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Although I was diagnosed as a problem-child when I was very young, my mother did the best motherly thing she could have done (totally in retrospect of course), she denied the "medication". To this date I still don't know what type of medication would be given to us less-than-normal people, and to be honest I seem to have only one remembrance that is clear when I and my mom were in to see a psychologist (or whatever she was).

That was the last visit (sort of).

I am fortunate enough to be able to state that my mom bounced me from school to school and put up with my slight retardation.

I don't know how my mom and sister survived me, really.

Still, there's no complaining of "fate", the way I see it we're lucky to have been given one flipping hour of anything, let alone life.

I did not understand my shortcoming/retardation, but knew something was really wrong sometimes.All my efforts to be "normal" failed (and I tried everything, in my opinion). If I could change to be normal, it surely would have happened with a success through one of my efforts a long time ago. Failing over and over gets a bit depressing, but who am I to complain?

Now it's God's problem.

It's perhaps a story that sounds far-fetched, but really when I consider how the "normal" people murder, and do all manner of destruction, it's really not so far-fetched that I didn't know of my well-being. As an example to what I saw as crazy were the routine things others were doing.

My point is, what distinguishes retardation from all you people that do worse? When did Evolution Die and get replaced with Regression into UN-civility? If our own Government is the example to the masses (just as a parent is to the child), then we have a really bad deal right now with the chain-of command Programming.

When "normal" parents spout the first words to their beloved off-spring lies of Santa Claus, and an egg-laying bunny, and pumpkins that talk and the tooth fairy, filling the impressionable mind of the child with crack leaves no room for reason. Likewise, what did we expect of the impressionable masses having been programmed to the din of "No new taxes" and "The war to end all wars" and "The war against drugs"followed by "oh my god it's Hussein", "oh no look it's all of Iraq, shazam it's Iran, wait, wait it's Libya, and Kuwait and don't look now it's the need to arrest the parents if they dared to not send their offspring to get programmed (it's that serious of a "crime", whether home-schooled or other, the mandated programming must be to this fashion).

The way I see it, being slightly "off" is still one step closer to being on the good side of God than all the rest of you normal people. I would rather wait on God in their jails than stay "free" by paying off (financing) the extortioners and predators (or worse, "working" for them).

As a child, I didn't understand why God prefers the poor and the lowly over the rich and powerful, as written in the Bible. I felt there were a lot of disputable tenets in that old book called the Bible. Now I'm old and see that the poor simply do less harm. A poor person might steal, even from a house or business, it's an isolated incident to satisfy hunger for the day. However that one crime perpetrated by one bum it isolated amidst the millions of impoverished in this nation right now. Still, the crime of that one bum will pepper the "news" programming for years to come as a fear-inducing persuasive tool to induce the public to understand that their financing is so necessary.


2:5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

2:6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?

2:7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?


14:31 He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.

6:30 Men, do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;

Whereas the wealthy and powerful steal daily from all homes with their myriad of rules, laws, fees, fines, "licenses", and more and not so much as one blessed parent doth utter the mystery to its child in a bedtime story. Instead-they bother to induce stories of talking rabbits that eat carrots (*Constructive parental advice:Rabbits MIGHT eat the green leafy tops, but carrots are not what rabbits eat, so why would a loving parent allow such mis programming to be programmed into their beloved birthed angels?).

But I'm retarded and didn't know it for 30 years !!!

The aforementioned might not seem credible until you first leave everything you own to become as a poor person. Invariably you'll find the poor to be generous with what incredibly little they have (as they hide from the "good guys" that enforce the laws that prevent the poor from being seen, lest the charge of vagrancy or trespass be the excuse to sweep them off the streets...out of sight, out of the public consideration of our present state of decrepitness, the leader in the world at incarcerating its own citizenry). This is normal.

So being told the truth of my mental shortcomings from an outside entity, the FBI, somehow seemed to be information worth some cognitive processes. I'm over it now, I can't change reality or my dumb luck or the past. I'm old now and know there's not far to go before the breath is given up. I could write for days of all the totally outlandish things that were simply amiss in life. For instance, I simply thought that because I did stupid unexplainable things, that everyone else also has the occurrences, but that they simply hide it better. As far as being retarded, heebeejeebies that was never even on the table in my mind, even when family members told me. It was simply written-off that they were being mean in retaliation due to my having been insubordinate, or right about something.

