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MagicJack is the Bomb!

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Magic Jack Communications

I remember many years ago (when magicjack first entered the marketplace) leaving a foul review of magicjack. I won't bother to go into details as to why.

Suffice to say Magic Jack ended up not even being my problem (windows was the problem as it was putting the usb's to sleep-mode to conserve power thereby killing communications).

Even so, Magic Jack sure has come a LONG way!

Firstly, where are you going to go to get a non-capitalizing means of communication with reliable service, an awesome control panel (on their website to work your communications), unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, pinless confrences, call blocking, call forwarding, voicemail, voicemail copy to email for recorded record-keeping, advanced call logs that can be downloaded or copied via screen capture, a mobile app that can turn an otherwise useless cell phone into a working phone without the need of the service provider, and with more features than most cellular and certainly more features than a landline....for no additional cost to use all those services?

Where are you going to go to get the price is right on phone service such as Magic Jack? The Price is digestible by all means (about $35-/year).

I believe that throughout the years of service with magicjack that they genuinely have been upgrading their service to us (at no extra charge!).

Recently they added this feature to block all unwanted spam calls which require the caller to press a random key (computers are too dumb to do that one LOL). I would like to state unequivocally that this feature definitely does the job!

Because of every capitalist that seems to have jumped on the bandwagon at wanting to take from others, I was getting 5-10 calls per day of unsolicited scam calls...I get zero now.

The spam-block feature is free, but is optional through the magicjack online console for those that don't want to use this or any of the other features. Magicjack gives us complete control without having to call them to do it for us.

The connections are more reliable than my overpriced cell phone (the one I've not had service on in over a few years now, 7?).

And finally, I'm a grass-roots kind of person with a goal to be completely offgrid, but with Magic Jack and the affordable rate, MagicJack might be the deal-breaker.