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Facebook Racket - Public Press Release

Draft Format

Manipulations by the power-elite via Censorship of ideas

When I speak of censorship, I am not talking about content with cuss words, porn, or inflamatory comments; Rather the Internet's controlling entities (such as facebook, google/youtube, twitter, and many others) are blocking ideas and comments that are not by any stretch of the imagination, worthy of being deemed so dangerous as to be banned.

Stopping ideas and comments about any topic hinders advancement or hope for the lower-classes that are duped by not hearing the other side of the claims made by industry. In effect, they are changing history, invention, creativity, and proper communications.

This person from Missouri called in to let me know that Facebook is censoring out this entire domain from being able to even so much as link to it (wtf?!).

And this user from Florida reports that her mere attempt to link to this website is blocked by Facebook without justification.


My domain has dozens of other topics. I might understand Facebook censoring this particular page that you are reading, but my entire Domain is punished?!

Why would monopoly want to block my entire domain which includes discoveries in batteries and solar generation (gee could this might be helpful for our military maybe?)

In fact, my website has probably more than a dozen entirely separate topics, yet by crossing monopoly interests in our polity, judiciary, economic, and/or social control, will not likely further our understanding and advancement to solve larger issues that may arise unexpectedly in the unknown future events (all minds ought to partake to derive to a most-plausible solution, end of story!).

Whether the Internet moguls like Facebook are abiding by laws imposed upon them by the capitalizing class of law-makers, the following video is stopped dead in its tracks. The problem is that the video pertains to a problem which affects the community.

The claim made by Facebook is not that the video is violating a law, but the Facebook LIE is that the "public" have chosen to pull the video. I am well aware of the divide-and-conquer tactic, getting us all to blame eachother keeps our eyes off the real criminals.

The "Public" appears to be a subjective term because the "Public" would have had milliseconds to analyze the video, the instant response after my having clicked the upload/share button. The Lie of blaming the Public is outrageous in of itself. Which Public is Facebook claiming in the response pictured below?

It's just that easy to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Out of sight, out of mind, situation contained.

Facebook-Part of a larger embedded Racket

Notice the claim made by Facebook within the red box in the photo above.

Restricting data, as in the case of censorship, can induce a population to forget, not know, not care, not become involved, and to fall in line with the dictates of the unknown plans of the upper-class.

Media PROGRAMMING works affecting the subconscious mind.

Facebook alleges that "...other people on Facebook have reported (the video) as abusive"

Then Facebook maligns my character by claiming I am selling weapons and sex-devices, as evidenced by Facebook's allegations seen below.

Facebook-Part of a larger embedded Racket

Pulling my ads as punishment?

Regardless of whether or not Facebook is acting of its own accord, or whether there is simply an entity abiding by the dictates of the mysterious unknown higher power that is ruling this Nation right now, where is their liability when they do wrong, causing harm to others?

Blocking COMMUNICATIONS is causing harm to every citizen in this Nation (whether every citizen realizes it or not).

Whereas if our free speech clause which is contained in the Constitution were to be enforced, the public would be free to hash-out their differences and solve their undignified stances against one another by the ONLY manner in which problems can be solved (hint: by being allowed to communicate freely).

The ploy of "some might find it offensive" is the shaky ground created by the lawmakers of the monopolies and their control.

Facebook-Part of a larger Racket

Sounds rehearsed and fake to me, but it's not "we the people" that are propagating the fake news, is it?

The Antics by Monopoly are wide-reaching

Sorry, I cannot fall in line to assent that "our" laws, made by one solitary class of "our" social order system are for the good of the Nation (as a whole, ultimately).

More rightly, "our" laws have stifled creative minds, killed invention and advancement, and brought to it's knees our great Nation, that could have taken the right path rather than following this path.

Even the discussion over a brick wall is not allowed via corpo-politico insterests.

Blocked and suspended over a brick wall?

America Taken Over by a One-class Coup over our society, our judicial

This was my FIRST and only post on the Facebook account concerning a brick wall!

