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β€œIt isn't a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state's goodness and its concern for our well-being. The real explanation is less flattering. If the government's propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus. They'll fasten the chains to their own ankles.”

― Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

Next, Arrest those CEO's and Politicians and Media Moguls that sell Americans the cancer-causing foods (for their profit), and cancer-causing cigarettes and the such.

Use the proceeds of their seized properties and assets to be allocated toward paying off this ridiculous Politico-Econo failure:

Real-Time Debt Clock

Imagine if I or you sold poisons to kids?

We'd be jailed or killed, even if we put the name of the poison on the label.

So how is it that if the action is ordained by the few within the Political Structure via PROGRAMMING, that nobody puts any thought to the murderers, or those that financed them?

I still remember the programming received as a child....

cartoons are the root of why I started smoking, poisons that kill me while I type.

Media programming flashed images and cartoons that children watch, the ones such as Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone "enjoying the smooth taste of a Winston".

Click video to refresh your memory, for the predators my copyright notice is located at the bottom of this page.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Can you just imagine I or you selling cartoons which other young adults will watch, and hooking those young adults in the cash-crop of tomorrow for the profit of the few?

Why are these murderers still not locked up?

Why have we not seized THEIR properties and carried out THOSE assassinations (since we're so good and courageous to murder sleeping young adults of our own Nation)?

I mean, why stop with kids? After having obeyed orders to kill sleeping American kids, where do you go from there? What exactly in your minds would constitute a more heinous immorality? I can think of nothing more cheap than to be in a gang of armed grown adult men and being ordered to ambush and murder a couple of sleeping kids.

When your nose is ground so hard into a tree (your job's ethics, etc.) via PROGRAMS, you too will be consumed, failing to see the forest fire on the other side of that tree. Step back. See the bigger picture here. Save our bloody Nation and arrest the looters! The rest of our Nation's woes will be minor compared to the greater damaging faction here in 2018.

Bad Business, in my opinion.

If another man can tell you to kill a kid, what kind of ethically-deficient creature does that make you? Was it for the $30.00 dollars you are paid per hour?

And if God gave you 3 days to live, could you not conjure up a better way to embrace that time?

Consider that if this type of "justice" is legal, then Hitler's Army too, are innocent. They also were just "doing their jobs".

Why should murdering two of our OWN be lesser than what Hitler's Armies did to the rest of the non-German world's children?

At least they killed other people for the gain of a dollar.

So, while passing through the parking lot of the Amenity Inn, I passed by an officer, I believe he was S.W.A.T. I stopped and inquired as to what was going on. He stated he knew as much as I did, but that the guy up there did something really bad and that they were not aware that a girl was in the room with the man, he then ushered me on.

I went on to another agent and inquired the same question, he told me they had the place staked out for three days, and then acted like his eyes should remain trained on the blasted-in door of the second-story motel room, I was told again that I should keep moving.

By the time I stepped foot on the sidewalk I was confronted with the manipulated embedded media. Channel 2 and 5 news, in particular.

The plot festers:

Much later, after many of the agents were thinning out of the parking lot, I contemplated that earlier I inadvertently told my bipolar girlfriend over the phone which room I was in. I mistakenly told her room 212. The conversation was only a few hours before the young adults were murdered in 212. The actual room I was in was 112.

I recalled that voices were heard in the background when speaking with my girlfriend over the phone, and remembered my perplexity and frustration to her odd (odder than "normal") behavior.

Weeks later, my ex-girlfriend and I spoke over the phone again. She told me it was the FBI that was in her home coaching her and that they were inquiring of my whereabouts, *when in fact a day or two earlier, I was released from their somewhat local jail only a few miles away. Read on before assessing me please, I was guilty of nothing of any conceivable discontent to the community to become added to the ranks of "criminal". In essence, I was guilty of quelling a beligerent gun-pointing bipolar girlfriend without causing her or anyone else any inconvenience, as she was disarmed PEACEFULLY by myself!

Jail was of course the only solution available to this over-ruling un-evolved over-priced judiciary.

(*that's a cue, arrest the Judges that are criminal, too!)

The other witness of the murders in Provo was a woman that expressed to me her vantage point over mine, and how she just happened to be looking out the window as the militarized men arrived. We spoke in the laundromat next to her room as the bulk of the commotion had quieted, still with more officers than one might imagine needful for two sleeping kids, my estimate is more than 30 officials were complicity running around with weapons there.

I inquired what she thought we should/could do. She stated to me that she did not want to get involved, and then used her children as proverbial crutches to return to her room. She also failed to show up at the police station's press conference the following day. If this militarized action were against her own children, would she weep of the lack of humanity in the rest of us, failing to hear her, failing to comfort her in her loss (had they been her kids)?

It IS a hard thing to have courage to see the larger picture, merely going to a press conference to state what she saw, was too much. Words were too much of an inconvenience, "I have young adults and can't get involved" phhhtt....disgraceful display of apathy.


Arriving at the Press Conference that was held at the Provo Police Department, I was denied access to the Press Conference.

After being denied access, I stepped back out onto the sidewalk as instructed, and debated if I too should just walk away, forget about it and not get involved.

