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Malicious AT&Tacks allowed by the Internet Provider

AT&Tacks trace back

Communications Monopoly redirection

Screenshot of AT&Tacks

AT&Tacks by the Communications Monopoly

Connection Time-out Errors ensures my server is down

Screenshot of Connection Time-out Errors

Unlawful AT&T Profiteering, Sandboxing, and Terrorism

Can communications stay monopoly interests?

This is what over $50 buys

Our Weakest Link is our Internet Providers

Stifled and Censored

Censored public

Screenshot AT&Tacks by the Communications Monopoly. Firewalls are little defense

Stifled from public consideration

'AT&T' Internet Provider Communications

Yet a capitalist has not allegiance, 'cept for profit

The First Call of War is to Sever Communications

yandex link of the vulnerabilities of the mandated At&T Hardware that they demand we entrust in our homes.

AT&T Customers are at risk, read more about the Monopoly Racket

AT&T Monopoly forces the Citizenry to use their hardware.

Unlike other Internet Providers that simply deliver the internet to the end of the line or cable, AT&T demands that we allow their device in our homes (or they will not deliver the Internet).

The problem is that their hardware device is riddled with bugs and backdoors, and is hindering communications and more.

The only choices allowed to the Citizenry in today's economically controlled (and economically centralized) market, are rotten eggs.

Enter AT&T Monopoly

This is, to the best of my knowledge, a patent example of Profiteering and / or Racketeering. When only one monopoly, perhaps finding many of the "elected" officials receiving stocks as gifts, or already having stock in this monopoly or that monopoly, the conflict of public and National interest is when that particular monopoly is the sole choice for communications.

Logs show attacks I block daily. Primarily, the nuisances derived are from what appears to be google (Google owns the 66.249.x.x block).

Do I think Google is attacking me? Nope.

However, with a bit more investigation, the fingerprint seem to trace back to AT&T (AT&T owns the 12.x.x.x ip block).

Do I think AT&T is attacking me? Nope.

I think there's a centralized Agency that is housed within our Internet Communications Monopolies with their mandated "listening" (and tampering) devices.

Those entities that hire among us to monitor the bulk of Us, with "legalized" malicious manipulation of our means of communication, is well-reported (hint: Wikipedia. Search terms: Prism Government Project)

Time those at fault pay the piper?

Keeping the citizenry alienated from knowledge is only good for the few capitalizers, and only for a little while.

This Page is Under Construction

((draft notes:))

I'm more than halfway to 100 years of age on this planet, and can think of nothing good that has come with the furthering of restrictions to the lower-classes and their communications.

It is understood that it is a difficult task to turn down lobbyist money and favors, but in light of the fact that our Nation is in dire debt perhaps the FCC is no longer there to protect our interests, and therefore no longer a necessary expediture that our Nation can afford.

When was the last time we heard of the FCC doing anything good for the populations, or for the economy for that mAT&Ter?

Seriously though, not one solitary good memory comes to mind in reference to the legitimacy and need for the FCC in 2019.

If they cannot even force the monopolies to act lawfully (er, let me rephrase that, ETHICALLY, HUMANELY, AS A FELLOW AMERICAN as opposed to a disgustingly arrogant aloof parasitic self-indulging repulsively capitalizing on the rest of us to make itself so fat that clothes can no longer hide it's pathetic nakedness pro-humanity.

A simple google search shows that there are two choices (not counting lagging satellite), and of our choices for internet show some of the worst reviews found in any other company on the planet, and yet nothing comes of it.

We could cut our Nation's loss by eliminating the "Consumer Protections Agencies" also. The front is no longer offering a semblance of a working system.

Censorship surely is not the way to solving issues. Censorship only affords the capitalizers more un-hindered criminal activity, and time to plot their next magic trick in an effort to accrue more (substance, profit, material, another Judge, another Senator, some other Public Relations Group or member).

It's the difference between being told you are going to drown, and that your entire family tree and everyone you ever knew was also going to drown.

Typical errors with the AT&T Monopoly "Service":

With today's so-few choices in communications, like many others, I find myself between a rock and hardplace.

Yet still I must give the monopoly more money every month for the shoddy malicious service, more money than my entire electric bill!

The illusion of two whole choices for Internet in any community.

Why only two? Kickback Profiteering.

When pondering other definitions, such as Communications Censorship which to some, is Terrorism, Tampering, Vandalism, Exploitation, Manipulating, Coercion, and every criminal activity that one could conjure up...we need not look far for the true cause of our American predicament, invariably it is based in simple mismanagement of the few players still at the monopoly board, and greed by the Public Relations Groups that purportedly are financed via taxes to "represent" U.S.

For example, how is the F.C.C. not involved in the Internet Communications regulations concerning quality of service by the Internet Monopolies?

In modern times, a great many phones are SIP or Voip and have EVERYTHING to do with communications.

