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May 9, 202.

Kenny Hendrick

Kenny's Creepy SideNote

Whether consulting scientists or religion, we all "know" there will be a day when the world will destablilize as we've known it.

Scientists have predicted extinctions of species and documented all those that are already extinct.

Scientists and Economists have warned of depletions of commodities, food, breathable air, ingestible water, and more are all on the major hit lists.

I contend that the scientists, economists, analysts, logisticians, are missing one little variable.

That variable is the UNKNOWN VARIABLE.

The "unknown" can not be graphed and is not possible to be contained in any of their statistics until "it" happens, so it cannot possibly be fully analyzed.

There is an interesting Book of Revelations which tells us of wild and crazy things that are to come, such as 1/3 of all life dying suddenly (and even tells of the signs that will lead up to such an event).

The scientists tell us of two (some contend it is three) radiation belts that completely envelop the earth which are held back by layers of other gases and zones.

Religion tells us that the radiation will not always be held so distant from us, and further states that mankind will be damaged with sores on their skin.

Scientists tell us of gravity and the "natural" rotation of our earth spinning like a perpetual spinning TOP.

Religion tells us that "the days will be shortened", accomplished only by an earth that begins to spin faster.

Military analysts tell us of wars and rumors of wars.

Religion tells us of a Great and Powerful Nation that is wiped out in "one hour" by a great blast.

Neither scientists or Religion have specified the accurate "shelf-life" of our missiles and nuclear power plants.

However, both scientists and religion both agree that things come from outter space and hit our earth.

The scientists tell us of asteroids that potentially have the same type of effect as a nuclear bomb when they hit earth (so far they've been small hits thanks to the earth's protective atmospheric layers).

If religion and science have common-ground predictions of doom and gloom, what can you do right now to dely the inevitable?

If your greatest accomplishment to delay the inevitable extinction was illegal, would you still aim to accomplish your goal to preserve life on earth?

If the utility monopolies should raise their rates exceedingly causing you to make a decision to delay saving the planet or dispute/pay the utility bill, which would have a definite precedence to you?

Religion says that "in the last days" mankind will become confused and will be manipulated at a global-scale and deceived.


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