Springfield's Population Decline
By Kenny Hendrick
ROUGH periodically updated Draft
February 2, 2017 -


Springfield Ohio?

This would be a town if it had a taxi....

and somewhere to go.

The only taxi to be found in, or around Springfield Ohio, is a cop car.

No but seriously taxi cabs are dubious at the time of this writ.

One of the three taxi "companies" told me that he would ordinarily be working and able to pick me up,
but that he had just taken sleeping pills, and did not think driving under the influence to be a good idea.
I hesitantly agreed. He told me to try another taxi company,
we'll refer to it as "Number two" taxi company.

The second taxi company, a.k.a. Number Two,
is available five days out of the seven days in the week, between the hours of too late, and forget-about-it.
...phhhttt.....not an option.

Still there remains another taxi

(last one!)

...simply doesn't answer the phone


Enough said about the public transportation, you're on your own in Springfield Ohio.

Which begs the question:

What if we can put Springfield on the map
so that other towns would WANT to come to Springfield!?

Then there'd be a need for a real taxi company
...or a bus even.

So, after first considering changing the job description of our Police to include more community-involvement by having the police also move us Citizens to-and-fro,

the idea was scrapped to first SAVE Springfield,

and transform it into the model town that the other towns might want to visit and emulate!


Hold on,

my novel idea is about to unravel.

Next Page?

The data graphs are derived from NPR.ORG

Pick your Line.

Springfield's Population Decline

Nope, you picked the wrong one, we're the line that is dropping dramatically. That line also signifies our population DECLINE. How does this information make you feel?

Oh nevermind,

I'll beat around the bush for a second-or-two before getting to the point.

Progressing further, what about Springfield's Media PROGRAMMING?

Well, the media here is readily-available from a few regurgitated regulated sources,
just like everywhere else now.

However, in 2016 NPR touted neat graphs and figures for the Springfield Citizens to aspire to.

You guessed it, that's our pay-rate in Springfield that appears to have free-fall goals in mind.

Springfield's income decline

Maybe "aspire" is not the best term to use here,
Springfield's Fate.

More can be read in the following link's article.

City Faces a Tough Economic Future

Thanks for the heads-up, Npr!


What can be said of Springfield's Justice S Y S T E M?

Observing first-hand Springfield's Justice System

(pronounced "just-us" system),

was enough for my having bothered to make a whole entire pseudo-website about the issue.
That being found here

Okay, So what in the world is left in Springfield?

on a positive note,
I could tell you about the people.
I like the people here.
Some of the citizens in this area appear conservative, but for the most part, black, white, hispanic, indian all alike, appear to be open to new ideas and are friendly.
I haven't been held at knife or gunpoint yet, so that's saying something...sort of.

As a side-note,
the Christians here certainly appear a bit more zealous than other areas I've lived.


The people here in general are different, even non-church-going Jimmy who lives a few miles away from me and hasn't any real source of income of his own, stopped by and brought a weed-trimmer. I presumed he might want it fixed or want some money but no, that wasn't it.

He left me holding the working unit with the trailing words, "I remember you were telling me you needed one so there you go".

Who does this?

What actually happened was that upon watching my electric weed eater create more smoke than usual, I immediately contacted everyone in my phone inquiring if anyone had a replacement for sale but nobody had one for sale or trade. Jimmy didn't answer his phone so I left a message. But here it is only a few days after those calls were made and voila~ a'la electric trimmer.

Having come from Florida, even with all the people from all over that usher through the state of Florida, I don't recall Christians, or people in general, hunting me out to do good deeds to.

This isn't stated as a bad thing though,
for me obviously.

An example of the Christians here?

Well, firstly, I began to notice more of my visitors (customers or otherwise) commenting on God.

Sheepishly I found myself wanting to stub my cigarette out whenever in their presence (despite the programming my generation received that "9 out of 10 Doctors Approved Cigarettes as Safe", even the children were fed programming via cartoons!).

And speaking of Smoking

The following is presented for educational purposes to maintain some semblance of real history without the over-zealous copyright police feeling inclined to do evil (you'd be surprised what they do without notice or warning). The copyright notice is pasted at the beginning of the video clip that was already IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN anyway.

Meet Fred and Barney.
They're the twisted business partners and the reason I started smoking.

Video not playing? Download video instead.