I reasoned with myself that they were not my kids; however I blame religion for stopping the incoming reporters anyway.

Since the initial "news" reports were mis-reporting the news and incorrect pertaining to the details, one by one I confronted the reporters that were beginning to arrive.

It was all the same with the reporters though, "I'm sorry, I've got a job to do and need to get in the station now, we're having a press conference". phhtt.....

Other reporters stopped and listened to me momentarily, but apparently I'm not the greatest public speaker, and I imagine their bosses dictated to them to report on the conference only, so they would be in dereliction of their "jobs", even if it were to gain an authentic version of the murders.

If the young adults were black, they would have exonerated the murder with "Black Panthers killed".

If the young adults were high on drugs (the ones we dare not talk about since it leads to the question as to whom has enough ships, fleets of planes and unlimited manpower to bring in enough drugs to entirely saturate an entire Nation with),

the "news" would have titled:

"Drug addicts killed" (and all our programmed ignorant minds would say, "good").

And finally, we need not even dare consider if the guy came from the middle east

Pick your nation for this one. I was stumped as to who our "enemy" is this year....I started to look it up in google and see "our" history of covert and clandestine wars around the globe, as well as the wars that are "newsworthy", wars with Hezbollah, others such as Iraq, Bosnia, Yemen, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkistan, Sudan, China, Cuba, Russia, Somalia, Germany, Serbia, Panama, Grenada, Lebanon, Angola, Viet Nam, Thailand, Japan, Haiti,
and "oh my god, Don't look now but here comes those pesky Mexicans"!

The greatest magic trick of the greatest heist.

Our eyes are directed to Look over there.

The corporate media programming even had the audacity to claim that one of the young adults didn't die until reaching the hospital!

I can't even imagine which piece they found still alive up there.

If there's a prayer that the state-sponsored terrorists ought to be praying, it's that there is no God.

Here are a few ways to get a couple of young adults to come out of a motel room PEACEFULLY (a.k.a. Safely, a.k.a. LAWFULLY!).

  1. Number 1 idea: Gas him out

  2. Consider utilizing the only air-conditioner under the only window next to the only door of the only room that the guy was in.

    Perhaps a non-lethal dose of sleeping agent, or some of that LSD used so generously on our unsuspecting troops and inmates during Project MK-Ultra's Atrocities (later Jonestown is born, read it and if a bunch of black people are going to listen to a white man telling them to commit suicide....good god, tell us any old thing. When there's only one "LEGAL" avenue for our "news", all are damned....even the capitalists that see with only one vantage-point).

  3. Number 2 idea: Knock on the door to announce to the human that he is wanted (preferably with a valid reason)

  4. With Dignity and Courage, Find out if he's willing to come out peacefully.

    Chances are that anyone on the planet would come out peacefully when the over-armed massive force outside are aiming loaded weapons at the door threatening to end his life if he didn't comply.

    Maybe first ask the kid to send out any other innocent humans that might have nothing to do with the warrant being "served" (served for who? and by who? Is there not a law of the land that make this completely illegal against the citizens of the U.S.?).

    But whether treasonous or not, evolved humans that have some semblance of good character would deny the orders to murder AMERICAN young adults while they slept. There are laws that state that a warrant is to be served, and that a fair trial is to be required (to find out if he's even guilty of anything at all!), and there's also laws against assassinations.

    Who's the unlawful now? And which of these did the greater sins?

    Did Mr. Dead Scott Biswell hurt anybody in the community that warranted this clandestine undignified termination of his life? Further, where's our military to jail the greater law-breakers here? Our nation cannot afford this unchecked looting. Tucking our military overseas for a lie requisites our Generals to do something. So I'm thinking of writing the Generals.

    But first, here's a 3rd way to get a kid to come out of a room,

  5. Number Three idea: Wait him out.

  6. He's got to get hungry some time.

    Feed him that crack about how the tax money goes toward the inmate's "well-rounded nutritious meals". Tell him there's an extra P&J sandwich in it if he comes out peacefully (as if the kid is going to do anything else).

    Over 30 armed men to kill one sleeping American boy, and not so much as an apology for the murder of the innocent girl.

    Covered by another lie.

    God forbid if the agents should save our Nation's budget, spare a bullet and a grenade from our already negative monetary worth
    (i.e. Debt..

  7. Number Four idea: Ascertain if whether or not his mother, his sister, his brother, his grandmother, his father, his children, his dog, etc. would kindly come down to the motel room to call the boy out
  8. (the boy that wasn't even aware of the plotting predators outside his room).

I could possibly go on more about all the humane/evolved ways to get a boy out of a room...

one of the options available in my mind

would NOT be to throw a grenade through the window and lay down a barrage of bullets, and then adhere to the "mum's the word" programming.


  1. Don't crack in your own back yard

  2. Don't bite the hand that ultimately feeds you

  3. (Your employers do not grow your food, make your clothes, build your houses and cars. We Do!)

