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I did notice something disturbing in regards to the Pandemic of 2020 and how it's been pranced around. Monopolyism in "our" media failed to make a blurb about the homeless numbers in regard to the outbreak of this new epidemic. If our Nation's homeless people are found dead in the woods or under a bridge, will they have an autopsy before shuffling the corpse into our ground and drinking water? In fact, listening to corporate media, we are instead told not to be alarmed at the heightened censorship of citizen posts, citizen comments, and videos submitted to the internet. The kingpins refer to citizen posts as, "fake news" (I know...Ironic, huh?). Only Business can PROGRAM their views for our tacit acquiescence. Instead the corporate media increased their corporate capitalizing, now we are told to buy their filters and masks and soaps...

Wash my hands, they say? Till-death-do-us-part-fa-la-la-la, Buy Now!

"The Business of Government is Business"

Unless there are variables that I am not aware of, the highest numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases as well as the confirmed coronavirus deaths should be in China (yet it is only one country of only one continent of North America that has held first place concerning the confirmed deaths, as well as the confirmed cases). How can this possibly be?

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