Springfield Ohio's Kenny Hendrick while still alive

Kenny's Spot

November 2017!

Fall Brings New Chores

It is Late October and firewood is scant right now.    Time to order a fresh supply.
Inside view of not enough wood to fully stocked wood-nook.

This is the sitting spot, a.k.a. View from Main Desk.

One of the newly arrived chores will be to replace the outside storage facility (not sure what else to call it).
Ugly outside canopy about to bid its farewell (good riddance)

This was the view of the canopy thing with the garage door opened.   Although it offered fresh air and a roomier place to work in, the need for a better contructed structure is paramount to survive another winter.
This is the view standing inside at the doorway of the canopy thing when almost empty.
Part of the reason why this will not be missed is due to the amount of water that is thrown off toward the door (causing water to seep under the door in the heaviest of rains).

So operation "Make it Disappear" is underway!


To be continued
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