Yet with the public outcry of online reviews of the "choices" for internet, these communications monopolies are home of the largest number of negative reviews (second to only the legal system, according to my personal assessment. *Which is no easy task because unlike the corporations that simply could care less how many 1-star negative views are heaped up against them, our legal system simply has the negative reviews erased. If you don't believe me, simply go to google maps and type in the name of your local court house. Notice the number of reviews are extremely low or non-existent (impossible since the courts affect so many citizens in a negative manner).

In the event that someone out there might come up with the bright idea to change Internet Providers, most of us cannot. I'm one of the lucky ones, there's another viable "choice" for Internet Providers in my area.

Been there, done that (thrice)

Here's the results of that idea, the notion that there are choices in America's present-day economically-strangled Nation:

It is possible to find some good in any given enemy on the planet but .... not the FCC?

In fact, the only thing I can remember of anything the FCC has accomplished is basically bad.

It's when the FCC decided to make the CB Radio conform to some new restrictions.

Then there was the incident when the FCC stuck a notice on my apartment door threatening to do something against me monetarily (yes, strong-arm extortion!) if I did not comply with the power stipulations they wrote into law back then.

When conducting a rudimentary series of traceroutes, more often than not the actual derivation of the sender is right here in America.

This is not to say it is you or I, the Americans, that are doing this activity. We all have our own lives to live. From my observations this is a very organized legal criminal activity by a group that is able to alter lives in their wake. This is a an entity with a job description (I seriously can tell the personalities of each shift!). Third shift is the devil. ";-)

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

Upper-class group

Malicious AT&Tacks

Censorship is malicious

Censorship stifling the creative mind

AT&Tacks Communications Monopoly

Connection Time-out Errors

AT&T Negligence to the public

Screenshot of AT&Tacks the Communications

AT&Tacks by the Monopoly

Stifled Public 2017-2019

AT&Tacks by the Communications Monopoly

Connection reset by upstream peer

AT&Tacks by the Communications Monopoly

AT&T manipulation is Terror

Victimized Public

Public consideration stifled

For proof of the aformentioned statement, I offer the following recorded conversations with 3 agents of a similar monopoly, the "other choice" (a.k.a. Spectrum):

When only two internet providers are able to supply communications to any given area, how is that good for U.S.?

One dare not set any higher aspirations other than paying taxes, paying insurance rackets, apply for a slave-wage earner's illusion of a future paradise for one's own family by dumbing-down, and consume only foods that are tainted and water that is poison to the body.

Wishing to not leave a gripe without offering a solution: In a nutshell, my idea is that our Federal Government use it's military might to seize the properties of the monopolies via Nationalization, and use the proceeds to pay off the ridiculous proof that we are heading in the wrong direction:


***delete these notes:

AT&T will not allow it's recipients to use their own personally owned modem.

AT&T subscribers are manipulated to "rent" an AT&T modem.

The AT&T Modem reboots by itself (not by itself, there are actual reasons how a modem that is supplied with adequate power, can be rebooted without any input by a consumer.

Regardless of whom, or which entity is causing this random reboot, it can only be upstream if it is not the actual household member that is prompting such a reboot of the AT&T Modem.

Is the monopoly that supplies the service and hardware not liable just as I would be liable if my kid killed their kid, or my employee poisoned their water?

Other strange anomalies occur with the only other choice for internet, such as the fact that after having devoted an hour of my life to add blocks within the software of the AT&T Modem simply disappeared once I logged out and back in.

The over-the-phone agent stated she sees a problem with the outside line and that the problem is not within my edifice, and yet when the support agents arrive they typically state they see no outside line problem and simply dump another monopoly-mandated modem/router (AT&T, whether to empty it's holds of a batch purchase of bad hardware it is not exactly able to be stated as an absolute, however one can simply do the search and find that even the FBI has two statements to the fact. Simply perform a google search: "AT&T modem compromise" and learn the truth for yourself.

I want you to take the long way to the truth. The fact is, you will need to go through a few pages of results before you get to the FBI warnings. I would list the actual links here, but truth be told any link to my site carries a dark-cloud. Your first page of google results will pique your interest to press next, and next again, and next again. Now you know the truth too.

One time, the replacement AT&T mandated modem lasted only a few days, othertimes up to a week before becoming compromised. This particular time someone or some entity completely removed the ability to see the logs causing an almost impossibility to follow the mac address or ip address through the mandated equipment toward upstream monopoly provider. Who can change the firmware and software within a modem if not AT&T?

Just so the ignorant or the programmed ones doubt my words as to their already actively invading the privacy of all, here's some proof to deal with, I record most all conversations. Now this evidence ought to provoke even the most dubious of class-ordained to some rational reason and indisputable cause, Hear the Truth *(by the monopoly powers themselves, these agents to our other and last "choice" for communications via the Internet:

For ears that still hear, be aware.

The above link is only ONE example I have compiled against monopoly control of our Nation's communications.

But this is about AT&T and what happens when AT&T is the problem to proper reciprocosity for the money they take for "service".

Upon calling AT&T, I was told that the issue was caused by an outside line issue (not once, but 4 times now I've been told that), and that a tech would be sent out the following day.

