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Terrorists and Terrorism

This page is primarily about what could be classified as the State's inconsideration and imposition upon the Citizens

There are no alterior motives for my giving up time to compile the screenshots and notes contained herein

Evidence speaks louder than words

Screenshots with miscellaneous notes

**Please note that it has recently occurred to me that our Nation's analysts and other experts MUST SURELY KNOW A LARGER PICTURES than the rest of us. Seeing as how our PROGRAMMING within the public movies and other media does not demonize immorality, murder, and other non-productive programming brought to us by industry, that it is very probable that the great minds of our government are attempting to implement some other means of positive programming that we are not cognitive of. Censorship is not only classified as bad, it can also be used to the good depending on various circumstances and goals promulgated by the ruling class.

The point being, that even though what is recorded on this page is entirely true, that perhaps the censorship of my words are for the ultimate good of the Nation (something a retard like me just might be a tad slow in comprehending).

**Update January 14, 2020

Another Facebook Account has been suspended. I bet I'm one of the most censored people any of my readers know of.

In the event you get censored on facebook, here's one of the first messages you will receive as a banned person.

Censorship at all levels in 2020

What makes the Facebook claims so disgenuine is the fact that the monopoly first lures a would-be visitor to their site to sign up, permits us to choose our own password and username, then reneigs later with false allegations (seen further down this page) and sudden suspensions. Of course the process of signing up requires that certain criteria be met before Facebook will allow you to become a member.

One of the usernames which was created over a half-decade ago, suddenly became "not allowed" once I started to publish political comments and ideas (one of my ideas was to bring our military home to Nationalize the corporations, seize the properties and assets of the entities to allocate toward the National "debt", clean house of the "lobbyist" paymasters, etc.).

Also, any prospective members to Facebook were not demanded identification at the time of sign-up, whereas my last three suspensions out of 6 total suspensions demanded that I send to the monopoly a photo identification AND MORE to prove that I am a person!

The neo-corpo establishment appear to give no thought to skirting the laws of our Nation. It appears also true that the Courts stand aloof to any recourse, compensation, or scrutiny (evidenced by the fact that the bait-and-switch tactics of Facebook would actually make Facebook liable for the black-balling, censorship, and banning of groups of opinions, comments, or statements). If Facebook allowed me to become a member then Facebook ought to be liable for the recompense of hours of a person's life that are snuffed away by an entity that need not be concerned with the laws of our land or the consideration of our people.

This would appear to be an issue which affects Public Interest (maybe Facebook should be a rated website thereby making the Internet safe to browse again (without predatorial conglomerates luring us into their fold, then manipulating us to think accordingly, comment accordingly, name our username accordingly, ad nauseaum).

There is more concerning the neo-laws that Facebook is abiding by here.

Do not be clouded by the statement contained in the image above, this hasn't anything to do with the "name" as Facebook specifies. A few weeks ago they took down a username that had been up since 2015 as "springfield oh". Obviously if Facebook allowed me to create and use my own preferred username, then it WAS allowed by Facebook (and now Facebook should spank itself?).

This isn't about names, it's the excuse.

This is what has prompted my bothering to learn how to host my own server, to learn html and hand-write my own code (in an effort to have a voice that can survive the monopoly social sites).

Now that I have a server, the attacks come to my door. The good news is that at least I have logs to verify the legitimacy of my claims (otherwise I'd be stark raving mad always knowing but never having the reinforcing evidence that such acts are in fact occurring.

Twitter suspends my account. Again. Are they in collusion with Facebook and the other sites that ban me? Of course not. It's much larger than that.

Censorship is at all levels in 2020

Even Google will swamp my server with bogus links so that nobody will hear what I might have to say, but why?

Brian Kinter has his voice eliminated also

I happen to know the following victim. His kids were stolen from him (yes, stolen) for something like three years. At least I'm not alone in the attack that monopoly-funded polity are able to mute at will.

monopoly manipulation and censorship

This is a true story of the degree that terrorism plays in the United States by the neo-political structure.

This page has been prompted following a suspension (another one) from Facebook

Presently, I will begin to compile screenshots and will mention some of the methods that the neo-political structure uses to stifle any other viewpoint from the minds of the American conscious public.

