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Ohio Post Underground Page 6

First a poem

You are an employee.

Your job is an honest job.

You proudly work for a large data firm in which include contracts with larger firms

which get their contracts from even larger entities.

Your job is to be an employee in a department.

You are proud to have a job

and a compartment.


You know your job and do it well.

Today's task includes ascertaining data that will breakdown the gross harvest in bamboo. Your job will include ascertaining the projected sales of bamboo and include such variables as determining the leading cause of death of the bamboo prior to harvest. It will be your job to include other data such as the leading cause of death of the bamboo farmers and other bamboo-related details pertaining to projections and statistics of the bamboo industry.

You are not a killer.

You do your job well and produce a professional document found acceptable by your employer.

The employer of the large firm you work for has other departments.

Other compartments.

Other employees that work on other tasks which ultimately combine with your department's data.

Some departments include the marketing department, the public relations department, logistics and procurement department, and more.

You and your co-workers work as a unified team to satisfy the employer's requisites.

Each team member has their own tasks and are not killers.

When all the departments submit their particular pertinent data to the project, the president of your company ultimately hands the compiled results off to the customer of the larger firm or entity that created the order of contract.

Your employer is not a killer.

When the ultimate contracts reach their ultimate consumer, perhaps an investment agency or military department, the data is well-taken and recompense is made to all who had a hand in the project. You and your employer have received an honest pay for an honest amount of work.

Job well done.


unbeknownst to any of the participants as to exactly how their data or product is to be used by the contract-maker and ultimate consumer,

it was with each department's data that the contract formed the decision to introduce the number one killer of bamboo farmers, a type of g.m.o., into their diet.

The ultimate customer also used your data to sell the somewhat deprived bamboo community dazzling packaging on irresistably dirt-cheap food.

And as the harvesters became sick and others died, ensured that harvest would be diminished.

It was with your data that projections of the bamboo industry were stagnant, and with the data of another department, another compartment, it was found that higher profits were attainable if there were less bamboo able to be harvested.

Also introduced by your labor's data,

By your data, it was found that the farmers do not use pesticides.

By your data it was found that another threat to the bamboo is a beatle.

By your data it was made known of the number one poison to the bamboo,

Another department.

Another compartment, strikes a deal with the bamboo community's leaders to pass a bill that would subject the farmers with additional work and expense to spray the bamboo for "pests".

Although your data stated the beatle was rare, it was disregarded and in came monasanto (or some other poison-maker).

Your data aided and abetted an economic depression to the bamboo community to effect higher prices in the marketplace for the now-rare bamboo.

Your labor aided and abetted the biological destruction of the bamboo. Your labor created profit for the upper-class agency, the contract creator. The stock market was taken by surprise as the unforseen bamboo disaster wreaked havok on the now-dependent community where the bamboo is grown.

Your honest job was compartmentalized and throughout your life, it was never known by you the cost of your job.

*As a very real correlating example. I aided and abetted building prisons and jails in this Nation (back during the hayday when jobs were plentiful).

Who knew that all those plentiful jail and prison contracts for my masonry department, along with whoever handled the carpentry department, the plumbing department, each with their own myopic jobs, and doing those jobs well. Everybody loved their job (we ate better....for awhile). But who knew that they would be filling all those jails and prisons with human neighbors and family?

Never once did we consider the cost of aiding and abetting imprisoning our nation's fellow countrymen to becoming the indisputable leader in the world incarcerating our own countrymen (no other nation comes remotely close).

We didn't look that far into the matter

Nice job killer.

My Title:

"Somebody is coming to kill you"


"Why I believe the Bible is more than a fable"


"The known-unknown vs the Unknown-Unknown"

by kenny hendrick

Just a Thought

How could they possibly guess that something that doesn't exist, would someday exist? If it hadn't ever been seen or experienced in all of history up to any given point, how could it be guessed? If we discover something tomorrow for instance, is it easy to say that the discovery had not already been in existence, or that we simply did not have the intelligence to know of it's existence at the time?

Those that wrote that old book speak of occurrences and issues that have never happened in all of their history (the original era of the original writers of the Bible), could they possibly know the function of blood before there were ever a scientist or doctor to first make that discovery (which wasn't until 1800's)?

The bible says that "...the blood thereof sustaineth all life."

I would have guessed food, air, water, internet...

As it turns out, blood infuses with food, air, and water.


I tell you there will be "gojjlsks" in the future, could it happen? In our present era there are no gojjlsks. So it's crazy-talk, right?

Consider the new chemicals "we" now spew in our era.

*Side Note: "We" don't actually do this, but the capitalists dispose of their wastes, "we" are just the innocent consumer victims of the manufacturer's products. (but aside from manipultated askew "educations" and media programming, how could you know you were financing your own kid's demise?).

Local Pollution?

Again, I tell you there will be "gojjlsks" in the future, could it happen?

One can say, "we've always been throwing our trash in the seas since the dawn of time".

However, One canNOT say we know of all the potential ruin that can come with the monopoly chemicals in the seas, air, and earth; hence we cannot possibly know at what point some other disaster will not soon be poking its ugly head as a result of a chemical or electro-chemical reaction.

If we took everything from under the average household's sink, mix it together, chance sare you will have concocted a life-changer.


But if you were to mix all the bleaches and other chemicals, invariably you will have probably become successful creating gases that may wound or kill you or your household. Throw in the mix some of those garage sprays and liquids, and you potentially have created an incendiary or percussian blast that could wound or kill.

We wash rags all the time after using one to clean up an acid spill, turpentine spill, bleach spill, etc.

That water goes somewhere (and so does all the "parts-per-million" chemical residues).

Now consider the sea, consider the stuff only monopolies and other large capitalists have throughout history been dumping there.

Add to that the oil spills each of us have sopped up and washed down the drain creates a completely unknown stew.

Nobody knows when the catch-all-phrase (crutch) that bureacracy and their businesses have been leaning on for what seems like forever, the "parts-per-million" appears by their statistics to be on a larger-than-life scale.

I contend that their scale is no scale at all since nobody knows how many new and old chemicals are mixing out there. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS AN UNKNOWN CONCOCTION. Capitalists create hundreds and hundreds of new chemicals and variations of old chemicals each and every year but not one of them knows all the chemical variations and therefore not one of them know the tipping point of their dumping.

