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I may cite some sources, including Veritas

Google Censorship, Youtube Censorship, and the looting of a Nation !

The stifling censorship and Plummet of a Nation

by Kenny Hendrick - far from complete

Well Aside from the recent news (January 15, 2020) that I've been suspended on 3 Facebook accounts in the last week. This now totals something like 5 total suspensions for no good reason: on one I uploaded a link back to this website which had nothing to do with facebook, it was about a brick wall being constructed from debris. On my second Twitter suspension about a week ago absolutely nothing was posted except in two tweets: "Hello", and "Just Hello".

But I'd like to interject something while it's fresh on my mind, even if this isn't exactly the best location for this tip.

Check out what you can do with Google!

In the example below is seen the exact search terms that you would simply plug into a google search bar to find the pages WITHIN a site, in this case: "ooga". ooga

I cannot begin to tell you what a timesaver this is to learn. This, to me, is worth a mention. oooga~~!

Now on to business

If you need a refresher course of the present state of affairs that seemingly elude "our" media PROGRAMMING, please review this Tragic Incident. If you are still cloudy as to the present state of affairs, bother to go to wikipedia and simply use keywords to find your "true north". Some great keywords for your quest for solid information are "censorship", "government programs" "covert actions" "clandestine control" "mind control" "mk-ultra" "chemtrails", etc.

The Google Antics are from one extreme to the next. This type of thuggery keeps a non-monopoly person constantly working to solve the myriad of attacks. One minute google states I'm located in another city, another day it will be something else. This type of covert censorship and manipulation ensures that an average-Joe with a website will not compete with monopoly privilege and visibility on the Internet.

Seen below, Google conjures up and propagates that my service to the community is shut down.

Google Monopoly Antics

As seen above, the google monopoly can propagate anything it wants, today it's that I'm shut down
(which will not happen until my eyesight gives out entirely, so google-off!)

Monopoly Law Askew

Below was one of my past uploads (2015) with more denied than allowed by google

Notice what is being denied to be published.

Monopoly Askew

It's true, google is satan's pen-pal, but...

IN all reality, Life would suck without google.

So this is going to be a hard web page to complete.

Part of me even feels sorry for the google monopoly

With the capitalists come the wolves that feed off the capitalists, and both the wolves and the capitalists upon US!

The problem is when this conivorous beast is killing its food source to extinction.

You might be alarmed at how many times Google has been brought to court (and Yahoo and Amazon and ....).

This is nothing unusual in the U.S., Business Communities here are laden with more laws than anywhere else in the solar system

Hence, more tricks and traps than you can shake a stick at.

In fact, only in America is a business community wiped off the map in one day (think 3 towers, aka dubbed "twin" towers, aka...oh forget about it).

The point is, the marketplace here in America is volatile right now. Extreme damaging "restructuring" in the wrong direction which has never occurred anywhere else in the world could, and has, actually happened here

(i.e. 9-11 as a for instance).

Suffice to say, North American companies possess more precarious situations with the polity than companies located in

(pick any other country)

My generation has witnessed companies beseiged on both sides in the past couple of decades. Programming told us of a woman that spilled hot coffee on herself and held the restaurant liable. She was able to make bank against a restaurant using the courts. The poor and the power-"elite" which have taken chunks out of America's once-great vibrant and diverse marketplace now are witnessing that only the rich are in a position to create businesses that survive one or two years.

Although the poor might be having little class in their efforts to find a way to fall down inside a business so the issue can be remanded to a court that will suck some of the lifeblood from one or both parties, ultimately though, it's an isolated incident.

Whereas the middle-men profiteers drain all companies daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and sometimes it just depends on their mood of the day

(i.e. 9-11 as a for instance).

A'la shazam! ... and another company takes a dive for not being able to produce the amount of capital to stay afloat in its efforts to conform with the new codes mandate, or the new extra licensing or the new tax or... (the list could go on for two days).

In our tiny town of German Township Ohio, there is a gas station that is laying in ruins at the bottom of a hill located in a prime location of the intersection near the decaying mall.