  4. Don't burn the bridge you're standing on until you first build a better one.
  5. Our Nation, just like any Nation, has some ills. For instance the drug "problem". But why would you lock up and mistreat the poor for buying the drugs that rich prominent powerful men with planes, ships and control over CUSTOMS use to saturate our Nation with drugs? By turning a blind eye toward the root of the problem makes you complicit, now you are the problem added to the problem. If the problems are caused from on high, it requires courage to first recognize the root of the problems in our Nation, and then to consider the moments one has to live. One cannot stare intently on the problems themselves as if they are the cause, but must first recognize that there is a cause to any problem (and then work bravely dealing with the remedy). In other words, if you surround a population with foreign-born drugs, it's probable that the population will become victimized by the importation of the foreign drugs (such as heroine, cocaine, hashish, opium, etc. all of which are not locally created).

    It is the profiteers that deal with the source, and not the end-user of the product, that is the problem.

    A rational human cannot state, "oh we have more criminals in this country, hence we need more police, jails, prisons, courts, attorneys, fees, fines, licenses, ordinances, etc.", without first recognizing that we have more profiteering laws, hence the manufactured illusion of more "criminals".

    For instance,
    If it is legal for an adult human in any other nation to walk across the street of one's own free will,
    yet in America, there is a law against such an action,
    then with the elimination of the laws and lawmakers,
    there is no more "J-walking" "criminals".

    Crime reduced, Next!

    So work to eradicate that one-group-profiteering law, and you do a good deed to the Americans, AND diminish the amount of illusions of lower-class "criminals" in our Nation!

    Does the following kind of stuff ever happen to you? If this kind of stuff was always happening to you, you'd find it quite terrorizing and damaging, wouldn't you?

    1.) Freeze! Don't (whatever, use your imagination)??

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    2) Freeze, You are not permitted to travel!

    Passport Denied?

    What You Say, I have a wife and young adults and had a divorce and paid alimony and owe $30,000.00 more?!!?

    You have a photo of MY wife??

    WAIT A MINUTE! THAT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE, I've never been married in my life!

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    You are not free to travel even if you don't have a wife and kids!

    More Information

    3.)Freeze! Take down your mailbox!

    But why? It's approved by the Federal Government.

    I call this one, "DRive-By (under police-escort)"

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    This would be the second time that the mailbox was removed. Since the Township's wealthy rulers would not allow a legal sign to be put up on the property here, I took down the sign under threat of $100.00/per day monetary forfeiture and criminal proceedings and instead began converting the mailbox to appear as a computer as a landmark to those that want to find this place.

    4.)Freeze, We're robbing your mother!

    Clark County Finds the downstairs to be liable for the upstairs neighbor's plumbing and fire problems.

    According to the Clark County Municipal Court, my 70+ year old mom who was in Florida at the time these damages were caused, must have snuck into the upstairs neighbor's apartment to cause this damage (as I was video recording it from below).

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    You are not free to present evidence and witnesses in a Court of "law".(and furthermore, now we're robbing your mother so you cannot show your evidences.)
    Although not as thorough as our records (such as non-redacted exhibits), even their own court record speaks for itself=Court Record

    Someone else lived upstairs, her name was Nicole Crow and I was informed that she was related to Eric Crow (my landlord). The plot thickens when I had to compile the damages and had to re-live the first lone ceiling tile to drop out of the ceiling. It was due to a cop that had drugged and raped the girl upstairs (it is my adult opinion that this is factual though I did not actually see the activity.

    However my ears are not incapable of having heard incorrectly. I am merely stating what I was told by the victim, and what I heard with my unlying ears). Sound incredible....? Here's my recollection
    of the events to that particular bundle of crow.

    The Clark County Municipal Court forced my mother to pay $5,000.00 for damages she obviously could not possibly have had anything to do with.

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    Your mom is next!

    5.) Freeze we're Hacking the overly-consumerized public "legally"!

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    The following is a subject that probably has affected us all, you'll have to figure this one out on your own though.

    I'm sticking this one in here pending for a better spot for it.

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    Spectrum, a.k.a. Time Warner, a.k.a. Charter Group (or whatever monopoly is morphing into calling themselves this year) were recorded in conversations by me. One of the 6 recorded conversations with three different agents, first admitted to the crime, then later shifted the blame to another entity called Arris, then when caught in their own lies, denied any involvement whatsoever.

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    This is about Spectrum Internet Provider, and the "legal" hacking/bricking/destroying/altering of personal property, a Motorola Modem (and that's just the start of it).

    Sounds frivolous on face-value, right? Well actually, there could be more to this than meets the eye. Whole communities can be forced back to the marketplace to buy devices that mysteriously just die.

    More Information

    The audio recording with Spectrum/Charter is banned in the U.S. (sign of the times?).

    *Monopoly left without a penny from me thanks to the help of the Ohio Attorney General.

    This issue will be left up to the next person to do something about it.

    Is there something of National concern pertaining to this issue? I SHOULD SAY SO! (but it's not my battle and my plate is full).

    Capitalist mentality has stripped American's of everything that is mindful.

    6.)Freeze, we're not done terrorizing you!

    More Information

    7.) Freeze, we're watching you!

    Holy crack, I'm up to 13 Blacklists now!?

    Are you kidding me?!

    Monopoly is free to illegally blacklist citizens

    Judicial proceedings and determinations not necessary, monopoly IS the judiciary in INCORPORATED AMERICA in 2018

    Another video banned in the U.S.