The AT&T agent stated that the tech would be fully informed of the issue and that no interaction would be required of me when he arrived. This time however, I recorded the conversation to be able to play it back to the tech when he arrived.

When the tech arrived the following day his first words were, "what's the problem?".

At first I didn't know who the guy was, whether a cop or a past customer, or someone else. Since I'm at that ridiculous elderly age where the slightest intake of food instantly sends me off to coma-land, the visit by the AT&T tech caught me off-guard and instantly on the defensive. However, once he identified himself I began to fiddle frantically to catch up by locating the notes that were made by me during the conversation the day before with the AT&T representative.

I began to relate to him of the results of what had prompted my initial call (loss of service, strange rebooting of the AT&T Modem that was not prompted by me, logs and firewall entries disappearing, etc.) and was cut-off by the agent when he stated, "Well, AT&T really doesn't want their customers inside their modems".

That was enough to set off the ultimate tirade that soon afterward had me regretful that I hadn't handled the interaction more diplomatically.

Instead I blew my cool by spouting all the reasons why the guy had just stated a lie. I began to relate to him the fact that the actual documentation that comes with the AT&T Modem actually instructs the end-user to enter into the AT&T Modem's software to set up the wireless name and password (for one), and that the box itself has printed on the side of the unit on how the unit can be accessed and the password to accomplish that, and that furthermore how would anyone be able to set up port forwarding if they wanted to use their service? I finalized my rant with, "Then explain how AT&T bothered to make a multitude of web pages instructing how to make changes within the router/modem issued by AT&T.

I know it's the manner in which I had loudly proclaimed the facts that resulted in the line-tech stating, "I'll be leaving now", and me childishly replying by calling him a "loser". Fact is, I am well aware that any factually-stated information is either bolstered or made moot as a result of how one makes the statement. Making any statement loudly turns most people into the fight or flight mode, and either way I was destined to be the real loser in the situation.

My problems of course are not unique, and smarter people than me have already commented on the AT&T website of the issues faced by those that are not permitted to use their own personal modems, rather we are dictated that the 1 of 2 choices for internet mandates that we must use their seemingly easy to comprimize modem/router.

But I needed to cool-down, so when the supervisor to the tech contacted me minutes later wanting to know if I wanted him to send the tech back, I replied, "No".

Granted, if there were allowed competition in the marketplace as it once was when I was young, I surely would be one of those dropping this monopoly for the next hopeful entity that could offer fair service for my dollar payment.

Now that I have had time to cool off, I would like to mention the good that AT&T did:

Firstly, Recognition of the fact that 'AT&T' sent out a tech the very next day, is worthy of some lauding.

Secondly, The fact that another human employee of the monopoly, a supervisor, had bothered to inquire as to what the issue was shows nothing short of bothering to care.

and finally, If I already know that there is monopoly control here in the United States in the year 2019, I ought not to shoot myself in the foot by acting too brashly, as it could serve as no immediate remedy of any situation I may have been wanting to address in the first place.

Looking up at the AT&T modem/router I see they've not spitefully turned off their service to teach me a lesson. So I guess that's a "plus" also.

So now that I've interjected these preliminary comments,

The following was already written well-prior to the AT& T tech having arrived here.

Below are shown a screenshot of connections drop, and the frequency in which my website's server goes down due to circumstances beyond my control.

And since God gave us a mouth to speak and a mind to reason, and even allowed by certain men to have a freedom to speak, how can I possibly be mute at a time like this?

Some have claimed a coup d'etat prior to 9-11, and probably not a human alive would complain if a better government replaced that which has existed since pre-historic days.

However, 9-11 was a long time ago, and the debt has simply been monitored as if the debt is already made but the digital clocks can't calculate our loss quick enough to keep in step with our loss.

We can do better than this.

How much further can we go into debt and still remain solvent? It's one thing to imagine a dirty rug being pulled out from under your feet, it's another thing to imagine it at a National scale.

We are over $22 Trillion dollars in debt, billions and billions more than Russia (a Country we were told that our tax dollars helped to subvert for our safety). How is Russia only a few hundred billion in debt compared to our 22 trillion?

Just prior to 9-11 several entities had the insight to take "Put" options against the exact airlines that were purportedly used in the 9-11 "AT&Tacks".

The day before 9-11, Rumsfeld was informed by the Budget Analysts Office at the Pentagon of missing money. The following day a missile took out the Budget Analyst Office (on 9-11).

Shortly thereafter, your last remaining unwashed braincell may recall that President Bush gave the famous, "You're either with U.S., or the Terrorists!" speech. In 2019 that statement appears to be valid either way you look at, and the word "and" could very easily replace "or" (in light of all the murders of kids, elderly, and unarmed citizens by the neo-mobsters that follow chain-of-command despite whether or not the demand is ethical or righteous).

Then shortly thereafter we heard of some high-ranking government officials stepping down from their jobs voluntarily, giving up invested time and retirements, they simply quit their jobs. The "news" barely gave consideration to the masses to allocate more than s hushed blurb about the unprecedented act of so many government officials suddenly quiting their jobs in our Nation. However, ask any citizen here if they recall the incident and it quickly becomes apparent that neo-programming simply made all of America forget about the unprecedented incident altogether.

