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Is this a fair exchange?
Peface: On a fluke, I found the following writ *(credit to the author, the name of which is contained below **and this IS for educational purposes).
At the bottom of this writ is a statement by someone unknown to me. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT MY VIDEOS SHOW ON YOUTUBE AND THE VIDEOS ARE PROPERLY DATED WITH MORE TO COME.

Irrefutable Video Evidence is forthcoming. Here's where I was at in reference to this topic a mere 5 days ago:
Router flaws put AT&T customers at hacking risk
The bugs are easy to exploit, but can be easily mitigated. Zack Whittaker
By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day | September 4, 2017 -- 13:23 GMT (06:23 PDT) | Topic: Security

(Image: Victor Gevers)
Thousands of routers, many of which belong to AT&T U-verse customers, can be easily and remotely hacked through several critical security vulnerabilities.
Five flaws were found in common consumer Arris routers used by AT&T customers and other internet providers around the world. The flaws were detailed in a blog post by Joseph Hutchins, who described some of the them as being as a result of "pure carelessness."
The report said Arris NVG589 and NVG599 modems with the latest 9.2.2 firmware are affected, but it's not clear who's responsible for the bugs.
Hutchins said that some of the flaws may have been introduced after the routers were delivered to the internet provider, which often adds customized code for remote interactions, such as customer support and diagnostics.
"Some of the problems discussed here affect most AT&T U-verse modems regardless of the OEM, while others seem to be OEM specific," said Hutchins. "So it is not easy to tell who is responsible for this situation. It could be either, or more likely, it could be both."
Among the vulnerabilities are hardcoded credentials, which can allow "root" remote access to an affected device, giving an attacker full control over the router. An attacker can connect to an affected router and log-in with a publicly-disclosed username and password, granting access to the modem's menu-driven shell. An attacker can view and change the Wi-Fi router name and password, and alter the network's setup, such as rerouting internet traffic to a malicious server.
The shell also allows the attacker to control a module that's dedicated to injecting advertisements into unencrypted web traffic, a common tactic used by internet providers and other web companies. Hutchins said that there was "no clear evidence" to suggest the module was running but noted that it was still vulnerable, allowing an attacker to inject their own money-making ad campaigns or malware. Here are 2017's biggest hacks, leaks, and data breaches so far
Here are 2017's biggest hacks, leaks, and data breaches so far
Dozens of data breaches, millions of people affected. Read More
Buggy routers don't always lead to unauthorized network access, but can instead be hijacked as part of botnet operations, like Mirai, which when powered up can target and throw websites and services offline.
Rapid7 reported the vulnerability as an 8/10, on the higher end of the severity scale.
It's not known exactly how many devices are affected, however.
One estimation said as many as 138,000 routers are vulnerable to attackers, according to a tweet by Victor Gevers, chairman of the GDI Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organization dedicated to internet security. The numbers are more nuanced, he explained, and the vulnerabilities are not limited to the hardcoded credentials flaw.
Another bug affects "every single" Arris-built AT&T U-verse device, according to Hutchins, putting potentially millions of customers at risk.
An attacker can bypass the firewall on the device by brute-forcing the half-completed MAC address on the device. Hutchins said that he believes the bug allows AT&T staff to connect to an AT&T-issued television digital recorder on the same network, but the implementation went "terribly wrong."
He said that this "most widespread vulnerability" has the easiest fix. Hutchins has published several self-mitigation methods on the blog.
Hutchins said it was "hard to believe" that the flaws are not being actively exploited.
A spokesperson for Arris said the company wouldn't comment on specifics as it was "currently verifying" the report. "We can confirm ARRIS is conducting a full investigation in parallel and will quickly take any required actions to protect the subscribers who use our devices," the spokesperson said.
AT&T did not respond to a request for comment outside business hours. (Monday is a US national holiday.) We'll update if that changes.