Rumor has it that the company, BP (British Petroleum), was approached and told that they must remove their fuel tanks which are located under the gas station. The new whim was to force the company into converting to the new flavor of whatever game was chosen at the time (a necessary "upgrade", or an additonal EPA "precaution", or ...

The location is so prime for this area that ANYONE could operate a business there and survive. I've had the privilege to experience what location can avail and will state that it appears to be a true epithet that "Location is Everything". It's a numbers game, the amount of traffic that passes by that eye-sore gas station would be considered revenue (it actually makes little difference what kind of business was to go there), if it were not for the bureaucrats that limit which type of business can operate there and the renter must agree to volumes of numerous words which have been formulated and tethered together to form a dead-end future that only an attorney could decipher.

So now the property lays in ruins with not so much as the courtesy to leave us with grass, a garden, or a tree in its wake.

(as a "for example").

This is to say that the poor and the rich are not equally to blame for the fall of so many businesses. The poor hadn't any input into the slew of laws and mandates and money-schemes created by the present myopic form of power structure.

Ordained by the chosen few and enforced by any joe that will enlist (except me), suppresses into oblivion are any viewpoints that might offer a better road (especially if the idea happens to include incarcerating the bureaucrats, seizing their properties to pay off the national debt, nationalizing all businesses pending the restructuring with an intial military rule to enforce and supervise since we can pretty much assess the military to be decent non-capitalists, otherwise they wouldn't be in the military, etc.).

The thing about stringent economic and social control is that although the outcome may be painted as a structured pleasant conformity, it offers only a slimmer chance of invention. The playing field becomes diminished to the fancy of the lucky few that happen to be ordained by the neo-politico-econo-controllers.

Ideas can be bad and good but rarely do they come about perfectly without some additional consideration and edits. Striking (or censoring) even the bad ideas is like blotting out one eye.

As it is now, Liability is an itch that the middle-men have seemingly exempted themselves from. That exemption would be squashed under a dignified military rule pending the draining of the swamp of bureaucratic webs and leeches.

So we cannot blame the poor for chasing businesses out of our country to overseas locations. Like the CEO's, the poor have ideas too; but unlike the CEO's, the poor are generally basically powerless and generally without a voice.

No, we can't blame the poor for causing such a rise in joblessness due to the Business Sector having to choose rather to relocate overseas or to out-source rather than in-house produce.

There is only one group that has the power to legally do good or bad in business and it's by-and-large not the poor.

Locating the true cause of our Nation's recent failures, is not as difficult a task once we rule out the great majority of Americans that just happen to be too poor to effect any positive change in our Nation.

Included among that great wave of poor are the millions our Nation presently incarcerates; aside from the fact that "we" are the leader in the world at locking up one's own citizenry (no other nation comes remotely close), we can rest assured that the lower class "criminals" did not cause this mess.

"The Business of Government is Business"?

The aforementioned phrase was something I "learned" in School. In fact, if I did NOT put "the business of government is business" as the answer to a question on the test, it would be counted against my grade.

Imagine that. Allowing our young to be corralled into a philosophy brought to you by the strict mandate of upper-class curriculum and "educational" content filler, to have no room for potential deviation from the "norm" of standards set by the few who have the most to profit by training the cattle to myopically stare into the bark of a tree (failing to see the forest fire that is raging on the other side of that tree), leaves us victimized with a bait-and-switch "education".

We were "taught" of checks and balances and justice for all and blah blah blah, we were given a bait-and-switch programming that profit the few over the many.

To validate the aforementioned statement, here's an example:

If I give your pre-school kid a cigarette, you might beat me up

If I give your pre-school kid a lunch-pail with the marlboro-man riding a cool horse, you might as a good parent destroy the pail.

If I pass by your pre-schooler as a teacher and repetitively tell the kid he or she ought to try cigarette smoking, your kid is more susceptible to become a smoker of a poisonous cigarette (and likely to be dead sooner than later, but we dare not call it murder).