Before leaving anyone incredulous (not because of any certain reason) I pose the following: Do BRAINWASHED people know they are brainwashed? Sadly, the answer is "NO". I could actually prove that almost all of my readers are programmed badly with just one simple question. Although it didn't happen long ago, most will answer incorrectly something that they knew, but was erased from their programming. Q: "How many steel and concrete with steel reinforced buildings have ever come down since mankind has been on the planet"?That's too hard, None is the answer. None, but on 9-11 there were several buildings that came down (and all of them in one State of one Country on the planet). Q: "How many buildings came down in New York on 9-11?". If you answered two, I can only say, Programming! seek and ye shall "remember" (HINT: try google and relive that covered memory of the correct answer you used to know). Programming programming Programming...See. Now you're in my boat.

Okay that was off a bit.

Jump to months after the Provo murders, after the tent and farmer deals, came a fine Christian man who brought me home to meet his wife and daughter. He fed me. He gave me a shower and a job as a mason. He housed me inside the largest RV I had ever(seen?) while he and his family remained in the adjacent home. I worked for Carlos Anthony Concrete for probably a year or less (more?can't recall), and after that gig I later went to live with a woman that I don't recall how we ever met in the first place (sorry).

It was at this "new woman's" apartment where the FBI agreed to pick me up for a sit-down (LOL couldn't resist that one).

The agent told me that the place where I was living for months was for the retarded.


Okay, I did not even know that whole communities even existed for the retarded. This news really shocked me because it seemed that I fit right in there (so later I was sad). I mean it's one of the few places where I was actually an active member of the community. Hardly a day went by that I wasn't called out and meeting with the people in that community or asked for advise on this issue or that.Other times total strangers there would come to me asking for my help with various dilemma of community concern, like what to do to make the baby-raper neighbor go away....I came up with the answer to that one. He really was a bad guy, stealing from all the other retards. And when problems arose, I was instrumental in handling some of the issues.

Never once did I think that it was populated by a bunch of retarded people. Anyway, when the agent told me of the place being for "off" people, I was embarrassed, and relieved at the same time because the woman I was living with had committed suicide (failed) that had me perplexed as to what in the world would make her want to do that. But luckily I picked up on it, I KNEW something was not quite right as she stated she wanted to go to sleep. Her wanting to go to sleep was nothing new but never before has she ever called me into her room to tell me she loved me, so I knew something was not right.

I called the ambulance people and walked briskly the many miles to the hospital where they took her. They gave her charcoal liquid to drink (no kidding) and a few days later she was diagnosed as "fine" and able to return home. Granted, I found the woman to be quirky but all women are quirky, I surely didn't think she was retarded though. I mean she did keep water in the refrigerator that I drank and only later learned from her that the reason it tasted funny is due to her keeping bleach (or something like that) in the water. She told me it cleaned her system out or something so I just assumed the water was okay for me too. Flipping retard probably almost killed me ';-)

The Agent told me other stuff, too. He told me my grandmother was a Gambino.

I did not know this. The agent stated it as if I am somehow predestined to some mobster activity. Boo

The Agent stated that I had a name in their Department also, I was the "Enigma". I didn't know what that word meant.

They asked me if I knew people by names I was not familiar with, and only much later having come to know at least one of the persons that was named. A slightly over-weight political activist (at that time).

Anyway, back to the 7-11story: My girlfriend told me to run and I ran but was too tired to outrun the gun-toters, a.k.a..officer friendlies. They threw me down and beat me, and after damaging my shoulder which is damaged even to this very day, I was jailed.

This is how I came to be in the Utah jail for disorderly conduct (or some other frivolous FALSE catch-all epithet).

I sat in that jail while Tamara, of all people, was free to come and visit with lesser and lesser frequency as the months passed. It was quite a distance for her to drive (or so I was told), but in her letters she related to me all her efforts to right the wrong that the justus system was doing by holding me for no lawful good reason. Even after I presented to the jail a copy of her full written admission, the so-called justice system would not let me go until I pleaded guilty to a lower "crimeā€¯.

It's true, there were no warrants during the time the FBI were scouring the country looking for me. I know this because of all the times I was stopped or confronted by the police throughout various states, they would invariably take my i.d.and liberty, and would eventually release me. One time I was stripped naked by the police.right in the middle of the road (Atlanta, Ga.) with not so much as having violated a traffic infraction; another time I was pulled over, dogs were brought in, the car was vandalized and never ran well after that particular encounter with the Police (Kansas?).They pulled down the ceiling of the car, they put up the hood and pulled wires and tubes free from their expected locations. In fact, for further proof of statement, just prior to the murders I and Miss Bipolar were on our way to Alaska via Jeep with only a few bags containing clothes and what-not. While at the Canadian border we were detained, separated, and questioned. I am embarrassed to say, the questions I found out later that they asked Tamara were directed to whether or not I had her in tow without her consent. It was bizarre actually how we were denied to pass through Canada but went through the American checkpoint just fine. They went through the jeep and all of the belongings (not too badly though, mostly the jeep was out of our view so there's no way to really know to what extent the personal property was searched). Then a real shocker came from their detaining us....Tamara was not a legal citizen.