Which brings up a topic for maybe another paper, Like why are the capitalists that "legally" can spew their wastes in our air paying us a stipened that the public votes on (damn right we're giving ourselves raises!)

Exxon, for example caused huge amounts of economic and biological disaster as well as causing innumerable health problems to the humans in our nation. What followed was the show brought to you by the "news" that the Public Relations Group (aka, senators, governors, president, etc.) was fining Exxon. And money went from one department to the next.

What followed though, was the fact that Exxon raised its prices at the pump to gain the show of money back into their coffers.

End of story.

Here's a dare for you: Find a cop and dump one quart of oil into the sea and see what happens to you. After healing and bailing yourself out of jail, see if you can get hired anymore with the new criminal record.

If the supreme court passed a ridiculous law that states corporations are people (sadly this is a reality), then how is it that the president of the firm was not incarcerated? If my memory serves correctly, it was Exxon's decision to release the oil from it's holds (stating that they had to avoid a worse loss to their investments).

A person (when convenient).

What of our nuclear waste? It's going somewhere, right?

Do you know where that dumpsite is?

Of course you don't.

The media PROGRAMMING planted it into your head via televised, radio, or printed programming that you might never even know to inquire where that stuff might be.

If the PROGRAMMING planted the calming notion that their life-threatening wastes were being shipped to Russia, China, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. etc., we'd all be a bit more relaxed (because we're programmed that way).

However if the actual wastes were being infused into our air, food, and water supply, we would be oblivious without media programming anything of the attrocity.

In the Bible it says that the water will become polluted and that there will be sudden death to a substantial amount of human food (and humans, too). The water is described. Monopolies have been dumping so much for so long, that like a light-switch, there'll be no turning back once the cataclysmic effects take effect. The thing is, we only hear what the programmers tell us. For instance, We hear of the Exxon oil spill off of the coast and of all the death that occurred locally (instantly). Then our media changes topic (and our minds) to view a larger disaster such as Chernobyl or some multi-mile island "accident", but those are the disasters we actually are allowed to hear of.

Revelations 17 and 18 speaks of a great and powerful country in the last days that will utterly destroy itself. The enemy is not specified to be a foreign force. It states that in this great and powerful country that no man, woman, or child survives the inferno of fire, the plumes of which are described. It states that the traders from all over the world weep, not because the people are gone, but because there's nobody to buy their cheap capitalist plastic temporary crack (*k.h. revised version).

How many countries have nuclear weapons and/or nuclear power plants, do you know of? Of course you don't. Would it surprise you to know that right now there are more nuclear bombs and power plants in the U.S. than in any other country on the planet?

Is there a junkyard for old nuclear bombs that could possibly be quarantined to not affect the rest of the planet's air, food, and water supply? Of course not.

Isn't there a shelf-life for everything around us? It is basic to state that everything on the planet has a shelf-life, nothing lasts forever in our realm. Whether it be a rock that erodes over years or capitalist products that last only a year, everything has a shelf-life (that WE know of).

Now what of the "unknown-unknowns"?

Here's oneI found out.recently, who else knew?

Nuclear Power Plants have computers as do our nuclear missile silos

Do things on the planet ever become unstable?

By unstable, I mean have you ever hit the light switch and the light fail to come on? Was it a faulty bulb, short-circuited wire, power outage, that caused the switch to not work? How many times have we hit the keys on our computer's keyboard and have to repeat the action because the desired effects failed to carry out our first keypress? What was it that stopped your light from coming on that ONE time?

By unstable, I mean have you ever taken care of a pet so well yet it still died?

Have you ever turned the key to start your car and found it unusable due to some defective part that reached the end of its shelf-life?

Unstable, unreliable, susceptible to change (sudden or otherwise), causes unforeseen problems that can oftentimes snowball as other potential problems arise.

Until we KNOW something concerning the derivation of the problem (and knowing the unknown unknown), our abrupt demise is ever-so-present. When one speaks of something that has never existed (yet), mixing chemicals in the air and water supply is potentially, gojjlsks. It's the unknown we didn't know about.

Reaction time is said to be almost zero, according to the Bible. Only a small select Group survive and are said to run off to the "desert place" (which implies either foreknowledge or an element in a larger plan).

The Bible speaks of an arrogant polity referred to as a whore, and like a whore a capitalist also sells. The parent company (or the whore) is said to have a child.

It is said that the "Whore" flees to the "desert place with child in hand".

Recently I became cognitive of a waste of paper, it was entitled "The New American Century" (or something like that).

Basically it's a plan that involves a lot of myopia (in my opinion).

A missle is controlled by a computer board. A computer board has items and other ic's, all of which were made by the capitalists (the whore's baby).

I work in the field of computers and tremble to think of how much faith we've thrown into the capitalists. Capitalists that did not consider gojjlsks as a force to be reckoned with in the first place. The unknown variable.

On a myopic-scale, how many citizens completely threw tons of hours out of their life by sitting in front of the computer to create their world on "Google Plus"? Google Plus is no longer around. Who knew that a giant such as google would just bail? What happened to all those hours of all those lives on the planet?

Recently, a monopoly hacked through my modem. Three agents admitted to it and I was fortunate enough to record the conversations and pursue to investigate each of their excuses, allegations, and alibis. In a VERY short time I was refunded (what I didn't owe in the first place, but that's not the topic), but there's more. What I found out was that my modem is comprised of BSD and Linux. Did they hack THROUGH it? I believe so but the logs changed strangely in the router compared to the logs in the modem. The point is however, all spectrum needed to do was "push" bad or problematic firmware into the computer board of the modem resulting in a grid-down in my whole system. This was my gojjlsks.

I knew the Internet Provider to be the "weakest link" to anybody's security, secrets, interests, web cameras, various "smart" household appliances, our cellphones, our microphones, our laptop and desktop computers, our tablets....EVERYTHING audio/video/typed going through ONE SOLITARY portal which keeps our individual homes all isolated from each other until our signal gets to the monopoly servers, routers, switches, hubs, blacklists, redirects, sandboxes, keyword funnels, etc.

