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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. ebay guarantee
With such a claim of a Guarantee, how is it that I've lost so much time and money with ebay?

The Ebay Game

Is ebay really a good deal for US?

Ebay states to not pass Buyer credit card information to the individual sellers, but...

ebay guarantee?

What about the racket of BAIT and BAIL Tactics?

In the following examples are two ebay purchases.


In the world of monopoly control, the rules and any claim to a Guarantee, are variable.

With the neo-corporate world of engagement, it is the Buyer that is victimized, and it is the Buyer that must do-this and do-that and then settle for the refund of defective or wrong products received, even when at no fault of the Buyer.

As an example, a simple purchase of a 9v battery charger (which is a nominal $3 or $4 purchase at a store), ended up becoming a waste of life.

The lure of an ebay Guarantee had me convinced that spending $19.00+ would be to my advantage, when the ebay description stated the price included 2 chargers and 4 rechargeable batteries, I was sold.

Ebay Scam

However the ebay purchase from an ebay seller that placed within the item description the words, "For U.S.", but rather sent European chargers, this ends up becoming a costly unplanned time-waster.

When a purchase goes bad, it's the seller's additional job to "file for a refund", possibly repackage after locating tape and proper packaging, travel time to the post office, etc.

But what happens in the case of the aforementioned purhcase when the seller does not even actually carry chargers that work in the U.S.?

The ebay answer to this is simply to have IT'S seller refund the buyer's card, which all sounds quite honest until you add up the variables: n the following scenario, The fact that it was a pre-paid online credit card that was purchased utilized to make the original purchase means that there is a monthly fee of approximately $7 per month + the original purchase of the card $3 so in effect this online purchase has cost a total of about $29.00+ only to receive the wrongfully advertised prodcut.

Furthermore, since the original card was destroyed by the last place I used the card (a quick-mart purchase utilized the last remaining pennies from the card and the agent disposed of the card), so in effect I now would have to wait for a replacement card which would invariably be at an additional $7+ now rendering the refund to belittled even further (and the purchase of the original item is now costing me $35+ !!!!

Is Ebay worth the trouble?

ebay guarantee

Monopoly Ebay causes some to turn from financing capitalists. Call for ban on purchases.

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The policy is stated, and assumed, for consumer protection.

Sequence of ebents:

March 28, 2018

ebay acknowledge

ebay acknowledge
item: 112898153334 - Washing Machine Twin Tub Washer Spin Dryer, White

This is not the first time ebay has done this questionable "bait and bail" practice.

Ebay acknowledge the purchase, send receipt of the purchase funds, decline the purchase, keep the money. Since ebay took the money for a purchase of an item placed on an ebay website, the money is no longer to the profit of the owner. Since ebay is with knowledge of receipt of my money, ebay is profiting unlawfully by not returning the money.

ebay bait bail

They ought to, of their own accord, RETURN the money that has skillfully allowed only ebay able to enjoy.

The following will show I've responded with due-diligence to the ebay monopoly.
March 28, 2018 = Purchase of an ebay item

Ebay follows up with the following email 2 days after the purhcase:

March 30, 2018

Ebay bait and bail

I should not be punished from my money due to an ebay-derived cause.

If ebay is causing the hinderance of my enjoyment of my property, since the money is in the care of ebay, it is ebay enjoying my property which I did not authorize. I authorized money for product only.
March 31, 2018 After numerous telephone communications attempts to convince ebay to return the money back to me. It was decided to try another avenue.

I was now forced to begin documenting calls, attempted emails to various agents and agencies, the creation of this website to document the insidious harm of bait and bail control.

April 1, 2018
ebay manipulation

It was clear that I would be manipulated to first resolve the loss with ebay as directed within the email sent by ebay.
April 1, 2018
In accordance with the ebay directives and dictates expressed to me as the efforts that must be pursued for the return of my money, I followed ebay advice and conctacted their law enforcement.

ebay judicial

Any possible problem that ebay has with their seller should not translate to becoming my adopted problem and/or loss. This might be a valid profit for ebay had I allowed weeks to progress, however it was only two days later after ebay took my money and here I am over a week chasing monopoly for my money return.

Since the powers of ebay were so diligently willing to "cancel" the shipment of the item which ebay took the money for, one might find it considerate of ebay to return the money without forcing me to first jump through numerous hoops to usher the return of my money.
Email is rejected by ebay as a form of communications, and since the ebay operators in customer care penalize me for my native English language with much wasted time over the phone, I was manipulated to create a username and post on the ebay forum. One person responded by requesting to know if I were the buyer or seller.

I responded.

ebay forum dead-end

It is April 4, 2018 so we may not be seeing any other activity from the ebay forum. tick tock

As the below included call logs show, I have spent some time on the phone with ebay when the time could very well have been better spent productively in a manner I would have preferred. However, after speaking with three different ebay agents for a consumed amount of time each, it became apparent that my having been born and raised in America and having the English language as my only language is apparently a hindrance to the expedient return of my money.

ebay bait and bail

Having been requested by the ebay telephone buffer agents to spell out my email address, no less than 5 times in three calls (only one in three agents were able to get the spelling as I individually spelled out each letter), and having apparently failed to convey my email address to an agent that might have a grasp of the only language I am proficient in, It became apparent that I and the ebay employees were not able to communicate fluidly, so I offered to simply email ebay for expediency (which was refused by ebay as being permitted as an alternative remedy for the clear conveyance of the spelling of my email address).

My email address is:
(repeat this 5 times over the phone to someone that you can barely understand also, spelling out each character only to hear something else repeated back to you, is somewhat infuriatingly degrading)
Having a need to NOT stay on the phone for extended periods due to the phone being necessary for incoming business calls, I now make the request for mediation in the hopeful expedient remedy and return of my money.

Ebay Money Scam
Since ebay took my money and cannot fulfill their website's requisites, the least they should do is considerately RETURN the unearned profit. The ploy appears to prey on the percent that either never follow up with their credit card purchases, die, forget any knowledge of having made a purchase from ebay, or any other number of variables that may permit ebay an unwarranted profit.

What's your story?
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