HOWEVER, if I am an upper-class controller and not only allow cartoons to propagate cigarette smoking to adolescent children, but profit from them also (via taxes, investments in insider trading, etc. etc.), the eyes close tightly and the right hand waves a flag while the mind fails to consider liability.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Fred and Barney, you've a better chance of pursuing them for liability instead.

Can we get a refund when the controllers utterly make fools of our Nation's Equity as a Model Nation?

It's almost as if they are not liable...actually, it's true, the plutocrats really did "make a law" that makes them exempt to a great deal of the laws of our Nation (try to sue a judge, for instance).

Some of us may have been watching Senator Trey Gowdy on YouTube and cheering as he bashed one agency after the other, but it was just a show that might have just as easily been replaced with SpongeBob

The only persons that could have been affected by the Gowdy show is if a common man were to have stumbled into the wrong room and ended up in there.

So if there's virtually no liability to these middle-men controllers, then what?

Yup, it's time to drop the bomb, check out their success-rate here: Hip Hip hooray

(while they give themselves another promotion and raise)

If it were not for PROGRAMMING our children via those corporate-funded schools (with curriculum that is mandated by the few over the many), would roll out inventors and creators.

Instead we have dumbed them down to become employees to an upper-class idea or venture only.

Through programming, Americans have been instilled to spout at one time or another "Get a Job!" We learned that through one or another forms of programming. In other words, a baby dropping from the womb never opted to choose to smoke a poisonous cigarette, it was fed to the kid via programming and reinforced by the social surroundings at the time.

Only one group is the cause, and ought to be liable when they fail (MORESO than the rest of us when we err). The errors of the poor do not affect an entire nation's well-being and worth, for instance.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

The poor can't even wake up at a certain time correctly let alone pose a major threat to companies on a national scale

But pertaining to the many hushed suits and citations that have occurred against google, in some cases Google actually lost

(yet went on to disregard the court order in answer to an even "higher power", the owners of the courts)

The following are notes and need much revision. Now would be a great time to stop reading this page.

Google has censored the bejesus out of me in the past (now I like to think that I censor google by simply moving over to yandex for some semblance of a voice without a slew of outrageous restrictions and complications and accusations of copyright infringement or words that "may be taken in the wrong way", or found to be "offensive".

I'm 55 years of age and have earned a right to have a voice in the Nation I was born and raised in. Regardless of whether it be one or many that should disagree with me, censorship should not be a good cause to be silenced

(you wouldn't want me to be silence if I were the only retard that yelled "DUCK!" when a tree was falling to lop your head off, would you?

Yet somehow, when a former agent informs the citizenry of a treasonous evil invasion of privacy, programming has us staring at the messenger as the bad guy

(i.e. Edward Snowden, as an example)

Rather than simply tell you of all the outrageous ridiculous assaults upon me (and so many others) by Google, in which monopoly amply utilizes its power and might to stifle any abject or non-conformist comment or claim, I prefer to play "show and remember".

But trust me on this one, expose the monopoly for fault and all feces hit the fan, monopoly simple throws everything at their targets, everything from banning to making you disappear from search engine results (*not just Google's either!).

If you were to visit my website, you would be surprise to find nothing worthy of warranting a complete ban against my site.

Monopoly Manipulation

But because One solitary page out of the thousands that I've authored include Google as topic-matter, I'm on my 8th (EIGHT) suspension....from google.

As of this interjected date of August 5, 2019 I see again the poke in my eye from big google brother.

Link Photo of unjust monopoly manipulation of information

Between being routinely suspended and banned and you can read more about the 13 illegal blacklists I was added to arbitrarily, which caused harm, that being here.

However the google fiascos are intermingled with the ip monopoly fiascos.and between them both, they seem to be sure to keep my website in the dirt.

I have documented for a few years now the antics of the Ip Providers, and not just spectrum, a.k.a. TimeWarner, but also I know that nobody should just hear words.

So rather than just words, I tend to like an arsenal of easily identifiable exhibits as proof.