Instead of "goo-goo" and "gah-gah" maybe mom should have warned me about the Predator Capitalists!

end advertisement

Just yesterday for instance,

another visit came from David. He arrived with a couple of boxes of supplies and then rushed out. He'll not be around for 3 or 4 months then whammo, a hit-and-run package drop. I'm not certain if David was ever a previous customer and couldn't tell you how he came about this particular house. David and his wife Janet, they never stay to chit-chat but choose rather to drop and run leaving behind a box of this or a bunch of that. I recently learned that David's Wife Janet actually makes sandwiches by hand, wraps them, and from what I can tell about the other stuff they've brought here, it's David's job to distribute said-goods.

This actually isn't a rarity in Springfield by no means (no kidding), nor is it the first time that David and his wife Janet have participated in this sort of holiday drive-by.

In all, I'd say there's about a good solid half-dozen people that act similarly around here. I've been all over the Nation and beyond and don't recall such religious fervor ... except maybe the mormons in Utah...but that's another story.

Another Saintly type is Old-Man Tim, he plays it off as if he's trying to lighten his load by unloading brand new jackets and tarps and the such.

Tim in the Garage

And if I'm going to be giving any shout-outs, then I'll be needing to give props to Vickie, too. She brought the first apple tree here.

In fact Vickie is why I had such a great Fennel Seed harvest (she brought the Fennel plant, too).

Vickie acting Cute

Oops, almost forgot about the most important contributor to Kenny-kind, my mom. It would be too embarrassing to mention all that she does (she's like a machine).

Mom acting Cute

And finally, I really need to acknowledge the Church for having given me the biggest break ever, hence my present means of sustaining some sense of self-worth to the community, that being Computer Repair.

If it were not for the fact of a Pastor down in Florida having donated so many computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, hubs, routers, modems, basically everything I needed to go into business, I'd probably never have had acquired enough to purchase all the Solar and Wind power that is still in my possession to this very day.

Granted, most of the stuff was already outdated (the monitors were the big clunky crt's for instance, and the mice and keyboards were predominantly the older ps2-types), however most of my customers were using outdated equipment anyway.

Just prior to the windfall of the hardware donation from the Church, I had discovered something to make Windows OS better. In fact, it was fool-proof and nobody else in the field was doing it. The discovery allowed my Windows customers to do anything and go anywhere, however when they fell victim to malware, trojans, or viruses, all they had to do was press the magic button, and voila~! Petals of ever-lasting life allowed me to tout the words, "Go anywhere, do anything. If something goes wrong, press the magic button and you were never there, it never happened"! End of repair bills!

So shortly after repairing the Pastor's computer from my garage, he called to inquire as to whether or not I'd like to have the stuff that was held in a portion of a Church building that he needed emptied. I replied, "Sure", but in the back of my head I never considered that it would actually become a reality. Then came the moving trucks, they arrived with Christian ready-workers that began unloading the stuff.

I don't think I actually ever formally thanked that Pastor, or his church. Truth be told, my short-term memory was never up to speed to remember such things as names.

Soon afterward I had saved enough money to rent an-overpriced commercial building on S.R. 19 directly across from the Tax office and where the people of the area in New Port Richey, Florida had to come at least once per year. No advertising was necessary (so for you young-budding captitalists out there, heed my words: LOCATION is everything).

Most of the people that come by here nowadays are ex-military or church-goers. One time, a guy filled my freezer from almost-empty to over-capacity (I had to refuse some of the meats that were brought here because there wasn't any space left in the freezer)!

Below is a photo of Mark. I had repaired his computer and in a short time we became more than titles.

Mark in the Garage

Then, on the other hand, there's a woman from Missouri that sends a computer to be repaired from time to time and calls infrequently to fill me in on "chem trails" and the spraying of the populations...say, you don't suppose Mark picked that food up from the ...?

Okay back to the Topic-at-hand

I feel the citizenry are needing something to happen around here,
maybe a new forward-thinking leadership to stop the downward-spiral of Springfield's economy,
a.k.a. Springfield's fate.

It appears that the most creative idea that the present leadership can come up with, is by enjoying the front of illusions with their myopic gains by getting kick-backs from the monopoly box-stores.

Springfield has enough of the monopoly-type businesses, and it appears to basically profit those most whom collect the taxes moreso than the Citizenry.

Those same monopoly stores are in every city, so how will Springfield acquire outside dollars if it can't attract outside interests?

In other words, if I live in Enon, I'm not coming to Springfield to shop at walmart....Enon has their own walmart (i am actually just presuming that right now).

The much-needed new leadership needs to LESSEN the stringent economic and social control over it's masses just long-enough so the cash-poor citizens can rebound financially. The citizens are basically demoralized with a seemingly low sense of optimism, and for good reason.

