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Springfield Ohio's Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e) Page 2


Apparent Disgraceful Gang-land Judiciary in Springfield Ohio,
where robbing the elderly is respectable?

The Crows claimed to the Court that I had made a fire in the fireplace causing smoke damage.

I agree to that part

But what they left out was the whole story.

Nowhere in either my mother's lease nor my lease was it mentioned that the fireplace was inoperable.

Futhermore, there is stout evidence that the Crows knowingly signed an affidavit that the fireplace was/is working

Notice the intials in the Affidavit shown by the link below?
Deceptive Activity should not be aided and abetted by the justus system
Those are the intials of Eric Crow and Theresa Crow, in which they both stated the fireplace is in proper working order. The header shows.

Margaret Baldino found guilty of causing smoke damage. Alleged to have been using a fireplace owned and leased by Eric and Theresa Crow and ordered to pay in excess of $4,000.00 to the husband of her Lessor.

Fireplace works in this hand, fireplace doesn't work in the other and as pertaining to the stained carpets, read on to find how a Court finds the previous downstairs tenant at fault to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant.

The Clark County Municipal Court Found my mother guilty of making a fire in the fireplace.

There's just a few dozen problems with that judicial determination, I'll mention only one on this page.

The Plaintiffs, Eric and Theresa Crow have claimed smoke damage.

Yet their Leases do not state the fireplace was not in working order (and the smoke damage was inconsequential anyway).

the Plaintiffs actually claim just the opposite,
stating that the fireplace IS working just fine.

Apparently the landlord's claim shown below is variable.

And yet the Judge didn't want this evidence in "his" courtroom.

So I'm attaching the evidence here:

Klark Kounty Kourt

Eric and Theresa Crow, herein commonly referred to as the Crows, claimed the fireplace is working as shown above. Nowhere in the Crow lease was there any mention that the fireplace had magically changed its status.

But in a biased Court the innocent are preyed upon. Notice also on the affidavit made by Theresa and Eric Crow that there are/were problems with the Central Heating and Air (which is why we started a fire in the fireplace in the first place!). Ohio gets cold in the winter-time.

Not to mention that the "smoke damage" was painted over by me with my own paint. The whole argument for smoke damage was never brought up during the walk-through inspection following my informing to Eric Crow that I was vacating. Again, the ONLY issue Eric Crow had was with the square hole seen in the video that shows I repaired it properly.

The Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio's Judge Trempe did not allow Any of the evidences, nor a first-person party to be permitted to present videos that show the claim is a hoax.

Keeping this and other evidence out of the case, thereby finding a 70+ year old innocent Florida woman guilty of damages to the Ohio property, Sound incredible yet?

*Please note that the ATT Internet monopoly cuts the videos short sometimes so for a full un-obfuscated copy of any videos on this site are able to be obtained by emailing me with the request:

For Information concerning this issue, contact me
Kenny Hendrick
(937) 718-3586
2803Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504

Read about Case Number 15CVF02981

Topic Two: Old lady found guilty of being "the cause" of damage to ceiling tiles and carpet

The Clark County Municipal Court's Judge Trempe also denied evidence, videos that show water coming from the upstairs tenant causing ceiling tiles and water damage to the tenant space below.

Do you see my mom in this video? Since when is it to be construed as "justice" to find the downstairs tenant liable for the actions of EITHER the upstairs tenant's negligence or the crappy plumbing/electrical installations of the landlord?

The Courts found my mother guilty of damages to ceiling tiles (4) and carpet (the entire single style/type carpet) totalling $4k+. Apparently the Judge, using his best expensive judgment, thought it right to replace the entire carpet for the few stains located mainly in two rooms (caused by the floods, the landlord and his workmen, the firemen, and others that had to trek through the rented space to get down to the utilities basement). One thing is certain though, my mom did NOT "cause" the damages.

Why would the Clark County Municipal Court not allow video evidence?

To show our videos are authentically made, here is the Plaintiffs' realtor which uploaded his video to Youtube long before I or my mother leased from Eric or Theresa Crow's Property.

3-years before I or my mother leased with Eric Crow or Theresa Crow, check out the carpet:

The videos are the same property, 1335 North Limestone Street in Springfield Ohio.

Topic Three:The Claim against Margaret Baldino
My mother could NOT have been the "Cause" for damages. Not only was she in Florida at the time of the damages, but can also show that she had become domiciled in Florida almost two years prior to the suit having been filed in the Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio.

Judge Trempe did not allow any evidence, nor a first-person party to become a Party to the claim which was filed by the Crows, keeping these and other evidences out of the case, thereby finding a 70+ year old Florida woman guilty of damages to the Ohio property.

Sound incredible?

There's more evidences that were flatly denied in the Clark County Court, buy why?


Photos and videos that show the actual time-frame and the actual live flooding.

Signed Documents prior to the suit having been filed


Signature-verified correspondence during the proceedings

The actual CORRECT party to the issue

The actual CORRECT lease to the issue and more.

Does it sound like a legitimate court that would deny so many evidences?

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