Security Alert: AT&T customers with Arris modems at risk of remote hacking, claim infosec bods Just the usual procession of firmware vulnerabilities By Richard Chirgwin 1 Sep 2017 at 02:01 14 Reg comments SHARE
Infosec consulting firm Nomotion has reported vulnerabilities in Arris broadband modems and which it says are trivial to exploit, and could affect nearly 140,000 devices.
The report claims the modems carry hard-coded credentials, serious since a firmware update turned on SSH by default. That would let a remote attacker access the modem's cshell service and take a leisurely walk through most of the devices' controls and levers.
“The username for this access is remotessh and the password is 5SaP9I26”, Nomotion states.
The shell's capabilities include “viewing/changing the WiFi SSID/password, modifying the network setup, re-flashing the firmware from a file served by any tftp server on the Internet” and there's also access to a kernel module “whose sole purpose seems to be to inject advertisements into the user’s unencrypted web traffic.”
That last isn't in use in the modem, Nomotion's Joseph Hutchins writes but the code is present and vulnerable.
The modems in question are the Arris NVG589 and NVG599, which Nomotion notes are provided as standard customer premises equipment for AT&T U-verse customers.
The bugs could have been added by AT&T, the report says, since while “examining the firmware, it seems apparent that AT&T engineers have the authority and ability to add and customize code running on these devices, which they then provide to the consumer (as they should).”
The cshell runs as root, which means any other possible exploit is also trivial to exploit. For example, he provides a demonstration of a command injection using its ping functionality.
Other vulnerabilities Hutchins says he's found in the modems include:
Default https server credentials Hutchins isn't sure why there's an https server running on port 49955, but it's there, and user “tech” with no password can access it; Command injection the same https server (named “caserver”) accepts commands to upload a firmware image; rifle through its internal databases; and send configuration commands with requests to a set_data command; More information disclosure and hard-coded credentials a service on port 61001 leaks device information under the right conditions, including another set of credentials, “bdctest/bdctest”; and A firewall bypass on port 49152.

Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court

Springfield Ohio

Clark County Municipal Court


The true story starts out like this:

1.) In 2012, a storm that caused the ceiling and roof to fall left me without a home.

2.) The Federal Agency, F.E.M.A., gave me a check to help, but I was still left with nowhere to go for more than 3 months..

FEMA Documented Proof Document FEMA

3.) My mother offered to help by signing a one-year lease with Theresa Crow for a rental located at 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio and the three of us met on location.
The Real Lease Document Mom's Genuine Lease Page 1

4.) Following my mother's one-year lease, I and the husband of the Lessor came to an agreement that I would resume the new lease under new payment arrangements

New Lease arrangements Documented EvidenceNew Pay Arrangement
New Payment Arrangements Documented EvidenceShows contrary to Court version of Lease

5.) Due to electrical deficiencies and other problems with the rental, I gave notice to vacate about a year later.

6.) However, a few months after I vacated a notice came in the mail that I was being threatened by the Crows for property damage!   I replied that the Crows were fully made aware of each and every disaster that occurred in their property and that I had videos showing the true cause of damages and that I caused no intentional damage (did I scuff the wall when moving my stuff to safety from the waterfall from upstairs is another story for another page).

This is one of many videos wmv    flv    mp4    mov    dvd    avi that is on the Court Record, yet the Judge denied all evidences and even denied the actual tenant/occupant from the Case, but why?
 Video shows where damages came from.  It was the upstairs tenant's plumbing, and later an upstairs fire.  The landlord and his agents must go through my downstairs rental in order to get to plumbing, electrical, air conditioners, etc. which are all housed in the basement.  Regardless of whether the mud came from the muddy basement or the muddy fire, it should not be either the liability of the tenant, or the former tenant.

6.)  Yet a year after I vacated,  the Crows sued my Mother instead of me!

Wrongful Suit EvidenceSuit Claimed my 70+ year old mother "caused" the damages at the Crow property.