President Bush, the junior-one, was not even elected in either of his term's elections.

If the public is NOT brainwashed, then tell me something, How is it that people can forget really major events so easily?

Programming, bad programming conflicts with the mind's ability to reason.

One good test I often use to determine the state of mind of others I come into contact with, is by offering a simple question, and waiting for the answer.

It is why some of this information may sound foreign to you (but if you were of the age of some semblance of having the ability to reason, it absolutely should not).

My Question oftentimes is:

How many towers came down on 9-11?

If the answer is two, they were affected by bad programming and are in a dangerous place (to self and others).

If they answer correctly, I then go on to plan "G", invariably waiting to hear which branch of Government they are employed in.

It is terribly sad that most Americans answered incorrectly, despite the fact that their eyes saw the three towers come down (over and over and over on every imaginable network. And yet the memory was reformAT&Ted by simply injecting the word, "twin").

This is a very scary time to be living *(probably a worse time to by dying ";-), but:

Bad Data Corrupts Good Data, never the other way around.

Forget about the fact that three, and not two towers were taken down on 9-11, even if it had been one tower having been removed by a plane would be a first since mankind has walked upright; consider it was three miracles in one day!

Instead we have someone following a ridiculously sad passage in the Bible "Babylon is fallen, is fallen"...the the whore runs off to the desert place (*hint: whore sells and so do the capitalists)(*another hint: we're still in the "desert place" fighting iraq, iran, afghanistan, libya, goo-goo-gah-gah, etc. Having so long after "mission accomplished", as propagated by the evil programmers umpteen years ago in operation "burning freedom", or was it "burning desert storm", or ...oh who the heebeejeebies cares?! It was obviously a lie since we're still at war (right behind the other lies of "the war to end all wars" and "the war against poverty" (by locking up all the poor), or "the war against drugs" (only to find that THEY are the entity bringing in enough drugs to saturate not only a small city, but the entire flipping nation!!!!). Oh don't you worry, I won't be screwing up your "vote" this year by deciding myself to vote (if I could do that legally, I still wouldn't degrade myself to play that sad insidious deceptive illusion that our votes actually accomplish anything at all (for instance the Nation overall wanted to keep Kennedy as the president, and we see where that went. Nowadays we have an illusion of choices between racket A and racket B, kissing cousins).

I, for one, would prefer to delay the inevitable and not race a step further into fulfilling that outrageous passage in Revelations (since it's pretty clear that we go off the planet first, and then the irony of the rest of the world having 7 years of peace after us "peace-keepers" are gone.

I have another idea to rescue our Nation from insolvency (just in case Nationalization of the corporations is out of the question).

That the monopolies ought to be controlled by the citizens, and not just to the profit of the few that bounce between privileged CEO lifestyles and titles such as Senator, Governor, and Mayorship; then next year they are Judges or CEO's of other major corporations.

Public as ownership seems practical, since they would invariably not vote to poison themselves, or develop electronics and other items with a pre-determined shelf-life of needing to be replaced umpteen times in the span of every few years. The public would take more interest and pride because by the success of their efforts, the profits are to the benefit of the community, and not just the few. Our stock would rise in the world as the communities became more involved with the products they choose to produce. Our products would be prized the world-over if we can just toss the multi-national capitalists out. This present economic system may have worked back in the booming ages of (before my lifetime), but if the monopoly board isn't holding just two players, then how is it that our mini-marts and hotels are all Indian-owned? **I'm using India as an example only. The point being, in a community that has joint-ownership in a store would not EVER find that community wanting to give up the proceeds of profit by tossing the business to another nation as we see going on here in 2019.

Only if an entity were planning to bail would we see our nation parceled out this way.<>

Before monopolies took over our marketplace, our Nation had diversity, where folks the world over came to enjoy and vacation.

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

A controlled economic society can be witnessed as parents are exploited and manipulated to coerce their own child from selling glasses of koolaid for 5cents on a hot day to any neighbors that passed.

In a centrally-controlled economic system, there will be zero tolerance for competition.


The kind act of selling cups of koolaid for a dime, was by the lawmakers fruits, deemed as criminal.

The aforementioned is a true statement that actually happened in my childhood on Norton Street in Rochester NY. I was only a grade-schooler. The police officer threatened my mother that if it happen again that she would be drawn into court. We all are well-aware of what happens in their courts, right?

For years I knew to not succeed, to not create or invent, that the mere AT&Tempt to help with expenses would be dealt with severely (and possibly end with my mother crying for fear of the corpo-henchmen).

Maybe our Nation needs to start over. Maybe regroup and redefine who we are, and what we would like to be seen as in the World, or how we would like to be remembered after our demise.

It is a conflict of interest when a controlling interest in monopoly comes from only the upper-class. Although the myopic view is to AT&Tain more profits by whatever means necessary, if they've bankrupted their base, all crumbles sooner or later.

