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Made With Trash

Initially the walls were intended to go to the ceiling.  As luck would have it, materials ran out.  The deficiency worked two-fold; mom didn't want it to go to the ceiling so now I appease her,  and the height allows for great storage on top of the walls!  ooga

Winter is coming!  There's nothing like the heat from a wood burner.  The thermal mass of the concrete floor works wonders.  The integrated fans, damper, and draft control allow for this to easily heat the 3 car garage throughout the winter (and you get to cook on it too!). miscellaneous  P.S.  Behind that wood burner is an oil burner furnace.  It works great and will remain connected so I can show it works.   It's for sale. 

You can find that furnace here:

Oil Burner

Temporary Sink (it's not actually a sink).  The hose is routed through a slot opening on the top of the table.  The dishes are washed below the table top and placed in the strainer above to dry.   This isn't expected to last long, it's functional but missing something.

Moving furniture around to get a feel of where things might go.
Furniture being fit into brick wall
Project Corruption
Another type of brick for column
This last picture is showing pre-figure 8 wall addition

As for the sinks that were shown on previous pages, they are for sale for $5.00 each.

You can find those sinks here:

Square Sink

Rounded Sink

Thin Sink


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