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Welcome to my world.

There's a series of oddities, I'll list a few of them on this page.  I'll update this page someday maybe,  but for now this is just my personal record.

 1.) Passport Denied.  ( )

2.) Initially my 73 year old mother met with George Degenhart, the German Township Codes Enforcer, and stated her son's intents (I'm her son).   She inquired as to what the requirements were for a home-based business.   She was told by the Codes Enforcement Officer that there were no requirements and that her son (me) ought to do as him and his wife, put up a sign for a period as specified allowable, and that for a week take the sign down after which it would be able to be re-erected for another allowable term and that he was not going to be religiously checking on the sign anyway.  He simply stated to keep the home-based business low-key.   Three days after I moved in the small 4sf sign went up.  Two days later we were being threatened with $100per day forfeiture and criminal proceedings.

3.) Since I was being threatened against having the lawful sign (    

Have been advised to change the color of the lights (*inside the home)

4.)  Informed that if I did not comply there would be $100.00 per day forfeiture and criminal proceedings

(no, it's not the mobsters, the mexicans, chinese, iraq, iran or afghanistan, it's not the Russians, Japanese, Vietnamese, It's not Laos or Cuba .... and we dare not call it what it is:  manipulation, coercion, extortion, racketeering, manipulation, profiteeering, etc...      But it is the parent to the masses, our Government (LLC) that is doing this.

5.)  Within a couple of weeks of having moved to the property in the German Township of Springfield Ohio, the Codes Department stated there were "numerous complaints" against me.   Those "numerous" complaints melted down to a solitary complaint and ended up being one very QUESTIONABLE unverifiable "complaint" since the data anyone would need to be able to verify the complaint is completely redacted out with a marker.  It is not known if the arguably unlawful redacting was made by the German Township or the Clark County Prosecutor  - wouldn't anyone find that unnecesarily antagonistic? 

Imagine someone coming to you and saying your under arrest because some person that you will never know made a complaint against would you know the claim was even real?   By all appearances, the complaint itself isn't even real (and certainly cannot be determined for authenticity since there's marker through all the relevant data.

6.) Initially, I immediately made numerous requests for the copies of the "numerous" complaints against me.  All were either ignored, in violation of FOIA (freedom of information act), FOIL (Freedom of information law), the "Sunshine Law" (seriously),  or whatever they're calling being open and honest this year.

However one time, prior to finally sending the redacted questionable complaint, the D.A. of Clark County in Springfield Ohio responded by sending incorrect Case Law of an irrelevant use of restricting common information.  In fact, the case law the D.A. sent was more in bolstering my claim for information as being allowable by law (the case law he sent to me showed redacting/obfuscating was permissable only when an underage child was involved. 

Unless an underage child made the solitary (aka numerous) complaint(s) against me, then it's lawful to be honest and open and I ought to be permitted to know and address the accuser (Was the accuser a neighbor (no.  I recorded conversations with the neighbors on both sides of me and two houses to the north).  The Codes Department stated it was my neighbors that made the complaints (which ended up being only one ... there seems to be the making of a pattern offender here.  Is the accuser real at all?  If the complaintant was underage, is it lawful for an underage person to file a complaint? And if so, at what age do they become enforcable?   Should a six-year old be the impetus behind the Codes Department's enforcement?   Since none of my immediate neighbors have underage children in their houses, how do we know this entire attack is not conjured up and unwarranted by the same entity that told the apparent misinformation claiming my neighbors at the root of the evil?


What would we do without cameras in a political clime-crime such as this?

Watch Drive-by, (with police escort, 2 ODOT vehicles, and not at liberty to say who was driving that little pickup preceding the Police): Play Recording

Misc. Notes concerning the simple request to address the allegation(s) against me:

In violation of the "Sunshine Law" a.k.a. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a.k.a. Freedom of Information Law (FOIL),   the repeated requests for information consisting of the “complaints” being waged against me had been arrogantly and antagonistically either ignored or responded with nonsense codes and law from un-related other areas including child-protection laws.

Initially those that receive money from us via taxation, fees, fines, licenses, etc. had stated that the numerous complaints against me were coming from my neighbors. 
I took the initiative to record the conversations with each of the neighbors within 300 yards of my location.   Apparently another official has fabricated a lie
, and as of a few months ago my petition can be found on the USGov Site to join the signatures of tens of thousands of others that have also signed, giving reasons that are valid, to repeal the immunity clause for government officials regardless of whether or not they are proven to be abusive of their privileges for personal gain or otherwise.    

After much ado, whether authentic or not, only one solitary REDACTED document was sent in response to my legal request.      That solitary complaint  was illegally REDACTED and made of no avail.   In other words, they sent a paper with black marker through the information so that one would not even be able to ascertain whether the "complaint" was real at all.  Is this what the workers are programmed to do?  Violate our National law without fear of criminal proceedings against themselves (immunity clauses, once repealed, could cause a great many to pay dearly for their thoughtless error in mindless chain of command mentality).

George Degenhart works for the German Township in Springfield Ohio as a Codes Enforcer, he hasn't any legal right to threaten people
                 exploitation by means of threats, of causing harm through utilizing criminal proceedings, monetary forfietures, investigations,  or other intrusions via mail, telephone, etc.
 George Degenhart is an Codes Enforcer and has limited functions.  

To make matters worse,  the very inspector is the one that is guilty of the very things he's accused me of.

1.)   He and his wife were/are running an illegitimate business

2.) The business is being operated out of their detached garage

              a home-based business must be from within the living space itself and cannot be a detached building, according to his  own codes book

3.)  The Degenhart's had/have a sign for their illegitimate business right above the garage door

                               yet a sign permit could not be found. 

verb: Racketeering

definition: Often associated with organized crime, is the act of offering of a dishonest service (a "racket") to solve a problem that wouldn't otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service.

Racketeering as defined by the RICO act includes a list of 35 crimes.