As for our government's need for more proceeds (money), perhaps it's high-tide we started looking for more creative minds to stick into the key positions in our Nation because the recidivism of stealing and tricking the citizens is just plain dumb and played-out (opinion of the writer).

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T. With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

This next statement is a bit off-topic, but for fear of never having written about it:

As an example: Would you believe the most creative means to accrue revenue by the State Government of Florida and other States is by instituting yet another tax upon the elderly, that being a sun Tax.

A tax on the damn sun! No kidding. An illegally madated unapportioned Tax....on the damn sun! Wow, we have so much to be proud of here in our leadership. Another Tax against the breathing lower and middle-classes. The upper class-owned monopolies may APPEAR to be taxed also, but that's an illusion. The money that is taxed from the monopolies is simply changing hands. It is believed to be a true statement that there is little distinction between the polity and the monopoly in 2018-2019. The polity are the public relations group to the monopoly (think about that next time you feel inclined to bother disagreeing with Trump or some other upper-class buffer).

But this web page isn't about generalized politics, it's about AT&T.

AT&T is one of two monopoly "choices" that anyone in my community is offered for Internet Communications.

The kickbacks are so great that not even the FCC (federal COMMUNICATIONS commission) seem to want to become activated by doing what that department was supposed to be doing all along, ensuring simple communications in our nation. Instead we have dubious connections with an extremely limited number of "allowed" companies to choose from.

What is a Racket?

Censorship question:

Notice the "Connection reset by Peer" statement above.

I see quite a bit of this activity by the "peers" within System Logs, using such tools as "Wireshark" and "Etherape", and ultimately tracerouting directly to major players such as Amazon and the _________*(This should be an easy one to complete).

And since the strict mandate by AT&T that ALL of it's customers MUST use the AT&T equipment, with no option availed to the public to simply purchase their own equipment, equipment which has better reviews and less breeches, and since the customer can not possibly change the time zone within their equipment, then only the upstream AT&T is liable, correct?

Yet we see monopolies are not bound to the same strict rules that the mom-and-pop store has. For instance, how does one return bad service back to AT&T for a full refund?

The most that a citizen can hope for it that there was not a "contract" with the IP Provider and simply drop off the planet. Hushed, situation is contained.

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

In case anybody out there isn't aware, it is very well published that changing date and time, or the time zone of a router affects the security of everything AT&Tached to the router (i.e. Your computer will have errors as a result).

If AT&T isn't doing this to the many that complain about the anomalies, then it's plausible that ghosts are getting past all the controls within AT&T, and if that's so, then at very minimum the citizenry are FORCED to an easily hacked AT&T modem/router user (evidenced by the tens of thousands of search results on the topic of AT&T's trojan horse modem/routers. There's at least two FBI warnings about the crackpy AT&T hardware, no kidding! ZDnet posted warnings over a decade ago!And if you search a little deeper you'll find our Navy's communications concerning an incident which primarily was focused on a problem and discussion on how to solve the problem.

My personal guess is that AT&T invested in some foreign company to make all the AT&T Modems and now that their warehouses are filled with this junk, it's buffer time.

The fact that the AT&T Modems are made by a foreign nation and yet FCC sees no conflict of interest, is not baffling at all. We have lived in a Capitalist society all of our lives, and we rode the wave, but now our nation is $22,000000000000 (however many zeroes that need to be added to show 22 TRILLION DOLLARS! IN DEBT! What happened to our Nation's Surplus!??).

AT&T only issues the combo modem units even if you beg for a modem only. There will be no option to buy your own secure equipment regardless of whether you wanted to use your own modem or router.

But nobody dares label the economic control as a highly variable malicious, Enron-type (at will) entity, lest the monopoly sandbox the subscriber's service with redirects, throttling, dropping connections, altering settings, and much more (I am absolutely certain that I'm in a crowd of others that are online claiming the malicious AT&Tacks and filters placed upon us by the neo-powers-that-be).

The definition of "Profiteering" is taking more than what is agreed upon, delivering less than what is supposed to be charged.

Do any of us ever get a reduction in "our" bills when service is out for a day, a few days, a few hours each day or week?

Since the answer is "no", then we need to look at the definition of Racketeering.

The definition of racketeering is:


Dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.
"racketeering ensnared the economy"

*As a side-note, I did not write that last sentence in the definition above, it's verbatum from the online dictionary from whenst my eyes have become criminal in "our" copyright laws.

If plagiarism offends you, please change the channel. When truth and evidences are illegal, we all lose in my opinion (even those calling the shots since they are not omniscient).

As I toil through the Internet System Logs shown within my various servers, two online and one offline monitor the activity, I see quite a bit coming from overseas.

At first glance it might appear that the rest of the world is at war against my computer LOL.

However, this is NOT the truth of the mAT&Ter!

