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Project 43.2a Springfield Ohio's Kenny Hendrick while still alive

Brick partition wall


....Made With Trash

Page 2
Figure 8 Brick

The particular brick shown below are referred to as "slump" brick.

These are not hot-fired brick and therefore are not uniform by any means.

There are sagging sides, bumped out faces, and the brick possess other deformities also.
These particular brick, like the solid brick used in the main walls, were also laid uncleaned.
However, unlike the solid brick on the main walls which only had up to 1/2" existing mortar still intact, these brick possessed even more!

In other words, the brick are impossible to lay true, so the weaving in and out of the vertical joints is inevitable. These brick are all laid rowlock fashion on their faces horizontally making the wall approximately 8inches thick, yet see-through.

This first view is the opposite of the shower-side.

No Grout this side of Brick Wall

The following photos show the Shower-side of wall, grouted but not yet cured dry.

I am a Photo of a brickI am a Photo of a brick

The suspect in the photo below allowed the use of his time and truck to obtain the mortar required for the project.

I am not a brick photo

My alter-ego told me to snap a photo of him....just in case.
Springfield Help
After some debate whether it were safe, we went to purchase the mortar

In this next photo, the worst of the salvaged brick are put to use Not dry yet

Accent Brick added to Wall in Springfield Ohio

The wall will lighten when it dries out in a few days.

Accent Brick Column Pending Cuts PhotoFreshly installed brick on rear wall still wet photoContrast between the two types of brick photoye old wall photo

The need for a better floor are considered.

Shower FloorBrick Floor Plans Photo

Back Brick Pantry Area photoOne tough cat

My neighbor donated some cut stone
StonedgeSpringfield Ohio Masonry BenchSpringfield Ohio Masonry Bench

The need for a concrete splash guard is installed prior to door installation

Concrete Splash Guard is poured and ready for tripping over

In these final photos are shown a brick column incorporating both types of brick.

The photo on the left is prior to the installation of the custom cuts to square off the column toothings.

The photo on the right is after the installation of the custom cuts.

Accent Brick Column Pending Cuts PhotoThis was supposed to be a coat rackCat fishing on the wrong side of the wall

This concludes the Brick Page 2

Animated Photo of Mr. Shine

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