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Save Springfield Ohio

Thoughts of an evolved forward-thinking aim.

This is exactly what I mean when I say our education system should be doling out inventors and creators but instead, all we get is employees for somebody else's idea. My idea? Rent a car and be available when we need a flipping taxi!


If Dirt were Crap

Free Dump Site for Springfield accepts all bio

Is Yandex the New Google?

Springfield Ohio Post Top Bots for this American Server.

Compare the Quality of the Search Results from Yandex when Google just doesn't present current or pertinent data. New censorship laws allow law enforcement to hinder or remove websites from the public consideration.

The Yandex Search Engine has a New York Office and can offer some surprisingly current and relevant results!

Don't Eat Flies

Off-Grid ain't fer Sissies. Now eat your flies and stop complaining.

I hate them flies, the mouse, and the poison.

Lesson Learned

Computer Repair

Springfield Ohio Computer Repair

Locally known as Springfield Computer Repair or Troy Road Computer Repair, is available everyday 11am-6pm

Springfield Solar and Wind

Off-Grid Solar Panel and Solar Panel Kit Shop Springfield.

Unique Custom Solar Arrays found only at Springfield Ohio's Source for Solar.

Whether one panel on a pole, or 4 on an awning, it's probably here

or will be built to your specifications.

America is Alive and Well!

Made in America and Proud of it.

We can choose to waste our lives griping (and getting nowhere), or recoup those hours wasted to doing something else. Trust our Nation.

Facebook participates in Operation Manipulation

Facebook Censors and manipulates

Try to paste a link to this website in your facebook. Can't do it?

Ask yourself why not? You can post almost anything for a while but if you try to link to my website, suddenly the national guard is called up and you are given a notice of impending doom if you do so.

Made with Trash

Made with Trash is about turning debris into Practicality.

Springfield Ohio upgraded one of their hospitals.

After separating the used brick from the debris, a wall was born.

I don't mind monopolyism pushing it's agenda during these infectious times, but

Wash my Hands?! Kenny and Wutang whatchamacallit.

What if the virus isn't here for my hands?

Clark County Community Police Scanner

Clark County Ohio Police

Help your local Police keep the Peace. Get involved to better-shape your community!

Tough-Living in Missouri.

Missori's Mickey and her off-grid Blog.

Her perseverence and ability to keep light-hearted about her predicament is heard for the first time within this website.

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