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Page 4 side note (I lost page 4 and don't even remember enough to know if it stayed with a general theme).

To start this page, since it's something fresh on my mind, here's something that appears to really work when growing your own food.
Here's the 100% miracle:If you were here right now, I'd pour out a "fresh"ly store-bought tin of fennel in your hand and ask for you to chew it.You would have only the slightest of hints of flavor that turns into an unpalatable hay taste (don't ask).
Anyway, no need to wash out your mouth, I would then pour some of my fennel seed into your hand and ask you to chew it.Instantly you would KNOW they are NOT THE SAME!My fennel is as if you had some of that Australian licorice and the more you chew it the fresher your mouth tastes (unlike the store-bought "fennel").
This has brought me to wonder, if it were "legal" to have the freedom to purchase food from one another (without the profiteering licenses, inspections, fees, etc. that only one class of our society can afford), we'd invariably find people taking pride in creating the foods we all need to survive.One neighbor might simply have dreamed up the idea to a better food and get noted for his or her cucumbers or pears.However when everything we do is so increasingly scrutinized by the overwhelmingly programmed chain-of-command cabal, we surely are in trouble.

Here's why:

When anyone sees from one viewpoint, they are at loss. Check that statement for errors.

That goes for you too.
Have you ever been SO DAMN CERTAIN THAT YOU'D BANK YOUR MOTHER'S LIFE on a "fact" ??
Have you ever been somewhat shamed when your absolutist position had you at odds with the reality you were wrong?

Here's a real life example (the only one that came to mind so deal with it until this page is edited for quality issues).
One time I was homeless and living (anywhere).It is not uncommon for the police to have some spare time, so to keep them busy, their controllers find things for them to do (keep them busy at a myopic task keeps the human from considering a larger scope which allows the worker to be cradled for whatever task is at hand).

Usually these "justified" sweeps happen in the woods and parks, so once I found a vacant building to sleep in.
There were no lights and impossible to know the surroundings of the inside, but when you're so tired as to become unstable, the least of the devils win.

Now, we all know the police dogs are very well trained and can be PROGRAMMED in such a way as to become dangerous to humans (or whatever the programmers have as the task at hand).
In any event, in came the police and they brought at least one dog.
If you've never heard the non-televised version of how police enter as a uniformed gang, then all you know is what they programmed you to know.In this case, the televised version of kicking down doors and yelling a chorus of "freeze, police!", "Get down on the ground", and then another yelling "spread your arms", someone else yelling "put your arms over your head" (yes, I'm fully aware that two distinctly and impossible direct orders were demanded).
My point being, it's much more bizarre then what they show on television (tele=to transport; vision=a "safe" view programming of mass mind-manipulation).
However, don't presume that the police must see you in order to enter a place yelling and smashing things.They will yell and smash things regardless of whether or not they see you.I know, because as it turns out, when my eyes opened, the darkness was not so dark and I realized I was in a closet.In came the dog (and maybe I smelled like a dog because although the dog was barking and acting aggressively, I could see glimpses through the reflections of light off the walls emanating from the police flashlights that this dog had some serious teeth).
Okay that's detailed enough so I'll cap the story off with this:
When the dog was found to be so aggressively invading my personal space, I knew there would be no defending myself.The dog was awake and very well programmed whereas I was in some shock and instinctively took the non-dominant role.As crazy as it sounds, the dog was still aggressively lunging, barking and growling and since he was directly in my face, I licked him (maybe it was teeth the first time because at one point the pain made me whimper), the police banged open the door to a room much closer where I and the dog were and all I remember is that something communicated between me and the dog.The dog looked back and then at me and upon my slight growl, the dog appeared to follow my gaze toward the programmed aggressive intruders and went to town!
Now I didn't stay a millisecond longer after the dog left but as I found a door in the rear of the building I heard a different yelling from the police.The dog was attacking at least one cop.I heard shots even after the steel door was closing behind me.
SO THE OFF-THE-WALL example is:
NEVER, EVER, presume your programming is the absolute only way.
If a neighbor has everybody coming to his house for whatever it is he makes, only a fool would presume it to be the equivalent of that which the monopoly stores "offer".What I mean is, there's a difference of going to the store when it's the only choice that is legal for you to purchase from than a neighbor that gets no advertising, no subsidies, no tax breaks, no guarded sector locations, etc.
For instance, let's presume you live in a house on a street. Every now and then you'd see traffic at a certain home a few blocks down from you.What comes to mind?That's right, drugs (that's our newest programming).
Then, to season the pot (so to speak) you happen to see that a car is pulling away from the house down the road and that the driver was not very appealing, the passenger was lighting something up, music was emanating from the open windows.
AHAH~! Now that sight just reinforced your programming....the house down the road was not that appealing either, there were also trucks that stopped there and sporty simply must be something illegal.
Absolutist perception sucks.
If the same traffic were seen coming from any designated gas station or supermarket you'd never dare assasinate the edifice down the street from you.We treat business much differently than even offering the same consideration of our own neighbors.Programming.

While performing your ritual of murdering "weeds" in front of your walkway,a passerby walking her dog approaches and you instinctively give consideration making way for her presumed designated path.After commenting at how cute her mutt is, a discussion ensues in front of your house.At one point you inquire if she lives around here and the woman stops to look down, then back up at you stating, "No, I live about 4 blocks in blah-blah direction", she continues by relating that a friend had just recently died and that she was simply paying her respects.Being the astute programmed human, you realize she is on foot, lives several more-than-normal blocks away (to be walking a dog), and is coming from the direction of the "drug" house.Now your interest is piqued.
You state, "Oh wow, did your friend live down by that drug house"?
The woman responds back with, "Drug house? Oh, I am not even aware of any drug houses around here, but no, he didn't sell drugs".
So in an effort to keep the conversation going, you reply quickly with, "Oh you don't know, it's that crackpy house down there that gets traffic all hours of the day".
Enter foot, ego, lame perception, and all that was good.
She corrects you. The crackpy house was where her friend lived.

She begins to relate to you that the traffic were visitors and friends that went to obtain the distinct candy (whatever) that was produced from the deceased friend's hobby.
Now, aside from feeling like an utter idiot for being so stupid as to pass judgment based on the initial seed of programming (maybe the "news" sent out a blurb to your subconscious to be on the lookout for unusual traffic in the neighborhood, or maybe the house looked like one that you had in the back of your head which was injected by the program called "cops", or some other media programming).

But now you were corrected and made aware of your misconception and maybe you felt lame for propagating a lie to your other neighbors for all the previous years (commenting on the drug house that only existed in your programmed mind).
So, in summation.You lose in several ways by having only one perception, one viewpoint, one vantage-point.
Not only did you kill that distant neighbor in your mind (whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he), but also you blew your chances to get a taste of that infamous candy (that you never knew about, even though it were so close within your reach).It was too late for you.

well, I forgot where I was going with I'm hungry and need a shower and have to add a log to the fire for some coffee....
I'll edit this crack off the page some time in the future.

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