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I hadn't any reason to doubt Nicole as being a Crow since there was also a twitter account and one other account online that showed her as a Crow. The accounts appear to have been deleted from the net as of this writing, but I luckily incorporated her twitter account in a screenshot in one of my nobody has to take my word for it.

*Twitter is embedded just like all monopoly sites on the net so it's easy to inquire as to whether or not there ever had been a Nicole "crow".

Recently I learned that Nicole has another last least that is what the courts in Springfield have on her when the crows obtained their first $5,000.00 default judgment suit against Nicole, which ended in a default judgment for the Crows).

A month or so later my mother received a notice that the landlord was suing the previous lease holder, my mother instead of me

I'm well-over 50-years of age if anybody is wondering.

My mother held the previous one-year lease with Theresa Crow. Theresa Crow's signature is the only other signature on the lease Agreement aside from my mother's signature. I was present during the signing. The agreement was concluded inside the Crow's rental in the year 2012 and the one-year lease was concluded in 2013; whereas my lease agreement was with Eric Crow for the subsequent year. Eric Crow is the husband of Theresa Crow and this new lease would include caveats not contained in my mother's lease, one of which was a quarterly rental fee as opposed to the monthly agreement my mother had with Theresa Crow. My lease was concluded on 2014 when I gave notice to Eric that his building wasn't working out for me.

The sick part of the story is the fact that the courts would rule against my 70+ year old mother and award Eric Crow the booty, whom my mother hadn't any agreement with whatsoever (ever).

The Judge went along with the wrongful suit (and after coaxing my mother and I by instructing us to file a counter-suit, taking our money for a counter-suit, that too would be denied without a refund or logical explanation.

The court suit is related to this subject, so I digress.

Long after I gave notice to vacate the premises due to faulty electrical conditions contained within the building and long after I had vacated the Crow Property, came a new letter at my new residence, stating that I was being sued for damages to the Crow Property.

This threw me off and what I was reading was totally unexpected. At the very time I gave my notice to vacate, Eric Crow and I performed the customary "walk-through" inspection. Eric had one solitary contention pertaining to a hole that was in one of the walls which he expressed I ought to repair.

After I gave notice to vacate and after the initial walk-through inspection came a series of disasters. Can anyone on the planet alter contracts and agreements in which they are not named? If so, we'd all be in a precarious situations. My mother in Florida had nothing to do with this alleged damage yet the court was spewing foulness that I "had no standing". If that were true, then explain how I was able to give notice to vacate on my mother's previous lease agreement?

Then, on the very day of my physically vacating, Eric, his wife Theresa, and the photographer daughter (who's name escapes me at the moment) approached me for the final "walk-through" inspection where I was happy to show them all the hole repair.

However the larger shock was their changing mode to threaten my mother instead of me later. My mother had replied from Florida to their threat of suit sending certified letters to each of the parties in the case (the Crows and the Crow Attorney).

Both letters were sent from Florida which required the Crow and Crow Attorney to sign for their respective letters (signature verified).

My mother also obtained a paid attorney, James Heath.

I knew something was shady but couldn't put my finger on it, then I saw the name of someone that signed for the letter to the Crows.

The name was none other than ****For legal reasons (and fear of the "legal" system) this content censored. It's a true account and a sad one at that. But when it involves a potential future legal battle, I must lay this story down (my plate is already full).

I decided to find out more about the sheriff that signed for the legal mail to the Crows and found that his father was down in florida (I don't remember if he is dead or alive at the time of this writing). I found also that a woman up here had left him a parcel of property with a decent home on it and that she had died. There wasn't much more investigation made on this matter as I stopped when I found that he married **Censored!

The Sheriff's name is on the green signature verification card so he would have been present at the Crow's main property in Urbana Ohio when the mail was delivered.

A copy of the signed mail addressed to the Crows is contained on my legal website here: Website
or simply access the Clark County Municipal Court's online Court Record and peruse through the 18 motions I made supplying them with all the evidence that even a blind man can see (but not a bad system of whatever justus you might want to call it).

My mom's paid attorney quit shortly after I left voice mail informing both attorneys that I have videos that refute the claim altogether. I told them both that the first damages that occurred at the Crow Property were due to the Sheriff and the Crow's upstairs altercation, and the rest all occurred during the last weeks I was a tenant there. I recroded everything on video!! I mean each and every thing you could possibly conceive, I video recorded. There was a time when I had a 16 camera dvr and two 4 camera dvr's not to mention my hand-held cell phone that made the impromptu ceiling falling videos (numerous times in numerous rooms), then the water coming down in two rooms, then the fire (I could actually add MUCH MORE to this narrative but I'm totally holding off here).

So the court went on to railroad my mom leaving her unassisted and un-represented and assessed her capable of damaging ceiling tiles and staining carpets at the ripe old age of 70+ ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA.

p.s. I'd be interested in seeing the DNA Test on the child that Nicole Crow had (just curious about how that might all turn out).

Note: I am willing to take a lie detector test that what I have stated actually happened.

Since then all sorts of repercussions have come from this ordeal.

1.) Here is a video / audio recording: Video Bizarro

2.) Threats of criminal proceedings If I did not comply with orders that contradicted the compliance documents which are in place for the township in which I reside.

3.) Threats of $100.00 per day forfeiture if I failed to change the color of the lights INSIDE the home.

4.) Destruction of property in a State Drive-by (twice, I still have the remains in the second garage) seen here:Video

5.) Here is a website that documents the Crow Claim

Finding our nation to be more and more oppressive and having little incentive to remain (for instance, why don't our offspring own the mini-marts, motels, convenience stores, etc.? The bible speaks in Revelations of a whore (the entity that sells herself and contrasts it to a faction in the end times that sells out an entire nation "and runs off to the desert place". The bible states that "when ye see these signs, my people come out of her".