    8.)Freeze! Just fall in line!

    Monopolies, enjoying freedom just fine (the rest of us are at their whims).

    Click to the next page to read More about this Topic

    9.) Freeze, We're altering your perception of consumption!
    Another monopoly free to break agreements,the laws,and damage personal property, without recourse!

    More Information

    This is not the video I wanted to place here but the video was pulled by the censorship crew in Neo-America (god-forbid if you should know the truth). This one is not entirely related but references the same company (ohio edison):

    10.) Freeze, Neo-corpo-polity antagonize against a video I posted in 2017 regarding the issues of denying evidence and actual requisite parties in a case within a Court of "Law".

    Shady Racket

    Null and void corpo-politico-judiciary is free to lie and extort.

    * To be clear, I challenge the Court to show the community how they sent more than this solitary "final" notice to me. It is a blatant lie. This "final notice" received by me this April of 2018, is the ONLY notice I've received from the Court because it's the only one they've sent.

    As for the unjustified claim for money, when the court failed to abide by the law, as my appeal to the appellate was submitted to the appellate at pre-trial of a lower court judge's decision to deny:
    video evidence
    written evidence
    rental receipts
    the authentic lease
    first-person testimony

    Instead the wasteful Appellate simply ignored the 60(b) motion and the lower court rushed right on to trial ushering an elderly innocent person through the trial unrepresented.

    If the Appellate was rightfully due the money they demand, then how is it that not only did the appellate fail it's claim to legal authority to operate the business of overseeing a 60(b) motion prior to a Trial, but also after not stopping the lower court's unjust denial of evidence until a determination was made by the Appellate, rather the Appellate would bother to return a mock decision until 5 MONTHS after the "legal" Trial concluded. Was it that difficult to determine whether ANY of the myriad of evidences ought to be allowed in a Court of Law? If the Court no longer serves the interest of the People, then how can we continue to finance this waste?

    Antagonistically, the failure of the appellate to not move on the 60(b) appeal until FIVE MONTHS AFTER THE TRIAL WHICH WAS MANY MONTHS AFTER the appeal was submitted to them, went on to finally agree that a Florida-domiciled woman (my mother) that was tricked by the political corporate judiciary's co-agent (the paid attorney that took the money to represent her and after a backroom meeting with the judge and opposing attorney emerged to inform her that she was magically without an attorney and without her money), stating that my mother us liable for being the "cause" for "damages" to a property in Clark County Ohio. More can be read on the court's own Court Record. Or you can read the facts free of redacted evidences on My site.

    As for the claim for money they say I owe them. It's contained on their tagcpm website that clearly shows my claim to indigence, and acceptance as seen on their own court record.

    In summation, the letter is bogus as to my owing them money (for no service; just dis-service).

    I should rather choose to be taken hostage, and remanded to their jails and prisons for refusal to pay extortion than to find a means to finance bad business. By doing so, could aid and abbet their next target in your family tree.

    11.) Freeze! Monopolies are not liable for their own actions....You Are liable for their actions!

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    The new perversion to our evolutionary process is that we, the public, are liable for their actions.

    This happens often, let's take ebay for example, wouldn't this constitute a corporate scam.) I call this scam "BAIT AND BAIL" (but mom's attorney already claimed that title).

    The following is the level of our present system as it "devours itself" in myopia.

    Here is the watered-down video being commented on below:

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    Notice that all during the video are shown men and women stating "they need to give the money back and remove that law". Interestingly, not one soul uttered the fact that those that made the law have violated the greater law, the Constitution of the United States, and ought to be incarcerated with their properties seized to pay off this ridiculous debt they've helped to create (and did nothing to curtail):

    So if they violated the law of the land, how is it they still walk freely? Where is our Nation's Military who also took vows to uphold the

    Constitution? Oh yeah, conveniently displaced over in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, ad nauseaum and infinitum umpteen years after "Mission Accomplished" (and now we are in a never-ending war with the rest of the world).

    Notice the plutocrats have referred to this "law" as Civil Asset Forfeiture, which is to imply that the civilians forfeited their property and assets (as opposed to being robbed of their property and are precariously not safe in their property or persons).

    We see this quite often with this form of government, don't we?

    Rather than being honest, good, giving, empathetic, creative, etc. we have the killers, motivated by the lust for position, fame, and money telling us that there is a "war to end all wars" (and then we get more wars), or they tell us about the "war against crime" (and then the crime-rate goes up), or that alcohol is bad (prohibition) and then they make themselves the seller of the same, or that gambling is illegal only to become the seller of gambling "licenses", imagine how many families have been ruined, murdered, incarcerated, defamed during the war against marijuana (and now they sell those licenses for the very drug they demonized), they tell us of the need to increase taxes (which is taking) for the war against drugs (and then our nation becomes saturated with foreign heroine and other foreign drugs; and media programming keeps us all aloof at the real question: Doesn't it take ships and planes and an orchestrated effort to bring in enough drugs to saturate an entire nation? Who has authority to give Customs a stand-down?

    Who has that much power (or manpower) at their disposal? It's not the poor, right? We hear of the war against poverty and the war for peace. Now they use phraseology such as Civil (civil?) Asset Forfeiture (forfeit?).

