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Some History.

  What prompted my needing to replace the monopolies and free myself from being stressed out at the mailbox for electricty, water, sewer, and gas monopoly bills was an occurrence with a quasi-governmental company called FGUA.   Now FGUA had come to our Florida town and took over several water plants.   When they did, my community as a whole received some VERY outlandish bills for water which were completely and obviously extreme.   See, here's the game, they sent everyone bills for water with a slightly higher fee for that water.  But that's not the profiteering racket, raising prices seems to be the norm anyway with these types of capitalists.   No, the real damage came due to their having claimed a higher usage.   For instance, my computer repair shop that had been receiving the same amount of variable water for years suddenly would have to have a 40foot pool in the back yard for what the water company was claiming we used.  Remember, this was ACROSS THE BOARD TO EVERYONE IN OUR COMMUNITY.   Remember how Enron was played out?   This is a similar game, it's a numbers game, and how it works is that 1in10 will not do anything but complain but will pay it (cha-ching), another 1 in 10 will die before they can do anything about it and their direct-deposit payment will ensure that the overage is not rectified (cha-ching), and another 1 in 10 will become incarcerated before they can make that call to rectify the overage...don't laugh, statistically speaking it's a fact that our once-free nation now incarcerates more of its own people than most all other countries combined (cha-ching cha-ching), 1 in 10 people will become ill or hit by a car or any number of possible deterrents from prompt action and their direct-deposit will ensure that the monopoly keep their un-earned profits (cha-ching).   I can go on for two days with all the myriad of possible assurances availed to the monopolies that wrong is right.   See, even if half of the people remain stout through the phone-buffers and public relations group of the monopoly in an effort to rectify THEIR wrong, and even if that half get their money back, the other half that died or simply paid it off because they were too busy to notice paid for the one half that persevered (the rest leftover is simply sheer profit for the house).

One of the neighbors within my community affected by the gross overage caused by FGUA was an old man.   That old man owned a busy custom tire store on US19 and had just prior to the overage returned to his store to receive the ridiculous bill for water, water he could not possibly have used.   We're not talking a few hundred gallons in my case, it was a few thousand gallons overage, whereas my poor neighbor stood proud though he was visibly not recuperated and told the monopoly he simply would not pay!   For weeks he had to come to my store to get water, and not just him!    In Florida, the predominant number of people there are on fixed-incomes due to their age, soon after FGUA sent our community those bills a number of people simply were put out of their homes (this is not an exageration, I even contemplated leaving at that time).

So this might be the long-winded version of why I ended up wanting to rid my life of monopoly control as much as possible, but I feel it's necessary to extend the understanding that the first blow is always from the monopoly control.   The overage prompted me to go down to Harbor Freight to purchase a 110v water pump, Home depot for miscellaneous pipes and filters, and began to read and watch the videos on how to create your own well (and to my surprise, there was already a well on the property!).   My area of Florida is only 6 feet above sea level and the aquifer that runs under our community is only about 30 feet to clean water, so with the aid of the well pump, water became free!!!!

Solar and Wind Energy Springfield Ohio

Solar and Wind Energy Springfield Ohio

Solar and Wind Energy Springfield Ohio

Solar and Wind Energy Springfield Ohio

HOWANDEVER, the monopoly still sent us a bill each and every month even though we discontinued using their "product" and declined their "service".   That's right, the plutocrats instituted a new "law" allowing the monopolies to send you and I a bill for no product and no service.   The friendly epithet is referred to as an "availability of service fee".   Can you imagine that?   I was furious and simply had to find a way to get rid of this chain of manipulation, profiteering and racketeering.  My Bible says "be ye separate" and "let thine own cisterns water thee" but the powers that be stated it was a law that I must give them money every month for nothing.

So what did I do?    Well as luck would have it, I refused to pay it.   I was renting that building and told the owner he can evict me but I refuse to be extorted.   For fear of a Lien by the monopoly over his property, the landlord paid (cha-ching).   The Bible says "fear is NOT of God", but this landlord like most was lined up with the rest of the cattle to the slaughter (in my opinion).    AND, as luck would have it, God sent a storm that knocked down the ceiling and roof and flooded the building which was my cue to leave ";-)   I had been contemplating leaving anyway because of this fgua issue and saw the storm as something from a higher decision-maker.


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