Question: My various folders (websites) are primarily either political or finding in various entities, including both monopoly choices. Do you really think that anyone in China or Russia give a damn about my sandboxed website? Even if they spoke english, the foreigners cannot possibly devote time and electricity to simply bash my site, surely the foreigners are just as consumed with their lives as we are here. It's now safe to say that "our" IP Providers are outsourcing their hacking tactics to overseas companies (if you can believe that in 2019 there is no distinction between polity and monopoly). However, it's not ALL outsourced but it is ALL sourced from AT&T!

AT&T Routers have serious issues which can cause damage to your AT&Tached hardware, bandwidth, and more.

The upstream problems have been tracerouted and with "whois" I've been able to find that AT&T takes my connection through to a 12Dot IP address 4 or 5 times before finally passing it on to the next hop (this after already going through 2 other AT&T-owned ip addresses of 75Dot and 76Dot, respectively). Then I have logs that show the root of the AT&Tacking ip address and it's AT&T! Why would AT&T be going into a server that was just turned on and was not yet published?

This is a liability issue. And with our terrible present judicial system, there is no liability on the part of the IP Provider, regardless of how crackpy the service is that they should otherwise be liable for (if we had a proper eithical judicial system). When monopoly can take part in the very issues which are in the "news" about President Trump's crew having outsourced hacking to other nations, and yet no liability is in sight, outsourcing hacking is not an isolated incident (obviously).

How easy is it to tamper with the AT&T router/modem when the monopoly owns the equipment and the backdoor into their equipment (and dictate that we MUST use their equipment only):

The following is where I was at in reference to investigating this topic a mere 5 days ago (before starting this web page): (don't bother going there, they pulled the reason given, no possible solution offered)

Only one solitary video was uploaded to the new user account and it's censored already! Why do you suppose that is? The short video was censored despite no copyrighted content whatsoever.

The Public need to leave out our bought-out polity (public relations group for the monopoly interests) and create a New Internet. I'm working on the capture portal so that my first FREE internet connection will be offered to the immediate community in my neighborhood. This connection will NOT include the Internet as we know it. This connection will be peer-based and offered without the need to sign-in or create any passwords (because that's the way I want it). As it turns out, there were found many communities around the globe that have already created the very thing I intend to offer, so I'll be contacting their community officials for tips.

The Photo below shows what my 50mb download agreement looks like with AT&T. What if I pay $1 less to the monopoly next month? That's right, they'll penalize with interest and ultimately my connection will incur penalties or disconnect, despite the fact that they've not upheld their end of the(ir) agreement. To be clear, we are the victims in the agreement with monopolies but have the association completely de-programmed from our memory banks (in other words if I slighted you in an agreement, you'd be at my house with pitch-forks and fists; but when a monopoly slights us we MIGHT write to one of their public relations group such as our AT&Torney General or FCC or FTC or Consumer Affairs or ....I can tell you from experience that this method only marginally works and it won't work at all without a LOT of work on your part to gain some semblance of recompense, that's the buffer-zone that ensures the majority will give up their fight before ever seeing justus).

The screenshot above shows what my over $50.00 per month (well over half a thousand dollars each year) will get you, which is an all-too common unfair problem. For me, it insures that nobody will see or hear my website, but this is a rampant Enron-type occurrence. When we go to the store and buy a chicken breast but after paying find out it is a chicken wing at best, what's the compensation? Why is it we are not given a partial refund based on the Provider's inability to deliver their part in our agreements with them?

The following is from AT&T's web site where their customers are "free" (variable word) to leave comments about problems with the AT&T Routers. The reason you see the stated reason "cloned account" on the notice shown below, is due to the root of the problem (obviously it would be due to the AT&T monopoly censoring off my original user name). When something is important to solve or know, one might go an extra few steps forward by making another user name.

(would you believe I've been banned using their site in 4 or 5 usernames now?)

The problem with censorship is that it hides truth and manipulates pro-ruling interests, which in turn create profits to the monopoly at the expense of the next fish victim customer (good for business, bad for us humans).

Keep in mind that I'm trying to get involved in solving a problem that the general public should also be made aware of since it affects them also (and possibly in a very bad way).

What makes a seemingly simple task so hard to do (tell others to prepare themselves and give valid reasons why), is when the monopoly is the controller I'm using to AT&Tempt to warn the public (not against monopolies even, it's more important I inform the public that it is NOT their computer and probably hasn't anything to do with the websites that they are visiting that causes their computer to run slow at times (or do quirky things which forces the fish back to the computer repair store).

The fact is, I have video evidence that the AT&T newly installed router CAME with a Trojan Horse installed in the router/modem provided by AT&T.

Now this might not seem to concern you, right? Well before assuming the programmed statement of: "oh I don't care what they are doing or what happens, anyone watching me will be bored to death", or the other one, "Oh I don't do anything on the net and have nothing really important on there anyway", consider the notion that the minute you connect a cable to the IP Provider, your connection is two-way.

Two way communications.has come a long way since our mom and pop's day. One need only basic classes to know how to manipulate communications. In 2018, it's a bloody cornucopia of science.

