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Designing a bettery Battery Cable and What NOT to do

Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

This photo of Springfield's Offgrid Battery

Tip #2 (part 2)

The pre-manufactured cables are all cut one-size fits-all (basically), which leads to critical problems.

Anyone having to check the specific gravity of each cell in each battery, or adding distilled water or sulphuric acid to each cell in each battery, has encountered the tangled web the corporate cable creates.

Cables are strewn seemingly everywhere no matter how well you try to loom them.

The mess of cables causes confusion, is a proponent of potential accidents, causes phantom energy loss due to unnecessary length/distance, and simply looks bad.

In contrast, notice the custom-cut cable below.

Springfield Offgrid Batteries and battery terminals

As already stated, the Brass connectors discovery solved corrosion issues and other problematic issues commonly known.

But now it's time to consider improving upon another existing "cookie-cutter" convention.

Now to Cut tailored cable lengths allowing for reduced costs in cabling,
reduced phantom energy loss,
and allowing for a safer, more predictable work space.

Direct cable connections from one terminal to the next allows for quicker transference of power with least amount of heat loss (resistance) due to excess cable length, and overshadows the problems caused by excess cable, whether it be at the battery bank or the distance from the battery bank to the end-user device, hub, or appliance.

48v Battery Bank in Springfield Ohio

Spare Battery BankBattery Bank Doubled-up

When it is opportune, checking specific gravity within the battery cells is a great way to see the true health of a battery.

Hydrometer is a must for battery bank maintenance

At times a few drops of the battery acid may spill.

Battery acid spill

Take no chances with battery acid. Neutralize any spills with plenty of ...

Battery Acid Neutralizer

This stuff is acid neutralizer.

Baking Soda Neutralizer

Keep the Baking Soda near each battery bank just in case something should arise.

Baking Soda for safety's sake.

New Idea For a Better Connector

Creative Connector for Battery Bank.

I've always had this problem of being able to connect more devices to the battery banks, but being limited due to the size of the cable connector's limited opening.

So a few days ago I came up with this idea that would allow for twice as much wiring that could be incorporated without using the paltry inner-connectors (since the batteries here all have a total of 4 connectors per battery, the new hodge-podged connector would be tantamount to having six connectors per battery).

Of course this setup would only be practical at the service end (the end that inputs and outputs the energy that is stored in the batteries.

Showing a mock-up of a new type of connector that will be introduced to the 48v battery banks is seen below. Presently I'm waiting for the brass connectors to arrive but am eager to incorporate the new connector (fashioned from two ordinary connectors doubled-up).

The new type of connector will allow for the larger cables to not have to be forced into a solitary connector. Doing so will allow for the sense-wire and inverters a comfortable symbiotic existence.

Doubled-up connector for Battery Bank.Creative ConnectorNew idea connector

The link below goes to another page that is not yet complete.

It basically hints what NOT to do with your battery bank!

When it comes time to cleaning the tops (for whatever stupid reason), don't do what I did.

Just say no.

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