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Our tiny gripes and strifes against the government here in the U.S. are paled in sight of a world that would rather see the U.S. fall off the map.

That hate translates to every American black, white, asian, etc, etc. that is over here.

The foreigners that advocate overthrowing or killing U.S. with no thought of [...]

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Is Yandex the New Google?

Springfield Ohio Post Top Bots for this American Server.

The Yandex Search Engine has a New York Office and can offer some surprisingly current and relevant results!

Illusions of Choice Neo-Business Sector resembling a common Street Scammer.

AT&T, the "other" choice

Or is it?

Bing BeautifulBing Flipped the Script

Flip-flopping, Bing is Beautiful (now)?

Where else can you find a country packed with more diverse cultures and colors of people than America?

Sure America, like every Nation, has some ills.

But all things considered, I'd say that somebody is doing an incredible job of managing us all, think about it.

Censorship Stifling the once-great Nation, defeated by censorship

An argument that Censorship of ideas is Terrorism, causing history to be changed, invention and creativity to be stifled, and hinders mankind's advancement toward a better path.

One might say a Corporate Coup occurred without so much as a blurb in the media (because corporation owns the media, too).

Remote Control KILL Save the Americans! A Plutocracy of the neo-corpo-polity.

If you should come home one day and find your modem, router, computer, or other device no longer working, give this crime a glance before following that carrot down to their store.


Community Crime Stopper, an Average-Joe Model Citizen.

This is a story of one of the good guys.

Only their media is fair and unbiased?

Maybe it's just me, but does this "news" sound ... rehearsed and biased?

AT&T Fiascos Plutocracy of the neo-corpo-polity.

When our only option (and choice) for communications is rogue, then what?

Our Nation sure could use that Canadian Dollar

Would you have handled this situation differently?

Is arresting husband, wife, and child one of your ideas to not chase money away from our depleted economy and debt repayment?

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