Over 3 thousand of my web pages Google can be seen repeatedly entering my site and cataloging what changes I've made yet simply refuses to list but a couple in their own search engine.

When I search for me on google, having authored more than 3k pages, one might presume that I can be located within the results. Not so. If you search for me by name and include my present location, city and state, and although I'm the only author with that name in Springfield Ohio, and even if using an exact phrase that only my website has, Google will not present my pages to you), and much,

much more.

So what you say?

Firstly we need to recognize that every one of us has something to offer and that a great many of those differing opinions are born of humans that are presently locked up in the system of justus brought to you by the wealthy, financed by the wealthy and well here's where the creeps have us in 2019: In Bloody Debt.

I'm of a ripe age to know and remember times of old when the established regime has instructed me of one thing (usually leaving me without recourse unless I present to them a cash payment) only to be so fortunate as having found a poor person to show me an alternative way.

I'm not talking about crime.
I'm talking about being so hungry that my very life was hanging in the balance.

The establishment stated that I needed more identification (I didn't need all that identification when they incarcerated me for three years for a fist fight though). The establishment told me that I must have a residence first before they could give me a piece of bread (but I was homeless).

Now I won't go into great detail of the particular dumb period of my life that encompassed my poverty.
What I will say is that if it were not for a street urchin having found me on the side of the curb, I'd probably have died.
Not only did he present to me a drink of his god-awful (but appreciated) non-cold drink, but he schooled me on a church that would give me food.

A church that didn't first manipulate me to pray a certain way or conduct myself a certain way prior to giving me free food.

Of course I appreciated it. The particular church was not even a lucrative church as not many of the well-dressed would step foot in the area I was found.

The aforementioned is stated for the reader to understand, I've seen both sides, whereas most people will not have endured the extremes of living life on a yacht club to eating from a dumpster.

So when I hear monopoly tell me that my site is suspended for "quality issues" I honestly must laud their myopic audacity.

Google has accused my website of having quality issues. Ahem, this is the same google where everyone goes to get the good porn, right? This is the same google that owns youtube and slap the creators with "copyright infringement" claims yet host virtually any movie or sitcom I could want to waste my time in watching? This is the same monopoly that allows a half-naked child to twerk her butt to "copyrighted" music and yet pull my videos because a radio was heard for 3 seconds while I walked from one room to the next in the 5 minute video.

Don't get me wrong, I think life would be unbearable without google. But when they are wrong about this or that, then it's time to hone and sand the crack-off-the-can (so it can be made better and not fall into disrepute!).

But let's show and tell with facts, proof, evidence, unrefutable monopoly manipulation of information.

Information that, in our Nation's dire predicament of debt.
might very possibly wake our victimized population to come up with an answer to save our Nation from Liquidation (if only information liberation).

Although I've completed every dictate and request that Google had to assail me with, each time incurring problems and un-recompensed damages, polity's monopolies are exempt from liability to the common man.

Notice antic 43.7 below in the red banner. How did we go back to 80% (again and again)?

Link Photo of unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

The above super-repetitious antic is not the focus of this writ either. Let's move on.

The ploy (game, manipulation, pitfall, pick your word) from Google has been to state all sorts of erroneous defaming claims without a shred of substance.

After calling or emailing them as to ascertain what the problem is (over and over for this claim, then that) has been the norm of Google to state "oops, sorry but we don't know what has happened. YOU will have to resubmit to us a new application".

This causes all sorts of damage in that while Google dictates that we webmasters have to plant a file in the root folder of our server, now requires to re-edit the entire information server's files and folders to reflect the now-defunct Google script (thereby starting a domino-effect of problems when Google's bots see a non-working script.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

On face value (because Google wrote it), the claim (this particular one) asserts that my Google site is somehow spam or spamming, this photo shows what would possibly be found as a valid reason to arbitrarily make me disappear, but it's a total fabrication by Google to state the site (theirs) is in anyway to be construed as spam.

Yes, Google is a liar here. This is bad business, but that is not the focus of this writ right now.

