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Our Nation CAN do Better!
Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time.

2019 Economy in America

Our actions today should not be so reckless as to leave for the next generation to clean up the mess.

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When a one-class ruling upper-"elite" alienates the rest of the house (the citizens), the resultant danger is to all of us (even the upper-class ultimately).

Once trust has severed, it's a precarious situation, if a dire need should arise.

Q: Why is our present form of Government not rallying the masses to produce for our own Nation?

A: Capitalism

We the People ought to be grateful to the Chinese for producing products affordably for us since our own upper-class has become too full of themselves to put food on our tables (jobs) and money (profits) into our own Nation's coffers

The fact is, I could offer the community much more content within my own website, if it were not for the restrictions, manipulations, and other profiteering tactics of the controlling interests that run our Nation's communications monopolies right now.

The manipulation thickens when every search engine has their own requisites to being able to be seen on thier offering of links to the public.

I'm adding this content this date, December 15, 2019, after having devoted every waking moment of this very day to complying with the dreamed-up dogma of those that are vying for sole control of the Internet communications.

Now, I'm having to spend the evening un-doing because it's been found that by complying with google's dictates, breaks the dictates of the other search engines.

Will the oppressed fight faithfully to protect the very oppressor that oppresses him or her?

We've all heard the adage that a house divided cannot stand, and in the case of the choices made by one possibly rogue group in the upper-class echelon, those that possess exclusive control over education, media programming, commerce, social services, finances, etc., this type has failed over and over throughout our recent history.

One can view the plutocracy seen in the present 2018 U.S. system as being analogous to a group of controllers, the last ones at the monopoly board since all other factions and viewpoints are routinely wiped out by the ruling class.

For example:

As in the case of the 9-11 "twin" towers, when the epithet is more rightly "tri" since three buildings were taken down in NY on that murderous day, creates distrust, shame, and anger by the citizenry (for good reason).

The Arrogance and lack of empathy of our established ruling class has caused the distrust of us in other nations also. This arrogance has clearly caused a reduction in anyone that might want to invest here.


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When one takes the extreme examples of history (Hitler=one person; Mussolini=one person, etc.), and places them against the backdrop of present-day American government, there are of course many attributes that are not congruent. However one thing stands boldly, the difference is, if monopolies own our polity (or more likely, vice-versa), then we have only succeeded in a group racket in collusion, as opposed to one solitary person calling the shots.

Either way you look at it though, the examples of all tyrants have been of one predominant primary class, whether a single person or a group, that calls the shots that affect the bulk of the world's population. The bulk of the population are not as invested in the goals and motives of the capitalizing ruling class.

It may give the appearance that this scenario is great for the ruling class...but it is an illusion that is short-lived, and once the alienation is made, it's damn hard to regroup the minds of the masses to be patriotic to those that oppress them, their communities, needs and interests.

Take our world standpoint for example. When I was younger the U.S. dollar was valued at 3 to 1 to the Guilder currency (which back then also offered the option for the Euro Dollar as opposed to the Netherland's Guilder Dollar).

The exact opposite value is seen today.

FAIL! It is impossible to say that this is good management, or good relations with our very neighbors. The head cannot know the feet at all times (and vice-versa).

Zombie Etiquette - Good for Business, Bad for Humans.

If we are chasing the income away, where does that leave U.S.??

Clearly the Bureaucracy is the problem, and a threat to us all right now. There are answers to address this dire dilemna our nation is in, problem is the capitalizers have created a law that virtually make it illegal to so much as discuss the possible answers.

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Argumentative (combative) American Citizens that follow orders without consideration of whether the orders are good or devilish are a danger to us all now (if a Coup De-tat has happened by a worse entity than our former establishment).

Good people are being terrorized and defamed. Listen to the entirety of the video and you be the judge. Is this not the most shameful show of programming gone awry when our Nation needs all the dollars it can get to reverse our debt?

Chasing the Canadians away is the best answer for us?

Arrogantly apathetic controllers have myopically set their eye on the prize by whatever cost.

The cost is the U.S. (and will somebody P L E A S E check to see who is holding the insurance policy on our Nation's collapse and/or demise?).