The IP Provider, which is one of two monopoly capitalist cabals offered to the free world in my area, just remote-control killed my system (and admitted to it offering nothing in the form of recompense for the damages, this is the arrogance of the whore that speaks loftily *Revelations 17 and 18, read it and weep).

Why do I believe this is potentially of National concern? I'll try to paint a picture for you in the following:

For sanity's sake, let's presume that the Ip Provider did not intentionally slip-up at hacking my system, and let's presume that this was just a mistake. A mistake is not planned. A mistake is not purposeful. It's not the point here, either. The point is, if it happened once, could it conceivably happen again? Could it happen to the computer within an "internet-quarantined" nuclear power plant's computer? Could they not just as easily inject the same crippling "update" on a mass scale one community after the other?

Let's say for instance, that a computer keeps a particular missile semi-hot but becomes shorted, are there safeguards? Of course there are (I mean, I hope so). In the case of computers though, we don't know how all the data mixes once an outside party, such as the IP Providers, manipulate the results back to the public end-user.


KNOWN Variable: 9-11

Known-UNKNOWN variable: Jet fuel could not take down steel buildings, fires cannot take down steel buildings, crashing planes and missiles cannot take down steel buildings, in fact there has never been a solitary steel building to ever collapse or come down due to a fire or plane since mankind has been on this planet, this is the known; the unknown part is not who anymore, but why.

We KNOW of potential KNOWN causes of calamity, such as touching fire can burn. But unlike the known-unknown scenario, it is the unknown-unknown to the nation's population the projected effects of 9-11 and the dismantling of three government and financial buildings in NY, for instance.

A known-unknown can be a scenario which recently happened to me. On the firewood stove is a large pot of water. There is a mesh lid on the pot. On top of the mesh lid was placed a coffee perkolator (it was left up there to cool). The KNOWN variable for me is that the pot is strong enough to support the mesh lid and the coffee-pot. Add into the mix was my need to temporarily set the lid to the large cast-iron skillet. Now I knew what I was doing was probably going to end up this way, but for expediency and wishful profit, I placed the large solid cast-iron pan lid on top of the coffee perkolator which was resting on the wire-mesh lid which was on top of the large kettle of water which rests on top of the wood burning stove, but I was willing to take the chance. Needless to say the "known" (lid being precariously placed atop other items) unknown (will the lid remain in place?), is a variable that I am familiar with.

The KNOWN UNKNOWN's are something we all are in some fashion cognitive of. Yes, the lid could fall, big deal. It's a known variable which the outcome cannot be known but is potentially there as to whether the lid stay up, or fall down. HOWEVER, it is NOT a known unknown to state that the lid will explode due to a reactionary trace element of local pollution becoming ignited by the lid causing a neighborhood meltdown. The resultant unknown is not programmed into our mind's data banks, so it is gojjlsks.

With life in the balance, we can't simply cuss and go pick up the stupid lid that hit the floor with force. Doing something in one place can (and does) affect things in other places (and a rudimentary study into Quantum Physics will have you walking through walls in no time). For instance, in my case incident the lid balanced just fine and did not fall. However, my having opened up the wood burning stove to add more wood so the food would come up to temperature, caused just enough vibration resulting in the chain reaction of the top-most lid to fall.

Game Over.

The example above is the known-unknown. I knew there was a possibility the lid could eventually fall, I just wasn't certain that it would, when it would, or the chain of events pertaining to the fall. Could it not have landed on my bare toe? Could it not have rolled over to the wires I have exposed in an on-going project causing a fire and loss of a roof?

We deal with Known-Unknowns all the time. We KNOW that our key fits the ignition switch of our car. What we don't know is whether it will start on that particular day of that particular week. Repairs are never planned and even new parts and servicemen are variably defective themselves. It is a small UNKNOWN whether or not your child will wake up happy or sad, or that the child will wake up at all. The known-unknown is that we wake up everyday and that someday will come when we will die but we don't know when or how exactly to the quantum.

The known-unknowns are something we deal with.

We know there's the unknown shelf-life of a nuclear power plant, of a person, of a rock, of a snow-flake. Known-unknowns are small potatoes though.

My title is, "The known-unknown vs the Unknown Unknown"

The unknown-unknown is beyond our conception because it hasn't ever happened in all of history. The unknown-unknown isn't 1+1=2. In fact, the unknown-unknown is not foreseen (certainly not to the general cash-cow public anyway) so anything that comes from it will be unknown as to how it will react with the unknown. For instance, when we light our lighter, it sheds it's heat and light. It's always happened that way (until the known-unknown happens as in the case of running out of fuel or expending the flint or the cheap capitalist construction results in the whole damn lighter exploding for no apparent reason).

But again, we aren't talking about the known-unknowns now. What happens when DOW Chemical produces something tht reacts with the Monsanto trace chemical? We don't know, nor did we know that any chemical in trace amounts could react with something that was produced by all the other chemicals that have found their shelf-life in our air, seas, and earth.

I'm not saying it's plausible or even possible to revert to the cave-man days, the day of known-knowns, the predictable era free of "unknown's" since there's no more capitalists employing scientists to develop the chemicals in one field that might someday react with chemicals developed by scientists in another field. However I am saying that running headlong is long-since been pushed to the limits. The scientists discuss climate-change and hush on the causes of the climate-change. The scientists discuss global-warming but hush on the global destabilizing of the planet, the air, the water. When something becomes destabilized it's as the lid to my cast-iron skillet, but I Knew I could pick the lid up. In the case of global destabilization there appears to be a great unknown that might not be as easy to remedy by flipping a switch back.

For instance, the Bible speaks of what is to occur after the great and powerful country is destroyed (would you believe 7 years of peace on the planet?). The Bible also describes how the country will be destroyed (fire that plumes to the heavens), in fact it strangely sounds as if the Bible is referring to a nuclear blast. Now let's consider the unknown-unknown variable. We didn't know our nuclear devices were able to be compromised due to shelf-life, a rogue IP Provider, or otherwise, and we didn't know that the blast could be so strong as to push the planet out of orbit slightly altering its course either? We didn't know that the blast could be so strong as to cause the planet to spin faster.

