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Timeline of Ohio Terror

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The True Story starts in a property located in Springfield Ohio.

I rented the downstairs.

The girl upstairs indulged heavily in drugs and alcohol (in my opinion), and she had her share of male and female visitors, so seeing this "new" guy was no surprise.

One evening, (either dusk or night-time), I became alarmed at what sounded as though there were a home invasion in progress.

I turned off anything that hindered my hearing.

The altercation sounded violent, so much so that I held my phone at the pre-dialed "9-1-1".

I went to listen in an area in which sound passed through the floors of the rental quite easily (the closet's ventilation shaft right below where the action was taking place, and right next to the large room where the ceiling tile had fallen due to what sounded like a couple of body slams.

This incident had to be winter-time because I distinctly remember turning the furnace off and being impatient with the blower to finally also turn off.

The rough loud argument sounded like a crime being committed, heard was her pleading "No", "please stop" (over and over).

I was unsure as to whether or not I ought to get involved, and was afraid that some sort of insurrection might be happening upstairs that could end up down into my rental (this wasn't your average loud argument or scuffle, this was something foreign to me).

Eventually, the banging and pounding and arguing turned into what sounded to me to be rough sex. Her pleading led me to believe that it was possibly anal and she sounded as if in some pain.

It didn't sound good is what I mean, she didn't express pleadings that would lead anyone to believe she was having a good time.

She trailed off quieter and quieter still pleading to stop and still saying "no, please, no, stop".

Then the girl went silent.

By now I was all-ears as I listened to the upstairs floor creaking from one set of footsteps.

Later, the guy was seen leaving but I kept telling myself that it is not any of my business, and since this was a new city and state for me, it was decided that I could be wrong....maybe it was nothing.

I was hoping it was nothing and that I did the right thing by not getting involved.

***Keep in mind, I was with the understanding that the girl upstairs was a Crow, and I really couldn't afford to mess things up with the landlord, also a Crow.

The Crows

I expected to see the girl the following day because since she moved into the apartment upstairs she quite often came down to ask for a cigarette and to chit-chat.

It was silent the entire next day, through the evening, to yet another day without so much as the sound of a footstep. I wondered if she was dead and whether or not I should call Eric or Theresa Crow to inform them of the incident.

I never heard it that quiet up there since Nicole Crow moved in. In retrospect it did not occur to me that she may have been dosed up on heroin (if that's actually what it was, which is not conclusive and was brought up by an associate of hers).

When the girl finally came-to and was heard alive up there, I was relieved because I really was in a couple of days of stress over not knowing of her well-being. Nicole came downstairs. She offered to smoke pot with me and I gave her a cigarette asking, "what happened up there"? She was kind of out of it and was groggily answering that she wasn't sure what I was talking about. I stated incredulously describing the great amount of noise and arguing and that a piece of my ceiling fell....then, as if a light-bulb was turned on inside her head, she replied, "oh that", and went on to state that the guy was a boyfriend and that he was upset that she had cheated on him and that he was a sheriff of Champaigne County.

I knew that the guy could not possibly be her boyfriend since it was the first time I noticed the guy at the property, and I came to know her real boyfriend as he frequented the rental often. I noticed all her friends since the security cameras would buzz to let me know when someone was approaching the property.

A day or two after the girl woke up and came downstairs to ask for a cigarette, the same guy came by again. I'm not sure what could have transpired of the visit and never inquired it of her.

He was never seen again.

Jump to about a year after I finally moved out of 1335 North Limestone Street in Springfield: the landlord surprised me with a notice that he intended to sue me for damages to his property.

This surprised me since his first walk-through (of two) following my notice to vacate, left him stating to me of only one problem with the property which I addressed (and luckily made a video of both sides of the hole just in case, made as it was being repaired).

He stated multiple times that I was a good renter and he hated to see me go.

The landlord would later claim that he repaired the hole and my video evidence to refute the lie was denied to be shown by a Judge of the Clark County Municipal Court in Springfield Ohio, called Thomas E. Trempe.

Oddly enough, almost five thousand dollars was awarded to the same Crows by the same Court only a couple of weeks prior, the suit ended in default against Nicole Crow (a.k.a. Tessenneer). So in effect he profited about $10,000.00 from two renters in the same few weeks.

1335 North Limestone St.

However, after the first walk-through inspection made by the landlord and I, the most incredible amount of damages occurred in the days that followed. I fortunately recorded the disasters as they were occurring....these videos also would be permitted in the Clark County Municipal Court Record but denied to be shown by the same Judge Trempe.

And not that I don't trust these Judges or anything, but I took the extra measure to include physical DVD's along with the links to the online equivalent videos also evidenced by the Clark County Court Record.

Some of the video compilations are contained on youtube and other video sites, as well as within the website, and even on the Court's own Online Record.

In other words, I made sure that prior to pre-trial, I had submitted both the links to the video sites, AND actual DVD copies of the videos which showed the damages as they were occurring from the upstairs tenant's space. I was certain that since the items are made publicly available on the Court's own website, that there might be a semblance of a Court kept ethical and honest.

This would not be the case.

Although the evidence of many pictures and videos and links and receipts and signed documents and witnesses and a first-person testimony and more was submitted to the Court Record, The Judge would not allow any of it.

Why, you ask?

If you find out a genuine reason, please let me know, too.

The disasters stemmed solely from the upstairs plumbing (and its effect on the electrical wires seen just below the defective plumbing; also contained within the video evidence also denied).

As for this issue of damages, I replied to the Crow attorney and my mother's paid attorney (because later the Crow's sued my mother instead of me...don't ask, I find it bizarre myself), James Heath who was paid his fee by my mother, a man that would later bail during Pre-Trial, who oddly enough appears to have later been promoted to becoming the head of the Springfield Bar Association (good God, anyway you can read more of that issue here).

I informed the attorneys involved in the case (concerning damages to the Crow property) that I have videos showing the true cause for damages of water coming down from the ceiling and a fire and that it was not me that caused the damages and will gladly see the issue to court.

Theresa Crow Fraud

I informed both attorneys of the altercation from upstairs between the Champaigne County Sheriff and Nicole and that the very first damages occurred as a result of their violent altercation when the ceiling tile came down.

My tentative guess is that this was either an insurance scam utilizing a girl that would do anything for the right amount of dollars, or that the girl had misled me that she was related to the landlord.

Later I would learn that one of the Landlord's Daughter's went and married none other than *CENSORED!

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