I believe we've seen the prelude to the inevitable in the "PUT Options" within the Stock Market on 9-11 already (for those of you that are not aware, there was actually certain entities that somehow magically had the foresight to know which airline would be blamed for taking down two towers (and the third was admittedly "pulled" by explosives).

How can we invest in our diminishing businesses when the stock market is clearly manipulated? People investing in airlines that were to become reported hijacked on 9-11 invested with "put" options before the incidents even occurred. That foreknowledge is actually two unprecedented miracles: 1.) That some entities and persons that have off-shore investments would know that the game was already to include the airlines thereby taking a loss (a "put" option is not like the normal stock investments. The normal investments are that a company will make a profit, whereas a "put" option is banking that a company will take a loss), and 2.) That so many "put" options would be made on anything, let alone a few airlines.

A "PUT Option" is the opposite of the normal investments made within the Stock Market.

A PUT Option is banking that the company will take a loss during a period. Just before 9-11, a record number of PUT Options were made which urinates all over the belief that insider information does not happen or is not manipulated at will).

Here's some irrefutable facts:

This is what the usdebt looks like before adding the external debts (and running rampant as shown on

$20,442,384,288,080 ********CORRECTION, IN THE SHORT TIME I STARTED THIS WRIT WE ARE ALMOST $22 TRILLION IN DEBT NOW~!! **** Correction in is only a few months remaining in 2019 and now the debt is over $22 Trillion!

This is over $22 Trillion dollars, conservatively.

This is what the Russian debt looks like before adding the external debts (as shown on
This is over $191 Billion dollars conservatively.

So how is it that we Americans are hundreds of times more in debt than other nations we were told "we" toppled? I wonder where all THAT money went (wars and rumors of wars)?

WE ARE TRILLIONS IN DEBT, WHEREAS RUSSIA IS ONLY BILLIONS IN DEBT and bouncing back (following our lead and becoming crackpy capitalists, in my opinion)!

It's all a science brought to you by capitalism, the illusion for the dumb masses FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FEW (for a little while).

Is this how we want our Nation to go out?! We should be the Model Nation of the World and still could be! The crackpy part of this story is that we can no longer even afford our own military to undo this mess, we're broke (almost overnight)!

This is what One Trillion dollars looks like= 1,000,000,000,000
This is what One Hundred Billion dollars looks like = 100,000,000,000
This is what the U.S. debt looks like =20,442,384,288,080

Countries by Debt


Stop with the land of the free crack, it's outdated thinking.

The game has changed drastically and continuing in our present direction of rampant debt increase, is going to surprise the heebeejeebies out of us when the dirty carpet is pulled from under our feet.

You don't need to be an economics major to see the future of running into the end of the trail of rampant debt (it's more like a looting brought to you by the very few that control everything (and chain-of command will ensure the looters get away with the crime).

Imagine "lobbying" a cop.

After bailing yourself out of jail, because it's a crime to offer a bribe for coercion, favor, or otherwise, where did your money go after the court's judgment was passed against you for bribing a cop?

The money did not go back to the citizenry or the cop, but it did go somewhere, right?

You've just encountered the class act of one group (like a gang) that is exempt from the laws because the laws are only against the lower classes.

The laws are proposed by the very group that CAN "legally" "lobby" a cop. That entity controls them in the first place!

So in the form of a raise or promotion or a mere chain-of-command word of praise, our nation endures this stringent economic and social control and a spiraling debt.

We've seen just recently how the Charter/Spectrum/TimeWarner/Brighthouse/Roadrunner monopoly was fined by the lawmakers (so the lawmakers received the bulk of the money from the monopoly)... but this is a magicians trick because it's just a show as money went from one arm to the next.

Monopoly later simply raised it's rates for service and the victimized masses now pay what the monopoly shared to their lawmakers.

It's the same game that's been played over and over in our Nation. Remember Exxon and the Oil Spill? The puppet polity fined exxon thereby moving money from one arm to the next and what did Exxon do after? THEY RAISED THEIR PRICES.