    What is organized crime? There is something written in the now eviscerated constitution referencing taxation and apportionment. Who's the criminals now?

    Also, notice the magic trick contained in the video tells you to look at the police as the disgraceful entity (and nothing more). Instinctively we should know to look at the magician's other hand, the hand that hides the root of the problem. Do remember, the police are told to do this by another entity. The police are only guilty of doing evil by sheer reason that someone else told them to do it. They are complicit at very best, but they are not the root of the problem.

    Blaming the police is like blaming the cancer, not that which gave you the cancer. Notice how the media in the video above has shown a stereotypical view of all police to us, with their final closure in the video, the words: "Policing for Profit, Gang of Thieves, Cops Gone Wild" (*as if EVERY cop is guilty of having partook in this type of looting simultaneously, and as if they are doing it of their own accord).

    The purposeful spin on this particular news affects the mind's ability to reason properly, affects rational discernment of a scenario, thereby curtailing any affirmative action from the victimized public.

    The video that is so bad as to fall into a censorship panel to consider whether it ought to be viewed in America.....phhhttt....meanwhile every useless video depicting nonsense, even borderline porn and copyrighted videos prevail on Youtube, Dailymotion and the rest that abide by the rulemakers that dictate to them that if they want to remain an entity on the internet, they will comply.

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.


    In another State (and time), a guard ordered some scared retard out of his infirmary cell, but he remained cowered and crying in a corner.

    We were in the area that is referred to as "INTAKE".

    We are told the injections and testing is to make sure us humans don't possess any invisible diseases which would hinder our being safely dispersed into the general prisoner population.

    The retard across from me was crying and balled up on the small metal "bed" that jutted out from the rear of his cell.

    He was a young small guy, it was hard not to feel sorry for his apparent inability to adapt to the institutional situation of being in a cage away from loved ones.

    We are all "educated" with the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty,

    It was "taught" to us over and over and over during those schools that stipulate that Federally Mandated Curriculum be fed in the schools to our impressionable young ones. Why are not the Schools able to operate with curriculum fed to us by the Educators rather than the Bureacrats?

    Money (and "the business of government is business", say that one three times)

    yet oddly enough, the business of incarceration upon those that are too poor to bail themselves out pending a trial, punishes regardless of innocence or guilt.

    Is not locking humans in a cage before any guilt has been established to be considered punishment?

    And moreso to those that are potentially entirely innocent, are the poor that can't afford to pay off the extortion?.

    The commands of the belligerent officer apparently had the kid unable to cope, and with each shout the kid just trembled and cried all the more.

    The guard didn't seem to care that he was mentally challenged and after shouting at the kid profusely, he left the sobbing kid to only re-emerge later in a full-padded, almost armored-looking black suit, gloves, high boots, shielded helmet, and not just him alone either!

    Men arrived, literally marching in step, single file. It was like something out of a Mad Maxx Movie, that each man in the short procession had placed a hand on the shoulder of the man in front of him. They marched with a rhythmic purposeful stomp (like one, stomp, one, stomp).

    It was bizarre. The lead guard held a clear 3 foot shield in front of him....
    all those men for one little stripped and unarmed kid.

    Which begs the question, which party does the greater sin here? The boy in whatever he did? Or the normal people, those good guys?

    When I tell you they beat the heebeejeebies out of him, it really doesn't do the kid too much justice, so let me elaborate:

    They beat and tasered this kid so hard and so many times that they completely disemboweled the crying defenseless kid right there on the infirmary's cell block floor. With the kid's guts hanging out, and the guards unable to hide it from the two nurses, they began to play that typical "stop resisting" chorus. One of the nurses gave up and walked away stating " I can't watch this anymore " and left holding her hand over her mouth.

    I'm relatively certain the kid didn't live. You will obey.

    This is normal? Do you see why I found it unbelievable that I am the one that is retarded?

    Later, when I made it into "population", I learned of the particular guard that orchestrated the hit. He wasn't a common jailer, he was something like a Corporal or Sergent...something with a higher title. One day as he was passing through the cell block overseeing the trustees prisoner slave workers as they gave us prisoners meals comprised primarily of starches. I asked him whether or not the kid had survived. The killer answered curtly, "What's it to you?!". He walked up to my cell closer, "Do you know him or something? Mind your own f$#@! business or it could happen to you, got it?!".

    And just as any brave American, I meekly said "yes sir", "I got it".

    Kids were our last hope in the 60's until the big influx of drugs to dumb them all down, the murders and assassinations, peppered with the hush money of greater welfare and more jobs, ... to build more prisons and jails for our offspring).

    Situation Contained.

    Before I came to terms of my retardation, I tried to be like everybody else, getting a job seemed requisite. One of the jobs for the longest stretch of my life was that in the field of masonry. So when I saw 9-11 happen (over and over and over displayed to us all through every means of their programming), I pretty much knew something was wrong with the reports of "terrorists" from overseas having taken down three towers with 2 planes and a hole in the pentagon we are told is a disappearing plane with not passenger body parts, etc.