It's time to ...

Behold, My Plug:

Invest in NEW HOME-GROWN BUSINESSES that are unique and found nowhere else!

I've seen this sort of ingenious polity elsewhere. Places such as Columbia Missouri that has such a vibrant and somewhat nostalgically neo-business environment, that one is taken aback with stores such as, Odd Job Jays, and, All or Nothing, Zombie March, Mr Junk, Flyover, and other distinctive small-business names dot the streets of Columbia. It would appear that the government there has allowed the University and other college kids to go buck-wild in their business ventures.

Another place that comes to mind for its diversity and forward-thinking is that of the Dutch. Their outrageous brave choice in directions saved its economy and brought its crime-rate to LESS THAN 2% !!!

Unique businesses are what draws a family to drive to another town to spend a dollar.

Unique is what will draw money from other towns to want to visit Springfield !

Fact is, We've already tried the monopoly-road the Nation-over, we already tried buying into the illusions of two choices in Bestbuy or Walmart, McDonald's or BurgerKing, Kroger or Meijers, Democrat or Republican, MacIntosh or Microsoft, Spectrum or AT&T, ad infinitum and nauseaum....My point is, we've tried that already.

And here's where that has brought us today: Our Devastation

*Hint, everything in red is deficit.

See, every City has a Home Depot or Walmart in their back pockets these days. Nobody is coming to Springfield for our Best Buy either. So no new money is coming into Springfield.

Now if we produced something, say solar panels or a better battery or offered some other product or unique Service that cannot be obtained anywhere else, then what?

That's right, there's new blood in town and now the police can cut you a break on the road since there's more fish to choose from!

And every City has a Home Depot and/or a Lowes, so nobody is coming to bring Springfield a dollar for the drive when they can just go to the monopoly store in their own backyard.

Enough said.

But what if we took these vacant buildings and created something new, that only Springfield has to offer?

People from all around would have to come to Springfield (*hopefully spending at least a dollar or more).

Okay, let's look at the facts.
Statistics show the stark decline in Springfield's income, but let's look at this data a little closer.

Springfield's income decline

Firstly, why?

Why is Springfield Dropping at such a dramatically differerent fall?

Statistics also show that the Springfield population has been diminishing, and yet our pay-rates have also?

With less people there should be an increase in value.

For instance, if you are the only mechanic in town, you can afford to raise your rates $1.00 more than the nobody you're competing with. You are a necessary agent so long as a motor exists.

Just to be clear, the illusion that more money is earned within the cities is due to the cost of living factor.

Housing becomes a critical commodity within the cities, as does food, water, etc. If the cities were to pay the same wage rates as the hinterland, nobody could afford to go to work and the pay rate wouldn't cover critical necessities (such as housing, food, fees, fines, insurances, licenses, etc.).

So, when in regard to the following statements concerning earnings, the figures are used with the assumption of the cost of living factor being subtracted from earnings, leaving the residual.

A variable element

When the polity opened our borders in the Nafta / Cafta acts, the nation was intuitively against it. Fugitives from other countries are sure to pack the list to arrive here...sure, controlled media might have been programming a different story into our last unwashed braincell, but for the most part, most of us were apprehensive of the media's lauding of such an event. The polity went ahead and opened wide the borders anyway.

When MAJOR industry, conglomerate monopolistic corporations which are now global entities, need more profit, they call on their "lobbyists" to buy the ability to move mountains (so to speak).

Bagfuls of consumer money are carted off to become "donations" to the politicians/public relations group. Who can say "no" to a huge bagful of money?

The major industry needed more profits and one way to attain more profits is to drive the pay-rates and other perks down. Pay Rates and Perks are expenses, to the capitalists.

The public, programmed with media touting Walmart as the big bad entity, were flashed images of an entity that sold products for only a few cents over the cost of their purchases. On face value it all seems perfectly fair, until you follow the ownership tree and ties. Imagine an American Company that leaves America for lower taxes, fees, fines, licenses, etc. That soon after your company relocates, all you need do to sell your "chinese" products back to America is to use the embedded corporation called Walmart (or Sam's or one of the last two other players at the monopoly board).

However, it is possibly a magician's trick....and like a good magician, out comes the hand, it reveals products for cheap.

Intuitively, you should know to look for the other hand, for it is in the other hand that the real magic is taking place.

Working for the Capitalists

Life is worth less than Ten Dollars

Trade God's gift of an hour, for this?


