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Foreign Object Is Heading Right for us

Yes, it really could happen


Could it be Our Demise?!

Even so Lord...

I would like to tell you some news you've probably not heard yet if you are reading this document November 30, 2019 and prior to December 5, 2019.

*Okay update note. There is a twitter page concerning this interstellar comet, yet it ends with a lot of silence and an animated gif of an actress turning the key on her mouth (mums the word).

And even stranger was the fact that NASA dropped the ball, there's nothing I could find as in the manner of an update (??).

Then the comet called, C/2019 Q4, although still being tracked on Live View, shows information that maybe someone else could decipher better than me.

Instead of the projected December 5, 2019 arrival, now I'm not sure (maybe it stopped off for a cold-one or something).

This will be the second "miracle" discovery in all of our documented history on this planet of a comet visiting our solar system.

So the first miracle, something that has never happened in all of mankind's educated presence on this planet, was only a couple of years ago.

You may have heard about the first documented interstellar event, albeit AFTER-THE-FACT of it happening.

It happened to be discovered by a telescope in Hawaii and it was a comet to come from outside our known galaxy. It then did a bee-line right back the way it came (way, way, way, far away back into outerspace outside of our known galaxy).

Well that was a couple of years ago, the thing that is heading our way now is a different story had this to say way back in September 2019:

Live View Close up shows that the Q4 is ...somewhere.

"Basically, every comet we've discovered until now is, in some way, shape or form, gravitationally bound to our sun and our solar system. They come in towards the sun, curve around and go back out, but you can tell that they are gravitationally bound to our solar system. Interstellar objects follow an orbit that is still influenced by the gravity of our Sun, but is not bound by it, and these objects can comfortably escape our solar system and head back out into interstellar space. Also, this comet is moving much faster than a comet would if it was bound to our Sun—so its velocity is another strong clue that we’re dealing with something interstellar."

Still, as projected, the comet is a "safe" distance from earth as stated TheSkyLive website: "The distance of Comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) from Earth is currently 297,707,807 kilometers, equivalent to 1.990054 Astronomical Units. Light takes 16 minutes and 33.0464 seconds to travel from Comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) and arrive to us."

You can read more about what's heading our way on Nasa's website here:

Information concerning this fast-approaching foreign body can also be read on Wikipedia's Website and is documented here:

This event is probably not on the "news" of your tele-vision PROGRAMMING.

Anyway, the tail of this thing is so long but the mere fact that it's coming from an unknown and uncharted (by us) area outside our galaxy, has churned some concerns within my retarded brain. It's not something I read from any of the sites that are documenting this miracle, but...

My question is: What if it hits something? Fire and Brimstone?

What if it introduces a gas or particle that is not of this solar system thereby contaminating and destabilizing our galaxy?

This is why we have CUSTOMS (to keep foreign fruits and vegetables and animals from other countries into the U.S. because the foreign body could devastate our present eco-system).

This type of foreign destruction has actually happened throughout our history, so it's quite documented even at the micro-level.

For instance, when the English people came to America just by their presence introduced a new virus that killed off a large portion of the native inhabitants.

But sticking with the point of this writ, interstellar destabilization is not the topic of this writ either.

I'm going to tell you of an even stranger anomaly right here on our own earth, in our own galaxy.

Now get this:

Imagine I build a telescope that is larger than my garage right in the backyard. What would happen in America? That's right, codes will attack me and if they don't the neighbors will. True story: I was threatened by the codes department to the tune of $100.00 per day monetary forfeiture to the polity and/or CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS (If I didn't take down words on a 4sf sign that merely stated "computer repair" on my front lawn).

But let's consider further this mystery right in our back yard of what I do after I see something in space that nobody has ever seen, I send it off to the Russians to analyze the location with their telescopes.

What would happen to me?

In America, we know what would happen. I would be demonized as a traitor if I sent a discovery off to Russia. I would possibly be murdered or incarcerated, ostracized and maybe even tortured. My fellow citizens would label me as a terrorist or a commy.

Well, that's exactly what this Russian did in his backyard. He discovered something that is heading right for our Solar System (and it's larger than our globe). What he did next did not get him killed or osctacized, he submitted the location and sent it to America's Yale University.

This discovery that something large is heading for us and moving fast is something we should maybe want to know about, right?

But in America, we know that if the tables were turned, I'd be a dead man without a future.

Oh but wait, So Yale university trains their telescope on the object and oh my god (it becomes news to all the other astronimers and telescope stations around the earth).

Does America have better telescopes than Russia? I don't know. I do know however, that if I discovered something heading toward us that could kill all of us, I'd be not pursuing a poverty-stricken Nigeria's government to analyze the object unless they were the only ones that would listen to me.

So my point of this writ is, that I am aware of what happened in the "education" system of my generation only. The game (or curriculum) may be different for the younger or older generations.

But for my generation this is what pops right out of (*my?) head:




U.S.=a Democracy

Russia=death and destruction

U.S.=a better system of life

Russia=siberian prisons

U.S.=land of the free when the alarm goes off duck under the classroom desk



Russia=threat to "our" way of life

U.S.=invention and humanitarian....

Meanwhile after the bait and switch "education" I received promptly after having fallen out of my mother's womb, we see our nation in 2019 as the number ONE incarcerator in the world of it's own people.

In fact, America incarcerates more of its own people than most countries COMBINED!

We also allocate more of our budget into weapons of mass destruction than MOST countries COMBINED.

Read Revelations 17 & 18 and understand that prediction.

So, will December 5th be that day when the whore runs off to the "desert place"?

Who can know?

Even if the scientists did know that we were heading for possible emminent death,
who would want to bother publishing it?

There's no way to stop something that large moving that fast.

On a cheery note: 5 more days and maybe this outrageous plunder won't even matter.

Well, I have to go roll up another one of those safe cigarettes that my generation was sold on.

Have a happy day!

I'm not sure of its accuracy, but here's another live view of the comet


'Rock' and Roll!