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Corona Virus

Statistics don't lie, People do

Sixth Draft

If I pass gas in China, can the fart choose to proliferate primarily in the U.S.?

And furthermore, how is it possible that my gas could Flourish in a distant foreign country moreso than where I was first standing?

My alter-ego said to throw in a more base example, so here goes:

If cookies are missing and you have several children, the kid with the crumbs in his hand is the likely culprit.

Taking into consideration that the public would know nothing if it were not for their PROGRAMMING, and further that all programming in the U.S. is brought to you by a capitalist venture (whether incorporated or not), the following shows the dismal facts (as far as our programming delivers to us).

I'm actually hoping that by publishing the following, someone can disprove and refute my finding.

The CoronaVirus ought to be dubbed, The American Virus

If the data being released to the public is legitimate, then my findings are that it is not likely that a virus can be born in China, but rather prefer to predominate and flourish in the USA.

April 10, 2020:

RĂ©union, Guinea, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Chad, Seychelles, CAR, Sao Tome and Principe, South Sudan, Western Sahara, Burundi, and about 20 other countries (almost exclusively african) have no deaths.

In fact, the entire continent of Africa only has 838 deaths at the time of this note. Africa has something like 59 countries within its borders.

How can this be possible?

Although the media moguls are propagating that blacks are affected to a greater degree, I find this an incredible claim, for the following reasons:

Rwanda no deaths

uganda no deaths

mozambique no deaths

eswatini no deaths

sierra leone no deaths

bhutan no deaths

April 11, 2020

Today the U.S. has considerably more confirmed coronavirus cases (about 4x more) than any other nation on the planet.

But How?

In addition to the Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus, the U.S. has more deaths attributed to the epidemic than any other nation on the planet also.

Grumble Note

My point being, that if there are blacks dying, are they in the U.S. predominantly? And if they are not dying proportionally to the Asians, Europeans, Latinos, and the rest of the races of the world, then blacks are simply resistant.

April 12, 2020

USA Number One

If the data is true, and void of any other external forces or variables, then we can conclude that the virus originated in the U.S.

And if so, beckons the question as to a good reason why the American public had to wait for a distant country of China to reveal the information of the novel virus to us?

However, on the other hand, we can not negate that we've lived in a capitalistic society all of our lives, and that the tactics to capitalize on any scenario is tempting.

In other words, explode the data and now the hidden money can be validated. For instance, will you or I be in a position to ever validate all the "stimulus" payments? Will any of us actually take any effort to verify all the respiratory devices and health-care purchases?

April 13, 2020

The entire African continent has only 838 dead from Coronavirus. The solitary country of North America, the U.S. at the very same moment in time has 21,299 dead from the virus (country vs continent/21,299 vs 838).

This isn't News?

Side Grumble

April 14, 2020

I found it unusual for the online statistics sites to avail all sorts of information concerning those affected by this new virus, available data such as country of origin, sex, age, previous health conditions, were all made available (as expected).

But what was peculiar was how ethnicity is not being revealed to the public.

But why not?

The new Corona Virus primarily affects non-blacks.

But that's not all I found. Aside from this new global pandemic disproportianally affecting non-blacks, It also appears (using the numbers and not my own intellect or pre-programmed skepticisms) that the virus would had to have derived from within the U.S.

April 29, 2020


Well we passed the million-mark. No other country in the world comes remotely close to the success of the virus in the U.S.

Death every minute

April 30, 2020

Today Africa is reporting a few more deaths. The numbers are still dramatically disproportional at 1,528 dead (in the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Africa!).

If you were to walk across every country in the entire flipping continent of Africa, you would die of exhaustion before finding a corona virus-related death over there.

Why would our PROGRAMMING leave this factoid out of the "news"?

Africa Death disproportionally least-affected

The numbers being gleaned from mostly government sites (as in .gov and .edu sites) are of course variable, but it's simply not possible that a virus could have derived in China (even if china is no longer playing the game by supplying actual daily figures to the staticians).

Another Grumble Note

May 4, 2020

Death every minute

In case I wasn't clear, something is not right with these figures

Is it possible that our Doctors and Nurses did not even determine the prior Coronavirus victims due to the virus being unknown to them prior to the China announcement?

I think it probable that America's first confirmed cases were overlooked and therefore left unreported (hard to test people that chose to be cremated upon death).

May 13, 2020

Only one Continent looks like this.

Death in the U.S.

It should be noted that I am the type to quiz my visitors on their thoughts and determinations about any given topic. As of late, it is of course the Corona Virus Topic that is discussed here.

The visitors I receive here are random. In other words I do not ordinarily see the same person twice (they arrive here usually to inquire about Solar or to have their Computer Repaired, etc.)

