good news is ... we can delay this .... The answer of which is probably against "their" myriad of laws to discuss.

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