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Review of the only other choice of "providers"

Here's my early findings censored off the map:

U.S.A. held Hostage.

Monopoly censorship is so extreme that it is near impossible for me to keep even the most inane of videos on mainstream-controlled "social" sites. Without any notification whatsoever, the videos are pulled from the public consideration leaving me to only find the dead links at a much later time. Having tried all the other "alternatives" such as vimeo, dailymotion, veoh, etc I am left to host the data on a server I pay for. The oppressive side knows to aim toward breaking down dissent by bankrupting it. Now I'm hosting the information but finding that my Internet Providers (qty.= 2) are funneling and filtering my connection through their own sandbox routers (evidence of this statement is contained in one of the other pages under the review for Spectrum Hackers

Merry Thanksgiving!??

So yesterday I was sitting in front of the laptop and behind that was the screen to the server. Both were on and being utilized until suddenly the internet disconnected. I looked over at the modem/router and sure enough it was rebooting without my consent.

After the long wait for it to come back up I went to check the logs to find out why it happened. I am extremely familiar with the software in the modem / router and instantly picked up on the fact that the "logs" tab had changed. No longer were there the option to look at the "critical" logs or the "system" logs or the "upgrade" logs. The features were completely removed.

I knew this was very bad and had hoped that a restore to factory would suffice. However now it was not accepting my cut-copy-paste-incredibly-long password. Now I knew I was in trouble.

Apparently my site now delivers the html pages after a significantly noticeable delay now. Since the modem would no longer accept my password from within the software, the decision was made to press the reset button on the back of the unit which forces it to restore to factory.

After much DOWNTIME the problem was still not resolved, the software in the router was changed and now all pertinent logs of the intruders activities are completely without my ability to watch and remedy the actions.

It sure has been a long uphill battle to have a voice.

On the one hand I have visitors to my site like MIT and other educational departments along with today's newbie visitor, X22 Report that covers economic and social and political problems....and then on the other hand is the most organized criminals that simply provoke and cause all sorts of problems which hinder the site even staying up. The third shift is the worst and do the most damage.

What makes it so bad though, is that I cannot add content or fix all my spelling mistakes or make the site look better because I'm juggling a forced-unpaid-career in countering the attacks.

Yesterday for instance, another modem/router has been infiltrated. ATT are aware of this and sending another one (along with a field agent to do separate work on the outside line hopefully to remedy a splice that now is under water at the dry well out back).

Here's the unique way the hacker infiltrated. Firstly, I should mention my os is perfectly cool as a cucumber. The modem however, along with the upstream ip redirects, ghosting, and sandboxing is a much more difficult task to counteract because I don't control those areas.

Once Upon a Time my "service" which I reciprocally pay for, was less than what was agreed upon (that never happens, right?).

I took the time to document and present the issues to the monopoly controller of my community's internet service

Repercussions were alarming the more I pressed the issue of unfair "business" transactions.

Monopoly Racketeering
'AT&T' Racket
Profiteering by 'AT&T' re-assessed
Racket assessed

Profiteering regardless of the lack of a reciprocal contract agreement. Racketeering via Monopoly Control. U.S.A. held Hostage.

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