A young man visitor stated to me that he earns only $9 (and some change) per hour as a mental health physician.

Nine dollars for an hour of life. Hmmm...

I thought about that for a second and remembered that I was earning more than that at age 16, and my position was manual and nowhere near the level of this health physician. In fact, I've never even graduated High School and this guy was having to worry about finding enough money for the classes he was required to take.

His field is a specialized field, and in 2017 here in Springfield, his pay rate is just under $10.00, to alter his life for one hour.

Ten dollars doesn't even buy two packs of those "safe" cigarettes.

We won't delve into the possibilities of what this man could have chosen to do otherwise with that one hour of life, until tested we'll never know.

To ensure that the young man fall in line and never doubt the worth of his life, up goes the utility prices or up goes the taxes or up goes the new regulations....trapped.

Again, let's consider which group would command a higher rate of pay, the large group (such as a city) or the town with a small population ? Keep in mind, the illusion is to show much higher rates in the city, but look at the poverty and other take-aways.

Surrounding yourself with the lucky few in a city that have jobs will not ensure that you will always maintain your job (now which group are you in?).

The answer is, the smaller population earns higher than the larger populated area.

More people mean more labor to choose from, but it raises competition in the labor force causing lower pay rates. And although these lower pay rates are higher than in the outlying areas (generally), there are also many variables which actually reduce the general pay rate between the groups.

For instance, If there's only one job opening,
and you're the only person in the room applying for the job,
you'd have the job and your value would go up (regardless of whether you are in the city or the outlying areas).

However, when the walls are removed as in Nafta, and everybody and their brother is let into a country, fierce competition for jobs ensures a lower pay rate to the lowest "winner" of the room of 50 men and woman trying to apply for the same ONE job.

Hungry people are desperate people.

So that's why I ask, when seeing the Springfield Ohio statistics, WHERE IS THE MONEY!?

Population Decline, another statistic.

How is it possible that our town of Springfield has been dropping in population, as shown on the graph below, but their earnings are also dropping (as opposed to a constant or increased rate)?

Springfield's Population Decline


Let's say, for arguments sake, you are in a house and there's 3 other people that live with you in that house. Regardless of where you might be in the pecking order, you adjust to that position you've been relegated to (or beat down till you learn your place, if someone else is king). If you live in that same house for 20 years with the same 3 other people, you all will know every nook and cranny of one another's personalities, the weaknesses and strengths, the quirks and boiling points, etc. You know your place. You know the routine. You have a place to call home. It's a secure feeling to have familiar surroundings day in and day out.

But, what happens when after 20 years of living in that house when all of a sudden the walls are removed against the occupants wishes? The walls are down. Now you're cold. Now you barely get to talk to the other three fellow home dwellers. Now you find you are sharing your bed with 150 other people you don't know. Some of them speak a strange language and have peculiar attitudes, customs, religions, some of them hate you.

If a group wanted another group to allow the first group to hire more forces that would keep the second group in order, all it need do is give a reason to the second group to beg for their oppression. Nafta allowed fugitives, who are the first wave to want to leave their homeland for obvious reasons (the aspired-class would not be the first wave to want to leave their prosperity to come to America), now there's more crime. Are you ready for more police yet?

Divide and conquered.

The nation is almost $20 TRILLION dollars in debt **update, in less than a year, it's now almost $22 Trillion, are you starting to see the wrong direction ?
( https://usdebtclock.org), mismanagement trickled down.

Chain of command will ensure the looters get away with the "Greatest heist ever", to quote me.

Back to the topic at hand,
NPR News provided us with the following population decline for Springfield. If you get bored, bother to overlay this graph atop the graph further up on this page.

Springfield's Population Decline

The people are screaming for something exciting (hell, I caught myself hoping for a tornado one night....seriously).


Well I'm kind of leaning toward this one: Once every three years we have a "Give the next Generation a Break" Festival.

Well, it's not actually a festival, however it would be a tri-annual reason to celebrate if you happen to have kids.

Springfield Ohio has way too many vacant business shops and buildings.

It's making Springfield appear to be a ghost town in some parts.

But what if we raised 12% Tax increase to the owners of all those vacant buildings that go unrented? That would be incentive to get some of those buildings producing instead of dragging us all down.


Oh, the taxes, right. Well, there's a way out of that 12% increase for allowing a building to go unrented (making Springfield look like a potential ghetto in the making).

