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Our Nation CAN do Better than This!

Rotting House owned by Eric and Theresa Crow of Urbana, Ohio

Rental in disrepair owned by Eric and Theresa Crow who profited almost $10,000.00 with the aid of the Clark County Municipal Court.

Springfield Ohio's Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e) Page 2

After I gave notice to vacate, and after the first walkthough inspection, is when all the disasters happened which obviously stemmed from the other Crow tenant from upstairs (i.e. if water and fire is coming from upstairs it seems logical to NOT blame the downstairs tenant for the damages. Instead, the Clark County Municipal Court would go on to award the Crows a windfall profit of more than $4 Thousand dollars from both the upstairs tenant and the downstairs tenant, and further went so far as finding the PREVIOUS downstairs tenant to be at fault even though her lease expired a year before the damages even occurred.

I bothered to create a compilation of some of the disasters that clearly show the damaging water coming down from the upstairs tenant into my space. I then submitted physical DVD's to the Clark County Municipal Court and uploaded the videos to Youtube. The links to the videos, along with the physical DVD's of the disasters, were both submitted within the 18 separate motions to the Clark County Municipal Court well in advance of Trial, and many were submitted in Advance of the Appeal I made to the 2nd Appellate Court at about Pre-Trial (challenging how a judge can keep the actual tenant and the mountain of evidence to refute the claim altogether out of the Court). Even though it's all on the Court Record I also included in the compilation portions of the very first videos which were made when Theresa Crow and my mother had entered the building for inspection and her Lease.

The state of the Crow Property upon the move-in was a mess (as the video shows on Day 1 segment). In reference to my mother's lease, the move-in commenced directly behind the tenant before her (Obama Headquarters) and the tenant before him (Crow Photography Studio).

Obviously the place had junk everywhere, broken toilet seat, dirty carpets, stained walls, lights not all working, cracked window, and more!.
Fact is, I cleaned that place up moreso than anyone in the previous decade is my educated guess.

The Crows even had the audacity to claim that 6 tiles were missing in the front room. I just happen to have taken a video of the state of the Crows property and wouldn't it have been nice to be able to ask the Crows to point out in a Court of which 6 tiles are missing as he claimed?

This is not the same video as seen on page 1. Only the first few seconds are the same.

Compare the yellowish repair of the hole in the video on the next page with the photo that the Clark County Municipal Court was leaning on, they don't look anything remotely the same, do they?

The following video segments were pulled from videos made after the first "walk-through" inpsection prior to my vacating the Crow rental.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

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