So I decided to leave the lawlessness behind but then I'm denied to leave the Country: Video

EVERYTHING in this testimony is truth, and nothing but the truth to the best of my abilities....

This information of a county officer having caused the first appearance of damages at the property located 1335 North Limestone St. was communicated PRIOR TO PRE-TRIAL to both attorneys of a Case Number: 15CVF02981 One might notice a few anomalies:

1.) Following the given information, my mom's attorney quit the case (at Pre-Trial).

2.) The municipal court denied my becoming a party to a case in which I AM THE only obvious PARTY to the Issue of the very Case being heard in their court.

3.) That, upon appealing the decision to the higher Appellate Court in regard to the denial by the lower court which restricted my ability to be a party to the case, the lower municipal court pushed right on through to Trial about 2 months later (without waiting for the higher court's decision in the matter).

4.) That the lower court appeared just fine with leaving an elderly defendant completely un-represented or un-assisted in a court room during a final determination, that being TRIAL.

5.) Since I was demoted to that of a witness to the case (a witness cannot of his or her own accord produce evidence and can only reply to questions from the other parties) and since my elderly mother was the Defendant definitely unproficient in the use of the nomenclature used by the court system, I was surprised when one logical critical question finally came from her:

"Do you have evidence to show that I did not cause the damages and anything to show the state of the property in which you vacated?". Of course my answer was "Yes" and then I went on to say "Everything including the video evidence is right there in the briefcase", at which time I pointed to the rear of the Court room.

*****As a side note, and this being a rather humorous note: The plaintiff's attorney must have a good honest bone in his makeup, as I could tell by his hesitation and his eyes becoming fixed toward the Judge, that he and I both expected the Judge to want to see the evidence.

The judge did not.

Anyone can get the Trial transcripts to test whether my words be so. One might presume I was up on that stage for quite some time, I wasn't. It was in the manner of minutes before I was sequestered back out of the court room to the hall.

UPDATE: I learned over the phone from a young man that there was a different Sheriff, named "Joey", a Clark County Sheriff, and that "Joey" had relations with Nicole for awhile also.

I wanted to be sure that the correct Sheriff was in question, so upon Calling the Clark County Police Department, I initially spoke with the under-Sheriff, who when asked if there was a Joey in his employ, first required of me the reason I was making inquiry and also required my full name.
After giving him the information he requested, he then stated there was not a Joey in the Department.

I was about to conclude our conversation thinking it was a bad tip, but rephrased the question, "So, no Joey, Joe, Joseph?",
at which time he stated, "Now we have a Joe".

So there is a Joe.

Pressing further, I was then passed over to "Gaye", she's identified herself as the Liaison to the Clark County Court of Springfield Ohio. I had the distinct impression that something was very wrong due to her demeanor. If I find time to locate the audio recording, I'll paste it here.

And then finally came Ben, who was very helpful, stating that I could come to the Police Department and be permitted to see the photos of officers there. (This is just a hunch and I'm not exactly a gambling man, but my hunch is that this Joey / Joe has been relegated to a desk position for reprimand already).

So until I see a picture of this "Joey", this page is on hold for the sake of certainty, and am XXX'ing out the names in the following Sheriff until further notice. I am certain of one thing though, the upstairs Crow stated it was a Champaigne County Sheriff and not a Clark County Sheriff, as already stated.

Within the very easily verifiable lies of the Court's JustUs System, are the mere notion of facts that can be all too easily refuted. For instance, in the Court's Judgment fabrications
are seen.

For instance, the "judgement" states that "..the Defendant-lessee surrendered possession of the leased premises in August 2014..", I wonder where the judge obtained that non-fact from. My mother has credit card receipts and plenty of persons that can place her over 700 miles away and her telephone receipts will show zero communications with the Crows. Furthermore the judgement is off by a month if he's referring to my notice to vacate. There are more fabrications that the Judge just sort of wrote into being. This story is more soiled than a rabble of hillbillies left to their own devices (in my opinion).

More of This?

The Plot Festers

1335 North Limestone St. Springfield Ohio

Theresa Crow Eric Crow Fraud Issue

It is January 12, 2019 and the Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio still persists with not so much as an apology. Instead they antagonize by sending a bill for services. This bill came along with a lie-letter, stating they've already sent numerous notices to me. I'll eat undershorts if the "good" court could produce one shred of evidence that they've ever sent any other notice whatsoever. This bill they are flaunting is despite the fact that the Court had already found correctly that I'm indigent and legally allowed to commence a filing of motions. One cannot file anything without either paying money to them, or a finding of indigence. Only if the Court first makes such a finding of indigency, could I possibly have filed without money. And since no money has been thus far allocated to the Court, it's probably safe to assume that if the English of their Laws have any validity at all, then I've the right to file without cost. Either way though, the Clark County Court Letter shows a bunch of liars and cheats when they make the statement that they've sent previous notices and that the letter that was received is stamped "final notice". What type of people ...

And finally, although I fully responded to their solitary claim of some indebtedness, upon my written reply the Court hadn't even the common decency to respond back.

I've posted both correspondences somewhere else on this website and will come back to add links when time permits.

The Crows


Due to my aging (outrageously fast in my opinion) I will include herein this disclaimer that I am willing to take a lie detector test or undergo any questioning as pertaining to details of this online Public Journal, namely the Nicole Pages. Since I've only seen the guy one time it is by my best judgment to try and omit his name due to predatorial waters within the justus system who apparently haven't a shred of decency left (in my opinion). The laws and rights we are indoctrinated to believe, appear variable at best (in my opinion).

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