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Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump-trailers full of masonry and dirt.

The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in the City of Springfield.

Of the huge amount of debris were salvaged 2 types of brick; all were solid brick with the exception of about 100 figure-8 slump brick.

Brick Thing....Made With Trash

Finding it impossible to monitor what is needed in Ohio to obtain a one-generation power plant to remedy the tether of monopoly financing for my family tree's power needs, has left me with no other choice but to come into closer proximity of the battery banks, charge controllers, inverters, solar arrays, and wind generator.
Having moved from Florida where everything worked perfectly, It was quickly found that Ohio's sun and wind wasn't sufficient with the hardware I was working with.
In an effort to solve the new problems, the garage became the focal point of much of my time.
But while out here...I became a little bored with the routine of monitoring the data from the controllers, checking specific gravity of the cells, etc.

Hence, brick partition wall (non-bearing/non-retainer) is born.

It started out simple and without any plan; I wasn't sure why I was even doing this in the first place.
Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

Will it be a closet?

...a place to put the trash?

...a porta-potty in there maybe?

Shelving, shoes, chickens...the options were abounding, but something will go in there!

However, When I awoke I had this brilliant idea to add a seat.

(that would be the ugly, concrete-filled, thing on the right).

Dumb Idea with concreteBut it dawned on me....

Not only is it in the way and ugly, but what an incredible waste of otherwise usable space!!!


So I spent the rest of the evening digging it all back out.

Springfield Brick Seat Fail
By the afternoon it was clear:
Vanquish the seat idea,
vanquish the indoor Grill,
vanquish a place to put dry sauna rock things (phhttt....yeah like I need a sauna in the garage, right?),
vanquish a place to imprison the capitalists (it's just not large enough for the two monopolies that own our nation).

Maybe a place to serve them coffee? Brick Masonry in Springfield Ohio

So why am I out in the garage so much?   There are a number of reasons that staying in close proximity to the power plant is needful right now, I'll name but a few of those reasons:

1.)  If the expensive batteries are jeopardized by low voltages, the financial investment is potentially lost.   Moving to Ohio has shown me that climates are a force to be reckoned with.
Being close and ever-present to the batteries, allows me to note the consumption and ponder whether the need for additional panels or batteries or both are necessary to overcome excessive low-voltage situations. It is year two into this project and I've made some rather startling discoveries, especially in batteries (discussed in the Batteries section of the Solar Pages).  I would not have made the discoveries had I been distanced from these batteries, but that's another topic altogether.

2.)   Since I've been ever-present to the power plant for the past two years, I've been able to notice anamolies concering the choice of wire (solid vs stranded; smaller guage vs. higher, etc.).
In fact, while out here in the garage, it soon became needful to make my own battery connectors.  It seems I might have accidentally designed an awesome remedy to ever having to replace the wiring, ever again!  Check out tip #1 in the batteries section for something that should have been found on the net somewhere! (if 90+% of the internet were not censored away from us, I might have saved a few hundred dollars replacing automotive battery cables and connectors!). In short, I've only replaced my batteries once in over a decade, however if I were NOT out here, there would surely have been much loss.   If data can not be seen, it would not become apparent that the power plant is deficient for the change in region.

3.)  The ever-present approach permits live monitoring, an intimacy of the patterns in which the battery banks perform during controlled changes, experimenting with micro vs macro battery banks, and other thoughtful problem-solving experiments in the field of power,  as evidenced by the discoveries stated further into this website.

So, the wall project took on a life of its own.

Weep hole in brick to allow drainage
The brick shown here are installed in 3/4 bond fashion (on their faces rather than their beds).Brick Wing Walls and Corners

Installing the brick "on-end" increased square footage in living space at the expense of wall strength. To make up for the vulnerability are added corners and wing walls .Used brick laid on-end
However, the real reason for laying the brick on-end fashion was to avoid all the build-up of mortar that existed.  As seen in the photos, there's a lot of existing mortar from it's previous life.  
It would be near impossible to install the brick using the conventional method, hand-clean each and every brick was not an option.

Using metal wall ties purchased at Lowes,  the ties are installed into the brick bed joints and adhered to the studs through the drywall seen on the left of the brick wall.Brick meets drywall with wallties

Springfield Ohio Brick Breathe Second Life
Springfield reclaimed brick

When the mortar runs out,
Springfield Garden Watermelon
Springfield Garden Watermelon

It's Watermelon Time (fresh from the garden)!

This concludes the One Brick At a Time Page

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