Here is how the "Give the next generation a break" festival works:

A property-owner of unrented buildings could avoid the 12% increase in taxes by simply opting for the 'Save Springfield Program', which would allow our young adults reduced or rent-free spaces for that particular year.

Those young adults are filled with niche ideas!

One of your Springfield young adults is going to open one of those vacant commercial buildings and may surprise us all!

Families from other townships and cities will come to the new store, for and by the young adults (as an example).

Kids will possibly inspire the parents to get involved too!

Family-based comeback. Community-based Competition.

Those young adults of yours will aspire and create! Those young adults of yours will compete and excel!

What does Sprinfield have to lose? We're already at the bottom!

What made our Nation great back when I was young, was our VIBRANT and DIVERSE market place, as well as the vibrant free social environment (before the mad-dash for parents having prompted their off-spring to all become attorneys and the ilk).

Nowadays, just having a home-based business that makes peanuts for wages is overly oppressed by the Codes Departments, and other profit -eering agencies.

Springfield's Population DeclineSpringfield's income decline

Let's try something else, ANY other direction other than: US Debt

The NPR Data Graphs are showing a downward trend to becoming the worst disaster Springfield has ever experienced, if we stay this present course.

Is there not a bottom? The answer is a vehement "YES". It happens when even the polity bails out because there's no profit in their staying.

We should scrutinize the NPR Graphs, because although things might appear spiffy when driving around some parts of Springfield, the bottom is just under the dirty rug we're riding on (if we maintain the present downward trend).

Give a kid a break, give him or her a place in which to express themselves, to draw other townships and their citizens to come and see what a model town can do when it departs from the monopoly stores!

Unique, peculiar, wild marketplace, that only a kid can create.

The vacant buildings would suddenly become un-vacant. By going in a wild new direction that may at first-glance seem bizarre, just might be the one direction that saves our tiny Springfield.

New incentive; where the young adults can express themselves by creating new niches and markets, in an effort to turn the trending direction of value here in Springfield, around.

One kid might make his or her own clothes, and try his or her hand at business (free of all the profiteering legislation and stipulations which are heaped against anyone else that might otherwise go that route).

The fact is: Void of jobs, or worse, slave-wage earning jobs that degrade and demean the worker's self-worth and creativitiy, ensures your house is broken into this year.

Void of self-worth and community-pride, your property is stolen, your family member is physically harmed and robbed.

Surely we can pave the direction for the children whom are the next generation?

Or do we remain on this dire path which is where the un-evolved general leadership is taking us? https://usdebtclock.org

Give the next generation a break (Even God commanded a Sabbath, a rest from the profiteering from a land).

Cease the stringent economic and social control and watch our own offspring grow and show us all an interesting something or other. Save Springfield by our creative handiwork....no legal bars allowed (they've taken more than their rightful share already).

Imagine for instance, the doctor's office that went out of business and lay vacant for years at the end of your block. When all of a sudden you get a call from a neighbor-friend with the usual questions, "What are you doing?".
You reply, "Nothing, what about you?".
And blah blah blah with a whole bunch of words saying a little of nothing.

Oh but wait!

Something new has happened!

That Doctor's office now has a unique kid or group of young adults in it that are selling ice cream without the poisons, or non-gmo home-grown greens, or glow in-the-dark frosty drinks, or featuring a new invention....NOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!

Do you wanna go see what is going on down there?
Sure you do, your friend too!

Now the money is moving and the people are out and LO~! People from all over Dayton and those "c" towns are coming to Springfield!

Imagine a city with not only a taxi, but a reason for one!

Imagine a city that becomes the model city and shows what a collaborative community effort can achieve!

Have some faith in those kids, release the tethers and restraints for a minute. If the kid is found to be doing something egregious, then he or she loses.
But if the kid should excel, then after the first year grace period of rent-free or reduced rent, the kid is now free to continue at the regular rental rates.

C'mon Springfield Polity, let's instill some sense of self-worth and self-esteem in your kids!
All we need to do to turn this slump around is for the leadership to go on vacation for a year j/k';-)

Now what of this Population Decline?

When poeple leave, so does the money. When the money leaves, so does the ammenities.
Little-by-little the society begins to erode until it becomes another Castor Louisiana (don't bother looking it up).

And what of this Pay-rate Decline?
Why is it declining so much more rapidly than the population?
The decline of pay data is actually easily traceable, but I will not digress as the topic alone will put me on another tangent in a never-ending page.

Not to change the subject but...

Although I find the population here to be highly rated, not so with the weather.

If you wanted to go solar....you need 4 times the panels that would be required in a place like Florida, Arizona, and other sunnier locations.

