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The amount of panels seen below, was close enough to go off-grid in Florida.   However in Ohio now, that is a different story (so expect more expense, time, and some frustration if going that route).
Solar and Wind Energy Springfield Ohio

Columbia Gas was ousted a couple of years ago after they pulled a fast one on the bill.     So by their antics the money invested in their monopoly allows for a re-diverted investment also.
Initially the gas monopoly was merely being disconnected for the spring/summer months.  However after the gas company was unable to send one of their field persons to come and disconnect the service, rather waiting for a solitary DAY into the next billing cycle, the monopoly was able to obain another amount of money due to the disconnect running into another billing cycle (and I hate being extorted, manipulated, coerced, and the such).   So now that the gas monopoly is gone, I've been able to purchase new types of metals that I might not have invested in prior.   Some of the discoveries I may reveal here were not gleaned from the internet; rather via sundry experiments that appear to be solid (so I'll disclose what appears to work and what appears to be capitalistic hoaxes throughout that which follows).

I'd like to address this primarily here.  
I'm editing this at 4:40am, the lights are on, the desktop computer is on (and more) but it's free to run these things.
I am not completely untethered from the monopoly electricity yet, there's a couple of items that are needing some attention (for instance the 220v well pump).

About the only bill I haven't felt comfortable parting with  yet,  is the Internet bill.   But aside from the internet, the electric bill still plagues my mailbox each and every month (even if we didn't use any of their electricity they would still be sending a bill.  The monopoly powers call this an "availability of service fee".   Imagine if we could also do that back at them!).

However the profiteering electricity prices are surely ever-present in my mind and up for recurring consideration.

Scattered within this prose are pictures of items that may become of interest to anyone looking to change their lifestyle, hunker down, get closer to God, be free of a monthly bill,  untether and unbeholden to another entity, or whatever other reason one might have to become closer toward self-sufficiency.

The electricity within this 3-car garage is supplied via solar panels, a wind generator, and batteries.  

The lighting within the garage is comprised of 12v not from the 110v grid.  
The lighting is 12v lighting from a 12v power source (batteries), which has numerous advantages over 12v from 110v grid brought to you by a capitalist.

I'll first mention some of the benefits of:   "Let thine own cisterns water thee" and "Be ye separate"

If you're thinking of venturing off grid, the adjustment isn't so traumatic as one might pre-suppose.    The hardest part will be standing before the judgment of others, those that rule us, and milk us for everything we're worth, for our every action and undertaking.   It is they that hold us down from being able to freely to do good for our community.   Many fall to the wayside or give up and choose drugs to escape the trapped scenarios forced upon us by the few (the same few that enjoy a better standard of living than the rest of us because we finance it in one way or another).

First, Let's talk about the solar avenue.

Solar works forever.   In fact, it only takes one member of a family tree to make forever electric power for generations to come (long after that member becomes deceased).  
Solar panels aren't prone to fail.   I've lost one in over a decade....a tree had to fall on it at the Crow's property located 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio.
However, the loss showed me just how durable the panels really are.   Only ONE panel broke!

Is off-grid electricty stable?
In a word, yes.

Since I generally work in a field of electronics, there's much that requires stable electricity around me.   Computers, lights, security cameras, freezer, dvr, server, modem/router, and more run for free with no added input required.   

About the only item you'll ever need to replace in an off-grid power system are the batteries (every 5 or more years).  
Contrast the investment with the yearly amount you will have thrown to an entity that may bribe "lobbyists" that bring bagfuls of money to "our" representatives (curtailing their better ethics, manipulating their decisions, and you have aided and abetted your own demise). 

Choose to leave something behind on this earth that will outlive you and me and you might not be so easily forgotten after your death (as a nobody that just did like everybody else in the grave).

One study I'm trying to indulge in, is ensuring that information be readily available (even after my death).   After we die, everything about us also leaves with us sooner or later, and has been the standard for zillions already in the cemeteries.    My latest quest is to ensure that not death nor fire will erase some data I would like to have available to the earth everlasting.

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