Raw Deal for Americans

It was simply a solitary

Facebook post about a wall made from debris. But evenso, what would warrant extra censorship attention over a brick wall if this is not an antagonistic and unreasonable regime? What if Facebook was telling the truth and I am lying about how many times the brick wall story was posted to facebook? (big whip, right?).

Rampant Censorship by socio-political forces

After having been suspended (again) from Facebook, I utilized a new email address and username (this time it was my real name), and instantly I am shown a popup with this new type of information.

What is significant about this occurrence and finding is that now there is proof that Facebook is actively attacking and redirecting, censoring and filtering, by INDIVIDUAL IP ADDRESS.

In other words, it is premeditated at a personal level.

Facebook responds by pulling my ads on Facebook. Facebook's reasoning alleges that I am portraying "suspicious activity". Notice that the privileged class gives no hint of reason to make such an outlandish published defamation. The neo-laws don't apply to them.

Stifling the Americans by the upper-class

The news is awash of the new laws that are popping out of the wood work. Even police officers can pull and redirect my website by classifying it as "abusive" or "suspicious". The problem is, what if the officer that is blocking me is the officer that killed your kid? Wouldn't you want to know the truth of a matter then? No?

Then by all means, censor your ears and intellect and block my site. It's YOUR free will to do so (no entity should do it for you, otherwise you will lose the choice to see beyond what industry want you to).

If they are pulling this innocent topic about a stupid brick wall (which can be seen behind the banner from Facebook), now what? Is it possible that Facebook might be censoring content that is mighty important for you to know?

Stringent control over the minds

Facebook further instigate by slandering me (and stopping communications), now Facebook alleges I'm guilty of Spam (just because Facebook said it).

Of course Facebook couldn't possibly produce a shred of evidence to substantiate their outlandish claim, Facebook's reason that my communications should be barred on their Website are moot. Facebook knows the Courts are extensions for corporate control.

Fact is, I had ZERO redundant articles on Facebook so there can be no shame in my stating Facebook are liars in claiming I'm doing any sort of spam (less than 20 unique topics were posted on Facebook).

Not one solitary article was posted more than once. I feel very safe in stating that Facebook is a liar. About as close as I've come to reposting the same thing more than once was simply changing the date of the post so it wouldn't be on top (still, only one post).

Who killed American ingenuity

How can this possibly be good for our Nation? We NEED to start inventing something to pull us out of our DEFICIT (and quick). Killing communications is ...

Killed by the Plutocracy
Yandex gives honest results

TAKE A MOMENT TO CONSIDER THE distinctly different results produced by two search engines, one American and the other is Russian (using the same search terms).

On the left are the results from search engine

After having been suspended (again) from Facebook, I utilized a new email address and username (this time it was my real name), and instantly I am shown a popup with this new type of information.

What is significant about this occurrence and finding is that now there is proof that Facebook is actively attacking and redirecting, censoring and filtering, by INDIVIDUAL IP ADDRESS.

In other words, it is premeditated at a personal level.

Notice the results are different than that of google's search engine

When searching the same terms, "facebook censorship", using google's results

Google results

Notice that Google's search engine returns different results. Notice also that the foreign Yandex search engine returned pertinent results to this particular matter.

Although I've never needed to send Identification to Facebook Marketplace before, and although nobody I've spoken to (friends, family, visitors) has stated that they've been required to do so, suddenly we see the fruits of a controlled economic society where the lower classes will never compete on a large scale. Situation contained.

Facebook- a larger embedded problem

Enough about the rant, if you are still needing more rant content, check out my other page which focuses on "Censorship" covering twitter, google, Facebook, etc. Censorship on Steroids, but why?


For anybody else out there that needs a change of pace, try these Facebook replacements:

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Facebook's criminal antics are exempt from our Nation's Laws because our Judges and "Lawmakers" are embedded extensions to a much larger, much more nefarious entity.

"Predator System" is an epithet that creates a societal sickness.

This page is under construction, begun this 16th Day of April, 2019. Stay tuned. More to Come! Not just gripes, but viable solutions and positive reactionism coming soon.