Facebook allows anyone to create an account and choose a username if it's not already taken. HOWEVER, Facebook is selling the usernames to whomever it pleases following a suspension of the username account. FOR INSTANCE, because my website is and my facebook account was permitted to be created back in 2015 as (initially) "springfield oh", now all that Springfield Ohio government needs to do is put a flag up and the name can be sat on for a spell until things cool down.

Keep in mind the loss of time and effort that goes into creating a following and uploading enough content to make the content interesting. By Capitalizing on words that the select few comandeer should not be seen as anything less than a racket.

The server's logs show that facebook is probably censoring back to web page: Facebook censoring political pages

After having been manipulated again to re-apply to Facebook, with a press of a key, Facebook is able to make all the comments and connections disappear with no regard to the harm they cause. - - [13/Jan/2020:07:16:10 -0500] "GET /ohiopostunderground/index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 15199 "-" "facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+" - - [13/Jan/2020:07:16:10 -0500] "GET /ohiopostunderground/index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 15199 "-" "facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+"

The server's logs also show that facebook is censoring back to web page: Facebook censoring bad testimony against facebook

Facebook also was inspecting this webpage I began solely on Facebook alone. - - [14/Jan/2020:07:05:25 -0500] "GET /ohiopostunderground/facebook/facebook-manipulation.html HTTP/1.1" 200 13473 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +"

Two things I'd like to mention. When Facebook (or any monopoly-sized entity) admonishes unsuspecting visitors to create a username and populate the page with personal information, yet without notice block the data from the owner, this is a racket. Keep in mind, we have all witnessed the pop-ups where Facebook is ever-updating its terms of service AFTER THE FACT. This is the definition of a racket:

"3a : a fraudulent scheme, enterprise, or activity
b : a usually illegitimate enterprise made workable by bribery or intimidation
c : an easy and lucrative means of livelihood"

Forced Penalty

The first photo shows the Yandex account which was active for many years.

Censorship of the Citizen.

Without warning, it was found that the Account was closed by an unknown entity.

Censorship of the Citizen. Criminal censorship of the American Citizen.

Attempting to resurrect the account is Denied.

Notice that Political pages, anything that speaks out against injustice, are routinely pulled from the public consideration With Out Notice

The terrorists will keep pushing to create the you that they can demonize.

The attacks are organized and without consideration.

Plutocracy of Organized Criminals

Cloning accounts and websites is par for the course to manipulate alternate viewpoints.

Internet Provider Complicit in attacks

Internet Provider Complicit in censorship

Citizen Privacy and Peace attack

American Censorship

American Censorship to stifle alternate views

Theft of Bandwidth by Ip Provider

Resetting Manipulation of American Opinions

ATT Internet Provider Posing as Google

American Censorship Dis-service

Changing Timezone Modem Attack

The following are other pages in which I've made repeated attempts to compile data to show the myriad of attacks that spawn from the upstream Internet Provider's "service".


One method to marginalize the majority is by inciting confusion among the groups.
1 1 1 1 1

google attacks with soured backlinks using bible for bait

google attacks identified

google attacks

Google Monopoly-derived attacks using several versions of the Bible to inundate my server's logs and hog-tie the bandwidth I pay for.

google attacks citizens under the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

google attacks under the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

google attacks citizens the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

google censors citizens under the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

google manipulates citizens under the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

google coerces citizens under the law of the neo-capitalist plutocracy

When you do harm to another, let no man or woman, regardless of class or status, be beyond the law. If the law harms the innocent, the law should be liable.

And finally...

Below is one of the Contractors that was hired to remove and/or obfuscate my website

Only a higher-up is able to obtain the Customer name or entity that hired them to do this malicious act

Nowadays I block such criminals from my website completely

IP Addresses of attack:

Registrar IANA ID 299



Another entity that I block using iptables is (owned by Amazon?)

State: Virginia

City Location: Ashburn



AS Number: AS14618, Inc.

If anybody else finds the need to eliminate some of the riff-raff from your servers, simply stop the predators with IPTABLES by blocking:

Every little bit helps someone like me, that isn't concerned about being the most popular or accessible site on the Internet.