This website is being developed in regards to the unprovoked blacklisting, hacking/tampering, and termination of personal property caused by Spectrum.   Herein Spectrum is used interchangeably for all it's other names, including Spectrum, a.k.a Time Warner, a.k.a Charter Group, a.k.a. Road Runner, a.k.a. Bright House, and any other name that the monopoly may be using.
FCC Ticket No. 2077867

This Webpage is commenced on January 10, 2018 and is not yet complete.

Destruction of Personal property

Spectrum/Charter Internet Provider Negligence

The following will include Proof of statement.   For a copy of complete full conversations, email

Even if Spectrum's second excuse or statement is to be believed (that arris told them to do it), Arris adamantly refute the Spectrum Claim altogether

Arris states NO UPDATES AVAILABLE for their modem
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It sure looks like Arris is telling the truth,
Arris Website - No Drivers or UpdatesArris Website - No Drivers or Updates (even for their own manufactured version of the modem which is the topic of this page)

But enough of this Spectrum blaming Arris farce because....

I DON'T EVEN OWN AN ARRIS MODEM in the first place!

My Motorola modem series was designed and developed PRIOR TO ARRIS' buyout of the Motorola series modem and contained at least a couple of features that the Arris modem does not contain, those features are not to be construed as "bugs", as the Spectrum Agent made reference to.  Those features are:

1.) The ability to reboot the modem (locally or remotely)
2.) The ability to flash the modem back to factory condition

There were physical differences between the modems also.
Here is whas the Arris modem looks like (click to enlarge):
Arris Modem 1st photoArris Modem    Arris Modem 2nd photoArris Modem
This is what my MOTOROLA modem looks like (click to expand):
Motorola Modem 1st photoView 1 of my modem    Motorola photo 2View 2 of my modem

The software contained in each of the modems is markedly different also

The Arris modem hasn't any useful features aside from being a simple stripped-down version of my modem, it was merely an intermediary device that allowed no user control.

This is what my Motorola modem's software looked like before the damaging actions caused by Spectrum:
My modem's software before hackThis is my modem's software before the Spectrum Hack, Photo 1
My modem's software before hack 2This photo shows both features eliminated by Spectrum Tampering
Spectrum admit and acknowledge that they removed these features from my PERSONAL property, then they confess that it was Arris software that was involved, then blame arris for telling them to do it!~
Even if I HAD an arris modem, I am highly upset that these monopoly types can feel so righteous in hacking other property that they do not own.   Can they manipulate an entire community to suddenly need to replace modems and thereby increase the sales from a friend at Best Buy?
If they can do it to my modem (which isn't running some fly-by-night software, it's BSD and LINUX that they hacked through; that in itself is very disturbing to know now due to another somewhat related past issue).

Rather than offering to remedy the situation, the arrogant monopoly sends 5 different bills in less than 3 weeks (with 5 different amounts)

How do we get so many different priced bills all in the same month?  *for no service and no product

Below are the myriad of bills that the monopoly responded with (as opposed to a humane apology letter).   Notice the prices are all over the place and that their expectations are for NON-service (*The same day that the monopoly's modem arrived in the mail is the same day that I called to inquire how I was summarily added to three blacklists instaneously without cause or justification whatsoever and that I would try my modem and see if that changes anything, otherwise I need to cancel because your (spectrum) service would not be good for me (or anyone summarily added to a secret blacklist).  The blacklists affect most search engines from wanting to count my server's websites.   Being on a blacklist is damaging to anyone, whether business or private (I started a website years ago when spectrum was using a different alias, that being Time Warner.  Adding people to blacklists are apparently accomplished without the Nation's Judiciary, monopoly is the intermediary, and by all counts, were at one time illegal).
There had been no service received, but in came the odd bills
 1st bill for no service or productNovember 20, 2017 - $89.97 1st bill for no service or product 
later in the week came another bill, this one with a different price
 2nd bill for no service or product; different price nowNovember 26, 2017 - $94.48 2nd bill; different price 
then another, with yet another price
 3rd bill for no service or productDecember 1, 2017 - $122.97 3rd bill; another price  
  And still another bill for  yet another amount
 4th bill for no service or productDecember 19, 2017 - $167.96 4th bill and yet another price  
8 days later I am threatened for non-PAYMENT (even though there had been less hours used than one has digits on their hand; that which ended with negative impact i.e. 3 illegal unwarranted blacklists against the IP address from Spectrum)
Delinquent AccountDecember 27, 2017 Threat of Deliquent (profiteering?)  
5th bill for no service and no product Spectrum

Keep in mind that I've thus far not received any of my end of our agreement!   The very same day the spectrum modem arrived I am recorded as saying to the spectrum agent over the phone that if we can't remedy the faulty blacklisting then I'll have to cancel this service,  there's nothing I can do with the state in which you're delivering it to me.   There is actually another strangely similar incident that occurred years prior to Time Warner having changed its name to Spectrum.   The account I started writing years ago is in it's virtually pristine nature in which I left it, and recorded it here (for anyone that wants to read more into how blacklisting is an unprovoked attack and causes obvious damage against another person or group):

 Again, Arris did not even make my modem, nor did they do what Spectrum/Charter evolved to claiming.

When one entity controls our only option for our preferred means of communications, our nation is at risk.   If they can take my system down (which runs on BSD and Linux) then is it not coneivable that the solitary entity can take down an entire community the same way?   What about our nuclear weapons or our nuclear power plants?  What operating systems do you think run those critical areas of our nation's infrastructure?  Hint: It's not microsoft or macintosh.  It's systems that have always been presumed to be safer; and now we have "our" internet providers exploiting that last bastian.

Nationalize the monopolies, let's use our military for something good for a change!

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