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this is
"My Wifey",


This is what I paid Alimony to.


It would take over a decade to learn this information that has affected my life adversely.

The court made a determination without my presence (and without my knowledge), on a woman's claim alone.

For those that don't know me, as a heads-up, I'm a little bit "slow"

Still, there seemed to be something I was missing here...


I've Never Been Married in my entire life~!

Since there seemed to be no stopping the judicial arm from taking my money, I eventually gave up my profession in protest

(take that)

Due to no fault of my own, the State actions eventually resulted in a bout with depression, and homelessness, and later I fell to drugs.

Alimony Scam

I gave up trying to convince these people that I've never been married and shouldn't be paying alimony or child support

and decided to follow up, years later, to see what happened to the case

Where is "my wifey"?


One State Employee insisted I was a husband and that I was in their courtroom

I'll give anyone a zillion wishdollars if you can find either of those claims to be true

What prompted my pro-active stance was having been turned down for a passport renewal.

The cost for "expedited service" was almost $200.00 and would have allowed me to be present in a family reunion (the first one of my life).

No money was refunded or returned for that dis-"service" either.


Enough was enough!

So I started wasting more hours of my life to chase this rabbit, who is my kid?

I cringed at the thought of how many other people are railroaded by this present form of rampant unchecked capitalizing justus system

The thefts of my earnings were made during the durations of probably a dozen employers and half as many states before I decided to give up my profession. This decision was no small thing as I earned anywhere between $25-36.00 per hour straight-time (back then that was a decent pay for me).

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Never once did the takers of my money (the State Racket) send an apology letter

Never once did they offer to refund the money that they stole

How would you feel about your paychecks being denied to you without warning after having earned it?

How would you feel about being suddenly made homeless due to the earnings being denied and given to some other entity or person?

How would you feel having your life altered by those that live privileged lifestyles and appear to be liable to nobody?

How would you feel about hearing your employers tell you that they have to let you go and can't do the paperwork that the plutocracy demanded of them?

Stolen by the only entity that is "authorized" to steal.

Not only did the State take money for alimony to a wife I never was married to, but I learned more about the kid I never knew existed also.

From the best of my efforts to understand what transpired, the polity accomplished this amazingly without DNA, or blood to be examined, or of any paternity test. In fact, it appears that even I was not needed (alive or dead) in the State of Pennsylvania to make a determination to take money. No evidence was necessary to make a determination that authorized the taking of my money and the changing of my life.

It appears that any joe off the street was able to be me in a Pennsylvania Court Room(s) to a wife I never knew existed.

The government would even go on to take something like 46% of my annuity money. It appears the scam goes something like this: I was earning $36.50 per hour on one job (straight-time) and what I really was going home with was about $19 or $20 per hour (the same rate scabs would pay a mason). The trick appears to be a promise to tuck away your money for you for safe-keeping till you get old (let's not even discuss the game of the social security act). I had a notion that leaving the money in care of the government was not to be trusted and sure enough my assesment was correct. I'm just glad it was done while I was still of soundness of mind to be able to warn any of my readers of this scam. I pity the old people who are not of soundness of mind and left for dead when they have no mind-set to dispute the taking of their money when they really needed it.

Concerning employment, If I can offer any advice to the younger generations, work for your family or friends, don't fall for the gimmickry of the lure of higher pay when half your pay will never go home with you. If they tell you that they are going to put the money away for you in a fund, snap out of stupid and remember my words. You worked for that money and there is no legal taxing of your pay. You are not a business to be taxed and have merely traded labor for pay. Earnings taxes were proven a long time ago to be unlawful (problem is getting the plutocrats to let go of their unfounded, undeserved revenue). By financing bad business makes you complicit and a part of the problem.

In short, don't believe the hype.

So I became inquisitive of who the state was so adamently sure was my wife.

Again my life would be disturbed, this time by the rudimentary investigation into "my wife".

I found that she had a criminal record


eh, maybe two criminal records

Here wifey, here wifey

Okay, a few records


I began to also contact the Attorneys concerning the case

Nobody ever contacted me of a court case alleging I must pay for alimony and child support, the money was simply taken

2017 and if I didn't file for a passport I would not have learned any of this

1) sandra lynn poklemba vs. kenneth e hendrick (dismissed) why? Nobody knows

2) Alice poklemba vs kenneth e hendrick (dismissed) they say bucks county has the case open against me and not allegheny anymore...why? nobody knows

3) sandra louise haring-hendrick vs kenneth hendrick (without the e. middle initial) is dismissed due to something they say that attny blumenthal submitted on my behalf (but I know nothing of it and never met Blumenthal!!!)

4) if you go to MUGSHOTS.COM and enter in the name of "haring-hendrick" you will find only one result, now click on her name and you will scroll to the middle of the page and see that she was involved in an accident using the fictitious name of haring-hendrick. It appears that she got away with the crime by using my last name instead of her real name.

HOWEVER, that poor person she hit will never get paid because the name is fraudulent.

This I know for sure though, the government stole money from my paychecks illegally.

I couldn't locate a gregory poklemba or gregory hendrick anywhere, that is the name I'm told is a kid she fathered

The one court tells me I was married and divorced but I've NEVER been married or divorced.


What I mean to say is

I ought to have had the right to live peaceably without the outrageous antics of a runaway plutocracy.

End of Story

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