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100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Each project here in Springfield Ohio was primarily accomplished pro-the micro needs required at the time.  As an example, when it was found that the modem/router/server was potentially dragging down the "main" battery bank,  it was time to devote a battery bank, charge controller, and solar array JUST for the modem/router/server's use.  A larger problem was that of the security system.  In this building alone there are a 24camera dvr and 5 micophones that record day and night and every minute in between.  The security system alone pulls over 20 amps!!!  If going off-grid and needing a security system, consider non-ptz cameras, non-infrared, and non-powered external cases.  I'm living in the exact opposite of my advice.   The thing about cameras is that if they are ptz cameras,  and regardless of whether or not they are on the scan mode, or the batch playback mode, or whether they are just in fixed mode, the nicer cameras are not going to be 12v.   The higher voltage now forces the need for an inverter (boo).

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant in Springfield Ohio

Having the battery banks not bulked together, lessened unfortunate surprises.
The use of micro-power stations decreased incidents of panic (low battery power at critical times).  With less continual high draw imposed on the battery, allowed for a healthy battery that rarely falls below 12.4v by morning (that's a good thing).

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant in Springfield Ohio

Springfield Solar and Wind

Scattered within this prose are pictures and comments of items that may become of interest to anyone looking to change their lifestyle, hunker down, get closer to God, be free of a monthly bill,  untether and unbeholden to another entity, or whatever other reason one might have to become closer toward self-sufficiency.

Solar electricity was the chosen alternative in Springfield Ohio, despite the new laws stipulating all sorts of inspections and fees that pretty much put a damper on improving our world, our lives,  and the improvement of existing technologies.   So rather than place the solar panels on the roof as my military helper was free to do for me down in Florida,

I've had to resort to other means of using the property in Ohio.

The amount of panels seen above and below, were enough to go off-grid in Florida.  Not so, in Ohio.  Ohio's lack of sun and wind equates to more expense due to the need for more panels, batteries, wire, controllers, inverters, ad nauseaum, to compensate for the lack.

Below are the early Ohio installations, still no trackers as of yet.

The free-standing unit below does not track.

The photo below showing the new installation for a 48v array.

Most of the solar arrays here are 48v and require special charge controllers referred to as MPPT (maximum power point technology).  MPPT allows charging a 12v, 24v, or 48v battery bank regardless of what configuration the solar panels are in.

The bus with over two thousand watts-worth of panels, installed as adjustable awnings and roof-covering atop the bus.

Late Night Notes:
I'm editing this website at 4:40am, the lights are on, the desktop computer is on, the firewood stove fans are on, the security system and microphones and cameras and freezer and monitors, etc. operate free of charge without any damage to our breathable air or drinkable water (as opposed to nuclear and other monopoly-powered plants).

However, this property is not entirely untethered from the monopoly electricity yet, there's a 220v well pump that needs to be replaced with a lower volt pump.
Regardless if there's any grid energy used, the monopoly still sends a bill.  The monopoly powers call this fee an, "availability of service fee".  Too bad we citizens cannot institute the same fee right back at them for our services that don't get used!

  Most of the lighting at this location is comprised of 12v not from the 110v grid.   The lighting is 12v lighting from a 12v power source (batteries), which has numerous advantages over 12v from the 110v grid, or via an inverter.

When plugging an item in an ON-grid scenario, you pay for electricity you will never be able to use.
For instance, plugging in a 5v or 12v phone or light into a 110v wall socket is immediate loss (and potential early termination of your appliance or phone, etc.) due to the step-down device incorporated into either your power adapter, or the device/appliance itself,  which tends to fail.

Direct current has much less loss.


If you're thinking of venturing off grid, the adjustment isn't so traumatic as one might pre-suppose.    The hardest part will be standing before the judgment of others, those that rule us for our every action and undertaking.   It is they that hold us down from being able to freely to do good for ourselves, and our  community.   Many fall to the wayside at this hurdle.

Power Splitters and Connectors

It takes only one member of a family tree to make virtually forever electric power for generations to come (long after that member becomes deceased).

Solar panels aren't prone to fail.   I've lost one in over a decade....a tree had to fall on it at the Crow's property located 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio.
Broken panel due to Crow TreeBroken panel due to Crow Tree
However, the loss showed me just how durable the panels really are.   Only ONE panel broke!

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Is off-grid electricty stable?
In a word, absolutely!

Since I generally work in the field of electronics, there's much that requires stable electricity around me.   Computers, lights, security cameras, freezer, dvr, server, modem/router, and more run for free, as already stated.   

About the only item you'll ever need to replace in an off-grid power system are the batteries (every 5 or more years expect those batteries to begin to depreciate).  
Contrast the investment with the yearly amount you will have thrown away to an entity that may bribe "lobbyists" that bring bagfuls of money to "our" representatives (curtailing their better ethics, manipulating their decisions), and you have aided and abetted your own demise as the monopoly raises its rates at will, and send your children off to fight their wars. 

Choose to leave something behind on this earth that will outlive you and me, and you might not be so easily forgotten after your death.

 Monocrystalline Solar Panel $169.00 each offering approx. 5amps +.

100w Solar Panels100w Solar Panels

Troy Road Springfield Ohio Solar Panel Connection

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant in Springfield Ohio

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant in Springfield Ohio

As it turned out, the inability for me to "legally" place the panels on the roof as I was free to do down in Florida, turned into a blessing....bye-bye snow.

Just say no to snow (photos show snow easily removed)

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Our Nation CAN do Better!

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