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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time.

Yet ANOTHER Spectrum true account and American tragedy,

Namely, conglomerate corporate monopoly takeover of our polity, judiciary, media, the education system's curriculum, and now they can destroy or deny.

Programming, it's not just for computers anymore

Having only the illusion of choices left for American's these days, I was again trying to keep a pseudo-political website online.

Now the only other choice for Internet, ATT, although leaps and bounds more secure than Spectrum, and now the router that ATT mandate that all citizens must use when subscribed with ATT had become compromised and with little in the way of options, I again hoped that the other monopoly had changed its wicked ways. At first I did not even know that Time Warner had changed it's name.I thought, "Finally, Citizens are "allowed" another choice!"

Boy was I ever wrong!

The year is 2018 - Time Frame = 5 days

The following is the most insane facts as they occurred.

Friday, August 31 2018 - I am told to pre-pay for "service" with spectrum an amount totaling just under $50 for 100mb dl and 10mb ul. Same day installation of personal modem, however tests showed less than 30mb dl instead of 100mb. I am informed that it's the modem's fault, that it's a legacy modem and that Spectrum will be sending another modem.

Saturday, September 1 2018 - New modem arrives and tested. Using the Spectrum modem, Agent tests showed a download speed of less than 20mb dl. I am told a technician will need to come out and that the earliest would be Tuesday, September 4 2018.

Tuesday, September 4 2018 Technician arrives and is stumped after for about 45 minutes. The Spectrum technician calls for backup Agent to arrive. The Spectrum Agents try different modems, but ultimately took the new modem which was shipped to me from Spectrum, and left a broken modem (no kidding, once again, THEY LEFT A BROKEN MODEM so even if they figured out the problem at the pole, I would still be left without service). Same day, More backup arrives and the agents collectively work for over 3 hours. Unable to remedy problem, it is now diagnosed that the problem is located on a utility pole in front of the home and told that a "bucket truck" will be required to suppress the line.

Wednesday, September 5 2018 Bucket Truck arrives sometime after midnight and works approximately 1 hour at pole. However upon calling Spectrum, I am told Spectrum cannot force their agents to return property that they hadn't any right to remove from here, and that a new modem would be shipped out to me by Friday.

Thursday, September 6 2018 - I quit writing this day ***Sorry, I will probably not be finishing this. But there's plenty more. Ultimately told that service cannot be delivered to this address because something about being the first home off the pole and the bandwidth is too strong and unsuppressable (, we ought to replace those expensive scud missiles with this kind of force)

Spectrum Sham - Take Two

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