    Since I possess probably over 20 years of full-time masonry experience, I can pretty much promise you this:

    1) Concrete doesn't pulverize to dust in mid-air. In fact, just imagine those sidewalks that are poured on the earth for you to walk on, then imagine 10 seconds or less later that they de-materialized. It's not magic, it's programming.

    2.) Concrete would not disappear into dust simply because it hit the ground, even falling from 110 stories through other floors of plasticized, steel reinforced with wire-mesh, fire-retardant, welded (and bolted) steel pans of high-strength commercial concrete.

    Later I would learn of the properties and melting points of Steel and the fact that no steel building has ever come down due to a fire SINCE MANKIND HAS BEEN ON THE PLANET (and there's been plenty of much hotter fires than that of THREE buildings that we were all quickly indoctrinated to refer as "twin towers". In less than a year I saw as the entire nation "forgot" they watched that third tower (over and over and over) for the first day of the "news". Without questioning the new term from tri-towers to "twin towers" had even the educated classes swearing there was only building 1 and 2 of the complex that came down....they 'forgot' building 7 (the one that was not even hit by a "plane").

    I also learned later that it takes weeks and months to orchestrate demolitions and that the then-president George Bush's relative Marvin Bush was head of security at the "twin" towers and that the Enron Investigation was housed in Building 7 and that Florida had Jeb Bush while the counts person of the elections x 2 (the ones where bush didn't win either time but won), and much more was learned.

    Okay, that was a little off-topic.

    From murdering young adults and putting it in the public sends a message and desensitizes the morality right out of those that receive the programming:

    In Missouri I was up on a hill where a popular petro-dealer was located (popular in Canton, Missouri anyway). The business overlooked the main highway where I saw a horse and buggy go down because of a truck. The guy and horse were dead and the buggy was in disrepair. The true story (even by media's standards) is that an occupant of an automobile had dozed off while driving and it resulted in his having murdered the driver of the buggy. What really disconcerted me was the media's auto-responder bots which are programs used to manipulate public opinion. The driver was released to continue home and rumor has it that he didn't even get any order to recompense the slain.

    "Oh, so sad", was one "news" comment.... and then a response would pop up almost immediately stating, "No loss, they (the Amish) don't pay taxes anyway".

    The comments were brutal and many in number. An hour or so later, while visiting a thrift shop not far from the deaths of buggy-driver and horse, the lady at the thrift shop stated she knew the driver of the truck that killed the horse and man. The driver had just prior left her shop. She was worried about the old guy being too drowsy to drive.

    Parents proud to tell others of how their young adults joined this group or that agency (without any thought to the killing, or the incarcerating of lesser lower-class "criminals", or wear a robe to manipulate, coerce, force, malign, degrade and demean others?


    Which begs the question, have jails in such abundance profited or hurt our Nation?

    Can we continue to afford it?

    Is there a better way to program the conformity of the prisoner into wanting to become a useful member of society? Taking the H.E.O.P. (Higher Educational Opportunity Programs) out of the Budget for those inmates was probably NOT the answer toward the right direction in dealing with the millions "we" have locked up.


    If we stay on this path without deviation, will there come a time when the credit card is drained dry?


    Is this normal (or paranormal)?

    At "concepts 21" in Georgia my apartment roof and ceiling fell in. If I recollect correctly it was only my apartment that was hit

    In Dallas Texas, my room was the only room of an apartment building that had the roof fall through.

    In Florida, the roof and ceiling fell in,F.E.M.A. and family luckily helped me out of that one.

    In Ohio, at theCrow Residence. the ceiling fell (numerous times, I recorded each one of them).

    Which is why I feel compelled to now ask the question: Is it normal to have this many ceilings and roofs fall in on one person?

    This is still Intermission so the following video is pasted here because it is presently an orphan (note to self).

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

    Notice: I no longer reside at the address shown toward the end of the video.

    This video is pasted here for no real good reason

    Weeks or months prior to the murders at the Amenity Inn, Tamara and I had under happier moments, rented from the same Amenity Inn Motel. In fact, I was still growing in hair that she had helped me to shave a week or so earlier. At one point a relative had informed me that the FBI came to their home and startled them as they inquired about my whereabouts and were told lies in an effort to obtain my whereabouts. Somewhat angry because I knew I couldn't possibly have done anything that warranted being searched the country-over, it was then that I ordered every solitary hair in every conceivable place of my body, including eyebrows and arse-hairs, to be shaved by myself and Tamara. The hair was packed into a large manila envelope addressed to the FBI.

    (*Sorry about the lack of order, I'll get on organization later)

    The FBI also went and questioned my acquaintances in Atlanta Georgia asking where I was and if I were capable of murder.*There's a good selling point for me to aspire toward rectifying.

    One person was asked if I were capable of an assassination.

    Then in Dallas Texas, while entering a home without a warrant, the best apology the agents could give to the victimized dwellers was to plant false seed to the extreme, of how I may have killed a child and that's why they bust in the door (sad justification, not just because they told a lie)!

    This is the audacity of the programmed ones. That stunt they pulled in Texas ALONE almost cost me my life.

    *Note to self, add the strangling episode to the list when time permits.

    While in Provo Utah, the first of two meetings with the FBI, initiated by my having called to inquire about a cease-fire against my person, an agent agreed to pick me up the following day.