The following Screen-Shot is an all-too common occurence while attempting to use Google (Google mail, Google adwords, Google business, Google yt video, blah blah blah). How often does this happen to YOU?


There's a reason why it doesn't happen to you, my friend (and it's not necessarily good either).

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Other malicious antics that most people will never have happen to them (over and over and over), even common searches! But that is not the focus of this page right now, onward.

The following happened to me SEVEN times with Google.

No reason whatsoever is availed (because there is not a reason aside from sheer manipulation of information that the polity/monopoly structure would prefer to bury.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Quality Issues (that not ever a representative of Google can explain or pin-point. Maliciously setting me back to square one ensures that information is squelched.

The particular time this onslaught of monopoly interference came when all I was posting was videos (in my state of Ohio it is legal to record without giving the other party notice), written signed documents, and photos related to a claim that a Cop's father-in-law was making within the JustUs system.

Truth is not allowed in This Case. The fact that I had already submitted the motions which incorporated the links to said-evidence only to find it disappeared are certainly to be construed as loss caused by a certain monopoly/political other. But this is not the topic that I want to spotlight. Next!

At one point I received this:

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Enough said? But this is not the topic of this web page either.

Google monopoly will even attack you financially if you so dare to think, express, state, or attempt another viewpoint.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

There are over 14 THOUSAND photos contained in my website, all images that were taken by my own camera. Google blocks even blocks the over 3 THOUSAND images of one particular website that hosts nothing but computer equipment. Finally, as if by a switch, the unprecedented act of all photos hitting the dirt in Google's search engine, but that's not the topic of this page.

Google even attacks our Solar Panels Website, but why if not malicious?

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Google offers no answers as to what could possibly warrant this outrageously obvious attack. But this issue isn't the focus of this web page, I'm getting to the focus soon. Hang in there.

Long before Google surprised us all by dissolving the hours each of us devoted to adding our world to Google plus, I received the following. Staying with monopoly arbitration, no reason for termination is available from Google.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Does this sort of stuff happen to you? No? Why might that be so?

All the videos are created by me, but poof, they are gone almost instanteously after I submit them.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
I even tried paying off Google, and they accepted my money, only to continue the malicious antics. I digress.

What makes the following significant is that I have more 5-star GOOGLE reviews than all the other computer repair agents in my area (combined!)
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
The weapon of political choice is Google.

In this next attack,

Google actually censored a video because a customer (seen in the photo below) walked up to me while I was recording a repair video while a cell phone was playing a christmas song.

The song was grounds to block my entire repair video completely.

Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
Filing a dispute has proven to be analogous to pleading with the devil to stop being the devil.

Notice that in the following photo is depicted the results from a Google search using the terms represented within the search box. One partial solitary page of results? Searching with or yielded tons of results!
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
We should be so lucky that google doesn't return only aardvaarks and armadillos as search results. Selective persecution that if you were to do the same search, probably would not derive to what they give me (as seen above).

In this next photo, I'd like to simply direct your attention to the bottom statement contained within the photo below.
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
The reason that the statement that I cannot use any "enhancements" with my website is because of the following photo (hint: google is the cause).

Google turns every page of all of my websites off (on a daily basis which I'll show by current examples using Screen-Shots).
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
Gee, google turned me off, again for no reason.


Notice the dates within this part of the game (each of the Screen-Shots above and below, show the date of each play). I bet this doesn't happen to you, huh?
Oh look, google has a button to turn my site back on, I'll press it!

Woo-woo, I'm back on with master google again!
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.
Don't hold your breath with these monopoly-control freaks, within hours I'm turned back off again.
At this point I would prefer to interject a definition of fascism: STRINGENT ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CONTROL OF THE MASSES, but then I'd have to copy the definitions of PROFITEERING and RACKETEERING.

Now you see it:
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Now you don't:
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

Here's some other of my website's content that google doesn't like (pay attention to the url compared to those above to find they are entirely different locations and topic-matter that google is blocking).
Link Photo depicting unjust monopoly manipulation of public information.

