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Sidney Ohio Theft of Macbook Pro Laptop Theft in Sidney, Ohio

Any information, Please Contact:  Melissa Ostrander  (502) 819-7916

On September 17, 2017 at 2:30pm


As a mom of 4 pursuing my first degree in college, free time is limited. 
I rely on my laptop to complete my classes via the web in the evenings.

    Like most, all of my pictures are stored on my computer (births, milestones, vacations, soccer games, etc.)
     I am not interested in involving the court system; I just need my computer back.

The Theft:
On September 17, 2017 at 2:30pm my family and I were traveling home from a week-long vacation in MI.

We stopped at McDonald's (a rarity) in Sidney, OH  to eat and stretch. Upon returning to our car, the passenger side door was unlocked.
At first, we thought nothing of it,  but upon driving away the child safety locks engaged, the passenger door lock vibrated, made a terrible jamming sound, and refused to lock.
We were back on the road at 3:00pm.

Upon arriving home approximately 3 hours later, we discovered my Macbook Pro was nowhere to be found.
It became evident that it was stolen from our car while were eating.

   We called the police and filed a report. 
The officer instructed me to call pawn shops around town.      I did so, but was more or less given the runaround.
I also took it upon myself to call repair shops. (And by some fluke, stumbled upon Springfield Computer Repair!)

My oldest son is required to access all of his school assignments via the web, as he attends a cyber school program.
Without this computer, he is unable to complete his work without distress.

Mac Book Pro Stolen in Sidney Ohio Sidney Ohio Theft

We are a family of six on one income.
Purchasing another computer is not an option for us at this time.
I have made the choice to go back to school and complete my degree. While it's an investment in my family's future, it is financially straining for us.

Photos contained on the laptop

 When I was 14, my mother died suddenly and all of my childhood photos were lost forever. For this reason, I take pictures of everything my kids do. Every trip we take, every soccer game, every swim meet, random afternoon walks, milestones, the sweet and peaceful home births of my last two babies, my wedding (that grandma attended just before she passed away), quiet and profound moments I never want to forget. I even take my kids' yearly school photos.

I do not have the opportunity to look at childhood pictures of my siblings, myself as a child, or my mothet before she died. But I don't want my kids to lose the opportunity of reminiscing their childhood; reassessing the images as they get older.

Please do not take this away from us; from them..

Stolen Mac Book Pro Laptop Sidney, OH

Anything else?  Contact me directly at the number listed below.

Additional Info-
My computer's shift button tends to stick.

On the bottom of my laptop, there are four black, circular nonstick adhesives (standard), one is missing.

There is a DVD in the laptop.

It is password protected and is in lock-mode.
Macbook Pro Stolen Sidney Ohio
Contact owner directly:  Melissa Ostrander (502) 819-7916 , call or text

Sidney Ohio City Record:  SUNDAY September 17, 2017

Police Record

Reported-6:59 p.m.: theft. Melissa Dotson, 32, of Jefferson, Indiana, reported the theft of an Apple Mac Book Pro, valued at $2,500, at McDonald’s on Michigan Street.


  Theft in Springfield, Ohio

Any information, Please Contact:  Kenny Hendrick (937) 718-3586

On or about November 17, 2017 at 2:30pm

These are some photos of my stolen chainsaw
Click to expand photos
Stolen Springfield Chainsaw     Stolen Springfield Chainsaw Stolen Springfield Chainsaw   Stolen Springfield Chainsaw  
Stolen Springfield Chainsaw
There were two men that arrived with a jailhouse tablet (yes, some prisons allow inmates that can afford the purchase of a tablet).   Their request was that I recover the data from the locked tablet and that they would return the following day for the item.  Neither men were able to give me a phone number and expressed that they were in a hurry to go rent a chainsaw.  I replied that if you are coming back tomorrow that they could go ahead and borrow my chainsaw.
They never returned.
One of the Theives:
Jerry Smith of OhioThis is one of the two thieves of the chainsaw.
His name is Jerry Smith
He has a prison inmate number  A696999 and has been recently released from his cell (about a year?).
I called the parole board and received this reply: parole board reply

  I called the police and filed a report. 
  Officer J. Johnson #494 took the report.

Additional Info-
It's a two-stroke engine.

Any information, Please Contact:  Kenny Hendrick (937) 718-3586


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