Kenny's Brick-thing

Made With Trash

Below shows the incomplete wing-wall that will require cuting of the figure 8 brick to be installed within each of the toothings on the left side of the column on the right.
Accent Brick Column Pending Cuts Photo
This is a pre-wing wall installation Photo.Freshly installed brick on rear wall still wet photo
Wing-wall (foreground, on right) installed.
Contrast between the two types of brick photo

Center wall below the coffee cup was knocked down to erase a dumb idea.
Chang of Plans, wall demolition photo

Below are some photos of the three sinks which are available around here.    After propping up a few bricks to hold up each sink and snapping some shots of the sinks, it was found that each one poses its own set of problems (one requires a pedestal, another has a crack in the ceramic, and one will be a chore to support).

Type 1 Sink (has a crack in the ceramic in a visible location), so this one is a no-go.
Square sink set on top of temporary brick photoSide View of same sinkSquare sink from a distance photo

Type 2 Sink (requires a pedestal, and I don't have one)
Rounded sink up close photoSide View of same sink.Rounded sink from a distance photo

Type 3 Sink (is plastic and will require the brick to either corbel inward to meet the narrow sink, or require some sort of lintel and anchors to support it)
Thin non-porcelain sink photoThin sink from a distance photo

Personally, I'm not in love with any of the sinks.

A wide-mouth clay basin might be interesting as a sink though.


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