She was Romanian (I think that's the country of her origin). Well, that was news to me but now we were told we would not be able to continue to Alaska and were turned around.

Returning back toward Utah, somewhat silent, with a quiet puzzled uneasy silence, each of us wondering about the goodness of the other. How do you defend yourself against being libeled as someone that does stuff you don't even think of doing?

Without a backup plan, our destination unclear, I knew it was probably a good time to part company after arriving close to her hometown. Stopping at 7-11 convenience store along the way,Tamara pointed a gun at me, which evolved to getting beat up by the police, then jailed, then the murders at Amenity Inn,then off to the park to seek refuge from real organized killers, and then the farmer adopts me, then a mason contractor adopted me,.... holy crack, and one should miss this place called earth?


At one point the FBI stated I was lucky they found Elizabeth Smart and the people that abducted her (Elizabeth Smart was a big deal happening in Utah at the time this was going on). The agent stated I fit a profile. phhhtt.....whatever. At least I have no pattern or history of doing what they were alleging, and I'm not a murderer that kicks down people's doors and cause all manner of havoc and fear amongst the driving, walking, sleeping and living population. It's quite apparent that although I've never killed children, the accusers have! Although I've never held a person at gunpoint, the accusers do! I've never murdered elderly or handicap people, YouTube to watch the evidence of those that do these types of things; search terms: "Police kill (*pick your term).

Not only is there not a pattern of my ever having done such devilish things, but let's look at the pattern of the accusers who ARE showing a pattern all through our history of abduction (not just Guantanamo or the few other cases which "our" media programs/desensitizes us with), and murder (not just the children in Waco or Ruby Ridge or the few other cases "our" media programs us with), etc..

Inventing the toothpick in my eye requisites first pulling the log out of their own!

So after I was jailed for doing absolutely nothing of any community-dis-service, it became apparent that the persecutors were not going to let me out of their jail anytime soon, despite the fact that the 7-11cameras invariably showed me getting out of a jeep and my girlfriend exited pointing a gun at me.Welcome to my creepy life.

Once again, I knew that everything I owned was going to be gone before I got out of their cages.

So I gave up trying to get myself out of jail, and instead devoted my caged time by studying.

Since I hadn't done any sin to warrant being locked up for, a question was persistent, "What is the ultimate underlying motive in these jails, laws, and prisons?".

Money. I decided to not finance my oppressors, to not become complicit in the crimes of those that over-rule us, to no longer aid and abet the very entity that has a pattern in my very life of being not good.

And by the time I was released from that jail,it was probably with the sighs of the jail employees and upper controllers.

I was beginning to cost them as opposed to profit.

By the time I left there, not only were there many more inmates requesting to go with me to the law library to study and see for themselves who are the guiltier party, the action of which required more officers to escort all of us onto a bus down to the City Law Library at the Court/Attorney Den, the cost of doing so seemed to coincide with the success of my motions to the court and D.O.C. and/or the DOJ (Department of "corrections" and the Department of "justice") which forced the illegal jail to break ground for the construction of a LAWFUL legal library to be built for the inmates to further a semblance of a "fair defense".

The real victims are the Public though. Thoroughly propagated are a huge slew of misinformation and askew data served via the education system (SYSTEM), as well as the tele-vised, printed, and aired Programming. The money either goes into the pocket of the few, or distributed to what the tax money was supposedly going toward in the first place (*see Administrative Law and Executive Law, then check-in to a jail to see for yourself).

Understand something, there are no paid attorneys for the bulk of those held in the cages of jail. The fact that there's not been a trial to distinguish whether it is right or wrong to hold all those people that sit in limbo between guilt and innocence is a money-scheme. Punished until Trial (or until you fork over that extortion money).

If those in jail Had money for a paid attorney, they would have probably preferred to bail themselves out of jail in the first place. Since our nation is overrun by the overzealous"lawmakers",we enjoy more laws than any other nation on the planet (hence more "criminals" than any other nation on the planet). So in effect,the controlled test-population is comprised of the expendable poor, as they are forced in a predetermined corner with the illusion of two predetermined "choices": to either "represent" himself, or trust that another man whom might meet with the inmate all of 20 minutes the day of trial, to be appointed by the same Court that shares financing with the prosecuting attorney. This isn't a scam?

The studies revealed that with judicial nomenclature, the victimized are left clueless in their defense. Judicial nomenclature uses many common words that are known and used by the average man, however the judicial crew take the common words and give new definitions; an amazing perversion of our common, otherwise colloquial words, that only the judicial system uses against the common man.

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