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Hackers by Country

Threats against this Server

Online Security reality

One wouldn't expect this to be a high-priority server worthy of paying men and women to perpetually attack. Truth is, this has been going on for a very long time though, even before I made a server. In fact, the server was in direct response to all the online social sites banning my ability to remain a member.

Why Me?

The new laws created by the established neo-corpo-politico interests are what fuels the "legal" hacking.







Google Plus (before they bailed)

Time Warner (before they simply changed their name)

ATT Fiasco



Twitter and other social sites routinely simply lock me out forevermore or soon ban, suspend, lock-out, or hinder with an endless list of captchas or some other broad all-encompassing tactic.

Behold, active Censorship

Online Security reality

Well, I feel the need to bail now. That's all there is to this page folks! Sorry, Click a different page, what follows is unintelligable notes for a later edit. If you step past this threshold, Read at your own risk.

Before I obtained Cloudflare, who has servers all over the world and can accomplish much more than my simple traceroutes, the logs and traces had me in derision to know with a certainty as to who the attackers were.

Initially I was using Google as my DNS Provider, the attacks were repeated over and over in a successful manner (that was about 5 years ago). During that time Google had suspended my entire username account (I believe the count was up to 8 times consecutively). During that time I was also added to blacklists (culminating to being added to 13 blacklists!!!!). The attempts to track the hackers were completely obfuscated and my efforts hindered (but I didn't know that Google was in the mix).

I can tell you this, the "legal" hackers are mighty powerful but not dumb. They are bold as anyone with a badge might be, but they know when to back-off to detract from being solidly identified. The "legal" hacking used to show the entire overseas map in red (and America was depicted as being hardly a threat), but that was when I was using google and in the former days when Proxies and Tors actually retained anonymity. Times are changing.

The problem is when we have only two choices for Internet COMMUNICATIONS in this Nation. If one wanted to publish anything against either of these monopolies, it would be almost impossible.

For those of you in the Military, you know that the first step to invasion or war is to take out communications as it hinders the supply of information and weapons requests.

My biggest problem is dealing with the extremely consolidated Ip Providers that are under the new laws that any law enforcement officer can shut my site down or submit the site to "blacklists" which render it a waste of electricity to simply publish words. The problem arises when something is needing to be published, something that is criminal, especially if the criminal is the officer or agent of the "law" that is causing the division and communications shut-down.

To make certain I fall in line and not have thoughts or words, the Ip provider may redirect, sandbox, disconnect, and more at will.

And let's not forget that the avenue is broad in which an attack can be made, such as this winner seen below:

Online Security is an Illusion

The day may come when you find yourself hacked.

and you may ask yourself.

"why me"?

As for me, Nowadays, I've pretty much stopped wondering about such questions long ago.

It's futile.

Fact is, No matter whether you are dead or alive, you can (and probably will) be hacked to shreds, possibly for generations to come beyond your demise.

Understand this, who will dispute a purchase order or online order you never made; and by sheer luck the order was made shortly before you died?

Chances are likely that nobody would ever learn that there was a transaction in the first place?

There are millions of people that have no close active connections with siblings and parents (for whatever myriad of reasons)

Yet, even in the context of a parent's relationship with a son or daughter in College or Prison (or right there in the house with them), how would a parent even know if the order was legitimately made by his or her child if the child died soon afterward? How would a parent even become inclined to inquire of past purchases once the child is dismissed off of the planet? The account-holder is free to inspect transaction history, this isn't an easy task for others though (*unless your are employed by some branch of the establishment)?

In many cases, after your demise, the payments can continue because you linked your account to a monopoly for auto-payment.

If you haven't any concerned relations, those Auto-payments could conceivably go on for as long as there's money in the account.

Hence, monopoly takeover (financed by a bunch of dead people=mo money, mo money, amen).

In the case of a one-time purchase not made by you, if you were to suddenly die before you were even aware of such a hack, it is extremely probable that the funds will be transferred to walmart or best buy or someone you've never met; and chances are high that as long as the transaction is not out-of-character, nobody will dispute whether it was actually you that made the purchase. You're dead so it's probably futile for anybody to contest the transaction on the grounds that you simply would not purchase or transfer said-monies.

In my case, it's an awesome thing to be able to state that I haven't anything anybody would want (and will invariably die in the exact same fashion, staying with the pattern of historical convention).

A remote entity that just happens to have collected all your data (name, rank, serial number, blah blah blah) and issued someone to kill you so the order could go through without problems (a living you), isn't so out-of-reach.