We could go down the list with Enron, conveniently the investigation was wiped off the map since the building that was housing that investigation disintegrated. Like the other two buildings in New York, conveniently been dubbed "twin" towers, we see the destructive few dismantling and decommisioning our Great America....half of America already brainwashed believing that only two towers were taken down, when we're the last generation that will remember it was three. Monopolistic media reprogrammed our minds to forget the third tower (for good damn reason).
In the above example, notice that the cop is not able to accept money from a lower-class "lobbyist" (the citizenry that are the cops own neighbors). However, money from the upper-class "lobbyists" (in the form of a raise, promotion, or even a mere chain-of-command word of praise), is for the plutocracy and by the plutocracy.

Which begs the question:

What if the citizens (public) were to hire and fire the police instead of that group that has leeched far too long in our Nation? What if the citizens were to be in control rather than a small elite group of way-up-the-ladder controllers?

We ALL SHOULD KNOW that we would have a kinder, more humane police force. We all would not have them killing kids, unarmed parents and siblings. Our police force would be respectful and respectable.
So the police can only accept money from the upper chain-of-command cabal, and we the people are criminal for tipping a cop lest the cop draw a dignified line. The lower working classes, the police for example, are not actually part of the "in" group, they're the expendable buffer zone that are put into precarious situations and given programming that the U.S. Citizens are the threat.

In fact, nowadays if you offered to tip or "bribe/lobby" a cop, with all the neo-programming that our officers receive, they're so pumped up with the yeast of the upper-class' expectations, that you ought to consider yourself lucky that the officer didn't shoot you in the first place!

I've said it before (since 2007 actually; when we were only about $7 Trillion dollars in mysterious debt) and I'll say it again, our nation is being looted terribly.

If we can't legally talk about solutions, then it might be time to bail.

If it's illegal to discuss, and a capital crime to act upon, then what?

I actually have a potential solution (yes, me).

The crime of uttering words has me mute.

Of course the crack thickens when we begin to see a larger picture (larger than our tele-vision's "news"). My fellow Americans are invariably clueless to the fact that the other world powers have been in OPEN discussion about not dealing with America anymore. Consider the fact that our citizenry only see products from China. Ever wonder why? We don't get our products from Germany or Sweden or even Japan anymore, countries that actually specialize in high quality products. The capitalists only operate by profit so we only get the lowest end of the Chinese products. To maximize profit they buy from any country that will throw something together as cheaply as possible for their myopic gain only (and China takes the heat for the "warranty").

Again, the Russia Insider printed a news report that Russia and China are talking about dropping the dollar....

Russia Insider

If you think we have shoddy products propagated by the ebay/amazon capitalists now....wait till you see the crack we're left with after the only country that is willing to sell to us cheap junk bails out of dealing with us! China is one of the last countries that will sell to us!

We can't see the products from Lithuania or Bulgaria or Russia or Africa because there is a fat middle-man that has lived here for far too long *in my opinion !

Okay, so let's end this gripe.

So what's the answer?

email me. We have a Nation to save.

At present, I'm leaning toward the notion that we need to UNPLUG from ALL CORPORATE-CONTROLLED MEDIA P R O G R A M M I N G INCLUDING THE ONLINE THUGS (censor houses such as youtube, yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc.) and RE-EDUCATE by knowing the facts (it involves LOOKING for the facts! Don't assume that you know something ESPECIALLY if you became "knowledgeable" via the corporate media tele-"vison"). My premise for the aforementioned statement is noticing the utter distractions from simple rational political discussions.

I'm also leaning toward the probable need to RE-ENACT a TRUE freedom of speech (free of blacklisting and "legal" proceedings) and build a new model America with our ideas. Censorship that is increasing here is NOT going to solve any problems whatsoever. If mere words offend a class of people, or a culture, that's life. Making profit under the guise of protecting our feelings is ludicrous and stifles creation of new businesses, inventions, remedies, and more.

No matter how off-the-wall a comment is, there is usually something of residual value worthy to be built upon. Staying stifled ensures only one thing:


Here's my tentative idea to Save the Nation!. Here's an off-the-wall idea locally. It's not perfect, but it's something to BUILD upon, don't outlaw ideas at a time such as this!

"Be Ye Separate" "Let Thine Own Cisterns Water Thee"

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

*Copyright Exemption is listed at the bottom of this page.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

*Copyright Exemption is listed at the bottom of this page.

Indoctrination starts young.