The Bible says that afterward the survivors in the rest of the world begin to get sores (what is radiation as the planet brushes with the radiation belts that hold our planet in place? If you didn't know of the radiation belts around our planet, visit NASA's website and learn something new). If the planet is pushed we are now out of our regular orbit. But there's more, the Bible says the days will be shortened in that day. That means the blast caused us to spin a bit faster.

Global Destabilization. Now all computers are susceptible. All devices from refrigerators, hospitals, nuclear power plants, automobiles, and anything else with a circuit board are at potential risk of starting another chain-reaction of other unknown-unknowns. We don't know if a blast could be so great as to push a planet from the forces that hold it in orbit, or if that same blast should spin the planet and shorten the days. The further unknown would be galactic, and the effects of the initial unknowns.


One time I was taken at gunpoint while driving through Kentucky. Who does this stuff? Criminals do things at gunpoint. I don't remember Officer Friendly's name but while driving through Kentucky, I was forced at gunpoint to lay down on the ground face first. Who does this crack!? Not even the hoodlums and gang members of skid row L.A. do this, forcing us into this degrading submission or else they feel justified to murder. ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that the only person actively holding a pointed loaded gun and threatening to kill is the guy with a job that programmed him to defer his better ethics (and let's not even think about bringing in religion for god-sake).

Arrested. I think the charge was due to a problem with the license plate of the vehicle, and nothing more. They control the records so it's weakly hoped they don't embellish the records for some "necessary" reason. The delusional system deduced that I was making bombs because of cat litter and a lawn sprinkler timer (true story). This justified their outlandishness to do evil.....their illusions and programmed fears had them running the course, when no man pursues them in the first place. Horse Cave, Kentucky Jail.personnel equally appeared to be taking excessive caution around me. At first they put me into an isolated cell that had a see-through toilet and no cot. Later some government people came on separate occasions to see me. Eventually I was admitted into inmate population. At one point I was demanded by a guard to rat out another inmate there. The guard threatened to smash my head in. It just happened to be one of my more braver moments in life as I shouted within inches of him, "DO IT!", and even went so far as to dare him. Fact is though, I didn't care. My head was already bashed in, by the guy they wanted me to rat against....I never did rat against him though. Besides, it's not like there weren't three cameras on the entire fight. The staged event with a caveat.

While there, I was visited by an attorney who I promptly fired in court when all I could hear out of his mouth was to plead guilty to some ridiculous contrivance. The court gave me their pinch-hitter, another attorney. Initially I didn't think much of her either because of past experiences with the "public defenders".

Soon afterward I was escorted to meet with a secret service agent in a side cell opposite of the wall of the holding area where my cell was located. He told me he could make my life difficult for me as he asked odd questions about my sentiments in reference to Bill Clinton and the extramarital affair and how I felt about it. He was playing "Devil's Advocate" stating that "what he did was wrong). The whole meeting didn't last long, I really didn't have a clue what the (*censored word) that guy was talking about. The meeting really didn't bother me though, I saw it as the opportunity to come out of one cage to visit another (and needed the exercise, including every step, approximately 20 feet). He promised to make my life hard for me (this really threw me off....a reason seemed appropriate, none was offered and to this day I'm still clueless why I was being hunted (haunted?).

However, the meeting with the Secret (shhhs...) "Service" was without my public defender's presence. It seemed to bother her more than me. I'm not the one that informed her of the meeting, she told me it was one of the jailers who had informed her.

It was through her, and later one of the jailers, that I learned that due to the agent's capacity and title, he didn't even have to sign-in to enter the jail (unlike the FBI who later came. poor guys had to sign in to identify themselves).

Apparently in Horse Cave Kentucky, not signing into a jail constitutes sacrilegious prime-time conversational topic matter. I'm pretty sure it's boring in Horse Cave Kentucky's society, but I'm just guessing that.

But as for that lady attorney, I'll never forget when I just KNEW that this lady was suddenly angered alive and truly a public defender!

Suddenly she not only was convincingly in my defense, but after the FBI came to see me, she surprised me with her quickness in the courts in an effort to get me out. I adapt pretty quickly and am certain It wasn't due to any of my own efforts, not once did I visit a law library to file motions to get out. Fact is, Horse Cave's Kentucky's Jail feeds human-sized rations (and the food was actual real food)! And, as luck would have it, Horse Cave was the rumored last jail in the State still allowing smoking (as opposed to the cruel and unusual punishment atop the punishment of incarceration, getting us hooked on cigarettes and telling us we owe days and months and years of our lives for whatever "crime" they've written into "law" plus other punishments including going cold-turkey from the state-ordained drug of tobacco).

The Court gave me an ultimatum, sign a document that I'd never come through Kentucky ever again or I'll do Five years in their prison! Okay, this seemed extreme. No need to twist my arm though; I feel sorry for all those people that have to live there ";-)

So I literally walked out of Kentucky before the FBI agents were able to meet with me the second time. The first time, the two FBI agents called me into a different cell from where the secret service agent met with me.

I was told to have a seat where they asked me questions of whether or not I had ever owned a van (I think it was white). They showed me a picture of the suspect they presumed was me. When I saw the picture, I honestly wondered if it could be me. Involuntarily I did something that surprised them (and me in retrospect), I slowly rose from the table with the photo in hand and walked away leaving the two agents to look at each-other as I walked to the bathroom in the holding cell (which had a door and walls all around with the exception of the one wall which was see-through).

Inside, I looked at me in the polished metal mirror.

I looked at the photo.

I looked back at me, and then I held the photo up to the mirror with my face side-by-side the photo when suddenly it hit me.

I re-emerged exclaiming, "WAIT A MINUTE, MY NOSE ISN'T THAT BIG!"

Somehow these FBI guys were led to believe I was some sort of a Timothy McVeigh, or a killer, or maybe they were just planning their next patsy. They brought up the name of a woman in Tennessee who owned the Owl's Roost RV Campground in Tennessee, and asked questions about involvement in criminal activities I wasn't privy of. I was clueless as to what could make them so interested in me, surely I wasn't that huge of a problem on the planet. Of the period they were inquiring about, I related to them that at one point a Tennessee Sheriff had tried to convince a park associate to sell Pot to me, but I did not perform well (I didn't buy it, nor was I the person that proposed any such transaction. Apparently the entire plot was brought to you by the "good guys"). I went on to state how I wrote a politely flaming letter to the sheriff that orchestrated the aggressive attempt against me. I told of another incident when later an officer "conducted a traffic stop" of my dump truck, and forced myself and the worker passenger out of the vehicle, where the officer brought up the issue of the letter I had written, stating that it had been placed on the police station's bulletin board and that the officers found it humorous. I could detail more of what happened during that unlawful stop of my traveling vessel, but can think of no good reason to do so at this point in time. Needless to say I was eventually released, late for a job, but without any "ticket".