So, google doesn't like these separate topics contained on only one of my websites which are crippled solely due to google's manipulations:

I expected them to block this first topic of course, it's the matter contained within this present page that you are reading.

But google blocks a myriad of topics within my site (almost exclusively are anything with political or economic content), such as,

Judicial Content

Political Murders I've witnessed

This one is blocked sometimes ... and sometimes not (gee thanks google-god)

This particular topic is the recorded conversations of monopoly hackers admitting to doing bad stuff Banned by google who isn't even the monopoly in question (but now that the monopoly board only holds a few players remaining, I guess one monopoly covers for the other these days).

Another topic google bans is the only other "choice" for Internet allowed to provide within our community.

I seriously have over 20 distinct topics that Google is actively censoring off of the Internet, maybe I should write to Google?

*I don't wish to leave without offering some answers that might help you if monopoly should roll over your way, so here's a few pointers.

1.) Never put all your eggs in one basket (even if everyone else is doing it). 2.) Consider Yandex as a drop-in replacement (or at least a supplement) to Google. a.) Yandex responds very quickly to any emails they receive (with letters made by real-live people, as opposed to the pre-manufactured responses from Google which usually tell you to go here!, then go there!, try this!, do this! and blah blah blah....Google's response usually ends with you being told to do it all over again and again, caught in a loop of non-human responses). b.) Yandex not only responds with real people, but they actually detail steps to eliminate any problems. They even send the links and explain why the link is pertinent.
3.) Don't bother putting all your energy to pleading with Google, you're wasting valuable time that could better be allocated in other areas. 4.) If you absolutely know that Google (or any monopoly or agency) is mishandling you,
Document it!. a.) If for no other reason, document everything by taking snapshots, Screen-Shot, videos, etc. for the sake of the next monopoly victim that might find your testimony helpful in ways you might not be privy of.
  • 5.) Be creative. You are only stuck in a box if you subscribe to that box. As an example, years ago (when Google was blacklisting and suspending me like crazy) I saw the writing on the wall.
  • a.) Make sure that every one that is important to you, every customer, every visitor, has a super-easy foolproof way to "KNOW" your website address....THINK THINK THINK! I'm tempted to tell you my secret here, but then I'd have to build another bridge ";-)
    b.) Don't be afraid to outsource. Monopoly interests do it at will with our labor and our products all the time to avoid this tax or that regulation, you are simply doing it to avoid persecution.
    c.) If you discover something criminal, don't bother with the "consumer affairs" cabal, it generally is a complete waste of time (with two exceptions, once the Ohio State Attorney General helped me with a criminal act purpetrated by a certain monopoly Internet provider that changes it's name at will, and the other is a website called that maintains all complaints that will not disappear simply because the monied-class wishes it to.
  • 6.) Align yourself with the enemy. As an example, using any court in the nation how is it possible that there are almost no reviews in googl maps for the money-laundering entities? Again, think beyond doing nothing about it.
    a.) If they censor your words off of the Internet or delete your non-abusive reviews from being seen, simply create a server from some old unused computer you have laying around.
    b.) Create your own websites (preferably in your own server FOR GOOD REASONS!) and above all, leave out emotional statements or comments, present irrefutable facts using such tools as Screen-Shots, Videos (non-privileged-class copyrighted videos!), photos, audio recordings (make sure of the laws in your area concerning the recordings, the State of Ohio where I reside allow such recordings; other States make what your ears hear and what your eyes see as ILLEGAL).
    c.) Find out more about your attacker, what are their keywords, common phrases, etc. and incorporate some of the same nomenclature into your publications.
    Above all else, LEAVE a RECORD of your tribulations for the next generation who might find it useful (doing nothing yields nothing).

    Letter to Google

    When searching for "computer parts springfield ohio" within my server, I have thousands of pages (hence thousands of computer parts; one part per page).
    However the only link to the parts that Google lists in their search engine is this one:

    As soon as I delete a folder or file you guys publish it (you're still hitting our server for a bible we once published well over a year ago so we have to drop the incessant 404's from Google in that regard).