    I was escorted into a brick building of an office parking lot full of similar other brick buildings. Taken up the steps into the building and then into a large room on the left. A larger than common table and some seats only, It was obvious that the large mirror in the wall served as a one-way window.

    I was introduced to an agent from the east coast who had flown in from Washington, DC just for this very occasion.

    However when he insinuated that I was being questioned about a possible murder, that suddenly had me rising out of my chair reminding him that the only murderers in the room were them!

    The DC agent left and the room was reduced to only myself and the agent that asked myriads of questions. Some of the questions were related to 9-11. Having taken two lie-detector tests on two different days, which I'm certain I passed since I wasn't beaten up or incarcerated afterward, most of the questions were of various b r o a d issues.

    Q:"Have you ever lied?",
    Answer: yes.

    Q:"Have you ever stolen", Answer: yes.

    Q:"Have you ever killed someone",

    Answer: "not that I know of".

    To anybody else that might go this route, ANSWER WITH A YES OR NO Only!!

    I'm certain I passed his inquiries just fine, however he asked for me to take another lie detector test the following day and I consented since my schedule was free for the remainder of the year.

    Again, the following day, probes were put on my fingertips and I think something else was placed on me somewhere (can't remember exactly). There may have also been a plastic mat placed under my feet.

    I answered every question as honestly as I was able. Some of the questions I could not possibly answer without stating more words than just a "yes" or "no".

    The next day during another meeting with the FBI, this time I was given some liquid that may have made me a bit giddy.

    I remember giggling, it was kind of bizarre actually, my spirits were at an all-time high for a few minutes (no pun expected), but I recall also becoming drowsy. I think his voice was too ...something that may have ... not sure.

    Again, they gave me another lie-detector test.They asked all sorts of questions, and many of them were repeated questions from the day before.

    The agent that asked the questions reminded several times that I could only answer "yes" or "no" to the questions.

    The interviewer on the second day was the only one in the room with me throughout the whole visit, but I knew there were others behind the large glass/mirror because at one point I answered a question inappropriately, and could hear the sounds behind the large mirrored-wall. It may have been laughter and a slap against the table, but just in case, I apologized to the man asking the questions (realizing that my giddy state might not be appropriate).

    The history of this started sometime ago, but in relation to the aggressive visits FBI made to friends, acquaintances, and family all over the country, they defamed me to my sister's home in NY (at that time), they questioned my mother and her husband in Ohio (at that time),they went to my father's in Florida and planted bad seed there also, they even bothered a man whom I barely knew, a resident of a hole-in-the-wall town called Castor, LA. (I felt sorry for his situation and obtained a phone in my name for his use, and this would later be the cue for the FBI to alter his peace also). They bothered people in Texas, NY, TN, GA, FL, UT, LA, and there were probably other states, too.

    I was being tracked,terrorized, defamed, and the only thing I could conceive doing at the time was to stay far away from anybody I might love.

    It was there in the FBI's unmarked low-key building that I learned who I was, what I was.

    I'm very appreciative of that FBI agent for his honesty in the regard to my mental capacity,for helping me to understand something that any normal person would probably have picked up on earlier in life.

    Truth be told, it was the statement of the agent that made me really think about something weeks later. See,I had all my life been told I was crazy, slow, an idiot, and worse.

    I never really understood why I was unable to keep a friend of any sort, which led to a storehouse full of question-marks in my head for years. It was never understood why each relationship would end with "you're crazy" whether it was from a friend or girlfriend. Having to hear all the derogatory comments against me all my life, even from acquaintances and family, one might think I would have figured it out all by myself as to why mom had to keep bouncing me to different schools to hide the deficiency.

    But in all honesty, I thought the rest of everybody I met were crazy. I thought I was "normal". I thought everybody is just like me but just lucky ...I don't know how this could happen actually. Centric-History definitely makes more sense now though.

    When the agent laid it on the line with not so many bedside words, it was later that the missing piece of the puzzle put closure on everything up to that very point in time.

    At first I may have cried (not during the interview of course, but weeks later when the puzzle was finally somewhat completed in my head). The realization that I went through this entire life not knowing I was "different", led me to maybe at first become angry ("why me"?), and incredulous at the same time.

    But after reflecting on past incidents that remained in the un-solved area of my mind for so long, it all began to make sense. I was retarded. I remembered the various meetings with evaluators and therapists, I remember being transferred to a "satellite" school. I remember my mother crying after a therapist left me in her office, and my mom not wanting me to go see the therapists anymore (I really don't know what their titles were,maybe not "therapists", at least not in my mother's vocabulary). I remember she didn't want me on their proscribed drugs. (*PS. I'm VERY appreciative for that parental decision!).


    If God were to come back tomorrow, what say ye of the pile of dead at your feet? If there's a God, do you really think he wants a bunch of killers and pillagers around him? Do you think a God might need selfish people or armed violence in his house? By your actions you either set a good example for those under you to emulate, or promote bad modeling.

    Hell is a necessary place, in my opinion.

    "Memory" is said to not be erased in heebeejeebies, however it is written that those in heaven will have no remembrance to this place because of the overwhelming awesomeness of the creative creator that bothered to give you and I one moment of life.