7.) The Courts denied my two written requests to become a party to the case, stating they have the wrong person being sued.  Both were submitted and are on Court Record prior to Pre-Trial.
Motion To Intervene
Request 1 Page 1 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page1  Request 1 Page 2 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page2  Request 1 Page 3 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page 3

Motion To Correct The Record
Request 2 Page 1 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 1  Request 2 Page 2 Document on Court Record  2nd Request Page 2  Request 2 Page 3 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 3

However the Court DID allow a fictitious Lease into the Court Record submitted by the Crows.
Fraudulent Lease Accepted by Court Evidence The Court's Fraudulent Lease Page1which was submitted to the Court by the Crows and permitted in the Court Record.

The Real Lease Document Mom's Genuine Lease Page 1
*Later, although the Lessor unlawfully kept the deposit beyond that which is lawful, the Court would award a deposit to the Lessor.  But why?  The Lessor's Lease doesn't specify anything about a deposit.  However the Lessor does admit to their being a deposit in two documents already submitted to the Court Record.  So regardless of who the Court wishes to believe was the tenant is immaterial when the Court has willingly allowed a fictitious Lease, from a fictitious Company (Tec Rentals), neither of which exist.

8.)  Both of my Requests to present evidence and witnesses were Denied by Judge Thomas Trempe of Clark County Municipal Court, given were the following reasons:

Springfield Ohio Scandal? Denied  Clark County Fraud? Denied

9. Having been denied twice by the Clark County Municipal Court prior to Pre-Trial, I appealed to the Appellate Division
1st submission to the Appellate to request that the decision by the municipal court judge denying my becoming a party to the case be overturned and allow me to present evidence to show that the allegations are fraudulent and knowingly directed to the wrong party.  The appeal was for a 60(b) motion and was accepted in the Appellate Court in May, 2017.  However the Court did not perform a 60(b) motion,  and instead allowed the lower court to progress to trial until many months later, AND still did not respond until ANOTHER  5 months AFTER the lower court disregarded waiting for the Appellate to come back with an answer to determine whether it was lawful to deny evidence in an ongoing case in which the third party was the only person on the planet that could be proven to be the tenant regarding the exact case being heard in the Court.
Instead, the Appellate,
When the Appellate did respond, it was to this:
ruling as if the appeal I made to the Appellate at pre-trial would have any bearing or revenue to any party concerning a case in which I'm not permitted to be a party to (in other words, can it be conceivable for an outside party to appeal a future judgment of somebody else's case? ).  The premonition of a future judgment of the lower Court Trial,  as opposed to motion to raise issue of the lower court denying the actual tenant and video evidence, signed documents, rental receipts proving tenancy, audio evidence, witnesses, first-person testimony, and more, denied evidence in a court room would be a more tangible assumption as to what the Appeal to the Appellate may have been taking issue. 
appealed to the Appellate Division 1st submission to the Appellate

To make matters worse,  on March 27, 2018,  the Appellant sends me a letter addressed as a "final" notice.
I have not noticed any loss of command of my mail and would bank my mother's life on the fact that the Courts cannot show they've ever sent a previous notice, although their letter claims they've sent "numerous notices".

The Appellate has sent "Final Notice" demand for money.

It is well established that a payment MUST be made at the time of filing
must include an afidavit of indigence
before an appeal can be accepted.

As seen on the Court's website, the afidavit was accepted in their office on 9/22/16  (TAGCPM.PA.PublicPortal).

Appeal              Racket Bill  

Decision as if it were an appeal to the future verdict of the Trial (in effect stopping all Appeals to the lower Court Trial altogether).

10.)  The Second Appellate Court did not bother to intervene or answer until 5 months A F T E R  the lower Court went ahead with Trial holding my mother un-represented and un-assisted in a Trial.    I would NOT be allowed to present evidences to a case in which I am the obvious correct party to.

When the Appellate did respond, it was to this regard:

To find out how a Court finds the previous downstairs tenant to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant.

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Court Record

* My having published videos on youtube were censored.  So I uploaded to an alternative site:   showing the true cause for damages,

Suddenly Codes wanted to investigate me. 
  mp3   flv    mp4   avi  wav

Charter attack:

Denied Passport :


I was asked to take down my mailbox
(the one that was approved by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE).

See the timeline here

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