This is what the usdebt looks like before adding the external debts (and running rampant as shown on
This is over $20 Trillion dollars conservatively.

This is what the Russian debt looks like before adding the external debts  (as shown on  )
This is over $191 Billion dollars conservatively.

 So how is it that we Americans are hundreds of times more in debt than other nations that we toppled?


It's all a science brought to you by capitalism, the illusion for the dumb masses FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FEW (for a little while).

This is what One Trillion dollars looks like = 1,000,000,000,000
This is what One Hundred Billion dollars looks like = 100,000,000,000

DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE? Stop with the land of the free crap, it's outdated thinking. The game has changed drastically and continuing  in our present direction of rampant debt increase is going to surprise the hell out of us all when the carpet is pulled from under our non-thinking feet. You don't need to be an economics major to see the future of running into rampant debt (it's more like a looting brought to you by the very few that control, it's not the puppets for the show such as presidents and senators and mayors and governors...they're just the paid public relations group).

So ... my question is, since my passport was arbitrarily and maliciously denied: Does anybody have any experience at escaping out of a country that is free ( for it's government to do as it pleases? ) ?

I've said it before (since 2007 actually; when we were only about $7 Trillion dollars in debt) and I'll say it again, our nation is being looted terribly. If we can't legally talk about solutions, then it might be time to bail. I actually have a solution (yes, me) but posting this plausible answer in the past has cost me DEARLY (for the crime to express words freely).
If it's illegal to discuss and a capital crime to act upon, then what?

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