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Made With Trash

Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump trailers-full of masonry and dirt.     The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in town.
Of the huge amount of debris were salvaged 2 types of brick; all were solid brick with the exception of about 100 figure 8 brick.

Cat pondering if the mirror ought to be placed as shown.
One tough cat

Below is a picture of the guy that made the walls happen.    Without him I would probably not have had any mortar at all.   
Due to the graces of this guy, I have mortar ";-)

The stone shown below is very heavy.  There's about 8 or 10 more pieces but they are smaller than this one pictured.  The chest that this stone is resting upon is about 4foot in length.    It will be interesting to see what this rock will polish to.   I'd say that cut rock is about 120 pounds or more (probably more).    This will be the piece that the seat will be cut from as one solid rectangle slab.    The seat will be 10 inches wide by 33 inches in length.   What's left over will join the rest of the rock and be installed atop the walls as a capstone with overhang on both sides of the wall to allow for more things to be safely stored on top of the walls.
One piece of heavy stone available

This is the stone.  It looks small(ish) in the photos.  The largest piece sitting on the chest is 43 inches in length.
Since the seat for the shower area is only going to be 10 inches deep and 33 inches long I only applied a preliminary cleaning to the area in which will be installed (the left side of the rock).
This stone is 43 inches in length
This would be a super nice slab of rock if it had a high polish to it.
Preliminary Cleaning of rock slab
Future rock Seat
This shows the cut edges of the slab.  However the BROKEN edges look much better.   I'd prefer to use a chisel but all the diamond-tip chisels have left me a long time ago.   The saw-cut will have to do.
The rest of the stone
Since the captsones for the entirety of the walls is only 5 or 6 inches wide (haven't made up my mind as to whether there should be one inch overhang on both sides or a little more overhang), this should be enough stone to cap it all.
The cap will allow more things to be stored atop the wall safely.   Although I can place a bucket on the wall without worrying about it falling over now, a wider base would be more practical.
The rest of the stone

Although it doesn't look like much now, I think this capstone is going to give a whole popping experience for the eyes when complete.

Now if I can only locate a saw that will cut this crap.   It's very dense hard rock (not like sandstone or pumise rock).


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