PLEASE NOTE This page is just a DRAFT and is not yet completed

The following words are simply being thrown in a haphazardly fashion toward sentences.

and may contain errors that may be edited at some later date for clarity and correctness.

(provided that God persists in keeping me alive, that is).

I will tell you of a recent occurrence in which I had many of my online accounts hacked (to some degree)

This has happened in the past a few times, so I'm seasoned to this sort of maliciousness

If you have property or a job or a bank account, you are more invested than I am in this life

You might be wondering why in the heebeejeebies would you want to hear anything I might offer as some remedy or precautionary measures against this sort of "activity" from happening to you?

That is a valid question and so my preamble will now kick in.

Ready for it?

You are on a Temporary Planet

Don't live like you have a Tomorrow coming to you!

The point of this page will be to express that you only have the moment, nothing more is guaranteed and nothing else matters.

Now motives are something that may be intriguing. Since I haven't any wealth I couldn't help but to wonder why anybody would go through all the trouble to hack me (again)

So I've done a bit of wondering throughout the years

How did they do it?

There's a number of ways, I'll present to you one possible example as to how:

Everything you do goes through one connection, so a good place to start is your home.

If your dog "Waldo" didn't do it and nobody else in the house resides there except for you, follow the connection to your Internet Provider.

Increasingly, Internet Providers are able to accomplish some feats that are astounding to learn. One disgruntled internet provider simply did not like a comment that a customer had made to him.

Since all communications come through the same internet connection, he waited until the customer was seen to visit a google-owned site, disconnected the site from the customer and presented to the customer a means to sign back into the google account. Unbeknownst to the customer, the ip provider's employee simply sent a spoofed screenshot with a simple capture of the keystrokes that the customer typed into the username and password areas.

Now regardless of the many ways to obtain a username and password, the hacked accounts are not always used for what you might presume, in fact if your account is already known it could remain like that for quite some time before it is used (a sort-of surveilance to find out what your other accounts may be, or if you haven't any money like me, then the hacker could simply move money from someone that does have wealth over to you who only has $10.00 in your account). Since your account is known, it could conceivably be used as a jump-off for other acts.

Fact is, the more you learn about the total illusions of security on the internet it becomes a breaking Christian family literally brought to me some time ago every electronic device that they had accumulated. At the time I didn't question too much about why the young man was emptying all his electronics out to me, but fact is I've seen this before. I presumed without saying it, that this man's family had decided to step out of the computerized world.

Perhaps a year or so later the same young man approached me with something else and asked if I were interested and I don't recall if I ended up purchasing it or not but I do recall when he refreshed my memory of him. I also recalled him divulging what his family had done and I had presumed correctly....I can smell scammers and good people alike and had assessed this young man's motives correctly.

But back to the topic of being hacked, your account could be used for illegal activity right now and Yes, the capitalists may try to have you in derision with fears of losing your bank account (so don't have one), or claim it as an excuse for kicking down your door with the statement that something was sent from your mailbox (could be exciting), and may even extort you for your home (so find some woods and try a different lifestyle for a minute), or may come and take you to jail for having used your mail inappropriately (even if you didn't), or throw this "law" or that "law" at you (big deal, change your mode of operation and help those poor prisoners; some of them cannot read nor write and you will aid them in some semblance of a genuine defence by reading and writing their legal work for them) or ....etc., etc.

In short, a world of possibilities can happen regardless of whether you've been hacked or not, or if you even use the Internet at all.

You have only a moment and you are living it during that moment only. Would you trade the moment off for death if the moment was not blissful.

Would you prefer to not have the moment (and be dead) if the moment only presented you in poverty.

Would you trade a moment with your friends and family to chase a ghost that may or may not exist?

Everything has a death. Your death could be any moment.

If something appears that critical to you, then here's some good advice:

I know it's convenient, but never have a password you know off the top of your head. Ensure that the password for each and every account is entirely different. Here's an example of a good password (hit a bunch of keys and save it): 403uhj)*&^*(oijer?uiyh

Don't link your accounts together or to your phone (which means if you lose your password, prepare to bail and bite the bullet.

Keep your passwords on a "text" file and on a couple of flash drives only (never on your hard drive and never accessible while you are online). Remember this: Your browser is the door and your internet provider which includes government and their monopolies have access to that door (so there is no real security when you are hand-in-hand connected to the rest of the world.

