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Don't Eat Flies

Off-Grid ain't fer Sissies. Now eat your flies and stop complaining.

Lesson Learned


If Dirt were Crap

Springfield Dump Site accepts all bio


Great Deals for Springfield

Clark County Free Online Post

Save Springfield

Thoughts of an evolved forward-thinking aim.

My idea?

Rent a car and be available when we need a flipping taxi!

Computer Repair

Springfield Ohio Computer Repair

Available everyday 11am-6pm

Solar and Wind

Off-Grid Solar Panel and Solar Panel Kit Shop Springfield.

Off-Grid Creations of Springfield Ohio

America, Alive and Well!

Made in America and Proud of it.

We can choose to waste our lives griping (and getting nowhere), or recoup those hours wasted to doing something else with that time.

Help our Nation.

Operation Coercion

Facebook Censors and manipulates

Censorship Blots out our eyes

and alienates our intellect

Made with Trash

Made with Trash is about turning debris into Practicality.

After separating the used brick from the debris, a wall was born.



Wash my Hands!?

Kenny and Wutang whatchamacallit.

What if the virus isn't here for my hands?

Clark County Scanner

Clark County Ohio Police

After listening to this Police Scanner for a few weeks it's clear, the police do more good than bad any day of the week.

Try it, you be the Judge.


Missori's Mickey and her off-grid Blog.

It's what's for Dinner.

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