So anyway, back to the Kentucky Jail issue, after having answered more questions, one of the agents expressed that they didn't think the man they were looking for was me, but inquired as to whether or not I would be willing to provide hair samples. I replied "of course I will". That day never came though. I was later released from the confines of the jail and now walking with blisters on my feet, step-by-step I walked clean out of the state of Kentucky, a common-wealth state that didn't want my type there (whatever that type was). I have no clue what became of the vehicle I drove in, but some of the property later was found at a somewhat unlikely location (that need not be commented on).

This incident in Kentucky would later lead to Provo, Utah and my voluntarily shaving every follicle of hair from my body, packing a manila envelope addressed to the FBI and sent in the hopes that they might find more amusement terrorizing somebody else. The answer was "no" and rang with a bang.

Add-On Note

Would you believe I found my site on a (*censored word) list that enables the assurance that nobody will ever see my (*censored word site)?

You gotta be (*censored word) kidding me!

Well, today I learned that it's all my fault as to being blacklisted.

When I say it'sall my fault, let it be clarified that it's my fault that it was so presumptuously assumed that all the big players, including the Internet Providers, have not implemented squid gard, a software that recently was disected following a crash in my own firewall.

When bothering to look into what comprised some of the Internet's ominous (to me) lists, I found myself fitting in too many places!

Would you believe that when I opted to select various groups to censor out that it was my whole website that was blocked?

For anybody that doesn't already know, the internet as we know it is a series of funnels and filters, some of which we opt in for without our fully understanding what we are opting in for. We have all installed programs and failed to read the fine print by simply checking the box of acknowledgment and moving "forward". More ominous is the software that already came within the computers that we bought brand new at their stores! For instance, how is it possible that theonly choice for an operating system whether we purchased a laptop or desktop computer is only offered with "Windows"?

I find it ironic that the only system susceptible to all manner of intrusions including all viruses, malware, spyware, and the ilk are for the most part financed by an entity to ensure that we all fall in line and give up.

All those computers bought at the monopoly stores are what I see in my I.T. (of sorts) shop. It's always been that way. Call up any computer shop and try to find the shop that states the predominant problems that keep them in business are the windfall from corporate pursuasions (in other words you will never find a shop that claims that other operating systems such as BSD, Linux, Unix, Solaris, are the systems that keep customers coming back for repairs, replacements, forced updates and upgrades, replacement hard drives and more memory and....

Those computers come with other software that you were not aware of.

For instance, to manipulate the results shown to one group from the next is here and now in 2019. This means that if there is a military person, he may be unable to see my website. If there's a conglomerate in which any of my web pages comment against, that group of employees may not be able to see my website (without having somehow already known the url and conciously typing it into the url bar, that is).

Within the software that is called "free" or paid is irrelevant to the manner in which we've all been duped.

Do you have a child in your household? Then you will of course choose to block porn and aggressive sites and that's not all you'll opt for, there's a slew of items you mightnot want to include when boxing your kid's mind in with only "approved" sites offered by companies you've never heard of nor never questioned to trust.

Squelching in America

The problem with censorship is that it kills invention, for one.

While delving into all the files found primarily in /squid, which is only one of hundreds (thousands?) of softwares that actually work against us as a Nation, and affects us all at a global scale, I hope to show by this writ that we need to press the "undo" button quickly.

At a global scale, first familiarize yourself with the fact that all nation's appear to be in debt, with the exception of Brunei, Macau, Singapore, and a few very few others.

How is this possible? And more importantly, what can we do to develop into a Nation of greatness again? When we were the good guys, prior to the influx of making wars into an extension to business what was different that our Nation did back then?

What can we do on a personal level to create a greater influence toward greatness in our Nation today, ought to be a question on a National Scale to include every mind, whether rich or poor, whether corporate or private, whether I use the word (*censored word) or (*censored word) in a sentence.

You see, I found something that I see as a great accomplishment, but how can I share it with the world when the world "consciously" agreed to opt into the worst gimmick that offers only to hold us all back from advancement?

By my mere two "bad" words, there are whole myriads of humans that have been lured by the free "Norton's" and "Maccafees" and "Squid" ad infinitum and nauseaum.

What if someone had found in their basement the answer to cancer but used the word (*censored word) in the findings, as in Holy (*censored word) I found the Answer to Solving All (*censored word) Cancers! The problem is they are censoring the entire site from your eyes because of a word! A word! Holy (*censored word)(*censored word)!

You can say that I show poor taste...until your blessed sheltered child gets cancer. Then all bets are off.

Censorship and Squelching in America

The thing about censorship, all censorship, is that it simply has created a much greater problem, not just in hindering invention and advancement toward higher thinking, but also guess what? All you "concerned" parents subscribed to the belief that by pressing a button on your keyboard to accept to keep your computer safe, have completely fallen askew.

The world of the next generation just got smaller

Here's why: Norton's subscribers get viruses. So do all the other subscribers to all the other policemen of our freedoms (of our consciouses). How is it that when we subscribe to these unknown or known names to keep us safe, that we would be so damn presumptuous that such a ridiculous measure could actually work for us in the first place?

See, you could walk into my shop and I could exclaim to you that I just protected you from a gang-member but you won't believe me, will you? Of course not! You consciously knew that you were not threatened by a gang member outside my shop on the way in.

So you knew that I was telling you a lie, right?

And indeed you would be correct.

Oh but if I'm xyz corporation promising to protect your computer and even bolstering the notion that I actually did it by sending you pop-ups of names of viruses or malware, spyware, trojans, worms, ransomware, blah blah blah.......You'd believe that......from men and women you've never met in a corporation that you tithe your earnings to.

This, to me, is a sickness in my being. It's something that makes me feel sad that the okidoke just was played on not only my visitors, but the entire developed world.

