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Springfield Ohio Post 2019 Community Publication Page 1

This Website is Completely Solar Powered! - Resist Rackets not Words - Springfield, OH - Read it and Weep

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Life on Battery Acid!
Off-Grid Solar and Wind Battery Maintenance and New Information available in Springfield.

Are you ready for no sulfation? This metals-trick is amazing, will save money and your Batteries from early earthly departure!

Save Springfield Ohio
Thoughts of an evolved forward-thinking aim toward long-term survival of Springfield Ohio.

This is exactly what I mean when I say our education system should be doling out inventers and creators but instead, all we get is employees for somebody else's idea.

My idea? Rent a car and be available when we need a flipping taxi!

Computer Repair
Springfield Ohio Computer Repair offers more than the Capitalist Computer Repair Shops.

Laptop and Desktop Pc Repair in Springfield Ohio.

Locally known as Springfield Computer Repair or Troy Road Computer Repair is available everyday 11am-6pm

Don't Eat Flies
Off-Grid ain't fer Sissies. Now eat your flies and stop complaining.

The mouse ate the poison. The maggots came out of the mouse and turned into flies. I ate the flies.

I hate them flies, the mouse, and the poison.

Great Deals in Springfield

Clean out your garage, basement, and attic and list those items for sale! There's no charge to list your item on this site, and your listing is Posted until it Sells or until you remove the Listing Ad.

Springfield Solar and Wind
Off-Grid Solar Panel and Solar Panel Kit Shop in Springfield.

Unique Custom Solar Arrays found only in Springfield Ohio's Source for Solar.

Whether one panel on a pole, or 4 on an awning, it's probably here
(or will be built to your specifications).

Morningstar Corporation, Genuine Long-Life Products
Morningstar Corporation is one of the finest product-makers I know of

Every now and then we come across some American Company that really creates an outstanding product.

Morningstar is Just such a Company.

Made with Trash
Made with Trash is about turning debris into Practicality.

Springfield Ohio upgraded one of their hospitals. Brought were dump-trucks full of debris consisting of dirt, rock, and used brick with mortar still intact.

After separating the used brick from the debris, a wall was born.

Remote Control KILL
Save the Americans! A Plutocracy of the neo-corpo-polity.

Did you know that the Internet Providers can send you to the store?
No seriously, they can do just that.
If you should come home one day and find your modem, router, or other device no longer working, give this crime a glance before following that carrot down to their store.

This Ends Part 1 of the Springfield Ohio Post 2019 Community Bulletin Board Publication

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