Even if your computer is off, when was the last time you inspected the devices on the motherboard inside that modem/router? Last year? Never?
Now that's blind faith in action. God would be jealous.

I first started documenting the hacks back in 2014 (but I was aware of the problems about 7 years prior). Here's a couple of the older sites in which I've done my retarded best at documenting only a COUPLE of the issues: One, Two

If anyone wants more "credible" sources that speak a better English than I, here's your sign:

This one is from GADGET REVIEW

This one is from JUDICIARY REPORT:

Not sure if the above link was censored out already.

The online source, Gadget Review made it news on their site:

This one is from ZDNET:

There's tons more on the Internet and I won't be adding links to compile a semi-conclusive list (what's the point, the powers that be ensure the links are working today and gone tomorrow). But here's a few from AT&T's own Website. Listen to what the people are commenting about here:

This one is from the AT&T Website

Let's hear from Zack:

Router flaws put AT&T customers at hacking risk

Zack Whittaker

By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day | September 4, 2017 -- 13:23 GMT (06:23 PDT) | Topic: Security

Thousands of routers, many of which belong to AT&T U-verse customers, can be easily and remotely hacked through several critical security vulnerabilities.

Five flaws were found in common consumer Arris routers used by AT&T customers and other internet providers around the world. The flaws were detailed in a blog post by Joseph Hutchins, who described some of the them as being as a result of "pure carelessness" by the IP Providers.

The report said Arris NVG589 and NVG599 modems with the latest 9.2.2 firmware are affected, but it's not clear who's responsible for the bugs.

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

Hutchins said that some of the flaws may have been introduced after the routers were delivered to the internet provider, which often adds customized code for remote interactions, such as customer support and diagnostics.
"Some of the problems discussed here affect most AT&T U-verse modems regardless of the OEM, while others seem to be OEM specific," said Hutchins. "So it is not easy to tell who is responsible for this situation. It could be either, or more likely, it could be both."
Among the vulnerabilities are hard-coded credentials, which can allow "root" remote access to an affected device, giving an AT&Tacker full control over the router. An AT&Tacker can connect to an affected router and log-in with a publicly-disclosed username and password, granting access to the AT&T Modem's menu-driven sheebeejeebies. An AT&Tacker can view and change the Wi-Fi router name and password, and alter the network's setup, such as rerouting internet traffic to a malicious server.
The sheebeejeebies also allows the AT&Tacker to control a module that's dedicated to injecting advertisements into unencrypted web traffic, a common tactic used by internet providers and other web companies. Hutchins said that there was "no clear evidence" to suggest the module was running but noted that it was still vulnerable, allowing an AT&Tacker to inject their own money-making ad campaigns or malware. Here are 2017's biggest hacks, leaks, and data breaches so far
Here are 2017's biggest hacks, leaks, and data breaches so far
Dozens of data breaches, millions of people affected. Read More
Buggy routers don't always lead to unauthorized network access, but can instead be hijacked as part of botnet operations, like Mirai, which when powered up can target and throw websites and services offline.
Rapid7 reported the vulnerability as an 8/10, on the higher end of the severity scale.
It's not known exactly how many devices are affected, however.
One estimation said as many as 138,000 routers are vulnerable to AT&Tackers, according to a tweet by Victor Gevers, chairman of the GDI Foundation, a Dutch non profit organization dedicated to internet security. The numbers are more nuanced, he explained, and the vulnerabilities are not limited to the hardcoded credentials flaw.
Another bug affects "every single" Arris-built AT&T U-verse device, according to Hutchins, putting potentially millions of customers at risk.

An AT&Tacker can bypass the firewall on the device by brute-forcing the half-completed MAC address on the device. Hutchins said that he believes the bug allows AT&T staff to connect to an AT&T-issued television digital recorder on the same network, but the implementation went "terribly wrong."
He said that this "most widespread vulnerability" has the easiest fix. Hutchins has published several self-mitigation methods on the blog.
Hutchins said it was "hard to believe" that the flaws are not being actively exploited.
A spokesperson for Arris said the company wouldn't comment on specifics as it was "currently verifying" the report. "We can confirm ARRIS is conducting a full investigation in parallel and will quickly take any required actions to protect the subscribers who use our devices," the spokesperson said.
AT&T did not respond to a request for comment outside business hours. (Monday is a US national holiday.) We'll update if that changes.

Security Alert: AT&T customers with Arris modems at risk of remote hacking, claim infosec.
Just the usual procession of firmware vulnerabilities By Richard Chirgwin 1 Sep 2017 at 02:01 14 Reg comments SHARE
Infosec consulting firm No motion has reported vulnerabilities in Arris broadband modems and which it says are trivial to exploit, and could affect nearly 140,000 devices.
The report claims the AT&T Modems carry hard-coded credentials, serious since a firmware update turned on SSH by default. That would let a remote AT&Tacker access the AT&T Modem's csheebeejeebies service and take a leisurely walk through most of the devices' controls and levers.
“The username for this access is remote ssh and the password is 5SaP9I26”, Nomotion states.