Now the present trend is to convert over to SSL. No matter who you are, you're search results in the world's search engines are all forced into compliance to a beta system that does not keep a system safe, in fact it opens more problems from a webmaster's perspective.

The fact that I used a bad word, or agressive words, or even something as inocuous as "XXX" in one or more of my web pages, that's enough to get me banned from the search results of virtually all search engines.

p.s. Your kid is so dead with subscribing to anything that limits your input.

End of Story.

California -coming soon

Synopsis: Burned alive but now not even the police want me. This one can be read in the San Diego News. Motel 6 2nd Street (if my memory serves correct)...I was met by a well-dressed agent and given a key to a room.

Later that same evening at least two persons approached me from behind with something to kill me with. I heard the strange rustling and shuffling noise approaching me from behind and was glad to have closed the door just as the aggressors were at my heels.

The small "whoosh!" I heard after having closed the motel room was a fire seen through the peep hole!

But I was too tired to care and laid down to rest when the alarms went off (Motel 6 has one of the most annoying fire alarms you've ever heard!

I would end up having to jump from the 2nd or 3rd story window over to an adjoining balcony that was caddy-corner to my room.

Luckily an honest person caught my solitary bag and did not take off with it.

A large portion of the motel would be evacuated and many of us were questioned.

I was loaded into a police car off to the San Diego Police Station, no reason given.

And not proud to say, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in their car.

In fact I was so tired that I refused to wake up when they were trying to unload me at the entrance of the jail/police station.

They were telling me to get out, but honestly it was almost impossible for me to stand let alone walk (no, I wasn't intoxicated, I don't drink and was just really tired).

This story ends with them not wanting me in the jail. They were trying to unload me at the entrance to their jail! Of course I eventually got out but at the time I really just wanted to sleep some more.

Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: FBI, SWAT kick down the 2nd floor door at the Continental Hotel in Denver Colorado and murder a young man there.

I actually met the guy the day before.

His crime that was worthy of assassination? Corporate infringement.

Will return to write more about this later.

Florida -coming soon

Synopsis: Tasered while wet from the shower. Burn points still divoted into the plasticized concrete. R.I.P. *This story is not to be confused with the one already expounded on the previous page, which also occurred in Florida. Will return to write more later.

Texas-coming soon

Synopsis: Strangled and almost killed in South Dallas Texas thanks to the antics of the FBI. Will return to write more later. Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: In Denver again, I had learned that the State of Ohio may have suspended my license for not paying extortion to them for "damages" incurred on the roadway.

After each of us drivers were issued summonses....I was left with the choice to either continue to the plane in Denver, or wait a few weeks for the Court date in Ohio.

So I left.

Upon my return home.....Even the chanting of the Customs Officials to their beagles (or whatever those things were), as they ordered the dogs (good god, even the dogs are manipulated here): "Find it, Find it"!~, the Agents ordered.

So after the dogs and their captors were done spreading good will from around my bags, a few weeks later I found that the road scammer and the State of Ohio held court without my presence.

The US Government can show that I was in the Netherlands when they held court without my presence and could very easily verify when I left the States.

Yet Ohio frothingly award the claimant-scammer thousands of dollars for "damages". Later the Judge would also suspend my license for refusing to be extorted.

Despite the police report having clearly stated:

"No Damages, No Injuries",

The scammer submitted to the court photos of the entire quarter fender and bumper off his car!

Apparently, that was enough for the judge, never bothering to chastise the police officer of the state of Ohio as to why he would lie claiming "No Damages, No Injuries".

(but to date, this crooked way of doing business appears to be par for the course in Ohio. See, anotherOhio scammer).

So rather than pay the extortion, I quit driving (more than a decade now).

I'm told I can get a "license" to travel again, but think it to be financing bad business, besides I'm adjusted now.

New York -coming soon

Note to self: Start this section at the point in which I joined the military. Sergent Boraccio (sp?) in Tempe Arizona as recruiting officer; passed ASFAB and Physical but...the government had different plans for me.

Synopsis: "Goldo", murder with a message. Will return to write more later.

This one is kind of sad really.

Florida -coming soon

(oh I can't resist)

Pill-popping addict ex-cop neighbor shoots at my house stating he is going to shoot and kill me!

The petty reason being? That I stacked some concrete block next to my garage on my own property.

The fact that I stored the concrete block was somehow the tipping point from the day before, when he threatened me because I woke him up with my lawnmower; it was like 2pm!

So the ex-cop refuses to come out of his house when the police arrive.

They surround the ex-cop's home on the corner in Port Richey, and even had a helicopter overhead to coax the freak out of his house.

***This is actually a good story as well as a base for another, I'll stop back to add more to this later.

...synopsis: while the addict cop is in his home with weapons, one of which he already discharged at my house, what do the "good guys" do?

Well it seems quite rational to call me out of my house and have me wait in front of his house in the dead-center of the road! The Police even backed their cars away from me...I mean I was standing there alone in the only abandoned spot on the roadway.

When the cop finally comes out, he is permitted to sit in a lawn chair on his lawn while I'm forced to stand in the middle of the road...naturally the devilish judgmental cop is not charged whatsoever.

Jump to when I entered the police station to file charges, I was discouraged from doing so, and basically denied.

Still waving your flag?

The game has changed with this system in place in our Nation (read revelations and see what direction we're nigh to, and please stop rationalizing that you are living your life as best you can....any criminal and crackhead on the planet is also doing that tough task).


Freeze, We're robbing your mother!

Clark County Municipal Court in Springfield Ohio "finds" the downstairs (previous) tenant to be liable for the upstairs neighbor's plumbing and fire problems.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Read how the over-paid judiciary rule that my flipping Florida-domiciled mother is guilty of causing me (and the landlord) damages (but the girl upstairs or the faulty landlord/plumber's plumbing is innocent)!A whole nother story

Whew, glad I got that off my chest!

Without further editing or checking for errors in spelling or otherwise, these are the words on my mind right now:

Firstly, my edifice for the last few years (2 or 3?) has been a garage. It is of my free choice to live in this garage as opposed to the house that my mother so graciously purchased for her somewhat retarded son (me). I will not elaborate the MYRIAD of reasons I choose to be out here with crickets and spiders and an occasional mole or mouse, etc. Suffice to say, I stay out here now.