    A show, a test, a chance to excel or fail. By your own actions, it is written, you will be judged.

    If there's a God, is $30.00/hour really worth it?

    And for those that don't believe in a higher power, check out the neo-physics in Quantum physics, need more proof?

    Did you even bother to look for it?

    As it turns out, an atom will respond reliably (unless it is physically observed).

    Everything is made of atoms

    My tentative belief is that since we are made of atoms, and that left to their own devices without outside interference, will go on to do great things.

    Even in Religion, they say we are to give our lives over to a higher-power.

    If that's so, then is that too not quantum in action?

    It's only until we take control that the entanglement is broken with the higher-power (who no longer has control because we have the ability to manipulate of our own free will.

    As an example, just today I was speaking with a 69 year old woman that claimed that she is in better health than she had ever been in her life.


    She has two years worth of dirt on her and has not showered in years.

    Personally I don't hope that is anything of itself because I like to be clean.

    She went on to relate that she eats dirt, mold, mildew, and if you want to see what else she eats, I started a blog for her here.

    My point is, she isn't getting sick like she did when she lived in the mansion (I knew her then too).

    She used to eat processed foods more, she used to imbibe on water from treatment plants that is laden with more dangerous chemicals than you want to know about (no kidding, I had contracts between myself and three water treatment plants and could divulge way more here...but it's not the topic I'm on right now).

    So what has changed her health?

    She's no longer in total control.

    She has no choice but to trust a higher-power, eat the moldy food and drink the moldy water that she catches in her rain barrel?

    At one point in the conversation we spoke of our gardens and she made it known that there's too many rabbits in her neighborhood. I asked her why she doesn't have some simple traps to catch and eat them (she actually already does this when her dogs catch one). She went on to state that she would probably do that and more if she didn't have any neighbors at all.

    The education we receive states that humans are prone to going crazy if left in isolation.

    But what if you are already crazy?

    The fact that there is woods all around her, she states she will not harvest it, not due to her age, but because she is worried about being seen by the neighbors. The act of other outside influences, other humans, has crippled her to catch more food, create more heat.

    She lives in a "community" where there are no sewers or septic, just out-houses and holes in the ground which are used by those with buckets within the homes.

    She lives in a box (literally). It is a shed with only a thin piece of particle-board between her and the elements outside.

    Yet she states she's in the best health of her life???


    Before it was determined by our modern geniuses that blood infuses food and air, hundreds of years prior it was written in the Bible that "the function of the blood thereof sustaineth all life"

    Surprisingly, not air, not food, not a job beholden to another....but by the blood.

    How could the people of old know before science was even around?

    More proof? Before they found that the earth was round, or that monkeys and elephants were not the driving force holding the earth in place, it was written well before our scientists "discovered" our reality; Genesis: "And he hangeth the earth as a sphere upon nothing". Before there were the first capitalist factories built, before the first bomb was conceived, before trains and cars and buses and planes and our present climate destabilization, we had an old book go on to tell us that in the end times one will not even be able to drink the water safely and that the air would cause sores (cancers) upon men (women too ";-).

    But not a 69 year old woman that has departed from "civilization"?

    She eats snakes and not processed GMO-laden foods.

    She drinks water caught in a rain-barrel that mosquitos and flies and mold visit, yet she lives?

    It's not by faith or by evidence that you don't believe, it can only be sheer ignorance, or a yearning to NOT want to know a greater thing. There is no evidence that a God does not exist. There is however a slew of evidences that at least something greater than us does!

    Check out quantum phsyics, this is a game-changer worth finding more about. It's very possible that the "higher-power" is .... tiny yet awesome (just like an atom). #KeyWord: Entanglement.

    If our nation consolidated to defer our national debt from its present rate, would the people of the nation lament or laud the elimination of the local and state governments?

    I was just thinking on ways we can delay the inevitable is all.

    Circa 2018-?

    In reading "THE HAMILTON PROJECT" Papers, I see the propaganda and lies that are permitted to be programmed into our upper-class' conscious world.

    The propaganda rag claims,

    "Fourth, particularly given the high U.S. corporate statutory tax rates, the U.S. corporate tax system raises relatively little revenue"

    So let me get this straight, the argument above states that tax rates are high and then in the same breath it is contrived to say the high taxes equate to "little revenue"?

    Idea: Tighten belts like the common man does, stop spending, stop lying, stop cheating, stop killing, stop incarcerating, stop all other non-good enterprises. Then get out of the way for the common-man to come up with some better ideas, preferably more long term than a "term".

    Is it too much to ask for the rag-writers to come up with an idea that is novel and not regurgitated drivel? (*for starters).

    The manner in which many of our upper-classmen perceive the world is different than the common man's perception in more ways than mere disparity of standard of living . If the askew upper-class were capable of an open mind, after first having removed their blinders, they'd invariably find that their rah, rah, let's move forward and make a killing is of no avail, for tomorrow is nigh to the end.

    Plan? Their only plan is forward, and is akin to a man traveling at a high rate of speed on a road that ends abruptly at a cliff.

    It's exciting, but short-lived (and ultimately kills all the occupants).

    ***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

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