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Wood Burner
The stove seen above is a fireplace insert being utilized as a free-standing heat and cook stove.  Placed directly on the concrete floor creates a long-lasting, slow to dissipate, thermal-assisted, heat source.

Thermal Mass

During the first winter out here, I almost cracked.
The cold was unbearable and the former stove was inadequate in a number of ways, least of which was its size that failed to create enough heat.

The photo below shows the side-view of the stove sitting somewhat squarely on the concrete slab. It is 30degrees outside but holding your had to the concrete floor in this building is warm to the touch.

The Concrete becomes warmed by the stove resulting in less need to keep the stove fully stocked with wood.

Larger than normal pieces

Unless cooking, or during times of needing a quick temperature increase, larger pieces of wood will save money during the winter. Larger pieces, like whole unsplit logs will burn all night without having to get up every 3 or 4 hours to feed more wood into the stove.
Smaller pieces require more effort to fill a stove, and since smaller pieces have more exposed area, the burn is quick, hot, and short-lived.
Typically, a firewood vendor over-splits the wood for a number of reasons, least of which is the fact that over-split wood gives the appearance of more wood since more area is required to stack. Whereas, if your wood supply is stout in larger pieces, you get more wood for your money.

Safety First

When seeking to engineer your own stove to suit your own purposes, safety is a factor you'd not want to dismiss.

Consider the advantages of an ash pan that can be removed and dumped without requiring that the door to the firebox be repeatedly opened to manually shovel out the ash build-up. When opening the door numerous times exposes the surrounding area with more ash and toxic gases.

The fireplace seen below shows the tray beneath the firebox that is simply pulled from the unit and carried outside to dump (later finding its way to the garden).

Properly functioning damper

The stove shown within this webpage did not come with any sort of damper built into the unit. Without a damper, the heat rushes up the chimney and is forever lost *but also without a damper your life could also be lost as in the form of a fire hazard!

The damper shown below was found at a garage sale and welded in place.


Properly functioning draft control

When both the damper (seen above) and draft control (seen below) are both turned to their lowest setting, the wood burns little flame allowing a long overnight burn. Caution should be taken to not close the damper too much otherwise gases will have no choice but to find a way in the living area.   Between the two controls, one can tailor the heat.

Heat circulation

Having a large open space requires much less work to deliver the heat to all areas.

As seen in the photo below, the dial is used to control the speed of a couple of fans that are incorporated into the stove's void.  The void which surrounds the firebox contains the hot air that the fans push into the living area.

The air chamber void is completely sealed from the actual firebox, which is literally suspended in the stove making it a box in a box.

  The old adage of just keeping it simple holds true with circulating your heat. Less parts needed equates to less money required and less things that could go wrong.

Off-Grid Eatery

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Our Nation CAN do Better!

Preface    Batteries   Brick   Wood Stove    Solar    Controllers and Inverters    Generator    Lifestyle    Security    Lighting    Water    Wind    History    Walkway

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