Population control.

At present the only novel idea that our present form of polity can conceive to control the populations of the world is by war and causing divisions within the population rendering groups against each other.

There are problems with this simplicity of thought.

What if you kill the only person that might save your (censored world)?

Recently I learned something very grave that I cannot possibly package in such a way that everybody on the planet will understand.

A greater hurdle is that of the means of publishing, which has become entirely under the central control of the myopic plutocrats in the form of "licensing" and "inspections" and "fees" and "fines" and "taxes" and we can go on for two days of all the profiteering means in which only the monopolies that now deliver our "news" will prevail. Any semblance of coverage to touch the greater number of souls on the planet is only accomplished if one could:

A.) Afford the cost of the few media moguls.

B.) Be articulate enough to convince the polity and its monopoly paymasters of wanting to publish non-mainstream thought in the first place.

C.) *There's more but I need to keep focused on the greater message of this writ.

Firstly, we need to be up to speed on PROGRAMMING.

When I state programming, we "instinctively" think of television, radio, or printed media. In my present field, programming is written in notepad and allows a computer to accomplish a desired task.

Now I'd like to talk about a different type of programming; programming the minds of the masses.

It is now 2018 and aside from the few cave-dweller factions that still resist modernization, it is my arguable belief that it is safe to say that there is not a man or woman alive that is not programmed to some degree (whether by socialization, printed, aired, televised, or "schooling", etc.

Test Tube

I don't care how big a man or adorable a woman you might be, if dropped into my test tube, I can make you into anything I want. I can make you have no other will than that of my will (yet you will swear it is by your own will that you chose my will to be your will).

Prisons are perfect examples for a controlled test population, as an example.

And, indeed all governments have come to exploit the means of a controlled test population. If you want more dire examples, check out Project MK-Ultra's experiments which most Americans were never even aware of. Even the Public has underwent experiments upon them without their knowledge or consent (The spectrum is broad, it wasn't just happening with us retards, inmates, or the military).

Throughout history there are published evidences to uphold that statement (even if this information sounds foreign to you, the reader). In fact, Jonestown is a perfect example.Jonestown Guyana is property owned by the CIA. Before Jonestown it was called Project Shalom. Read more about it here:

*Correction, due to my having merely LINKED the website is enough to get this page blocked (you'll have to do your own studies). Shalom Project The younger generations will more than likely never become cognitive of the "mass suicide" where a bunch of black people decided to listen to a white preacher and kill themselves. Programming is a very desirable tool to have by the controllers. Fact is, Leslie Mootoo is said to be the only Coroner permitted to make the initial inspection and even he states that there was never a suicide there. However, anyone that is as old or older than me recall the "news" programming us to believe it was a mass suicide where everyone drank poisoned Kool-Aid, willingly. A Coroner would know if a person was poisoned or not. I would go on to state many more examples of bad programming but here's a link that offers a good starting point to learn more of one particular test tube: Project MK-Ultra anyway:

**Sorry, the link was censored off of the Internet (glad to see this isn't just happening to my website's data.

My final point is, it was not only the AMERICAN inhabitants that were damaged, but equally so were the Americans back home. Programming fed the American minds with tales of families drinking poison and each member of the family lying directly atop the other with no mention of the fact that the Coroner stated that there were needle marks on the right shoulder of all that were slain. It is said that a very modern hospital was built out there and that there were mandatory visits of the inhabitants. The Guyanese Government stated that some of those not killed, those that were not present at the time, were later murdered and that they were shot. There were drag marks showing that some were not willing to follow orders to attend the meeting because they saw the "writing on the wall" when Senator Leo Ryan arrived. The murder of Senator Leo Ryan is interesting because just before his murder he was working on an Amendment that would forbid the CIA from working on the experiments upon unsuspecting American citizens. The Amendment died when Senator Leo Ryan did, and nobody has picked up the cause ever again.

As a tip in your studies to "shew thyself a workman that needeth not to be ashamed", I would suggest using limited key words in the search engine. Open every result for 2 pages of results and if a result sounds like something you've heard before, move on, it's your programming talking to you and since you already have that input, move on to the next tabbed result. For instance, the case of locating the facts, it was a bit of work and was not spoon-fed by the monopoly search engines.

Also, don't be afraid to try foreign websites because unlike our Nation which changes or obfuscates true history, other Countries treasure their history and preserve the good, bad, and ugly in accessible tomes. You'll know your actually in another nation's zone when the URL's don't end in .com or .net usually. If the language is foreign and there's not an option to change the language, I might suggestYandex


Google Translators to help you along. And finally, when using the translators, don't forget to choose "site" or "whole page" translations as opposed to having to copy over to the translator everything from the original foreign web page.

This brings in the perfect time to show how media, and the "schools", are re-PROGRAMMING the minds of the masses. check out the version that the young adult programmers are allowing to be re-spun in a place which is supposed to educate (not disseminate) and re Programming the same old lies to anyone that will allow it into their minds.

Know the truth, or choose to regurgitate the adage of "I don't know" (ignorance) and "I don't care" (apathy).


Programming will have a population "believing" that on 9-11 two towers were taken down within their own generation (even though their eyes witnessed three buildings come down on that fateful day in NY). The media played it over and over and over, but soon after simply stated one word, Twin.... and all the minds of the masses "forgot" about that third tower.

This is very incredible to me. I became curious enough to do a bit of studying into the dark side.

When I asked my customers and visitors whether they remember the third building it was the same. How can this be?

Their minds could not comprehend how "Twin Towers" could possibly be three, even though their eyes saw three.


Here's how it works:

Let's say you and your pregnant wife enter into my test tube. One means to acquire your soul despite your initial anger that you are no longer free to your former existence, will be to feed you good when you do my will, and starve you for your insolence.

Extreme measures eliminate your hopes, then comes the restructuring of your memory of the former life.

Change your mind's recollection of history by pressing delete, or changing the font of data so it's too blurry to be bothered with. Does this sound like the tactics of a "sect" yet? Read on, this will become interesting to some. For this one, you definitely want to glean results from Japan (awesome), the U.S. (of course), the Russians, and if you speak Chinese,

When getting the results, CONSIDER THE SOURCE!

