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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time.

As a community service, I think it important to give the heads-up concerning a bit of deception upon the citizenry.

Warning: This page is a mess (I'll get to it when I find the time....for now, read between the lines and do your own homework

Put Bluntly (till I edit the words below) Batteries Plus is selling fraudulent "Duracell" Batteries. Big deal?

What's the difference between a street urchin running up on you trying to sell a chain stamped 14k gold when it's just a tin chain with gold paint?

This over-zealous move by Batteries Plus to sell fakes for the lure of dollars shows no class.

Although I certainly appreciate their existence, Batteries Plus does serve a purpose, no doubt. However I do not feel that illegal activity should go unnoticed either. If I sell fakes I'm going to jail, end of story. Oh but when industry sells us fakes it's barely a topic. This issue is just another thorn in the side of America's form of Justice and Equity.

What I'm about to write here can very easily be verified as truth by calling Duracell themselves!

Here's the reality:

Batteries Plus is selling "Duracell Batteries" that are not made by Duracell, however the prices being racketed in reflect the cost as if they were a name-brand battery such as a Duracell.

However if you call Duracell in an effort to gain some necessary information on the batteries that were purchased, such information as PWM Rate, Float Rate, Maximum Charge Rate; Duracell will inform you that Duracell did not make the batteries and point your inquiry back to Batteries Plus. Pressing Batteries Plus further yeilded the truth, the "Duracell" fakes are made by a company called Deka (Dekka?). Calling Duracell again, I am told that Batteries Plus simply "bought the Duracell label".

Is that not the most outrageous impropriety?

So You might be asking, if the "Duracell" Deep Cycle Batteries, costing between $100.00 - $300.00 each, are not authentic Duracell Batteries, what then?

Enter Dekka (third party with no standing?)

If I wanted to invest in a Dekka Battery I ought to have the free choice to do so (as opposed to being lured into a knee-deep investment before finding out the reality and derivation of the batteries sold by Batteries Plus is fraudulent and I've simply been duped).

This USED to be ILLEGAL when we had consumer protections. These days we have only the sheebeejeebies and facade of business restrictions, which appear to only be enforced upon the non-monopoly entities, the mom-and-pop stores.

Now what does one do when each "Duracell" battery I purchased from Batteries Plus has cost over $100.00 x 18 batteries and well over $200.00 x 3 batteries?

Imagine if you came to me and purchased a dell computer, the label says dell, and it looks like a dell, in fact the marketing contained on my site says it's a dell, but I packaged a poopie instead.

It sure is a sad time to be a consumer in America's depleted economy nowadays. Americans are like ducks in a monopolized free-for-the-few shooting gallery.

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