I lived in another State prior to Ohio, the Codes Enforcement Department seemed less strict there. Whereas the Codes Enforcement Department in German Township could just as easily be painted wearing a cowboy hat perched atop a horse with his sidearm drawn

Video not playing? Sorry for the inconvenience. Download video instead.

Ah just as well....there's not enough sun in Ohio for a cheap solar plant, anyway. One wind generator isn't going to cut it here either. There's some decent wind right now but all-in-all I firmly believe that to finance a one-generation self-powered homestead will consume one entire lifetime.

Ohio = more panels, more space, more wire, more charge controllers, more maintenance (and who knew it was going to snow on my panels....and then just sit there?).

Springfield's Snow

I almost overlooked something; Springfield has GREAT soil if you want to grow your own food!

I would like to see my immediate community here in the German Township of Springfield Ohio come together to create a common collective of the properties for the benefit of the immediate community.

For instance, I have an acre without fences.
All of my neighbors also have about an acre without fences.
That means we all have unused, potentially profitable, yet untapped resources (we'll call them back yards).

The backyards all connect together without fences.

But what if we put up one of those quickie fences to include a portion of each of our yards? We sign a contract with eachother that if anyone wants to drop out of the neighorhood garden program, that person need only alter the fence off their piece of the community spread. There is no required work from any of the neighbors (we have to accept the fact that there are the elderly and sick, and should not punish by withholding wholesome and plentiful fresh food from their non-participation. It's enough that their property is also included in the seasonal plot for all of us to enjoy).

To clarify, the simple seasonal wire fence would not be erected to keep people out, but to keep the critters away from the naturally grown food!

I believe the neighbors would MAKE time to be in that common garden!
Some would come out because it's a piece of their property in that fenced-in area, and some may want to do something different with their plot.
others would come out for some fresh air.
And still others would come out because they never knew their immediate neighbor and want to learn more of that other person (so as to put to rest any erroneous pre-assumptions).
Some would come out because they are bored and want to walk through the garden for a pepper or stalk of asparagus, some because he or she simply loves gardening.

The neighbors would all reap the benefit of garden-fresh food at almost zero-cost....

a fence, a seed, a hoe ";-)


I believe Springfield has a decent Fire Department.
One time (true story) a plastic plant was found to be on fire, and although it was already extinguished by yours-truly, the Springfield Fire Department arrived in record-time and took extra measure to ensure that the Crow rental hadn't any remaining embers. The Springfield Fire Department created very clear, concise reports of the incident, complete with an estimated loss statement.

They even offer free copies of the incident if requested. These guys are A+ in my opinion.

Springfield could use a better website in which to honor them.

At the time of this writing, there is a website that Springfield has, it's called https://springfieldohio.gov.

*update Feb 6, 2018: The website is looking better, however is it not possible to give the working class police and firemen real faces? They deserve at least that much honor. I'm not one to knock another man's work but that webpage needs to be revamped. Presently they have a dismal website with what could easily pass as China's Red Army in the place labelled POLICE.

The people in the photo are wearing uniforms with a headpiece I've never noticed here. The eyes are all covered with sunglasses. Sunglasses indicate something to hide, a non-human(e) wall of resistance. But there they all are, somewhat unidentifiable. Surely we could paint a less morbid picture of our police force here. Underneath the picture of the regime-wandered warriors is another picture labelled FIRE RESCUE. At this point it becomes apparent to me that these are some canned pictures since words cover the features of the few faces in these photos. The working class robbed of identity again, just a bunch of frowning faces with glasses on. Surely we can do better than this.

I will say this though, the police dispatch appears to be much less consumed. What I mean is, when I call them I'm not rushed off of the phone like some other cities I've resided in. The reason I must call them every so often is to verify the serial numbers on some of the more questionable purchases I made with the community. There is not a public website where the community is free to browse the items stolen and verify a purchase before its made. Would you believe not one stolen laptop, netbook, or desktop pc has ever made its way past me? In other cities, such as the one I resided in Florida, it is not uncommon to have at least ONE item come up as stolen. Hence my opinion of the good community of Clark County Ohio.

But as for economic worries, here is the original docment which left me wondering. It is dated 2016 City in Decline , message by URI BERLINER


No taxi, huh?

Potential need, potential market, potential income....all I need is a license.....a leased car......hmmmm......I've not done that gig yet!

Located: 2803 Troy Road in Springfield Ohio.

Tel: (937) 718-3586

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