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This Website is created in memorium of a Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court-Case ripoff

A Judiciary we can no longer afford to finance.

Preface - Springfield Ohio Post Underground News, neo-Programming

Anche se non limitata agli Stati Uniti

Chain of command

(and we all fall down)


Ohio Post Underground

First, a PREFACE (if you don't want to read my preface, jump down to the bottom and press next)

While not limited to the USA, censorship is a nefarious tool in the ruling class war against the working and poor classes.

If one cannot freely denounce a lie, or correct misrepresented news, or aright an unjust ruling, or disclose a detrimental covert action, or warn of a heinous clandestine action, etc., then every one of us are victimized and able to be deceived by only one viewpoint.

Arguable to say, I've been prodded down the political topic-matter road for many years, as the contained matter will expound.

Later I would learn that my mom married into a family tree affiliated with the CIA. I add this comment because it precedes most of the events and murders I will include herein.

You did not get this information from the controllers of your media PROGRAMMING.

They will tell you my grandmother was a Gambino, but will fail to mention that she was not a part of any mafia and hadn't any criminal record; they will tell you of my "crimes", but will fail to mention the unprovoked manhunt and unwarranted murders they committed along the way, the impetus of which were the cause to the end-product.

The same entity that created the laws has already made themselves, and those that financed them, exempt from the laws of our Natio.

(even within their courts).

On a personal level, due to the monopoly control (mafia), Censorship is to my regret that the hundreds of videos, many of which that have been personally created, are not able to be hosted on my own web-server.

My own hosting was pretty much a last-ditch effort to circumvent the youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, and other online video hosting sites' censorship.

*By censorship I mean the banning of my videos without reason (to give an example, youtube banned a video in which I recorded a lying landlord's claim that had been issued within the Clark County Court. But because for 13 miliseconds in which I walked through one room into another, that was the reason youtube gave as why the video was banned. Hint: The radio was lower than my speaking in the video and was only heard while walking through the rooms, hence manipulation : "copyright infringement" of some stupid nonsense song that was barely heard in the video).

Oh I'm not complaining, I feel sorry for those captives that feel inclined to subject themselves to this manipulation for the profit.

However, It is much too late in the game to point out faults, blaming the sell-outs for obeying laws made by the other sell-outs.

Like Hitler's Army, they are just doing their jobs, and complying with whatever laws are imposed upon them.

They are "law-abiding".

Given additional consideration, would any of us from the lower classes act any differently than those that rule us, if we were to become inducted into the privileged upper-class within this present form of government?

It's the form of government that might be outdated and unevolved, which has become the impetus behind the lowering of standards, the complete turning of a blind-eye toward real ethics, the cause behind the overzealous employees that are myopically trained and haven't a shred of goodness or ingenuity left within them. Like a toilet, if you fill it to over-capacity, there's not room for reason or any other product (okay, i'll edit this analogy later).

In 2019, we need not look far to find the cause of the result, or the root of the problem. Stringent economic and social control stifled the once-great.

THE FOLLOWING IS A VERY ROUGH DRAFT, the author writes in the hopes that awareness might Provoke a positive change, and a reversal of the rampant plundering and/or decommissioning of our Nation.


So Here is my preface:

I've been writing this warning since 2007 when our nation was only $7 Trillion in mysterious debt.

and since 9-11 when our surplus had been cleaned out.

Historical document still online December 26, 2007 (probably the only oldest written document that is still able to be found via the constrained search engines). *I wrote a lot of stuff yet only one document remains (thanks to their laws that maintain we cannot copy the internet without a slew of "copyright infringements")?!

My contention is that if it's on the television, radio, internet, OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC PLACE WHERE EYES CAN SEE AND EARS CAN HEAR, then it's simply in the public domain for the public to do what it pleases with that input of external information.

I would have to be put within a soundproof chamber when making a video by their laws.

*Lest a radio be heard in the background, or a frog hopping behind me that has not released authorization to include him in the video, or a monopoly vehicle having passed and caught on video but due to my failure of obtaining a signature authorizing the happenstance inclusion within the video, results in being banned or arbitrarily profiled and erased from the public consideration.

If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet.

It's what they do to manipulate public awareness, and opinion.

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