Springfield Ohio's Kenny Hendrick while still aliveKenny's Brick-thing

Below are motion-detected lighting at the onset.  The notion of becoming like all the other old people (forgetful, neglectful, spacey, clumsy, basically dangerous to self) is incessantly on my mind.  So, to plan for my future well-being, everything I do needs to have longevity and automation as key.   Now if I can just get the damn toilet to flush.

Don't laugh, it beats diapers!

Coats never hung well on the blue thing anyway.  The blue thing has an expected lifespan of short....any ... day now.
This was supposed to be a coat rack

This is what the kitchen compost (trash can for bio-degradables) looks like when it needs to be buried in the garden.   I've yet to grow any good coffee or bananas.

This could be yours

This is the first of two projected water holding tanks for the reverse osmosis that is hopefully going to be installed soon.   For the past few years (3?) my water has come directly from a hose that is unfiltered water from the ground (it's a separate line from the water supply that feeds the house).   Although the house has a myriad of filters and water softener and r.o. units, the garage gets its water the only way it can right now.   I'll leave it up to the next generation to figure out something better because ideally it would be nice to have the water pre-filtered and then pumped out to the garage AFTER all the house's filters.   I'm thirsty just thinking about all that work.

First of two planned water tanks

Below is a photo of what a fly would see.   We need more lights.
Not enough lights

Below is the old server about to be put out to pasture.   Although this octo-core with 16gb ram (upgradable to 64mb's) was a breath of fresh air when it first arrived here, it's time to put the old liquid-cooled pc to the side for new and improved.
Old Server

I believe the filter below was traded with Jimmy for something.  In any event it's going to serve the purpose of an over-kill preliminary water filter (it's actually not what is preferred in a pre-filter...it's what's available).
Preliminary Filter

Here is the first holding tank and reverse osmosis system soon to go into action.  Water without the amoebas (just kidding).
Final leg of reverse osmosis

This 3-car garage is easily heated with the new firewood stove (and boy oh boy can I tell you about what defines a good stove from crappy eye-candy.  The first year out here almost killed me! ";-)   The heat generated by the new (for me) cheap stove that is in place here is awesome, it's a totally different kind of heat that is kind of hard to describe.  
It's December 19, 2017

Here's the deal on the stove.   Once upon a time I spent $300.00++ on a brand new fancy stove.  It had legs and was very beautiful to look at.   That stove had to go, it was sold to a man for a loss, $75.00.   Now about this cruddy-looking stove seen below.   See the dial on the lower left of the unit?  That's to turn the fan on and off.   There are two fans to the right and left at the bottom of the stove.  Those fans push air under the fire chamber, up the back of the unit, over the top of the fire chamber (below the cooking area) and out toward me.   So, it's a box inside a box that is suspended by steel plates.
What makes this stove so efficent though, is not necessarily the fans; it's the concrete floor the stove is sitting atop!!  If you were to put your hand on the concrete anywhere in this 3-car garage floor, it would be warm.   In a word, Thermal Mass.    Long after a fire goes out, this building remains a comfortable temperature.   The previous eye-candy stove did NOT have a fan and had legs that kept the heat of the box far from the floor.   See that tray-like thing at the bottom-center of the stove?   That's a convenient ash Tray.   It is carried outside daily and emptied (the other previous stove did NOT have a convenient ash tray.   In fact, the previous stove was an utter nightmare to clean out because as soon as  you opened the door to do so, in came the smoke!).   This stove has a damper control (after the firebox) and a draft control (airflow before the firebox).   The box is so large that my firewood supplier need not even split much (toothpicks burn up too quick and a fire needs to last at least 3 hours before forcing one to wake up to feed it again....however with this stove and that thermal mass, I can go 5 or more hours for hot and 8-15 hours for warm).  Did I mention the benefits of thermal mass?   Behind this firewood stove is a furnace that burns all types of oils.   The heat produced from that furnace produced a petrol smell, it heated only the top half of the garage so legs and feet were cold, it totally did not work for me for a number of reasons.   Trying to cook on the furnace was impossible.

I can't say enough about this stove

Everything (almost) in this garage runs off of big batteries (325ah each).   However during the winter time solar energy to recharge the batteries is now so great in Springfield Ohio.   Although there is a wind generator up and in use, it's not complete yet pending a blocking diode and proper regulator.    The two 150v 60a charge controllers in here have been in service long before I arrived in Springfield Ohio and have operated flawlessly (they are american made, they are durable, they require no fans (potential problems), and I could go on for two days about all the times that these morningstar mppt charge controllers have superceded all my expectations in a controller.   The last (and only other) battery bank survived 5 years of use (actually mis-use is a better term...initially every off-the-wall experiment I could conceive was done with those batteries....one day it was 48v bank, next day it was 36v, then 24v, then 12v....I settled with 12v for a number of reasons.   Primary of reasons was the fact that most everything we operate consumes around 12v (as opposed to 110v).   Your laptops run at about 15-20v, the led lights are 12v (nice, direct, little loss), radios and security cameras and even my dvr are 12v already (cut the corporate crap converter off the end, split the wires and voila~ no more chains!).
Solar Energy in Springfield Ohio

The filter in this unit is not as pricey as those in the reverse osmosis system, is a little easier to service too.
Filter for water
The filters for the r.o. are expensive...will need to design replacements that are user-servicable.
Final leg water
So it's off to the workstation for a remedy!
Back to the workstation

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