This randomness is telling because it means I see people from all walks of life, sometimes it's a cop, sometimes it's an attorney, sometimes it's a gamer, sometimes it's a business owner; for the most part it's just ordinary joes and janes that visit me.

The benefit of this randomness is that I receive Indian visitors, Blacks, Whites, some Latino and Asians, but all come with mindsets on whatever topic I might summarily feel like discussing.

I can tell when the vistior is of the majority (which is not usually a good thing in my opinion). The majority are receiving their programming from the same monopoly sources, so they all sound the same when offering their untested and usually unfounded determinations. They are simply regurgitating what they've been programmed. I know this because the majority use words that are the same from person to person, phrases that come from the majority are phrases "taught" to them by the television, radio, and printed media. So basically the majority will give me the corporate version (which I quickly bother to consciously disprove or discount as gutter-clutter in the limited spaces of my mind).

There can be no missing the majority mindset, their programming has them all spouting the same exact catch-phrases and determinations.

One thing is certain, the best rational and enlightening discussions I receive here are from those that don't subscribe to any programming, online social sites, and basically stay off the beaten wide road of predictable conformists.

Programming. It's not just for Computers anymore.

Death in the U.S.

We're Number One?

Instead of real news, our media P R O G R A M M I N G bothered to hit the loudspeaker to warn us all of a greater threat than the virus.

As it turns out, Citizen viewpoints and comments are the new enemy *(last year it was the war on drugs, the war against crime, the war on poverty, the war to end all wars, ad nauseaum and infinitum).

This year it's the war against citizen's "fake news".

Seems like monopolistic media need to censor themselves against fake news (seeing how they are doing it at a global scale more-so than the little people).

May, 18 2020

We have an incredible better chance of surviving in China where the virus started?

Sure China has more people than the U.S., so does India, but those two Nations are hunky-dory compared to the numbers affected here in the U.S. Media is still propagating the most odd stories, will they still be propagating those stories when the world deaths hit half-a-million dead?

As it stands now, there are thousands of us being censored off of the Internet. In fact, I've devoted more than a half-dozen pages just to the topic of the neo-politico,corpo censorship (seek and ye shall surely find).

Death every minute

At least one of my alter egos has mused that if the virus came from China, then it would have had to have been quickly shipped off to the U.S. exponentially.

Product Virus?

Oddly enough, this musing seems to hold more water than the mainstream version that corporate programming has been pumping into it's worshipers (that someone ate a bat or something...phhhtttt...Good God)

The following screenshot is dated back in March 12, 2020

What makes this screenshot significant is that the site is Chinese-Owned Alibabba/aliexpress. Yet check out the information the Chinese tell us, and indeed it's truly on the American CDC site (unless they take it off later).

The U.S.

Notice also that the Chinese are using the American CDC as their source for reason.

May 21, 2020

Statistically Speaking...

One solitary country of North America predominates.

The entire Continent of Africa (which is full of countries) is no match against the solitary Country of North America.

You might notice that China, India, Russia (and any other country that has more people than the U.S.) is not on this list.

I only comment on this due to someone having brought up the claim that, "Well the U.S. has more people (that's why we have more CoronaVirus Deaths)"

That variable of deaths per million is not a factor as seen by the graph containing the top dogs in the race to extinction";-)

wooo wooo, we're still Number One

Heading in the Wong direction?

Dying in America


Censorship Kingpins

Youtube Censors CitizensYoutube is abiding by directives to implement broad censorship
Facebook Censors CitizensFacebook is abiding by directives to implement broad censorship
Twitter Censors CitizensTwitter is abiding by directives to implement broad censorship

In fact, just about all major American social sites such as yahoo, google-plus (before they bailed on the work of censoring all of us and dissolved the huge google-plus access to the citizenry), and many other sites are actively censoring. Furthermore, even if you make a comment on their sites, if it's deemed as controversial or not in line with the present acceptable lines of thought, only you may be viewing that comment (whereas the rest of us may never know that a comment was ever made by you). Other sites that implement Disqus users may find their comments being held hostage pending "moderator decision" (Disqus probably has more than a couple of dozen hostages now just from my comments alone).

No other voices or viewpoints are allowed to be heard.

End Intermission

May 29, 2020

Early Morning

Capitalism Triumphed

Same Day

Late Evening

The Day Capitalism Triumphed

June 12, 2020

The U.S. passes the 2 million Confirmed CoronaVirus cases count


June 24, 2020

Almost 2 1/2 Million Look at us go!


June 28, 2020

Over 2 1/2 Million Confirmed Corona virus Cases. Look at us go!

Nope, no patterns here, by golly


June 29, 2020


June 29, 2020

Woe to the World

Revelations 17 & 18 anyone?


Some things created might never leave us

So much for the Bell Curve

More of this kind of stuff?