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

The sheebeejeebies's capabilities include “viewing/changing the WiFi SSID/password, modifying the network setup, re-flashing the firmware from a file served by any tftp server on the Internet” and there's also access to a kernel module “whose sole purpose seems to be to inject advertisements into the user’s unencrypted web traffic.”
That last isn't in use in the AT&T Modem, No motion's Joseph Hutchins writes but the code is present and vulnerable.
the AT&T Modems in question are the Arris NVG589 and NVG599, which No-motion notes are provided as standard customer premises equipment for AT&T U-verse customers.
The bugs could have been added by AT&T, the report says, since while “examining the firmware, it seems apparent that AT&T engineers have the authority and ability to add and customize code running on these devices, which they then provide to the consumer (as they should).”
The csheebeejeebies runs as root, which means any other possible exploit is also trivial to exploit. For example, he provides a demonstration of a command injection using its ping functionality.
Other vulnerabilities Hutchins says he's found in the AT&T Modems include:
Default https server credentials Hutchins isn't sure why there's an https server running on port 49955, but it's there, and user “tech” with no password can access it; Command injection the same https server (named “caserver”) accepts commands to upload a firmware image; rifle through its internal databases; and send configuration commands with requests to a set_data command; More information disclosure and hard-coded credentials a service on port 61001 leaks device information under the right conditions, including another set of credentials, “bdctest/bdctest”; and A firewall bypass on port 49152.

AT&T is hacking.Logs show that 404 and reset by peer (among other upstream causes of problems) are being cloaked and propagated through, et al.

The true originator of the is which first goes through

Upon receiving much eroneous problematic traffic from (even at least one breach to an entire non-published server that was turned on before instantly visited by the cloak of, we began to setup a means to observe the criminal activity.

The whois for the 66. ip address is Google, this appears to be hijacked at our end by AT&T

NetRange: -

Parent: NET66 (NET-66-0-0-0-0)
NetType:Direct Allocation

However when we perform a Traceroute we find that the root is, and not

NetRange: -
Parent: AT&T (NET-12-0-0-0-1)

So we began blocking:

NetRange: -




Blocking the AT&T domain block solved a large chunk of all of the rif-raf here, why is that?

The actual TraceRoute of google's is a very short and sweet ride of only a few hops:

Hop Hostname IP Time 1
1 homeportal 0.773
1 homeportal 0.633
2 25.325
3 21.331
5 23.199
6 29.322

*This is google's that is tracerouted and yet appears to be an imposter within the ownership of AT&T(i.e. tracerouting a 66. ip address should not yeild a 12. as the sender. Furthermore, 66. isn't even in the loop at all when it should be).

We find similar upstream involvement in the AT&T mandatory-issued modem/routers.

Apparently menus can be turned on and off at will by remote-control, wireless turned on and off at will, buttons to controls within the firmware completely removed at will, whole tabs and pages of the AT&T Modem/software removed at will, logs to become obfuscated/removed at will, power cycles all by itself at will.

Other problems with upstream damages are modem/router time zone changes which causes all sorts of problems with https sites (only AT&T upstream has the ability to change time zones within their modems), entire firmware changed at will, ports opened and closed at will, and MORE!

If there is any definition to the term "terrorism" it is that one entity should act in malice unprovoked (simply because they feel they are free to do so due to mismanagment and lack of quality control over the service in which is seen as profiteering to the vicitimized American public sector.

Other than I, who else has the ability to so easily pass through the property that is owned by AT&T, property they already own and control?

If profiteering a stationary $60+ dollars each month from most Amerians that are using the Internet, and by obtaining said proceeds regardless of there having been the reciprocity of untainted service each and every day, then what was Enron?

This flagrant breach of the public trust, although appears to be a profitable wave of revenue to the few, has caused probably irreparable damage using the present form of economic and social control in our Nation.

Tick Tock

ignore these notes:

The weakest link to COMMUNICATIONS within our Nation appears to be the manipulation of the politiy by the monopolies in general.

Internet providers are armed with a new "law" recently created by their "law"-makers, and appear to have a wide window in which to arbitrarily manipulate which internet sites and servers get seen.

The methods used by the capitalizing "elite" are actively "sandboxing" a great majority of websites as they are obeying "laws", allowing for the embedding of key-positions within their company allowing for the employ of embedded privileged upper-class employees of those that presently rule our Nation to it's demise.

For a mind that still retains one unwashed braincell, ask how this link's data can be possible

The tactics utilized, although contrary to the very purpose of the F.C.C., are to regulate in a proper and purposeful manner to protect the bulk of our nation's masses in relation to communications.

And yet in 2019 have become a useless drain which our Nation simply can no longer endure.

With little in the way of real checks and balances, when monopolies and the plutocracy are one and the same, our Internet Providers are our weakest links to security of the Nation's public communications.

Examples will be shown to solidify the aforementioned claim, but first I'd like to interject with a recent encounter.

A recent issue occurred while using the monopoly internet service which required a call to AT&T in reference to issues which were completely out of my control.

Letter to the Polity.

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