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Find or develop a means to "Let thine own cisterns water thee".
A well seems to work well.   And without a water bill every month have allowed for the funds to remedy changes necessary to using that water.   Take it from me, this needs to be priority ONE.

In a word, Nematodes.

If you're thinking of venturing off grid, the adjustment isn't so traumatic as one might pre-suppose.   However, there are some very real needful adjustments that will NEED to be addressed.  

Having used my self as the test population (LOL),  I first feel compelled to tell you about those pesky nematodes.

I pretty much know my body.  I don't go to doctors that proscribe medications that desensitize or detract from my own immune system and therefore feel more sensitive to arising issues (thereby able to counteract a bit more quickly).   It seems I don't get sick like all the others around me so without being conclusive, I'm leaning on the lack of doctor visits as being the premise and the result.

One day I was feeling bloated.  No big deal, I ate cheese.  But then it went on for over a week.  Along with the bloat came the lack of energy (which is usually something not lacked).  

I pondered having eaten after the cat on a pan that was forgotten to be washed.   I thought about my diet and intake of tobacco (yes, I am aware tobacco is in vogue to be known as bad.  Consider that in my youth, unlike some of the readers of this writ, we were fed with media PROGRAMMING consisting of cartoons to market cigarettes to us.  Consider that in my youth there was still debate since "9 out of 10 Doctors preferred to smoke".    So what was taking my energy?  I considered cancer, old-age, the weather, etc. as the cause for my sudden lack of energy but wasn't convinced.

Those pesky nematodes did this to me.
Since I brush my teeth with the untreated/unfiltered water, there's one way they invaded me.

If you are using water straight from the well, or other source that is unfiltered, you will need to address this NEMATODE issue.

As gross as it might sound, it's actually really amazing that there are some nematodes that ONLY prefer human hosts!    So when it first was realized, I felt super-popular because it felt like a five pound baby in my stomach~!

Let's jump right in to the cure.   It's not always possible to cleanse our water intake, so the following is a need-to-know for all off-gridders (or campers, hunters, fugitives, etc.)

 Here's what worked almost immediately:  Garlic and Coconut Oil.   It's all I had on hand but it worked and resulted in a sudden boost.

The garlic works best if smashed and allowed to sit for 15 minutes (that's just something I read on the internet though, so it's variable until one of my alter-egoes fully tests this theory).
However I followed the direction and smashed some garlic and let it sit for 15 minutes before chewing and swallowing.   The effects were almost invigorating (I must have had a lot of nematodes in that water!).   Then it was off to the wood-burning stove to make some tea.   Tea is not part of the cure though, it was my personal choice for ingesting the coconut oil.

Other cures should also be considered:

Diatomaceous Earth (food-grade only) and this stuff is amazing for apparently just about everything in diverse areas of our lives.  Swallow some till you feel better.  A shovel a day ought to get it.
Pumpkin seeds are said to paralyze the cling-on nematode type, so eat them.

Coconut Oil is said to have a bunch of stuff to aid the riddance of nematodes from the body, put a shovel full in your tea....tastes good to me anyway.

There are some other seeds that are also advised but all I remember is that it is a purple edible thing.  If you know what that thing is, eat the seeds from it.   Okay I'm back to edit this, it's not purple, it's a papaya.   It is stated that the seeds from the papaya contain an enzyme that nematodes don't like.  Try it and get back to me on that one.

Coffee Enema (seriously, I'm not doing this one, but it is said to rid the area of which some anematodes lay their eggs...i.e. your butt).  So next time you see that dog dragging its butt across your carpet or leg, it probably has worms (nematodes) that it's wiping off.   Believe it or not, this particular nematode remedy was VERY detailed and lengthy of a process.   The steps involved are far beyond my time frame (and probably my comfort level, too).

Since contaminated water is the primary source of parasites in general, find a way to filter the water.   Reverse osmosis is my choice (not yet connected since I'm still trying to locate a 1" female connector from a garden hose that will reduce to 1/4" line of the reverse osmosis unit).  I also have a pre-filter that is of the type that can be simply cleaned/sterilized and re-used.  Filters are ridiculously over-priced so consider newer technology over the chains and tethers to the manufacturers of the temporary filter-types.   It is said that sand, charcoal, etc. will also filter water pretty good but that's not on the agenda for the time being.

fabhow.com is a good resource for your pesky nematode days.
The end of Water (for now).

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