Fact is, my slight problem with mental capacity has me invariably much more attacked and much more expendable than you. Chances are that I'm older than most of my readers so I have an entire lifetime of attacks from the poor as well as the rich. If the axe was to come down, would it come down upon a rich and powerful executive or their Senator or you? Of course you'd be dead, you are expendable. But I have a fortunate position of being less-than even you, so I am well-aware of my non-permanence. If the axe were to come down between a Senator, you, or a retard, I'd of course be the expendable soul.

This might sound like a sad predicament for me to be in, but in actuality it's not my problem to worry of such things.

In fact, it's God's problem.

And whatever moment in time is chosen for my demise is none of my business.

I heard a vagabond tell me one time, "I'm down for whatever".

He stated it as an answer to my question of whether he wanted to come with me to the other side of town.

That statement of being "down for whatever" (colloquially defined as, "yes, whatever, let's do it"), has kind of stuck with me in my particular "religion".

Now I am NOT about to claim my religion over the Torah or Koran or those other religions because I have the twisted notion that God (whoever or whatever that might be) is bigger than just one particular book or sect of people on this particular planet.

For all we know, it's the word for the moment, or the god for the moment (and after revelations, the handoff goes to the Koran or some other bible to continue with it's storyline.

Ironically, regardless of which bible you might be leaning upon, they all appear to be saying essentially the same thing anyway. Even the god of money only asks that we devote our energies to obtaining it, hence the money-god. Evidence of that God is seen in any monopoly check-out line as the humans all reach for their pockets to make sure there is enough God to pay for their wants and needs.

However, since I am in a predominantly Christian Country, I will speak as a Christian (of sorts) and state that in the Bible it is stated that we must be willing to walk through the fire (whatever fire that might be....could be incarceration, could be homelessness, could be dragged through the court system, could be to endure your entire family becoming extinct off the planet leaving only you, etc.).

The bible also tells us that the "world" will hate us (so if you have a lot of friends in "high" places then you might have room to worry";p because that same bible did not speak highly of the upper class whatsoever. the premise being that if you are not enduring heebeejeebies then you might need to worry about the afterlife then say the poor...that the bible speaks a bit more highly of....maybe because they do less damage or something).

As for the recent hack of my accounts, it was inevitable sooner or later.

All the accounts that were recently hacked (manta, facebook, gmail, youtube, yandex, etc.) all shared the exact same password which would not have been the case if it were important to me. Every one of those accounts that were hacked were actually my DISPOSABLE accounts (usually something made at the spur of the moment to enable me to comment on a site or something. So in effect, not one of those hacked accounts was important to me...IN FACT, I did not even become aware that those accounts were hacked for over an entire month! This means that I did not log into the accounts. If any of those accounts WERE important to me or at least frequently visited by me, I would have long-since become aware that they were hacked since my password would have failed giving me knowledge of the hack.

Fact is, I have more email addresses and accounts than most people have underwear and concerns. The great majority of which simply are left for dead (one ip employee hacker dubbed my disposable accounts as "gutter clutter". LOL (oh yeah!).

What makes the information of the photo at the head of this page so interesting is that prior to using Cloudflare, I was under the impression that all foreigners had nothing better to do than to attack my English-language website.

Prior to Cloudflare, Google was handling my dns and it wasn't long before I realized that something more was going on.

End of Story (for the moment)

Date is 6pm December 31, 2019

This new interjected development may be something that will interest our military.

I knew it was the Internet Providers (from other webpages within this server are documented data to show), that the neo-corpo-polity have become our weakest links (Nationally and potentially globally).

There's more that I've found just today that is not likely able to be refuted!

This time the monopoly slipped.

I discovered who is able to potentially subvert our Nation's communications infrastructure AND OUR MILITARY, even with it's secure avenues.

This puts all of us at risk, in my opinion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Never Trust a Capitalist. A capitalist has no allegiance. A capitalist will leave to produce products overseas and sell back to us. A capitalist is dangerous because it knows us all too well.

What you will be seeing is that the Denial of Service Attacks (along with all the other attacks I've pretty much proven on other pages) are derived directly within the ATT Infrastructure.

If you are on the receiving-end, the actions are terroristic, unprovoked, damaging, a breach of the public-trust, a greater potential problem for our military, nuclear power plants, satellites, missiles....everything has a computer these days.

Now what I'm about to gather together will put all this in a better nutshell than the content below just came to me like a missing piece to the puzzle!

Sorry but I don't create my rudimentary webpages in one sitting. What is written below was probably a year ago, but STAY TUNED!

Here's the old news **Disclaimer: I'm autistic, retarded, slow, crazy, disturbed (pick your word) so I'm not a great communicator. My words may not always morph into good sentence-structure. Please read super-carefully. I make errors.

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