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German Township

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First (or second) Revision to the Draft

Once Upon a time In a far away land of Ohio, I found myself with the need for a place to call a home.

Having made a purchase of a 1.something acres of property with a house and couple of other buildings, my mother went to meet with the Codes Inspector.

Initially my 73 year old mother met with George Degenhart, the German Township Codes Enforcer, and stated her son's intents (I'm her son), and that I wanted to operate a home-based business.

She inquired of George Degenhart as to what the requirements were for a home-based business and he asked her as to what type of business it would be.

After informing him, she was told by the Codes Enforcement Officer that there were no requirements and that her son (me) ought to do as he and his wife do (pertaining to a sign) and to put up a sign for a period as specified (allowable 45days), and that following the allowable time-frame, take the sign down for a week, after which it would be able to be re-erected for another allowable term, and that he was not going to be religiously checking on the sign anyway.

So Three days after I moved in, the sign went up.

Two days later we were being threatened for $100.00 per day monetary forfeiture and criminal proceedings.

Since I was being threatened against having the lawful sign and home-based business, it was decided to succumb to the manipulation and take the 4-square foot sign back down.

However, so that friends, family, and past customers can locate the property (now that a sign was not being permitted), a mailbox was clad and constructed to appear as a computer, and was checked firstly with the Post Office before any such work commenced. After I completed the project, the mail carrier was also confronted and assented that since I had not altered the placement of the mailbox and since it is accessible, that it met the Federal stipulations.

But the German Township Codes Compliance Officer made the statement that the mailbox should be removed (no reason given).

The German Township doesn't have a shred of jurisdiction over my mailbox, the Federal Government does, so I refused.

Then one sunny day, two O.D.O.T. trucks under police escort were recorded in a Mailbox Drive-By, and the mailbox was damaged and brought down.

Situation Contained

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The German Township Polity also offer other advantages to buying property here, for instance, We get to hear lies of "Numerous Complaints" against me (made in less weeks than one has digits on a hand).

Initially, I made numerous requests for the copies of the "numerous" complaints against me. All were either ignored, in violation of FOIA (freedom of information act), FOIL (Freedom of information law), the "Sunshine Law" (seriously), or whatever else they're calling being "open and honest" this year. However one time, prior to finally receiving a solitary redacted questionable complaint, the D.A. of Clark County in Springfield Ohio responded by sending incorrect Case Law of an irrelevant use of restricting common information. In fact, the case law the D.A. sent was more in bolstering my claim for information as being allowable by law (the case law he sent to me showed redacting/obfuscating was permissable only when an underage child was involved.

Through much perserverence I requested copies of the "complaints" against me (about 6 of the requests were made through email and through telephone conversations, and later after realizing I was being ignored, I evolved to actual physical letters requesting an "open and honest transparency in Government" to produce a copy of the complaints against me.

Those "numerous" complaints melted down to a solitary (probably fraudulent) complaint

Of the whole ONE complaint (stating I was installing cameras and other than that I got nothing out of the document), the complaint could not possibly be verified as being authentic because it was for the most part, completely redacted out with a marker.

I could not determine if the arguably unlawful redacting was made by the German Township Polity, or its Clark County Persecutor, that seemed more intent on sending me his legal right to redact using child law (no kidding, it's apparently the only thing that can bypass the "Sunshine Law" concerning openness and transparency in Government, whereas if a child is involved, redacting would be admissable).

However I'm not a child.

Wouldn't anyone find that unnecesarily antagonistic? To be first told of mountains of ... okay, "numerous" complaints, then to receive only one complaint and told that's all there is, then recieving said document and finding it as being all blacked out with a marker (children do this).

Imagine being told that someone made a complaint against you but no person can be verified as having done so.

This in of itself should be a clear indication that the "system" that is in place here, is not good.

We should be ashamed of ourselves as a nation to have let this caveman-style dictatorial polity to baske in such myopia. The way to a faithful, cheerful citizenry is not to oppress and rob them! And when the damage begins, it's damn-hard to recoupe the minds and souls of the masses back to prideful, trustworthy, faithful, production.

Unless an underage child made the solitary (aka numerous) complaint(s) against me, then it's lawful to be honest and open, and I ought to be permitted to know and address the accuser. The Codes Department stated it was my neighbors that made the complaints so I confronted the neighbors and recorded the convesations that show this to be a lie (is that good ? Or bad?). Is the accuser real at all? If the complaintant was underage, is it lawful for an underage person to file a complaint? And if so, at what age do they become enforcable? Should a six-year old be the impetus behind the Codes Department's enforcement? What if the 6 year old complains about Walmart or Best Buy, will that prompt a shut-down and threats to be levied against the monopolies? Since none of my immediate neighbors have underage children in their houses, how do we know this entire attack is not conjured up and unwarranted by the same entity that told the apparent misinformation claiming my neighbors as being the root of the complaint?

Fact is, I'm sometimes quite thorough. The day we came to look at the property, there was our immediate neighbor to say "Hi" to us. This neighbor would be the first neighbor to hear of my intents of operating a computer repair shop. After the sale on the property I again confronted that same neighbor because the old people are kind of pleasant (they mow a portion of my lawn and feed my chickens without even being asked! So I think we have a pretty good relationship with those neighbors). Then I went and recorded the neighbor to the south of me and he stated that he didn't have a problem with it and further mentioned that he works at Best Buy. I work on pc's. Good deal there.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Did that conversation not sound strange to you?

George Degenhart works for the German Township in Springfield Ohio as a Codes Enforcer, he hasn't any legal right to threaten people, exploitation by means of threats, of causing harm through utilizing criminal proceedings, monetary forfeitures, investigations, or other intrusions via mail, telephone, etc.

George Degenhart is a Codes Enforcer and has limited functions.

Letter from the Township

To make matters worse, the very inspector is the one that is guilty of the very things he's accused me of.

Having an interest to know if my mother had related the conversation between George Degenhart and her, we drove by his house. The drive way on the left (no, i'm not looking at google earth and yes, it's from memory and occurred years ago so I could be a tad off pertaining to details, as you drive into his driveway and notice the house on the right, directly ahead you will see a somewhat long garage.

1.) He and his wife were/are running an illegitimate business

2.) The business is being operated out of their detached garage

A home-based business must be from within the living space itself and cannot be a detached building, according to his own codes book.

3.) The Degenhart's had/have a sign for their illegitimate business right above the garage door yet a sign permit could not be found.

Here in the German Township of Springfield Ohio we also enjoy the overstepping of the local polity in Advising us to change the color of the lights (*inside the home)