Springfield Ohio's Kenny Hendrick while still aliveKenny's Brick-thing

Made With Trash

Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump trailers-full of masonry and dirt.     The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in town.
Of the huge amount of debris were salvaged 2 types of brick; all were solid brick with the exception of about 100 figure 8 brick.

The columns were finished and since there were leftover reject cuts, they were used along with some broken stone that came a couple of days ago from a mason looking to dump some debris.
Center partition wall receiving TLC
After first topping off the wall with a rowlock course,  the need to not waste the leftover mortar and brick parts kept this going.   The cat on the wall is fishing in the wrong pond.
This project was made entirely of crap
The photo below is the rough side of the wall.
Since the pieces shown on this small wing-wall were cut from full brick which were originally cut to be used in the column in the background (and are leftovers).
If this wing-wall portion of the wall was planned out beforehand, the cuts used here would have been custom cut.  Cat is facing the other way.
Rowlock above running bond

There's still about 6feet of brick to the right but the camera couldn't get it all in the frame.
Stone is in the future
There was a different purpose for that small nook area on the left...I can't remember what that idea was.
Anyway, the kitchen area is a little more bearable now
Kenny's Kitchen Area Photo
This is the area back by the renewable energy battery bank.   It's not a visited area.   The great thing about solar and wind generated power, which is what runs everything in this garage, is that there is so little maintenance to keep your own power plant going.   There are 16 cameras, a DVR, a Server (you're in my computer if you're reading this), all the lights and monitors and fans and a slew of other stuff that runs free in here.    If I were married with children this probably never would have become a reality (the whole solar/battery power thing probably would have been consumed time with the family).
Renewable Energy / Battery Bank Area Photo
This is what the brick looks like on the floor dry.
Brick Floor Dry Photo

This is what the brick floor looks like wet
(after a shower).
Brick Floor Wet Photo

Stone was found !!!   About some time last year, my neighbor to the north had given me some really great flat large pieces of what might be cut granite (or unpolished marble??).   When it was given I simply tucked it around an apple tree to curtail weeds.   The tree was planted last year (brought to you by my friend Vickie) and It was a worry that the other growth would choke off the nutrients needed for the tree.   I'd say there's enough stone out there to cap-off the entirety of the wall (and finish that missing seat-top in the shower, which is the first intent).
Stay Tuned, Page 9 Coming soon,  Cats and God-willing.
Opposite end of garage
p.s.  Also considered are the notion that maybe covering the entire floor in here would totally eliminate the need for any weep holes at all!!!   Raising the height of the floor would make driveway water a thing of the ugly past....oooga.


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