For instance, I know not to fall into believing everything on Yandex as I would not trust everything on Google. The capitalists vs the communists each have their own biases.

Back to Kenny's Test Tube.

It will be tough to come to a full grasp of the extent of programming at first, but ultimately you and your wife have needs.

By keeping you and your wife under diligent observance (such as in the fashion of a modern-day prison or jail), I can assess what triggers and weaknesses you each have.

In fact, after you and your wife pass away, your offspring and their offspring will believe further and further away from reality. Programming allows the coercion that eventually appears as normal.

Food, light, sound, etc. used in conjunction can alter your thinking abilities. Food for instance, I will tell you from experience that when you are just might become susceptible to anything.

Real hunger is not like a religious fast. Real hunger is a dangerous place to be.

When a person is starving or severely hungered it's not like voluntarily going on a diet, and no diet is likely to endure to the severely hungered stage.

You and your wife will initially have nothing but a bed. You will consider the child in her stomach. When the child becomes of age, I will punish both of you if you do not send your child to my "school" (Don't be shocked! This is just as our government does in reality). If you don't send your kid to those schools, the government will take the kid from you and put the kid in a test-tube of forced schooling, or put it up for adoption to a family that will abide by the rules. At very minimum you will be fined to death if you "fail" to subject your child to those schools.


It's that big of a deal.

But in my test tube, your child will be the prodigy to whatever program I feed it. I will give it television with only ideas I approve of, rubbish that will keep your offspring dumb and not allow any higher thinking. I will fill the television with a zillion channels of all supporting programming to justify the ends. Your child, and you, will receive "sports" to allow your head to move left to right and back and forth whether it be tennis, basketball, or anything else to keep your mind occupied on either my will, or dormant to accomplish my ultimate will.

In fact, controlling your environment will allow me to program that child to kill its own "unlawful" parents.

Be all you can be.


I'll come back to this spot to elaborate further but I need to focus on a larger issue. However, I hope the reader sees the parallel in the test tube, to where we are as a species in the real world. Surely one of us can show a means to "evolve" in a favorable dignified manner?


I will admit, it is mostly in my mind in pieces as to what can be done to curtail our demise. those of you that aren't aware of our present financing.

Much of the swirling answers that come to my mind to solve our woes is inspired by the bible, yet I am not a religious person. I smoke, cuss, and cannot even remember at what young age I was when I went to a church. I state this because there's a reason the bible is undeniable, in my opinion. In fact, it just might be probable that God is larger than just one book and that all the world's "Bible's" contain truth.

You do your own studies, as for me, I can't answer a few key questions as to how some old book could possibly publish something that wasn't even known or created when the book was written thousands of years ago.

For instance, how could an ancient people possibly know the world was round when it wasn't proven until eons later by the scientists? Too basic? Okay then, how could they know the function of the blood and write about it before a scientist discovered it? We all "think" we know, even the healthcare sect will swear the answer is obvious as to what the function of blood is. But could you possibly know without someone first telling you? "The blood thereof sustaineth ALL life". I would have guessed pizza, juice, food, clothes, air....but as luck would have it, eons after the bible wrote those words, someone "discovered" that blood infuses air, food, and fluid.

Who could guess that? And there's much more (and we dare not delve into E.L.S. of the Bible Code, found now that we have computers to decrypt ).

I don't remember a time when I physically witnessed a nuclear bomb going off. I saw it via my programming though.

The disastrous effects that offered nothing good back to the world, were also written of first in the Bible. The bible speaks of plumes of smoke and fire so great that no man, woman, or child survives in this nation (in fact it speaks of a nation where NOTHING survives). How the (*censored word) could a bunch of sandal-wearing semi-cave dwellers guess such a thing was even dream-able let alone possible? There weren't bombs back then and campfire couldn't possibly be the cause of such dreamy prose.


But let's jump past this Religious stuff and stay with data that's across-the-board universally accepted, because for all we know, after the Christian Bible's Revelations of our nation going off the planet first, it may be that the Koran resumes, then after that book's revelations are fulfilled that the Bizarre other "Bible's" come into a better light of being their present reality.


Oftentimes I think along the lines of class, as in the upper-class and the rest of us (including the poor class and whatever other classes might still be gasping for air).

This afternoon I came up with a good idea (they're all good at first). The idea was to solve the need to eradicate such a huge number of people from our planet (if you aren't aware of what I'm talking about, look it up. We have a critical zone when referencing food, air, water, ad nauseaum).

The world has long-since been projected to run out of necessary resources due to the sheer number of consumers (humans) that are on the planet. Google it if you need to come up to speed. The greater damaging factor has been that of the industry of the Capitalists, across the board. The U.S. is the number one consumer of the world's resources.

As is typical, my guiding force is to convert the nation from a rogue indebted entity, to a model nation that the rest of the world can revere and emulate (and to delay the Biblical inevitability).

We need to solve some very real problems in the U.S. and can barely focus enough to find a button to stop the

Watching sports, a ball go back and forth out on the court or field, will not solve the riddle of the looted Nation.


Q: Is the elimination of a huge amount of human life the only manner in which our planet will survive?

Does the following kind of stuff ever happen to you?

Read more

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Firstly, let it be known that I was NOT in the garage when this call came (meaning I never slept in the garage), I'm assuming that is what the call was in reference to). However there was much time spent in there during the daylight hours and very few nighttime hours as I prepared the garage for battery work.

It required so many hours because when we first moved into this location only a few months before the Codes Department began sending letters and calling, the garage was the unload zone for the entire 40' bus (so the garage was packed chocked full with no room to move around in).

Ultimately though, after the call from Codes, I began to realize that I needed to not be in the house. A minor accident happened that to this day cannot fully be explained. Even to this day I only have a theory as to what could melt a lead connector and create a perfect circle hole right through the top of the battery!

Since then, it's been verified that the 48v 2-wire Wind Generator is capable of over 200v open circuit (this wasn't something found anywhere in the documentation so it was a shocker to learn this). Typically a 48v Solar Array will only get to the 80's unless in Equalize Mode (I call this "shock mode" and during that time all devices are disconnected to prevent any unexpected surprises).

So, in short, it was due to the Codes Department's Auto-suggestion that prompted this move ";-)

More of this?