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First Publication September 2019 - Resist Rackets not Words - Springfield, OH - Read it and Weep
Springfield's Off-Grid Supply

Solar and Wind-Generated Power Enthusiasts

Solar Panel Kits!

Check out our New Arrival Solar Trent Complete Kit offering wheel-mobility for onsite free solar energy, or stake-in-the-ground for long-term Solar Panel placement


Assembled in Springfield and Produced for Springfield!

All Kits are completely adjustable with only a couple of wrenches!

Kits include Solar Panels, Steel, and other Hardware.

All Solar Panel Kits install with or without concrete, and are industry-standard-best Mono-crystalline, unless otherwise specified...

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Don't eat Flies

Off-Grid isn't for Sissies

Again echoed my mom's words:

"Kill them"!

So off to work I went.

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Great Deals on Computers and Computer - Related Items! TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND MISCELLANEOUS OTHER ITEMS
This site for Springfield and Surrounding areas.

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And we all Fall Down

Chain of Command


Just when you thought some semblance of stability might be obtained by rationally thinking men...

So rather than pay the extortion, thereby financing bad business, I quit driving (more than a decade now).

I'm told I can get a "license" to travel again since so many years have passed, but after weighing in my mind the amount of food stolen from the table of life in just having to pay all that goes into a vehicle...

eh, I'm adjusted now.

Keep your cars, I'll ride a bike or something.

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PC Repair

Diagnostics, Replacement, Parts, and Repair

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  • Robert Shaw
  • Great service and I will return for all my computer needs. Kenneth Hendrick is an outstanding person to do business with. What a great asset to our community he is.

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  • John Woodrow
  • Woodrow Corporation
    Kenny has always done a great job for me! He is extremely knowledgeable, fast and fair. I recommend him to my friends.

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    Open Daily 11am-6pm
    Springfield Computer Repair Places Google's First Photo

    "Ohio's only PC Repair location that offers a lifetime guarantee"


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Remote Control KILL

Anything Break Lately?

Save America

$%$! Yeah there's more!


Another Direction?

Save Springfield!
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Behold, My Plug:

Working for the Capitalists
Life is worth less than Ten Dollars
Trade God's gift of an hour, for this?!


A young man visitor stated to me that he earns only $9 (and some change) per hour as a mental health physician.

Nine dollars for an hour of life. Hmmm...

I thought about that for a second and remembered that I was earning more than that at age 16, and my position was manual and nowhere near the level of this health physician.

In fact, I've never even graduated High School and this guy was having to worry about finding enough money for the classes he was required to take.

His field is a specialized field, and in 2017 here in Ohio, his pay rate is just under $10.00, to alter his life for one hour.

Ten dollars doesn't even buy two packs of those "safe" cigarettes.

We won't delve into the possibilities of what this man could have chosen to do otherwise with that one hour of life, until tested we'll never know.

To ensure that the young man fall in line and never doubt the worth of his life, up goes the utility prices or up goes the taxes or up goes the new regulations....trapped.


Invest in NEW HOME-GROWN BUSINESSES that are unique and found nowhere else!

Unique businesses are what draws a family to drive to another town.

Unique is what draws money from all the towns around to visit Springfield !

*As opposed to the illusions of two choices in best buy or Walmart, McDonald's or Burger King, Kroger or....My point is, we've tried that already the nation-over.

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Made with Trash

Brick Wallyup

But it dawned on me....

Not only is it ugly, but what an incredible waste of otherwise usable space!!!

Made with Trash Photo
Hey Springfield, bring your Refuse!

See What Else Junk can be Made Into

Klark Kounty Kourt

Your Mom is Next

It's easily verified that my mom wasn't even in the State of Ohio during the damages, she wasn't even the Lease Holder.

Do you see my mom causing the damages claimed by the Court?

It sure sounds like me making these videos

Clark County Scam

According to the best wisdom of this sort of justus system, my mother did it.

Clark County Municipal Court Passes Judgment and Gas finding that My Mom is Guilty!

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