    In fact, it seems the only pages that Google will publish from any of my websites is those that are deleted and no longer available to the public. Suddenly, the Google shows results that are directed back to my website.
    Is there something I'm missing here? In all we have over 4k items and the only way to get listed with Google for even one of those items is to delete it.

    In (NY) or my site is seen on their search engines but not on Google?

    If you need to inform me of anything my email address is:
    and my phone number is: (937) 718-3586

    Thanks for any input you might offer.

    Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Dex, Trip Advisor, RipOff Report, Yelp, BBB, etc., all have the right (in the USA) to legally store and display user-created content without being liable for its content.

    HOWEVER, the law doesn't work to protect us little people that are the majority!

    The Monopolies

    are protected by the laws that allow them to store and host user-created content, but if you call yourself the Napster, piratebay (or any other "mom and pop" store then the law flips the script.

    On a personal level, I left an honest review backed up by a link that shows the review as factual. The review was left in reference to the Springfield Ohio Court (yet nobody but I can see it because it's hidden by Google or Google's government so that nobody aside from myself can see it).

    The review of the court states simply that the court does not allow evidence and witnesses and was given a 1star rating. At the signature of that review I placed a link to the court's own PUBLIC court record which shows the denials. When it was noticed that the review could be seen when I logged in as my username but could not be seen using my friend's computer (different ip address), I automatically am programmed to think that maybe I did something wrong by including a link to the court record and decided to edit the review to show no link and just a one-liner one-star review, it also failed to show on other computers and only I could view the review (giving me a false positive that our nation is not run by the monopolies and their interests). Finally I made a website and link to that instead. Same results.

    I've monitored this manipulation for the past few years now and even did some research concerning the topic of how the few can manipulate public opinion when the overwhelming public response is a gagged outcry against various entities.

    In fact, one of the too-many courts in Springfield Ohio is free to obscure ALL public opinion entirely. When viewing their listing in Google maps a viewer is met with the banner "no reviews". This is a very askew form of justice when an entity that affects all of us is able to hide the fact that the public is spouting some necessary warnings for the rest of us. Yet if there were overwhelming negative reviews against any of us mom-and-pop stores, it's an act of god to accomplish such an impossible feat (even if the review were shown to be fake). The court actually fell off the charts of equitable necessity when it went from 3 star to 2 star to less than 2 and then disappeared and nobody is able to ever comment, the feature is turned off. This is the bias of immoral laws created by the very predators that the civilian sector is victimized.

    Out of sight-Out of our minds.


    Who would have ever presumed it was so easy just by limiting the number of Internet providers to 2 and re-routing, sandboxing, redirecting, spoofing, filtering, using integrated auto-responder bots, and more by the only entities offering a portal to the Internet (at a micro OR a macro level). This is a very dangerous manipulation that the upper-elites are playing.

    Time to make a new and improved Internet (no monopoly interests allowed)?

    *Interestingly, after creating this page, I no longer exist on the Google results. My real name is Kenny Hendrick so if I were to encapsulate the name as in the form of: "kenny Hendrick" I should find me in the results since I've authored thousands of web pages, right?

    You will find dead kenny hendrick and a race car driver until you are blue in the face but will not find me, why do you suppose that might be?

    Luckily there are other search engines that are not so malicious.

    I find it shameful that my own country will not acknowledge me (unless it is to do harm) and yet other nations (especially those we were "taught" were bad nations) not only acknowledge my existence, but have me readily accessible whether doing a web page search, photos search or videos search.

    Other times I will see some political information. One particular search was performed on Google using these keywords: "plutocracy and censorship monopoly control springfield Ohio" and guess what came up? Hardly nothing, here's a Screen-Shot so you don't have to take my word for it:

    Link Photo of unjust Google monopoly Judiciary1

    The same search using (out of NY) yields multiple pages of INFORMATION (not just a solitary page)! Here's a Screen-Shot showing the boutiful results using the same search terms that bombed in Google's manipulative results:

    Link Photo of unjust Google monopoly Judiciary

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