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Springfield Ohio Post 2019 Community Publication

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Bellbrook High School
Arts and Crafts Show


Bellbrook Highschool Art and Crafts Show

The Lioness Club Presents

The Bellbrook High School

Springfield Solar and Wind
New Solar Arrival

Unique Custom Solar Arrays found only in Springfield Ohio's Source for Solar.

Whether one panel on a pole, or 4 on an awning, it's probably here
(or will be built to your specifications).

Up,Up, Gone
Made into Trash

The weather
in Springfield Ohio is pretty exciting sometimes.
It's worth some broken stuff to have these storms break up the monotony of an otherwise boring day...or week.

Computer Repair
Springfield Ohio Computer Repair

Laptop and Desktop Pc Repair in Springfield Ohio.

Life on Battery Acid!
Off-Grid Shop

It may not seem like much to anyone else, but this metals-trick will keep your connectors sulfation-free and more!

community crime stopper

This is a story of one of the good guys.
His name is Mark Enos and I consider him a good guy mostly because he managed to get my chainsaw back ';-) Thanks Mark!

Remote Control KILL
Save the Americans!

Did you know that the Internet Providers can send you to the store?
No seriously, they can do just that.
If you should come home one day and find your modem, router, or some other online device no longer working, give this page a glance before following that carrot down to their store.

Don't Eat Flies
Off-Grid ain't fer Sissies

The mouse ate the poison. The maggots came out of the mouse and turned into flies. I ate the flies.

I hate them flies, the mouse, and the poison.

Great Deals

There's no charge to list your item on this site.

MagicJack is the Bomb!
MagicJack Industry

Imagine a phone bill that only comes to your door 1 (one) time per year.

Now imagine the bill is only $35.00 for unlimited calls, call waiting, caller id, voicemail, robot-screening (no spam calls allowed), and more. Vive La MagicJack!

Don't Panic
Online Security illusion

I've been hacked!

Pre-Publication, First Draft

And we all Fall Down
Model Nation?

Rolling past some censorship is a murder, then another, then another...

Enough said.

Google Monsters
Google Monster

Has anyone noticed that whenever we Americans create something good, that polity completely perverts the operation for their own gain?

This type of rule kills incentive to excel, wouldn't you say? Take Google for instance...

America CAN do Better!

Is Yandex the New Google?

Springfield Ohio Post Top Bots

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Did You Know

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Save Springfield Ohio
Save Springfield Ohio!

This is exactly what I mean when I say our education system should be doling out inventers and creators but instead, all we get is employees for somebody else's idea.

My idea? Rent a car and be available when we need a flipping taxi!

Deceptive Practices

I'd be drawn to court if I were lying when I say that the protected business industry are selling fakes.

What's Next?

U.S. Censorship

Forget about where the money went
(is going), we don't have time to chase ghosts right now. But for all of our safety's-sake we had better figure out how to come up with some revenue and fast.

Got a dollar? (or better yet, $23 Trillion dollars?)

Not a Scam?

I use NetSpend primarily due to a lack of current identification. That's my main reason for using NetSpend, lack of transportation and initiative are a close-second.

But boy does NetSpend ever suck.

Poor Nicole
Censorship in the U.S. has us re-doing this page

For legal reasons (and fear of a "legal" system) this content has been censored to leave out some details that might cause problems.

Your Mom is Next
Clark County Court in Springfield Ohio

Clear evidence that the Clark County Courts are possibly a fraud.

Read on and You Be the Judge.

Alimony, Seriously?
Alimony to somebody else's wife

I must have been more retarded when I was younger.

If I didn't pay alimony to somebody else's wife I'd have a killer battery-bank over here!

Made with Trash
Made with Trash

Springfield Ohio upgraded one of their hospitals. Brought to me were dump-trucks full of debris consisting of dirt, rock, and used brick with mortar still intact.

After separating the used brick from the debris, a wall was born.

Our Nation sure could use that Canadian Dollar